this scene totally killed me

what if in Trials of Apollo (since we’ve already seen Percy is pretty tired of stuff) Percy turns bitter and becomes an antagonist

just like Luke

That’s Where I Belong

ticklishblaine prompted: CrissColfer + “you’re so in sync it’s creepy.” Five times Darren and Chris are so in sync that everyone notices and one time that they aren’t. Thanks to alittledizzy for helping me headcanon. 7.5K [AO3]


“And this is Chris Colfer, your new coworker,” Ryan says as he leads Darren around the Glee set.

Chris feels someone tap him on the shoulder and he whirls to find himself looking directly into the warm hazel eyes of Darren Criss. “Holy shit, it’s you,” he blurts out before he can stop himself. He feels the blush creep across his cheeks as he realizes that yes, he’d said that out loud to the actor who will be playing his new potential love interest on the show. And coincidentally, it’s also the same guy who played Harry Potter in the musical Chris has watched a truly embarrassing number of times on YouTube. Truth be told, he’s way cuter in the flesh, standing in front of Chris with a wide grin, staring at him as if he’s the only person in the room.

“And it’s you,” Darren replies with amusement. He extends a hand to shake. “It’s great to finally meet you. I’m so excited that we’ll be working together. Chris is sure Darren’s just being polite, but he can’t help how his stomach flips pleasantly at how genuinely enthusiastic Darren seems.

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Things that deserve better meta than this lousy post

- Clearly the best part of the episode was the sequence in the recap “obviously I’m a god” “you’re not a god” “God??” lol Sammy epic fail. Sorry. More serious things now.

- The bunker and the car. God zaps Dean and Sam into the bunker at the beginning of the episode, and then zaps Sam, Casifer and Donatello into the bunker with the Impala. And Sam says that they’re home. It’s an amazing symbolic moment–the old home getting inside the new home. The old life, the John life, being transferred to the new life, the stable life, the life of the chosen family instead of the strictly blood family. Kevin was a reminder of that–the bunker is the place where the brothers have been building their own new family, a family based on choice instead of John’s orders. And Cas is being zapped into the bunker by God.

- John and God. Ahaha. Chuck spends the first portion of the episode lying his ass off to Dean and that’s the frame where “don’t confuse me with your dad” happens. Dean is not confusing him for his father. Chuck is exactly like his father, and Dean realizes it perfectly. Oh, In My Time Of Dying 2.0. You have no idea what that means to me. Season 2 was about Dean’s trauma, this episode is about Dean’s working his way towards healing (and guess what–the key is Cas).

- The difference between Sam’s relationship with God and Dean’s relationship with God is masterfully written, in my opinion (”fanboy” bless). And that gets us back to the previous point. There’s so much to be talked about here, but my brain has been short-circuited by the double tears and I’m currently deading. Actually the whole scene with Chuck, Dean and Sam in the bunker totally killed me. Fuck, their acting. Jared’s acting was incredibly spot-on, Jensen’s acting had me trembling. Jesus.

- Chuck paralleling his relationship with Amara to Dean and Sam’s relationship was a punch to my stomach (in a good way, if you consider ‘death by feels’ a good way). Dean being paralleled to Amara and Sam being paralleled to God definitely deserve some good analysis.

- Lucifer and God’s relationship asdfghjk. Honestly this episode did a great job brushing a picture of their dynamic and I can’t wait to see how that pans out. The scene were they finally face each other was chilling. Little note: Misha’s acting, guys. Anyway. Chuck actively avoiding Lucifer. I’m not going to repeat ‘and that gets us back to–’ oh wait I just did.

- Amara finds Dean through Cas, manipulates Dean though Cas, and then is surprised when she discovers that Dean has “betrayed” her because he was actually stalling for Cas to be saved lol. Can I get an amen for the directing/editing? So many cuts from one scene to the other that connected Dean and Cas. Cuts from one to the other framing their connection masterfully, in my opinion. When Amara asks Dean why he’s not coming with her, the answer is given by the cut to Cas and I’m internally screeching like a pterodactyl, but there have been several other instances of tying Dean and Cas through the cuts between the scenes. Bless.

- The door and the windows of Donatello’s home, have been used several times already, right?

- Speaking of Donatello, what do you think is the meaning of his connection to Raphael?

- Dean saying that Rowena and the Book are better staying out of the picture until the Amara thing is over makes me chuckle in excitement–is it a promise of what’s to come next season or…?

- Dean and Chuck get paralleled a lot too–the long showers, the singing under the shower, the porn, the eating, the robe. Interesting stuff to be analyzed. I’m always a slut for Dean-food meta so I expect you people better than me at meta to give me good stuff.

- Is the bacon a bisexuality Aaron reference?

- Everyone: blah blah blah. Dean: …okay but *cough* Lucifer *cough* also I’m sure no one is going to notice if I throw in Cas every once in a while right

- Have I mentioned a parallel to John’s crusade to find the demon who killed Mary? Oops I did seventy-seven times seven.

- I love how Metatron catches Sam and Dean meeting Chuck by pausing the tv, just like Cas found Metatron back then. Metatron-Cas parallels to be analyzed, guys, not just for the television… (telling things in person just like Cas needed to tell things in person to Dean about the suicidal angels who pretended to blow up for Cas, etc)

- Cat reference again, is there a deeper meaning to it?

- Dean drinking coffee and snorting at the margarita. Season 8 Healthy Habits™ referenced again, together with the robe and such. Nice.

- When Donatello tries to get out of the car because he’s overwhelmed by the supernatural stuff (Dean and Sam fucking with him was golden lol) and ‘it’s locked’. Once you get into the life, no exit… also the Santa Claus reference reminded me of the Christmas episode, where Sam gets introduced to the knowledge of the Supernatural. There was Winchester Family History here too, and I love it.

- Please someone who knows curling properly explain me the symbology lol.

- Playground imagery again bless (aka: better meta writers talk about it instead of my lousy ass)

- Casually sitting on a bench with a bisexual while wearing a bisexual colored shirt tralala


- Dean my baby ball of fluff and love and …love (yes this is a sophisticated piece of meta)


- Amara blocking the car, God saving the car, and we know what the car represents but I’ve already mentioned that there’s a lot of stuff to say about the car sorry

- My Dean

I loved Civil war, every bit of it. It was just so full of angst that I totally fell for it.

But the one scene that killed me, the one I’ll never be over, is when Tony raises his arms up, to protect his head -and his neck-. He really thought that Steve was going to kill him, he was so damn sure of it.

And it hurts. And I shouldn’t love it.

But I do. 

Just watched Cap 2 and UGH! MY ROMANOGERS FEELS!!!

Every single interaction between them just screamed “I want you”!!

First of all, THAT BIKINI SCENE!! The when she shows her scar and says “goodbye bikinis” and the way he says “oh, I bet you would look terrible in one now” TOTALLY IRONIC! THAT KILLED ME!

And UGH! THAT LAST SCENE! That was kinda sad. She was like “you should ask her out” and when she kissed his cheek the look on his face was just “it is you that I want” and even tho he knew she had to leave he wished she had kissed him just so he knew she feels the same way about him and that it would be worth waiting.

lol I’m sorry. I’m just too obsessed with them and I’m an emotional mess right now!

weeping bc I just saw Star Wars for the second time and I didn’t notice this the first time but Poe TOTALLY runs after Finn’s stretcher in the last scene kill me