this scene totally killed me

I loved Civil war, every bit of it. It was just so full of angst that I totally fell for it.

But the one scene that killed me, the one I’ll never be over, is when Tony raises his arms up, to protect his head -and his neck-. He really thought that Steve was going to kill him, he was so damn sure of it.

And it hurts. And I shouldn’t love it.

But I do. 

weeping bc I just saw Star Wars for the second time and I didn’t notice this the first time but Poe TOTALLY runs after Finn’s stretcher in the last scene kill me

okay but that hidekane flashback scene killed me? [x]

Ishida’s totally going to leave us with just that isn’t he?

Like I refuse to accept that that’s how it actually ended. I refuse to accept that Hide is dead. But we aren’t going to know what really happened, or what really happened to Hide this week for sure, and probably not for a while. 

We’ll just have to sit with that scene. I’m just going to have to go through life with that scene in the back of my head. With the knowledge that Kaneki seems to think he killed Hide and is thinking about that as he goes on his suicide mission?

What a cruel god you can be, Sensei.