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Sometimes, when Steve is busy with other things, Bucky will walk to the park on his own and plant himself in the grass, hoping for a dog or two to run up to him. He brings a blanket, a coffee, and pockets full of candy to keep himself busy. He lays, left leg bent and right ankle resting on left knee, on his back, book held above his head, pausing from his reading only when a shadow falls across the pages.

“You know,” Sam says, the third time Bucky makes him stop on their walk. “There’s a shelter pretty close to here. If you and Steve ever wanted to adopt one.”

- There Should Be Stars, on ao3

i commissioned the lovely jack @jackbrogers to draw this scene from my fic, and they did such a nice job, i’m so happy!!

please consider commissioning them if you can. :)

anonymous asked:

Is there any reasons to in all the stories you write they never kiss? ;u; and maybe you could write some genderbend shirayuki? If there's not problems with yaoi! Thanks you, I've already turned on the notifications ♡

:D This is a beautiful ask.

So, for one thing, I’m shy about writing kissing scenes. Even though I’m so, so, so into them. SO into them. 

For another, I come from an era of the AnS fandom where all Obiyuki was for a looooong time was the bittersweetness of distance and unrequited love, and I’m having a hard time stepping into this new era of Obiyuki best-friend-ship and comfortableness and touching and actual likelihood of maybe becoming canon. So in my stories, I never planned much kissing. (But don’t forget THE STORIES ARE NOT FINISHED SO :D :D)

Also, my general rule is that kissing is the icing on the cake, if not the icing on the icing on the cake. The stronger your appetite is for it, the longer you go without it, the longer and sweeter the buildup, the harder it hits when you do get it. So kissing IS planned in my WIPs, but the scenes will be few and far between for this very reason (the cake reason).

It sounds fun to genderbend both Obi and Shirayuki sometime! Though I have no plans for it right now. 

I love how Miranda is so pleased with Sofia’s gold star in sorcery

but then you have Roland who is like

I'm all chill on the outside , but Inside I’m Super thrilled” - Roland

Roland’s a Great dad but I just thought this was funny to see when I first watched this episode :) 

Bonus : Miranda’s eyes go a little crazy in this scene. ( Though it could be her reading it )


Sassy Molly Hooper being the voice of the entire fandom over Sherlock’s idiot behaviour…

quite honestly, all I heard when this scene was on was ‘engagement’s over’ and danced with joy…