this scene still creeps me out


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘The Return’

You Saved Me - Part 2

Original request from @fandom-rpblog:  Hey can I make a request? Can you write one in where after the events of winter soldier, (ignoring civil war as I haven’t seen it yet), Bucky has been re-introduced to the world and is recovering slowly and he and reader are sort of a thing as she was the one who found him after the events of winter soldier and she find out she is pregnant and fluff, and stuff. Please.

Note: So by the time I got halfway through this part I decided to go a whole other route in the story so I think it is fair to say that this is now going to be full of a lot of angst but fluff too! <3 I will still be including everything from the request so I hope the wonderful follower who asked for it enoys this part as well.

Bucky x Reader

Words: 2,347

Warnings: Violence, language, and angst.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4(End)


“Why did you put yourself in danger to help me back there?”

You had only just walked back into your apartment when he voiced the question so your breathlessness from the previous events was still very much apparent as you collapsed face down onto your sofa.

“I don’t even know your name and yet you almost got shot by those cops.”

An exhausted groan escaped you, muffled by the soft cushions your face was currently buried in, how was this guy not even breaking a damn sweat? Rather reluctantly you shifted your head so that you could now see him but your body didn’t move another inch.

“My name is [y/n] and I could ask you the same thing you know. You don’t know me and yet you put yourself between me and those bullets when you could have just left me there.”

“The difference is that you are an innocent civilian. I am not. I am a monster, have been for decades.”

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If you're still doing mermay requests, how about an olm mermaid! (An olmaid?)

When I was eleven years old my grandfather put his hand on my back as he was giving me a hug, slowly inching further down. I didn’t say anything in case this would cause a scene, but how do you tell your own family that your grandfather is a creep?

Once, a seventeen year old boy made a rope out of my hair and pulled as though he had known what he was doing, as if he had practiced on other girls. I still feel his hands around my neck when I wake up at night. I was nine.

Pocket sized girls line the rooms of men who claim to be feminists yet open their mouths just to punch you in the throat. The same men who are titled “feminists” are the men who tell you to get over it. That it’s only a joke.

Girls have been told not to walk around in revealing clothes since a very young age, but has anyone ever stopped to think about the kind of men they are living with?


IT’S THE TRASH(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Have some more Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady by @tyranttortoise and this time for some reason one of my fave scenes from CH 22, as I recall it made me schreech so loud because ffs Rus ya fucking creep that is filthy! xD also decided to draw just this scene as back when I sketched this I was, and still is, in a need to draw that damn tongue of his because look at it it’s ridiculous

This didn’t turn out all that shabby tho, only wish his mouth could had turned out better as he isn’t looking smug and all smirky enough for me, and also could had done a better job on the fluff, but meh, maybe I should had put some saliva on the tongue too… but meh again, it is done now yay

These Swanfire gif sets are killing me.

Like…how could Kitsowitz and their minions have written scenes where Neal literally speaks the words onscreen “I’m sorry it didn’t work out” to Emma about Walsh, and Hook literally says, “I’m glad your heart was broken,” and then want us to root for Emma to end up with creep Hook? Yes, yes, CYers…Killykins didn’t mean anything bad! He meant that he was glad she still knew how to love! (I’m not even going to unpack all that’s wrong with THAT, since @onceandfuturekikiouat has done it perfectly.) The point is, Hook could have said something similar while beginning with empathy, “I’m sorry your heart was broken BUT…” (platitude, platitude). He didn’t. Kitsowitz put those cruel, selfish words in his mouth, while having Neal unselfishly wanting Emma to find love, family, and happiness, even if not with him.

And then look at their first dates. Both guys want to surprise Emma (though again Hook has to put it in a cruel way: “You know how to chase a monster, I know how to plan an evening out”–and again I won’t unpack how that’s both unnecessarily mean and gotta be a lie). Neal is a penniless runaway, but he uses his wits to show Emma something unexpected, personal (just for her), and magical. (Who didn’t catch their breath when the carnival ride lit up?) Then on the date they TALK intimately about  heartfelt emotions, and Neal gives Emma a touchstone that she keeps all her life.

Killy, on the other hand, finds a boring “swanky” restaurant that anyone could go to. Yes, it’s a step up from Granny’s but it’s not UNIQUE, and he even says that he was trying to “top” her date with the monkey. (Spoiler: he didn’t; the NYC restaurant had a much classier and more romantic atmosphere, even if this was the best SB had to offer). And their conversation is…well, it starts with him leering about how they’ll fuck if she gets some wine goggles. Then they talk about the current evil of the week, and then Killy throws a tantrum because Will spills their wine or something.

And again, I’m supposed to think that the LATTER is the epitome of womance?

I’ll never, never understand the way Kitsowitz choose to write CY. 


The TanuNatsu vibe was STRONG in this one.

I also appreciated all the bonding time between Natsume and his harem the boys.

I love how an episode can genuinely creep me out in one moment…

…but then a few minutes later move me to almost tears. Still, I managed to keep it together during the story of the four followers…

…and barely kept it together during the dream plea…

…only to completely lose it during this scene. Seeing the pitiful condition the goddess was in and then watching her realize that she still had one faithful follower left just crumbled what little defenses I had. While I can proudly say I wasn’t a bawling mess like I usually would be, my eyes were plenty wet. I was so glad for Taki and her obsession with Nyanko-sensei, which succeeded in bringing back some cheer…

…ngl, I have always shipped them. Ever since they first met and Taki immediately became taken with him, I began fervently hoping that one day, Madara would take on his human male form (or female form…I’m open to it if Taki is) and Taki would seriously fall madly in love with him. Naturally it will take time before he would accept her affections but once he does, they will live happily ever after…or at least, for the duration of her comparatively short mortal life. 

So in order to work through writer’s block I’m making myself put my music on shuffle and write 10 drabbles for 10 songs. No skipping. This could go very badly tbh. But. This is the first one. The NSFW bit is under a cut. :)

1. Are You That Somebody - Aaliyah

Oh boy, see I’m trusting you with my heart, my soul

Zayn tugs at the edge of his beanie, pulling it further over his ears to ward against the early spring chill. Sneaking out was easier than he’d thought it would be and guilt still tugs at the edges of his stomach over it. He’s never openly defied his parents before. He hasn’t always been an easy kid, but he’s always toed the line before now.

Above his head the sodium bulb of the street lamp glows dull orange and plunges into darkness before flickering back to life. It’s dying, like everything else in this town. The slow cycling death seems an apt metaphor.

Two months ago Zayn’s main goal was to focus on his grades and get out. It’s something his parents have pushed him on forever and he hasn’t always been grateful for it, but his future is looming and uni is just around the corner. Escape from a dead end job and a grim day to day existence seems possible.

Two months ago Zayn met Liam Payne in a chip shop and his dedication to academic excellence started to unravel. He can’t help himself. All he wants is Liam’s hands on him, Liam’s voice in his ear, Liam’s attention wrapped around him like a blanket. He’s not failing or anything, but the dip in focus hasn’t gone unnoticed by his parents and he’s been barred from seeing Liam for the time being.

Hence, waiting under a dying street lamp around the corner in front of the sad little park he used to play in when he was younger. Nerves clench his stomach and Zayn stops himself from checking his phone. Liam will show. He’s never late.

Zayn hears Liam’s car before he sees it, motor knocking unhealthily under the hood. The fact that the poor thing is still driving around is a minor miracle, but Liam loves it like a child even though he really knows very little about cars. Liam pulls alongside Zayn in a rough idle and rolls down the window.

“Need a ride?” he asks with a quirked eyebrow and mischievous grin.

Zayn rolls his eyes and slides into the passenger seat. “You’re not cute,” he lies.

“I’m adorable,” Liam counters, pushing his full lower lip into a pout.

Zayn leans over and kisses him, nibbling lightly on his plush lower lip because it’s on display and he can’t help himself. Liam’s mouth is an invitation to sin and Zayn has spent far too many hours fixating on it. He forces himself to pull away rather than deepening the kiss because they’re still in the neighborhood and anyone could see them and rat Zayn out to his mom.

“Take me somewhere nice,” he demands imperiously.

Liam snorts. “Yeah, babe. Our options are wide open. You want the abandoned mill or the abandoned hospital? You know we’re not leaving the car anyway.”

“The mill,” Zayn replies quickly. The hospital gives him the creeps. It’s partially demolished and looks like the scene of a horror movie. Especially at night.

All they really need is a place to park behind that hides them from the road. Abandoned buildings just have fewer patrols than, say, a shopping center. The last thing Zayn needs is to be busted by the police and escorted home. He would be grounded till he’s forty.

Zayn rests his palm on Liam’s leg, hoping he’ll cover it with his own. He doesn’t, hands firmly at 10 and 2 like a proper old man. It’s kind of sweet how cautious he is, if mildly frustrating. Liam takes his eyes off the completely empty road for half a second to smile warmly over at Zayn.

“I missed you,” Liam murmurs.

“Me too,” Zayn confesses. “I hate not being able to see you.”

Liam pulls off the road into the lot surrounding the old mill. Gravel crunches under the tires as he slowly drives around to the back side. Broken, hollowed out windows glare down at them and Zayn suppresses a shiver. It’s not as creepy as the hospital, but it’s still pretty eery. The second Liam shifts the car into park, Zayn has his seatbelt off and is swinging over to straddle Liam’s lap.

“Hi,” Liam says with a grin, hands coming up to cradle Zayn’s hips.

“Hi,” Zayn replies somewhat breathlessly. 

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Beatles’ Shakespeare Skit (In Colour) [a midsummer night’s dream act V, scene I]

So I realised a lot of people had a hard time understanding what they said with all the noise so I decided to whip out my “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare” and write the captions:


Narrator: Gentles, perchance you wonder at this show; but wonder on, til truth make all things plain.

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A sneak-peak of the Solangelo Pirate!AU I’m writing! I received an ask eons ago requesting a pirate!au and I’m finally starting to make good on it…

“So, you’re finally awake.” Nico walked down the ship’s steps, a lit lantern swaying in his hands, illuminating the face of a blond man in a holding cell. “You were asleep for quite some time.”

The man scoffed, resting easily against the wall. “I don’t think it’s called sleeping when someone hits you over the head with the butt of their sword.”

“You’ve got quite a mouth for someone trapped behind bars, on a pirate ship no less.” Nico hung the light on a hook, resting his hand casually on his sword. He thought it a subtle display of intimidation.

“You won’t hurt me.” The man said confidently, pulling his legs up to settle his arms on. An annoyingly sure smile split his face as he stared Nico down, the tilt of his head almost playful. This guy clearly didn’t deal with pirates often and his parents did a piss-poor job of telling him to mind his manners on someone else’s boat.

“You don’t know what I’ll do. You’re just a stowaway; you don’t know anything about the habits of pirates.” Nico warned; thumb rubbing the hilt of his sword.

“Well, I don’t think it’s commonplace for pirates to keep stowaways instead of throwing them overboard, so you must be one terrible pirate.”

“Having morals doesn’t mean I’m bad at what I do.” Nico defended, his voice almost slipping into something more hostile, like it tended to do when he perceived a challenge in someone’s words.

“I’m pretty sure being immoral is part of the job description there, Captain.”

Nico chuckled dryly, “As fun as it is seeing you try to throw me off kilter, it’s not why I came down here.”

“Please,” the man said, opening his arms, “enlighten me.”

Nico rolled his eyes. The man in his cell clearly had an abundance of sarcasm that he’d been waiting however long he’d been stowed away to release, but there wasn’t anything actually biting in his tone. In fact, the smile on his face was becoming quite aggravating.

“Why were you on my ship?” Nico asked, never removing his eyes from the prisoner.

The blond shrugged, almost nonchalantly, as if he were having tea with a friend and was asked an unimportant question that he didn’t care much to answer. “Your ship was docked. I was there. What can I say, it was fate.”

Nico settled him with a withering glare.

“I wanted to get off that chunk of land, okay? I hopped on the first ship I could find, which just so happened to be yours.” The first signs of irritation were finally surfacing on his face. Nico probably shouldn’t have enjoyed that as much as he did.

“You’ve got to be some kind of fool to stowaway on a pirate ship.” Nico leaned against the wall just outside the cell bars.

“Considering I’m not dead, I’d say I picked the right one.” The man stood, walking up to the bars at a stroll, almost leisurely. “I’ve gotta say that I think your ship’s name isn’t very original, but I’ll cut you some slack since it’s a family name, Di Angelo.”

“Sorry my creativity didn’t meet your standards.” Nico deadpanned. There was a moment of silence before anyone spoke.

“Who’s Maria? If you don’t mind my asking.”  The prisoner looked hesitant for the first time since the beginning of their conversation, his fingers picking at the old metal of the cell.

“Weeks on this ship and you couldn’t figure that out? For all your cockiness, you’re not very perceptive.” Nico avoided the question. Why would he tell this complete stranger the origin of Maria Di Angelo? But then again, if Nico didn’t want inquiries on the matter, he probably shouldn’t have named his ship that.

“It’s not a very popular subject among your crew.”

“It’s not a popular subject now either.” Nico said, pushing off the wall, grabbing the lantern. “Before I go upstairs, tell me your name.”

The man smirked, crossing his arms. “Why do you want to know? Plan on keeping me?”

Nico resisted the urge to splutter, straightening his back instead, making a step for the stairs. “While I do enjoy referring to you as Bubble Butt to the crew, I think it’d be more professional for me to learn your real name.”

Even in the darkened room Nico could make out the blush creeping over the blond’s face.

“It’s Will.” The man answered, a new pitch to his voice.

“Well, Will,” Nico said, halfway up the stairs, “you’re getting off at the next stop. Maybe you should find a better hiding spot next time.”

So, this is the first scene. I’ve written about 7.5k  so far but I still have quite a bit to go…I have no idea how long this is going to end up being but for now I’ll hazard a guess at around 14k? Eh, we’ll see I guess. Anway, I hope you enjoyed this little peak!

hey who wants me to write the missing scene where Jancy talk about how Murray is bullshit and Nancy is like “I love both you and Steve he was such a creeper” and Jonathan agrees with her and canon doesnt creep us out as much cuz i feel like doing that instead of finishing chapter 4 of my Stoncy fic rn

EDIT: here it is, bless all those who liked/reblogged this post


Okay, here are my thoughts on the 4th Digimon tri. movie Soushitsu.

- Great, great, great opening scene. I squealed through most of it like omg omg Original Chosen, omg omg Dark Masters, omfg HOLY BEASTS!!! I had to rewatch it several times after. I sympathise with Himekawa now.

- Pyocomon had a somewhat OOC reaction since she’s supposed to be a curious and friendly Digimon… but wtv, they needed it for the plot so I won’t be picky.

- Mimi stopping herself from crying was great.

- The bento scene was cute at all levels, and to see Koushiro redder than his hair was really funny.

- Motimon. ♥ “uuohhh what’s this slightly bitter drink?” ♥

- Patamon and Biyomon can fly high now? In Adventure they couldn’t keep it for much long.

- They don’t know their names when they digivolve? Eh???

- Taiorato scenes were a bit dull. I expected Taichi and Yamato to help Sora more. The movie poster doesn’t make complete sense now, I’d prefer Sora alone in it.

- Agumon drifting away was random and stupid. It annoyed me.

- Agumon being always hungry also annoys me. [is that a clue to something Toei?]

- Mugendramon was nice in the beginning.

- Tentomon. ♥ “auauauaw oh my goodness, oh my goodness!” ♥

- Himekawa and Nishijima scene in the library was cuuute.

- It was brutal seeing Biyomon being harsh to Sora and her reaction, but this scene was beautifully done and affected me terribly.

- I loved that Takeru, Jyou and Mimi went to meaningful places when they got separated. Mimi seems to still resent her actions in the palace.

- Tentomon. ♥ “Patamon, Koushiro-han! Agumon, Koushiro-han!” ♥

- Plotmon is the cutest.

- Hikari saying Plotmon’s happier now. ♥

- Koushiro + Gomamon (he’s loving it!) made me smile

- Meiko finally waking up and facing Meicoomon while she attacks her. Great scene and character development!

- Creepy Darth!Gennai pushing Sora down with Meicoomon. I laughed because of the WTF, sorry xD

- Creepy AF Darth!Gennai licking Sora: I was creeped out but loved it. What a great nemesis!

- Child level digimon affecting Mega levels is just……. sighs.

- Boring MetalSeadramon. Sad.

- “Yamato! kun.“ ♥

- Himekawa and Bakumon scene ;_; what were you expecting, Hime-chan?

- I literally spat out my tea laughing at this. What the hell happened here? Are they swimming, drowning, practicing a routine, drowning again?? Such a stupid scene, god! Didn’t like it at all ._. (the digimon rescuing them next was cute tho)

- Biyomon evolution trigger was okay. Not what I expected but it was cute.

- JYOU ♥

- JYOU again ♥

- mean grinning fish is the real mvp.

- I can’t believe I’m saying this but Darth!Gennai is sexy. Creepy - yes, but also sexy. He can corner me like that whenever he likes.  YOU’RE NOT BLUSHING NOW MEI MEI?

- Patamon and Tentomon digivolution was needed but the timing was wrong in my opinion. They should’ve let Hououmon battle Mugendramon by herself. If a Child level could inflict damage, there was no need for 3 Mega. And it was so time consuming I got annoyed and actually skipped those parts.

- Motimon. ♥  “~Koushiro-han~, am I heavy? ~Koushiro-han~?” ♥

- Darth!Gennai force-chocking people - star wars fan confirmed.

- I often think of Sora as a responsible and mature person, not being allowed to be childish or throwing a tantrum when she wants/needs. It’s nice to be reminded that she’s not made of steel and still has to mature a bit. She can throw a tantrum like when she was 11 (Bokura no Wō Gēmu) and that’s okay. ♥ “~Baka!~”


Ok, but let’s talk about Nagito’s OVA.

Nagito wants to be accepted. Now, this may seem obvious, looking at the nice atmosphere his dream world had, but it struck me in the scene where he starts rambling and cornering Fuyuhiko. Fuyuhiko is, rightfully, creeped out, but he still remains calm while telling Nagito to back off (he’d seen Peko behind the bushes, she would’ve thrown Nagito off him had he asked). He does comment on the weirdness when Nagito steps back, however he tells him “don’t worry, it’s who you are.”

“It’s who you are.”

I might not be using the correct words from the subtitles but that’s the idea. In other media his classmates shunned him out and were outright mean to him for his weird opinions and outbursts. Danganronpa: Zetsubou-hen showed us a group of students who weren’t excited for Nagito’s return. Here, in Nagito’s perfect world, his classmates remain his friends and continue to include him even when those outbursts manifest.

We can say, then, that Nagito was really hurt by their behavior. This means that he is also aware of what pushes them away, as his mind doesn’t correct the habits he has no control over (remember, Nagito’s luck allowed him to live despite his two terminal illnesses), instead giving his classmates alternate behaviors and reactions. Even if this realization is made subconsciously, Nagito’s desire to be accepted remains. However, he isn’t eliminating the part that defines his mental health and behavior, rather altered the behavior of his classmates and the treatment they gave him.

Nagito wants to be accepted, but not at the expense of who he is. He wants to be accepted flaws and all. He knows he isn’t perfect and he wishes his classmates could accept that. He believes that if they did, good friendships could be formed (and we saw glimpses of this friendships at the end of the OVA and in the Hope Arc). He thinks it is possible for him to achieve some happiness (remember his words to Souda about talentless people?) even if it wasn’t complete because his self loathing is still active.

The Confession Scene in both the sub and dub

Daisuki’s subs:

“Oh, it’s you, Genos. Hang on. These guys–”
“Let’s go home, Master.”
“O…Oh, yeah?”

“Dammit. That guy’s face is burned into my brain. I’m gonna remember this.”
“Master. I have never met any person as incredible as you, Master Saitama.”
“What brought that on? You’re creeping me out.”
“Even if the public doesn’t appreciate you, I will still follow you.”
“You don’t have to butter me up. Really.”

And now, the English’s Dub’s additions:  

“Oh hey Genos, what’s goin on? Gimme just a minute. These guys are saying I’m–”
“We must go home, Master…”
“Hm? …Oh. You think we should?”

“Dammit, that guy’s face is burned into my brain. I’ll never be able to forget him.”
“Listen, I want you to know I have never met anyone, as amazing as you.”
“What brought that on? You’re creeping me out.”
“Even if the public does not appreciate you, or what you have done, I will still follow you.”
“You don’t have to butter me up like that.”

Stefan danced with Elena! Why are the writers forcing Steroline!!!

First of all *sigh* he didn’t say “I never danced until you Caroline” he said

“…of all the ways that loving you has changed my life… you made me dance”

Stefan’s feelings towards dancing with Elena:

Stefan’s feelings towards dancing with Caroline:

No begging involved. In fact Stefan is the one who often asks Caroline to dance, whereas his girlfriend had to beg him to dance with her.

Here’s Stefan dancing with his other best friend Lexi

Lexi: Okay, I’m gonna need a little more foot movement.
Stefan: I’m not really interested in making a fool out of myself.

Even though…

Yet he’s only known Caroline a couple of years, but he’s about to be himself around her almost instantly. Like it changed his life #justsayin

Stefan not caring about making a fool of himself with Caroline

What’s the phrase oh yes RECEIPTS

Bonus Meta! - Does Stefan still Hate Dancing

*not my gifs*

tallulalusa  asked:

Jughead is watching the familiar bounce ...He watches as the image of Betty reflected in the mirror puts on red lipstick. In the softly lit room, the color glows like neon lights shining off wet pavement.

Funny enough, these lines were part of the first section I wrote for Like Tiger Stripes—the original nub of a concept that involved two connected ideas that drove the creation of this story: Jughead watching Betty’s reflection as she put on this lipstick, seeing the process of identity creation happen, and then Betty kissing him while wearing it, smearing the lipstick on his mouth in a reclamation of how exploring her sexuality originally made Betty feel powerful and which ultimately makes Jughead into her mirror.

DVD Commentary: The Backstory

I’ve always loved the scene in 1.03 where Alice wipes the lipstick off Betty’s face. Portraying Alice and Betty’s fucked up dynamic is one of my guilty pleasures as a writer. While Alice hasn’t actually shown up in any of my Riverdale fic, she often is included as this looming presence circling the edges of the story.

There is so much to unpack in this confrontation scene between Alice and Betty, which is all told through a few broad strokes of highly-commercial melodrama, right down to that awkward, knowing product placement. Riverdale has these compelling moments where all its strange pieces and tonal oddities sync up. This scene is one of those moments where the trashy, stylized, layered, compelling registers of the show click together into a scene that may still be a trainwreck on some level, but the end result is mesmerizing to me and much more thoughtful than this genre of show needs to be.

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Arranged Marriage: Suho Edition. Part 4

Originally posted by qrishan

finally found time to write part 4! 

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 5 | PART 6

The wedding was… how to say it. Luxurious. Actually the word was too weak to describe what my mother had turned the wedding hall into. 

Golden chandeliers hung from the ceiling in different places. There were three fountains in the room. Three. Not to talk about all the other decorations, that made the hall look like 18th century fairy castle.

I was sitting quietly at my place, my husband next to me. We hadn’t met each others eyes after the kiss. I wanted to, but I didn’t know what I was going to see. Was he in the same position as I was? 

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Come Back To Me

Anonymous requested: Could you do an imagine where both you and Steve are fighting Bucky (CATWS) Since you’re married to Bucky (you’re a woman out of time) you tell him something that triggers him which makes him stop fighting you. (Just like what Steve did.)

Author’s note: I love Bucky Barnes so much…. So I wasn’t sure ~which~ fight scene you wanted, so I went with the absolutely heartbreaking final one because I’m just that horrible ;_; … Anyway, MAJOR SPOILERS FOR CATWS (I mean it came out in 2014 but still) Enjoy! ~if you want a sequel or another Bucky oneshot drop me an ask here~

Warning: Extreme pain, sadness, fighting… :)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

The giant chamber is eerily quiet, and as you and Steve creep in your eyes dart nervously around, searching for the inevitable fight that will come. You let Steve go in front of you, holding his shield up, and you trail behind to guard the back. You’re too focused on the pathway behind you that when Steve stops abruptly, you stumble slightly and turn, to see -

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Taehyung: The Purge pt. 2

Wordcount: 3.980

Genre: The Purge!AU, Mature, Angst, Gore (in later chapters)

Summary: Its the 4th annual purge and you and your fresh boyfriend Taehyung want to survive.

This is actually my first fanfic ever, so feedback is highly appreciated! English isn’t my first language, so if you find any huge grammatical errors let me know, so i can edit them, thanks!

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2  | Pt.3  | Pt. 4 |


The first time that you’ve met Kim Taehyung was a little more than 5 months ago.

Before you started to work at your current full-time job, you used to work part-time as a waitress in some pub a few streets down your apartment. The worst nights were on saturdays when you had to deal with drunk guests who didn’t know their limits, to your luck tonight was one of those nights.

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