this scene srsly killed me okay


on the left there’s heartbroken lil baby gay alex, with a look that says ‘just kill me rn or get me tha fuck outta here’ like she does nOT wanna be in this situation, she had just poured her heart out to AND got rejected by maggie, who she’s been avoiding for days and is certainly the last person she wants standing right next to her right now

then we have always-on-point maggie fucking sawyer, (like srsly she is always so gorgeous like how) just smiling like an actual puppy like this isn’t awkward af for her either, like she isnt worried she might be losing a friend, like she doesn’t notice that judgey yet amused look the sister of the girl whose heart she may or may not have broken, is giving her

finally we have kara who, from this angle, looks like she’s having the time of her life, just sipping her beer, watching this awkward gay mess play out in front of her just amused af bec she’s the only one who knows what’s really going on

ASOUE Netflix Show! *here there be spoilers*


There are SO MANY THINGS I want to talk about but I will do non-spoilery things before the cut first. 

1. TONE. THEY GOT IT RIGHT. The perfect blend of absurdist comedy, genuine sadness and sheer terror. THAT was probably the most important thing for me.

2. The changes/additions (mostly additions) to the original material all felt right, more like we were getting a different angle on the same events rather than “random car/train collision added in for funsies because we screwed up the plot” (can you tell I don’t like the movie)

3. I loved all the actors, absolutely brilliant, including the kids :D

4. The few clips from the trailer that I was uncertain about fitted perfectly in the actual context of the show, which was a relief!

Now for more detail and spoilers :D for all eight episodes! as well as all thirteen books, and some stuff from All the Wrong Questions! you have been warned!

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