this scene speaks to me on a spiritual level

Did I cry my way through the No Man’s Land scene when I saw Wonder Woman again yesterday? Hell yes. That scene will probably get me every time and I can’t even properly articulate why.


A friendship older than your civilisation, and infinitely more complex.

Favourite parts of Hamilton

• Literally everything with King George III. He was absolute perfection.
• Lafayette makes a close second, his “french” accent makes everything he says that much better
• Jefersson was the third most amazing …..his comedic timing was on point throughout the show.
• (I love Daveed Diggs so maybe it’s skewing my perception)
• Burr was so talented: his acting, singing, dancing and rapping were always great even though he had so much to do throughout the musical.
• Satisfied. Angelica’s vocals were impeccable which was already something I knew from the audio album but the visuals were also amazing. During the “rewind” portion, the actors moved backwards and it looked so good.
• Jefferson making it rain during the “Reynolds pamphlet” and singing that Hamilton would never be president killed me 😭😭😭
• Also King George dancing while Jefferson sang that Hamilton would be President, and his little laugh at the end of “I know him”
• Burr’s facial expressions through out added so much depth to his feelings towards Hamilton. A+
• Madison’s random comments were sooo funny.
• Hercules Mulliganbeing the flower girl for Hamilton and Eliza 😂
•Hamilton and Elizas acting during “It’s quiet downtown” fucking destroyed me. If you think the audio is depressing, seeing them mourn their son in person is so much worse.
• “You don’t have the votes, hahahahaha” • Did I mention how amazing Lafayette and Jefferson are?
• Philip singing that he’s a poet and how proud hebis off his dad is hillarious
• Washington’s voice is so beautiful 😍😍😍
• “Southern mother-fucking Democratic-republicans” • The scene work when Hamilton is shot is exquisite.
• I might be in love with King George, his petty ass speaks to me on a spiritual level.
• Jefferson’s entrance and how giddy he was when he was dancing and singing “Jefferson’s coming home”
• Everyone on the cast did an amazing job and I’m so so in love with this musical ❤❤❤

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Top 3 fav stelena scenes?

Oh my God, you are trying to kill me. ONLY THREE? OK. Let me see.

1. Definitely the 3x05 fighting compulsion scene:

I think it’s actually probably the most passionate Stelena scene not only because Stefan is doing the impossible here and fighting off Klaus’ compulsion because he’s holding on to his love for Elena which allows him to hold on to himself but because of the way Elena runs toward Stefan when Klaus pushes him against the wall, she’s scared and she’s worried and she’s frantic not for herself but for Stefan, for his humanity, for his soul and the reciprocity of their love is exemplified in this one scene and I remember watching at the time like … this. This is why it’s always going to be Stelena. No DE scene can top this. Because Damon can say Elena is his life and say that she’s his redemption and the light in his darkness but can he prove it? Stefan can. He fought compulsion for her. Say it with me DE fans, action.

2. When they get to the Lake House in 2x14:

Next to this being a really fun and goofy Stelena scene and a direct contrary to the DErs and non-SErs who like to say that SE was all doom and gloom all the time, I like this scene because it also shows just how much Stefan and Elena turn each other on. Like they can’t keep their hands off of each other, Stefan grabs Elena’s thigh to wrap her leg further around his waist and sets her down on a counter, they can’t even make it to a bedroom or a couch or anything, just the closest surface and he’s leaning into her while she’s pushing him even closer to her body while her legs are wrapped around his middle. It’s hot. But it’s also sweet and it’s loving and you can clearly see how much they want to be with each other and around each other and it’s such a deep-down good feeling scene.

3. Of course, of course their first love scene in 1x10:

The amount of connection that happens in this scene is simply unparalleled with any other ship on the show and you can see how in sync Stefan and Elena are with their movements, with their touches, with their gazes, you can see just how much they love each other; when Elena’s fingers enclose around Stefan’s, this need to always be entwined, to always be in contact is so telling but the moment I love the most in this entire scene (and there are so many moments I love) is when they’re gazing at each other and Elena slowly runs her thumb down Stefan’s lips because it’s almost like she’s committing everything about him to memory, she’s learning his body, while staring so intently and longingly at him because they reached a level of profound togetherness.


When the visions of their fantasy lives are taken away from them in 5x18:

I loved this scene because of how sad it was, how devastated Stefan and Elena both look at no longer being able to see their lives together; Stefan can barely speak and Elena has tears in her eyes and the way she asks him “Does that mean that it’s over?” there’s such yearning to have that life with him, they are both so affected by the loss and it showed me just how emotionally and spiritually and intellectually wanting Elena is in the DE relationship and how much she needs this intimacy with Stefan and how for some stupid reason the show was refusing to give this to a character that’s so clearly in need of a partner who fulfills her like Stefan did/does. 


Nicki Minaj taught me how to carry myself with self respect and grace. Her music speaks to me on a spiritual level. Even if she does flop one day I’ll never lose my love and respect for her. She’s the reason Im still alive today and I can never repay her for what she’s done for my self-esteem. But all the 12 year old scene kids wanna hate on her for stupid hoe. Your flop faves can take a seat because the queen is back!!

let me jst preface by saying that i relate to linda the most out of the belchers but that scene where Tina wants to send a txt that says “see you soon, baboon” but changes her mind & sends “see you soon b*tch” instead and doesn’t realize that it’s a bad idea until after she sends the text… I relate to that on a spiritual level but it’s not jst with texting it’s literally every time I speak