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The episode reminds us that at the end of the day, the fate of the human race can come down to something as simple as two people standing on a beach; small acts of desperation, kindness, trust and sacrifice make all the difference in the world.
—  Selina Wilken on 4x04 in the new hypable article and YES SHE FUCKING WENT THERE HOLY SHIT

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Hi. I keep coming across narusaku fans saying sasuke and Sakura have never kissed because of her reaction in gaiden. I own gaiden and see the scene they speak of but the whole thing confuses me. Can you shed some light on it?

It’s never been stated anywhere that Sasuke and Sakura have never kissed. Anti extremists just like to spread that false information as a fact due to the following scene:

But if they just stopped to think for a moment, they’d realise that:

  • Sakura was blushing as she gave that look, likely because she missed being physically intimate with him.
  • She said that Sarada made her think of something better. In order for Sakura to make that comparison, she’d need to know what it’s like to kiss Sasuke.

But hey, if they wanna believe that Sasuke and Sakura got married and had a child without even kissing, then by all means, let them.

Oh but hang on, the majority of the extremists don’t even believe that they’re married or that Sarada is their actual child, even though these facts have been explicitly stated time and again. So I suppose we can’t expect them to stop and think for a moment when to this day, they still adamantly deny facts which require absolutely no thought to comprehend.

this is pretty much what happened, right? careful reiji, zarc might take over yuya for a moment and kill you


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In which Butch Deloria and I are the same

  • Gravity Falls Fandom: We should have a scene where Ford gets those anime glasses effects!
  • The Last Mabelcorn: -provides wish in a scary scene-
  • Gravity Falls Fandom: NOOO!! NOT LIKE THIS!