this scene really shows the love between foster parents and their adopted children

Major Crimes: Season 5 Round Up, A Reactionary Post

I had planned on doing a post at the end of 5a but then time got away from me. So I thought I’d do a reaction post on 5a then 5b and how they tie together. This is my final Reactionary Post for season 5 and it feels really great to review a whole entire season of a show! Stay tuned for more reactionary posts, next week we go back in time to cover Reloaded

What this reactionary post covers:
// Season 5a & theme
// Characters & Storylines

// Season 5b & theme
// Characters & Storylines

// Thoughts on Season 5 (as a whole) & other themes the season covered
// Speculation & Season 6
// Favorite scenes
// What I liked and What I didn’t

*This is a long one so sit back and grab your favorite drink. ;)

Season 5a

Theme: Balance

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anonymous asked:

I've only recently come across people who claim Henry was abused by Regina, and I'm confused. I know you're a Regina fan, but you seem very rational when it comes to her misdeeds as far as I've read of your posts. Do you believe this too? What instances are the abuse allegations based on? I saw a post in the Henry Mills tag that people who claim they want Regina to be their mother want to be abused. (Does the term Regal Believer refer to the people who believe Henry was abused?)

Regina never abused Henry.  There are a very small number of very loud people that believe she did that are referred to in the fandom as ARBs (Anti-Regal Believer).  Regal Believer being the fandom’s name for the loving mother and son relationship between Regina and Henry.  These people are generally regarded by the fandom as irrational and are not respected outside their very small circles.

They stem from the fact that Regina was written fairly ambiguously in season 1 where the audience was not supposed to be able to tell if Regina really loved Henry or not.  Of course this ambiguity doesn’t survive Lana’s portrayal of the character because there is a ton of evidence in season one that Regina loves Henry. Anyway, these are people who formed an opinion during season one and who could not integrate new information from later seasons and understand that their first impression was incorrect.  Inevitably most of their arguments stem from season one.  

They throw around abuse terminology as if they’ve done internet research but have no actual experience with those those forms of abuse.  They don’t understand that the things those lists describe are orders of magnitude worse than anything we saw on the show.  Some of them claim to have been abused but those claims rarely survive a rational test because they often claim to be triggered by Regina, yet spend their days on blogs talking about her supposed abuse.  People who are triggered by things do not do that.  They also make claims about how social services would take Henry away from Regina which are laughable to anyone who has had any experience of social services at all.  It is my general impression that these are also people who are not themselves parents because they don’t seem to have any understanding at all of the regular give and take of parental-child relationships.  

I get a fair number of these people who come to my ask box, so I have a very good grasp of what their general arguments are.  Here are some of their usual ones.  That Regina was physically abusive in grabbing Henry by the arm in 1.03 to get his attention.  He does move forward but he’s never shown to be in any pain, there is never a bruise shown, and clearly they’ve never encountered a ten year old boy.  This is the entire basis for the argument that she’s physically abusive.  They claim this like is meant to humiliate him…

… rather than the fact that in the course of three days Henry has stolen a credit card, run away to Boston, run away from home again, lied about where he was, and is now out in the middle of the night without permission.  They claim that her leaving him alone for a few hours 1.04 is neglectful despite the fact that a basic internet search will turn up guidelines from the state of Maine that indicate that it is not only legal, but perfectly normal.  They usually add a dollop of slut shaming to this by being outraged over the fact that she’s left him alone so she can go meet Graham for sex.  Because single mothers are not allowed to have sex lives.  

I’ve even seen people claim she was starving him because she left him alone for a few hours in this episode despite the fact that as you can see in this gif he’s just had or is currently having lunch.  One also wonders what kind of children these people have encountered that they think a ten year old can’t make a sandwich while Fox has an entire television show based around the idea of eight year olds making beef wellington.

They claim taking away the book from Henry was abusive… the book that according to the show’s producers is the origin of nearly all of Henry and Regina’s tension in season 1.  We are told by the producers and shown in flashbacks from later seasons that Henry and Regina’s relationship was very good before Henry was given the book.  Henry was going through very normal, common, and well understood adoption related issues at the time to when Mary Margaret gave him the book, and Regina was sending Henry to Archie in order to deal with those issues.  The ARBs claim she was sending him to Archie to make him feel crazy, an argument that is both incredibly harmful to any parent who seeks professional mental health care for their child and doesn’t survive what the show actually says.  Henry had been going to Archie for months before the pilot, and the pilot is the first time Regina learned about the book and Henry’s knowledge of the curse, therefore she could not have been sending him to Archie to undermine his belief in the curse.  

They like to talk a lot about the therapy Henry was going to and don’t actually talk about what we saw in it.  Which included Archie describing Regina and Henry’s situation as natural parent child conflict.

But generally their major claim is that Regina tried to keep Henry from having a relationship with Emma.  One thing should be absolutely clear.  Emma gave up Henry in a closed adoption.  She had no right to see Henry and her persistent attempts to be part of his life against Regina’s wishes were actually illegal.  Regina was actually amazingly tolerant of Emma’s disruptive intrusions into their lives during season 1.  When she says …

… she is speaking absolute truth.  

The producers intended for Regina’s position with Henry to be reason and rational when they were writing the character.  They say this outright in season one episode commentaries.  Emma’s behavior was intend to be any adoptive parents nightmare and to be the primary motivation for Regina’s extreme over reaction to Emma’s presence in town.  In fact interestingly enough another ABC show, the Fosters has a similar scene between Lena Foster and a birth mother where she uses almost the same words as Regina does about destroying Emma.  Archie frames it so explicitly near the end of the season…

But the ARBs want to pretend that conversation never happened because it doesn’t fit their “Regina bad, Emma good” narrative.  They also claim that the apple turnover incident from the end of the season was Regina trying to kill Henry, ignoring that it was intended for Emma and that Regina immediately surrendered everything in order to help Emma save Henry.  This is really a key to their complete misunderstanding of the show.  Regina is intended to be villain, but a good mother.  It’s been a running theme of the show that one can be a good parent even if they are not a hero.

Something the show had emphasized again this past season with Maleficent.

To claim that Regina is an abusive parent because she was trying to kill Henry’s family, and that Regina had any obligation at all to allow the Charmings into Henry’s life is an emphasis of blood and biology over adoptive relationships that is an unfortunate byproduct of sloppy storytelling that resulted in anti-adoption messaging on the show during the first two seasons.  Messaging that the producers have said was unintentional and have apologized for and made every attempt to fix.

The ARBs also make some dubious claims about the legality of the adoption which don’t survive the writers outright saying that the adoption was perfectly legal, and their version of events is contradicted by just about anyone who actually understands adoption law.  These arguments are generally made in order to claim that Emma has the legal right to Henry and ignores that Emma’s parental rights were terminated when she gave Henry up for adoption, something that cannot be undone.  They make some spurious claims about the missing year which rely on the idea that Emma was his legal guardian to get him into school in New York, ignoring that she’d have to have some sort of forged (and likely provided by Regina magically) paperwork to do so and that doesn’t indicate an actual legal change of custody.  These often involve the claim that because of the missing year Henry’s name isn’t Henry Mills anymore, but rather Henry Swan.  Something never supported in the canon and contradicted by it…

They claim that Regina in the above line is mistaken by the way.  Because when the canon invalidates your head canon the rational response is to claim unreliable narration when there is no reason to believe unreliable narration is occurring.  

I’m sure they think Henry is mistaken about his name too.

When their arguments are picked apart by people who understand child custody law… they tend to claim that those people are too hung up on legality and don’t care about Henry.  This is not unlike their claims that social services would take Henry away from Regina for emotional abuse, a claim that is completely laughable for anyone who is at all familiar with the level of physical and sexual abuse that often has to occur before a child is taken out of a home. 

But the fundamental problem with their arguments is Henry.  They want us to listen to Henry when he says she doesn’t love him and that he wants to live with Emma.  Except it ignores that we come into their lives in season one in the middle of a rough patch very likely the result of Regina mishandling Henry discovering he is adopted.  Their problem during this period is fundamentally one of miscommunication and would have likely healed were it not for the magical interference of the book and for Emma’s arrival.  Emma actively encouraged the rift between Henry and Regina during this period…

… which Regina calls out.  But frankly neither women is behaving like a rational adult about each other.  They have both gotten under each others skin and both behave badly.  But the thing the ARBs really don’t seem to understand is that Emma and Regina have moved on from that point.  They are no longer at war.  Regina has accepted Emma as Henry’s other mother (and it was Regina’s right to accept this, it wasn’t owed to Emma) because Henry wants it.  The first person who would defend Regina’s place as Henry’s mother now is Emma.  

These are generally people who have decided to ignore the entire Emma and Regina friendship and co-parenting relationship because they claim it is out of character for Emma.  There is really no rational arguing with someone who wants to throw away that large a piece of the canon because it is inconvenient to them.

They also ignore Henry’s own words after the curse broke.

Like when he’s explicitly upset when he fears for Regina’s life.  At no point in season one is he shown afraid of Regina.  In fact he’s rather explicitly shown to be comfortable enough with Regina to say incredibly blunt things about his intention to defeat her.

It also completely and utterly devalues Henry’s words for the last two years of the show.  Apparently we’re only supposed to listen to him when he’s saying bad things about Regina and not when he’s saying he was wrong, or that when he thought he was going to die it was Regina’s arms he wanted to be in.

The remaining ARB claims fall basically into two categories:  hilarious and creepy.  

In the creepy category there are those who with basically no evidence in canon claim that Regina adopted Henry in order to raise/groom him to be her lover.  There is really nothing to be said about that.  There are also those who believe that she uses Henry as a replacement for her father because apparently these people have never run into the idea of naming a child after a family member.  I was personally named after my mother’s grandmother but based on everything I’ve ever heard about the woman I’m pretty sure my mother wasn’t expecting me take her place.  In this case the ARBs are fundamentally misunderstanding the dynamics of a single mother and a teenage son who is bound to be protective of his mother.  There are even those who claim her giving him the middle name Daniel is some sort of abuse because Henry has the name of two people who were murdered.  Well, three, because this particular strain of ARB doesn’t seem to understand how last names work so insist that you should throw in Cora Mills so that they can say he’s named after three people who were murdered.

Under the category of hilarious claims include the idea that Regina having an umbrella in 4.18 while looking for Henry meant she cares more about her vanity than about looking for Henry.  I’m not joking.  Because apparently she had to take time away from the search to find the umbrella (not that she couldn’t have already had it with her or that she is a powerful sorceress who could poof it into her hand in seconds), and that it would have prevented her from participating in combat (because apparently you can’t put an umbrella down).  The fandom mocked them royally for this.  We called it umbrellagate and made gifs.  Here is one of mine…

But generally these are people who have chosen to deliberately twist the story they know the show is telling, about a mother and son with a strong relationship that has healed after a period of misunderstanding and miscommunication.  They will tie themselves in logical knots to avoid accepting the relationship.  Even to the point of trying to explain away this…

… by claiming that it wasn’t really True Love’s Kiss, but rather that Henry has, I kid you not, a special magical curse breaking forehead.  Never mind that that would invalidate Emma’s True Love’s Kiss with Henry as well, but logic is not these people’s strong suit.

In general you should ignore them.  They are loud, but a tiny minority.  The Regal Believer relationship is the most popular thing on the show both with the fandom and in the general audience and will continue to be a corner stone of the show as evidenced by the fact that the season 4 finale was an ode to that relationship.

anonymous asked:

What do you think Odin thought the first time he saw Loki in Jotunheim? I mean do you think he saw him as pawn or as abandoned child in need of protection? Do you think he ever truly loved Loki and cared about him (before all that mess)? I would like to hear your thoughts about it.

I would argue that, not only did Odin love Loki as his son before the great catastrophes of canon, I believe Odin continues to love him despite being a deeply flawed parent and individual, and despite the things he and Loki have said to each other.

Gonna have to put a “read more” because I um, I have a lot of feelings about this. Hope you don’t mind that you’ve opened the floodgate, anon.

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Why Disney May Not Make Finn-Poe A Reality - And Why They SHOULD!

I read recently that Disney is NOT making Finn and Poe happen. That evidently, the “StormPilot” is nothing more than a mere fantasy or fanfiction hot topic in the Star Wars fan universe. Why? I do not know the solid grounds for that, but I do have a theory that based on the many various articles that I have read - and let me assure that is A LOT - it has to do with the question that a gay couple in Star Wars may not be a suitable “family friendly” film plotline. 

Let me just begin my posting in support for StormPilot by saying, to Disney, that…. It is 2016! LGBT is a HUGE film and television topic! Modern Family, The Fosters, New Normal, Ellen… just because it is a LGBT storyline doesn’t make it unsuitable for children. Gay and lesbian couples are now able to adopt children and are now starting families together. Seeing a gay couple on the big or small screen isn’t going to make a child go insane or in need of a life-long therapist. In fact, I actually saw a video of a little elementary school age girl who was playing with Finn and Poe action figures/dolls and re-enacting the reunion scene between them in the movie. Twist? She ended it with the two kissing and was smiling over it. If that isn’t proof that LGBT couples are NOT damaging to a child’s mental health, I don’t know what is. 

Also, in these days, LGBT is MUCH less of a taboo topic in comparison to the 80′s and 70′s. Now, LGBT marriage has been legalized in every state of America. This isn’t 1990 where gays and lesbians are keeping a low key about their sexual orientation under fear of being bashed. It is majorly popular, and quite frankly, people love it. Especially in entertainment. (Ever hear of a thing called Yaoi, girls?)

Children of straight parents are ALWAYS seeing hetero couples on screen. How often are children of LGBT couples seeing people “like mommy/mommy or daddy/daddy” on screen? Relatively, not much. It was only in 2014 that Disney actually made the choice to show a lesbian couple on the “family friendly” show Good Luck Charlie. A Disney first. While there was controversy among a few bigoted people, Disney decided to be bold and do it anyway - with a lot of praise and support from the audience and fans. Even a few celebs tweeted and posted their support of it. 

Why is it so different for Star Wars?

Oh, yes. Because of the HUGE and GIANT fanbase and fear of “losing profit” from those who disapprove (because suddenly a gay couple isn’t good for “the children”). Let me remind you that Star Wars only made a $1 billion dollar grossing in less than TWO WEEKS. A box office success that only beat out films like Avatar, The Avengers, Jurassic World and even Harry Potter! Yet, Disney is afraid of losing profit from those who will boycott it due to a thing we all know as homophobia. 

Now, I am not saying that a “bromance” isn’t a good thing. It is. I love seeing two goofballs have a good brotherly on-screen chemistry. (One of my personal favorites are Mike and Harvey from Suits. God, I love them and their movie quotes!) It is a real treat for us fans. 

But, I see the major potential here for Star Wars to go even MORE down in history! If they were to go through with making Finn-Poe a real, actual on screen couple they will be the first major Disney franchise to actually have an LGBT couple. Also, a Star Wars first! And GOD FORBID that Star Wars become an even BIGGER legend than before! -_-

So, maybe, I am wrong. Maybe fear of losing profit and boycotts are not the reason as to why Disney will not make Finn-Poe a couple. Maybe this is just another long vent from a strong passionate fan about a hit entertainment series. Maybe, they really just don’t want Finn and Poe to become a couple. They just want a strict, platonic yet loving brotherly friendship. And it’s not like there’s anything wrong with that. (FanFiction and the Finn-Poe tumblr pages are ALWAYS going be sticking around for the fans fantasies.)

I am just saying that if the reasons stated above are the reason why Disney will not make StormPilot a fan reality, then… that’s just a real shame. Because, they’d be losing out on a lot of success and praise due to backing down in fear from a few bigoted idiots. And if we stuck to that kind of action and thinking, then we wouldn’t have the LGBT success that we can say that we have today. Now would we?

‘Tis thy name that is my enemy

I’ve been struggling to sum up how I’ve been feeling about 3x19 and what it means for Brandon and Callie. I’m kind of an angst lover so as long as my ship gets scenes continuously I don’t mind if it’s angsty. I only have a problem when there are too few scenes or less involvement in each other’s lives. I get that the first half of the season had very less of them because Brandon was off on camp and Callie was trying to move on, carrying on from last quarter of season 2. She had accepted that Brandon didn’t want to be with her. Callie is the kind of person who can put up her walls and so she focused on other parts of her life. They were both trying to focus on other things and divert themselves from actively thinking about each other that way. But I need scenes and this half is giving me that. 

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I’ve seen quite a few posts about the Gail adoption story line. I really can’t tell which opinion, pro or con, is the ‘popular’ opinion right now. I really don’t care, to be honest. I can only speak from my heart and offer my own viewpoint/meta. And, of course, this is my own thoughts and opinions, so please don’t think any of this is me saying you are wrong if you disagree. I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion. :) And I’m also sorry if this gets rambly and I go off on tangents. It’s my way of working through my feelings. Kudos if you read the entire thing, but I completely understand if you give up on it shortly after starting. It is over 2,000 words, after all. Whoops.

Also I haven’t really edited this at all, so please forgive me of any mistakes or parts that may seem jumbled.

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