this scene owns my heart forever

Thoughts on: the lack of "the kissing scene" in rouge one

I’m so happy that “the kissing scene” in missing in the rouge one. This formula: main protagonists fighting with each-other, develop crush and HAVE TO kiss/bang on screen is so primitive. The movie would feel like the biggest crap from 2001 and I, without doubt, wouldn’t ship rebelcaptain.

BUT I’m glad we’re past this lazy writing era, and the only thing we get is the last hug. The rest, is just their attitude towards each-other that lets you interpretate their relations your own way. This is refreshing.

I decided that they absolutely belong with each-other. The last hug was so much more meaningful than any other, even and especially, forced kiss/bang scene would be. Last hug broke my imperial heart and made me ship rebelcaptain forever.


*crumbles to the ground and cries forever*

Naegi liked Kirigiri before Despair ruined the world. He learned to like her again during Despair when his memory of everything was wiped. And afterwards, he stayed by her side when the group went their own ways.

And now that’s she’s…she’s…he still treasures these feelings he has for her. He still thinks of her, even though it must probably hurt him so much to do so.

Naegi truly did love Kirigiri…and he still does…

Oh my god, Naegi… *wipes tears* ;________;

K RETURN OF KINGS EPISODE 13 Summary + Favourite Scenes


Neko’s fighting scene


Mr. Iwa’s alive?!

Neko’s Resolution


The Red Kings *wipes tear*

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