this scene omggg

markerthorinius  asked:

How do you think the first date between Mae and Bea went?

I dunno… I think their date at the mall seemed pretty good to me…

Okay okay, on a serious note- Their first date was pretty… decent. I want to go into a lot of depth for it but I want to also write it out (especially with my sis @j4m-ch4n​ for a collab). 

I will say that Bea was the one who asked Mae to go out on a date… and it didnt sink in for Mae that it was a date until she had to be picked up by Bea herself. xDD Then the date was a bit awkward but eventually Mae and Bea actually got to getting close during the date and well…. It ended on a really really good note in the end. 

Hey, awkward first dates is what I live for besides I have been on one before…  (´▽`;)ゝ



anonymous asked:

Do you think if anakin had obiwan with him the whole time, instead of him having to leave to utapau, anakin wouldn't have turned to the dark side? The scene in ROTS when obiwan has to leave they say may the force be with you to each other is so sad

OMG yes, it’s always been my headcanon that if Obi-Wan would have stayed with Anakin, instead of going to Utapau, Anakin might have not turned to the dark side because Anakin was alone with his thoughts and that is when Palpatine came slithering in putting thoughts in him mind. I believe if Obi-Wan was there with Anakin the whole time, he could have been able to stop Palpatine from putting those thoughts in Anakin’s mind. 

And omggg that scene breaks my heart because that is their last happy moment together as friends, brothers, and partners. It was the last time Obi-Wan really got to truly see Anakin before he became Darth Vader. Ugh that scene brings so much emotions in me. *ugly sobbing* </3