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THE BATB AU ISNT DEAD  here you have Cogsworth!Twilight and Lumiere!Pinkie. I’m taking wayy too many time with these omg but I cant help it, these weeks are being buusyy and exhausting.

Anyway, Twi was super fun to design and I’m pretty satisfied with how she came out, Pinkie on the other hand… was a pain. So I just went with a lazy design because good heavens nothing was looking good and I didnt want to make something over complicated.

About the scene, it’s not supposed to be an actual scene, just someone (AJ or Granny Smith I guess) grabbing Pinkie to light up their way around the castle, completely unaware they are holding a living object. Twilight is worried they may discover them

Cost of Freedom (27/52)

Summary: In which Kaito and Aoko reunite, and Shinichi tries his luck at explaining things to Kazuha. Prison ! AU

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No poker face can prepare him for this.

Kaito stares, heart pounding against his eardrums as Aoko stares back at him, eyes blank. There are tear stains marring her cheeks, and he feels almost as if he’s been punched in the stomach. He’s put those tears there, hasn’t he? It’s his fault that Aoko’s crying.

“Tell me,” Aoko says, as he inches a step backwards, towards the door. She’s cradling her phone in her hands, and Kaito watches wide-eyed as she lifts it up, fingers brushing the sides. “If I ask you to stay this time, will you?”

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