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(Reference to new episode of SU: Mindful Education) Mun I was thinking about it... but the Matsu's would have a crap ton of butterflys. NONE OF THEM DEAL WITH THEIR EMOTIONS. Like I imagine Oso/Kara/Totty ignore their's, Choro seizes up/screams at his, Ichi crushes any he comes across, and Jyushi eats his

Ahh I’m glad you’re all caught up!  I agree completely, I can see Oso turning a away from them, he can’t and doesn’t like to face issues like those.  Kara would break down, his tears blurring all the butterflies swarming around him, Totty would swat them away or run away from them.  You got the other 3 spot on!  None of them (with the possible exception of Jyushi) would be able stay in a fusion like Stevonie all that stress, anger, and sadness would completely throw off the fusion.  God these poor guys need a lot of help!


“A Fist Within Four Walls” ending theme
      "Never Know You Are the Best"
(從未知道你最好) by Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu

I may or may not but definitely am having an explosion of westallen pilot feels rn. I feel like I need to make a post w/ more pics & spazzing. Caps & exclamation points will prob be included.


That 1 scene especially. Omg.

The hand placement. The hug. How THE FIRST PERSON HE WENT TO SEE was Iris. Just…I can’t deal.