this scene ok


“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”



low tier mousefur: sits around and angsts about longtail all day bc she was in love w/ him, loses that sharp tongued personality we all love

mid tier mousefur: just sorta grumpy, doesnt have many friends, super snappy and hot headed

high tier mousefur: is very close w/ purdy and longtail and they’re her best friends, adores kits, and would also fight all of shadowclan just bc of some rude comment they made aka she gives no fucks

god tier mousefur:

anonymous asked:

can I just say that I love you like seriously

you can say that

you know what I love like seriously? These porcelain seals I’ve been looking at on ebay 





this last one scares me and I feel almost unnerving levels of affinity for her


I was trying to design casual outfits for Human Allura and Coran and then thought what mysteries could be under the jacket, then I imagined and I laughed.

If I ever get stuck in space, I want to be wearing that shirt.