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Okay so I want your opinion on how you want Bellxclarke's relationship to gradually develop. For me personally, I'm hoping it goes a little somethin like: Bellamy suddenly softly kisses Clarke, yet they both feel super happy but strange about it & make a pact to forget about it. (Because they're so non confrontational about their feelings for each other.) BUT THEN the tension grows A LOT and either Bell or Clarke admits their feelings for the other and they have a rough makeout scene. ;)))

sajkhfjkdhf oh god, I mean if I had it my way, I’d have them together next episode. But I already have a theory of how it’s gonna go down and it aint that pretty. I do hope that we gradually see more and more of Clarke’s feelings. I think that’s what’s going to happen when Bellamy get’s kidnapped. I already know that she’s gonna be looking suppppper stressed (according to Tiffany). I’m praying there will be an embrace when they let him go (please god give us a hug), and I think Clarke’s gonna hold him so tight, tighter then ever before. She’s gonna get extremely protective at that point. but I don’t think Bellamy’s done risking his life. I think the acid rain scene is gonna be coming up after those episodes and I think he’s going to do it without telling her because he won’t want her to worry, and he low key knows she’d freak out. But Clarke will find out and then I think things are gonna go sour I hate to say it :/ But I think basically we’ll get some sort of confession from Bellamy, and then I think Clarke is gonna be like “I can’t do this” because she’s gonna be scared to lose another loved one. I think she’ll push him away and he’s gonna be really hurt by it. That’s all of I’ve thought up so far, I don’t think they’ll be in a relationship this season, maybe in the final part of the finale. But I do think their feelings will go canon. I think Bellamy will admit his to her, and I think Clarke’s feelings become very obvious and she’ll probably tell Abby or someone will call her out on it. Probably not what people want but :/ I think realistically 

Reading the Cursed Child

me: oh my god. they’re meeting on the train. this is perfect… oh my god. they’re hugging now. i am so here for a potter/malfoy friendship… okay, so like, i mean i guess they’re just like really close friends?… i feel like i’ve never hugged my guy friends this much… hold up… “you make me stronger.” this feels pretty gay dude… “you two- you belong together.” oh. my. god. they’re not friends, they’re fucking boyfriends. <3 i can’t wait for them to tie it up in a sweet scene in the end making it canon…wait.what’s happeni- no, wait. WAIT.



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guys all i can think about is that first kitchen scene, where even decides fuck it, i’m gonna go for it, and they almost almost almost kiss…like can you imagine the fucking overwhelming amount of emotions they were both feeling??? isak’s not entirely sober and neither is even so they’re both a little fuzzy in the head, but the closer even gets to isak, the sharper his thoughts become until all he can think is why is so close oh my god i can smell him i can feel his breath is - is he about to kiss me? what the fuck is he going to kiss me is he going to kiss me is he  - and isak’s heart is probably beating a million times an hour, and his stomach is probably flopping, and his muscles are all tense bc WHAT THE FUCK!!! and he didn’t realize how badly he wanted this till now but its happening, and oh fuck, is he ready for this?? its sort of terrifying??? and even. he’s just throwing it all out there, he’s liked this guy for so long, and he has a fucking girlfriend, and here he is just putting it out there. saying yes i like you and i want to kiss you. this is the point of no return, and you can BET his stomach is just as bad as isak’s, he’s got just as many butterflies and his heart is racing just as fast but just because he’s also scared that isak doesn’t want him back?? sort of like im gonna get closer - he’s not moving - what if he doesn’t kiss me back and i ruin my 4 year relationship for nothing? what if he doesn’t like me? what if ive been a fool this whole time? what if - but he keeps moving closer and closer and closer and its about to happen, and they’re both about to figure out what exactly their relationship is, they’re about to figure out if they’re gonna go for it or not, they’re both going to -

and then noora gets here.

all of this is packed into such a quiet, stagnant little scene and you probably dont realize how much is in there till you think about it. ahhhhh


sterek week ‘15 ≡ day five : Scene Stealer (29th October)

Derek finally finds his way with words and decides it’s time he declares his requited feelings for Stiles. (listen)
(inspired by Klaus and Caroline in the The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 finale).

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hi, I just watched 3x20 Olicity sex without BG music lol, I don’t know how many times I watch it, but after this week episode I feel it’s ok to watch few more times hahaha. So it’s only me that when I watch it,I feel like I kinda intrude lol all the moans and all that intimate stuff hahha. it’s not really an ask, but I thought I will share with you

Oh my god, it’s so intimate, anon, so intimate. I just watched it again (and again, and a few more times because why not) and it always strikes me how much I feel like I’m peeping in on someone. Which I guess I am but it really speaks to the kind of scene we got between them. I can’t believe how much we got, it feels like I’m watching something on a different network, and that they took the time to explore the intimacy and love and intensity between them

(One of my favorite moments because you know she’s straddling him and where are the dailies from this scene?!)

One thing that strikes me is that it’s so silent save for the rustling of clothes and the heavy breathing and the moans…

(god the moans like when he’s carrying her over to the bed lord save me), 

… it makes it so much more intimate. Logically I know they’re on a set and they’re filming and whatever but…

It’s also because they wanted it that way, to show how much they are focused on each other, on feeling

There’s only so much you can say and then there’s communicating everything through touch and sensation

i am undone

my soul is on fire all over again

There are over 23 million views of this video alone - 23 million views - aka a bunch of us have watched this thing literally hundreds of times.


‘We must be meant for each other.’

“You think you don’t deserve it,” Harry said softly. Malfoy’s jaw clenched, but he didn’t reply. That was answer enough. “I know what you did, I’m still here.”

Malfoy met his eyes. “Don’t pretend it doesn’t horrify you,” he said.

“I won’t pretend that,” Harry agreed. “It does, I can hardly believe you did it, and I can’t believe they let you go free just from what I said. But it doesn’t change what I said, you still didn’t have a choice. I don’t blame you for doing what you had to in order to stop them torturing your parents. That they did that, made you kill, is awful enough, but to use your family against you, that’s horrific.”

Malfoy shivered, and Harry shuffled closer. “Do you think you’re dirtying me if I get to my knees for you? If I get you off without getting off myself at the same time?”

Malfoy shuddered, but nodded. “You’re a hero, I’m a murderer.”

Harry’s heart sunk in his chest as thoughts he tried to keep buried came roaring to the surface.

“So am I,” he said softly. “You all forget, I had to kill him to end the war. He may have deserved it, but I still killed him, I took what life he had left.”

“It’s not the same!” Malfoy hissed, slapping Harry’s hands off him. “It’s nowhere near the same! I killed innocent people, I tortured them!”

“And you hated it,” Harry hissed right back. “Look at you! You’re a wreck, you’re an alcoholic. You’re using my body to forget.”

Malfoy flinched, and tried to stand up, but Harry gripped his hips and pulled him back down.

“I’ve used the Cruciatus curse,” Harry said softly. “I used it and I enjoyed it. It doesn’t work unless you really want it to, unless you really want to cause pain. I used it, and it worked. I’m not perfect. You can’t sully me, Draco. The war already did that.”

Malfoy looked back at him with wide eyes. “What are we doing?” he whispered.

Harry felt a chill pass through him, and knew exactly what he meant. They were becoming closer and closer. Harry was calling him Draco more often, it would only be so long before he started thinking of him that way too. He was taking Malfoy’s problems and trying to fix them. He was trying to help when he should be leaving it to his friends. The Slytherin was telling him things he probably shouldn’t, opening himself up for Harry in ways he probably never had before, for anyone.

For two people without feelings, there were being shockingly intimate with each other.

“I don’t know,” Harry whispered back. “I want you. I want to help you. Will you let me?”

Malfoy inhaled sharply, and his whole body seemed to tremble for a moment. Harry wasn’t even sure exactly what he was asking, what it meant or what he was signing himself up for. Still, he did want to help. He was drawn to Malfoy, he always had been, and this time was no different.

His horror over what Malfoy had done was beginning to fade as determination took its place. It was hard to think so terribly of him when he already did that himself. For him to be so uncomfortable, and think that he didn’t deserve to have someone focus on him in that way, to get him off without wanting something in return, made Harry’s heart ache.

“I might just fall in love with you,” Malfoy breathed, “if we’re not careful. No one’s ever cared like this before.”

Harry’s heart was thudding in his ears. That should horrify him. It really, really should. But it didn’t. In fact, he liked the sound of that, someone falling in love with him. Would he love him back? He didn’t think so, but then, he’d never been in love, he didn’t know what it felt like. Maybe he already was a little in love with Malfoy; why else would he forgive all that he’d done and still want to help him? Why would he still want slide between his legs and show him that he was worth something, that he deserved to be pleasured without an expectation of reciprocation?

Harry shivered and leaned up, brushing their lips together gently. Malfoy made a broken, soft sound, then his hands were slowly drifting over Harry’s face, and his mouth was opening beneath Harry’s lips.

- Clouding the Senses (AO3) excerpt because omfg this scene still gives me so many feels even though I wrote it ages ago, and @whimsicaldragonette you reminded me of it with your post earlier!

i was legit bawling throughout the whole scene oh my god it was so beautiful. alex is figuring out that she was never into men and it’s the best thing that has ever happened i’m crying over how much i identify with everything she said and feeling she was broken and it just wasn’t her thing but her problem was she wasn’t into MEN i’m. so emotional and so happy for her

I know this is supposed to convey his skin is soaked but it looks like someone just dropped a bunch of paint on him.

Also nice to see they’re keeping him on model for this scene at least.

Oh dear salty christ no.

Third time’s the charm, right?

“Alright room, I know we’ve had our differences in the past. You created a horrifying mirror world of my town in our first encounter, and then you almost swallowed my best friend and bullied me into confessing my secrets to her.” 

“Point is, I swear to god if you try to fuck me up again I’m throwing the shooting star inside this place just to see what happens.”

Well….. this just happened.

Should I brace myself? I feel like I should brace myself.

Okay, I seriously doubt this is the real Rose, mainly because this is…. way too formal of an introduction.

  • Eurus: Saved her? From what? Oh, do be sensible! There were no explosives in her little house. Why would I be so clumsy? You didn’t win. You lost. Look what you did to her. Look what you did to yourself. All those complicated little emotions, I lost count. Emotional context, Sherlock. It destroys you. Every time.
  • Sherlock: *smashes molly hooper's fake cuffin*
  • Also me: *sobbing*

The song playing when during the Maggie/Alex kiss scene is called Coming Home by Sigma, ft Rita Ora and oh my god the lyrics

Know I’ll never find it on my own
‘Cause this life ain’t leading nowhere I can go
I’m standing still with nothing in my way
Letting me go so I can find myself again

I need that
Ground beneath my feet to feel that
Ground beneath my feet
I need that
Ground beneath my feet to feel that
Ground beneath my feet
I need that

I need that home, I’m coming home, I’m coming home
'Cause this life that I’ve been living ain’t my own
Home, I’m coming home, I’m coming home
'Cause I’m tired of being out here on my own
I’m coming home, oh yeah yeah yeah

I’m coming home, oh yeah
And all of this time I’ve been living it up
And all I’ve got left is rubble and dust
Oh oh, I’m coming home

I know if I can find my own way back
There’s a life I always knew but never had
I’m tired of fighting things that I can’t change
Letting me go so I can finally find my place

somebody help me this is gay material

  • Fans of Yuri on Ice: Oh no, Victor's going to leave him, he's just using Yuuri, Victor's dying! DO YOU SEE THIS PROOF? CONSPIRACY THEORIES EVERYWHERE,As you can see by this evidence in 20:30 minutes on episode 4, This scene is foreshadowing death, can you feel it? ANGSTANGSTANGSTANGSTANSGTANSGT

I can’t help to think how Even was feeling when he sent Isak that text. And then seeing Isak realising what the text might be. I can’t help think what would have happen to Even if Isak didn’t realise what the text could have meant or if he got there to late. And re watching the scene, it is just such a relief to see it play out and then my tears start to fall again. Oh god, that scene touched me like no other scene done before and I don’t think anything will ever top that scene. It will always be something special to me from now on.

I’m really trying to squeeze every scene she’s in because I know we won’t see her in fucking ages. I just feel it.

This is the first time we see her smile. We see her lay back in her chair and sigh with relief.

And it’s because the earth will be destroyed. Something tells me YD is a very dangerous gem.




Wait… what?


Oh wow.

Holy shit.

Oh my god I get it now. I understand this episode now.

I’ve been confused until here because I thought Peridot fully intended to betray the CGs but that’s not what’s happening at all. Sure, she still believes in the diamonds but she wants them to fix this themselves.

She’s not betraying them, she just came up with a different idea to resolve this. Sure she could’ve been more specific and less vague about it but it works.

“But the diamonds are bad! They want to hollow out the Earth and destroy it with the Cluster!”

“Yes! That’s the point!”

Wow… that dialogue is a lot different now.

This is awesome.

I’ve worked with attorneys for going on four years now and I think that’s why I absolutely always feel bad for Barba’s secretary, and I imagine the little scenes where she rolls her eyes etc in the background whenever any of my attorneys say something ‘smart’. 

Can you just imagine all the shit he says where she’s like “oh god no not again with the sass I don’t get enough vacation time for this” or when a certain defense attorney comes and it’s just “oh shit I’m gonna need to drink after this one…”


oh my GOD.
and when Phichit skated alongside his friends, my heart just melted.
but wait…
he has never met seung gil in person (or so i suppose 👀) so like..? how? oh my god my poor heart couldnt take it i just wanted to McFucking Die i Love seungchuchu to death

i want both of them to skate on my grave
i was praying so hard for an interaction and i GUESS this will have to do (for now)
i feel so blessed.

One thing that I’ve kind of established in my mind about the West siblings is that Iris is suuuper sappy about loving Wally and Wally definitely loves Iris with all his heart but he tries to be more *clear throat* ‘whatever’ about it

So anyway I’d love one scene where Wally’s like “I love you” but then he immediately is like “okay now this is weird” and Iris is like “Everybody tell me you love me so Wally doesn’t feel weird!” and then you just hear the disembodied voices of all of the team being like “I love you Iris!” “Iris I love you!” And then she’s like “Now everyone say you love Wally!” And just as they start Wally’s like “Oh my god I’m leaving.”