this scene never fails to break my heart into a million pieces

Touché Finale

Genre: Hitman!au, Hitman Jungkook
Pairing: Reader/Jungkook
Length: 2.2k
A/N: AAAAAND it comes to an end! Thanks for all your lovely messages and words of encouragement, I really appreciated each and every one of them. I really didn’t expect to write a whole series for this, nonetheless 10 parts, but look at where we are. Hope you enjoyed the series my lovelies~

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We don’t talk anymore

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader / Sam Wilson x Reader

Warnings: Angstyyyyyyy

Summary: After an awful break up, both Steve and (Y/N) are ready to find love in people that are unfortunately too close to everyone. 

A/N: Not a request, I just had to. Million thanks to @thedoctorlivesthroughbooks for reading this beforehand!

“I guess this is it then…” your bottom lip trembled and bit had to tug your teeth on it to make it stop for once. “We really don’t have anything else to talk about…”

“(Y/N), no…” Steve pleaded, reaching out his hand to hold yours. “Don’t do this…” It broke his heart to think of letting you go, and the fact that you were actually taking the step tore him apart completely. He didn’t want to as much as you didn’t, but the decision was made and you didn’t want to take more time; you would have changed your mind. “Baby, I love you so much…”

“You said it yourself,” you shook your head, “we are not the same people we fell in love with… just let me go now, don’t make this harder,” you freed yourself from his grasp and turned on your heels. It was hard for you to let go of a man that had seen you fall more times than you had ever expected, and he helped you get up in each one of them.

You never looked back.

We don’t talk anymore,
We don’t talk anymore,
We don’t talk anymore like we used to do.
We don’t love anymore,
What was all of it for?
Oh, we don’t talk anymore like we used to do.

Natasha had you against the ropes, and even though it was just training, she took it very seriously. You tapped her forearm to make her let you go and panted heavily trying to get your air back in your lungs. You propped your hands on your knees and felt the judging stare of another set of eyes. You recognized the heavy steps right away as they were approaching you from behind.

Nat gave you a meaningful look and you stood straight again. She nodded at you and you turned around to see the intruder. It was Steve. You hadn’t stopped seeing him because you were too an avenger, and you weren’t willing to quit that life just because you two had broken up. You moved on from him, and he had moved on from you… with Natasha.

Things were very awkward, and you decided to run away as fast as possible from there before it got even weirder. “I’ll see you guys later,” you waved your hand and both and jogged your way to the gym doors. You shook your head trying to push Steve away from your thoughts. Truth be told, you had really, really moved on from him, just as he had done.

You weren’t sure if you hated him or something, but you just couldn’t see him in the same way. You were not friends anymore and you preferred to keep your distance around him; Nat was the jealous type and especially when she was well aware of how important you were to him.

I just heard you found the one you’ve been looking,
you’ve been looking for.
I wish I would have known that wasn’t me.

Hey Wilson, there’s a party at the Avengers’ tower. I have no date, why don’t you come with me and be a nice lad?

That was the few words you used to tell the newest avenger to join you in your solitude. As far as you were concerned, he was single too and that was very convenient. You had set your eyes on him the very first moment you two met, and he was failing at playing it cool around you, so the setting was perfect. You’d be in your best clothing and he would do the same, so why not?

Deal, but don’t call me a lad again. We’re in fucking ‘murica, get used to it.

Cause even after all this time I still wonder
why I can’t move on
Just the way you did so easily.

You and Sam held hands throughout the night, and in the moment you least expected it, he gently leaned in to kiss you. It felt amazing, it was really all you needed. You felt a bubbly and nervous giggle when his lips parted from yours, and you had to pull him again just to let him know that it was true what you felt.

“This is good,” he whispered against your lips, “this is real good,” he cupped your face and you held on to his wrists, unaware of the person who watched the scene so attentively.

Something inside Steve broke into a million pieces; his heart most probably. Even though he was with Natasha and he was admittedly very happy next to her; he couldn’t deny that he still had some strong feelings for you and you had been the most important woman in his new life.

Don’t wanna know
what kind of dress you’re wearing tonight,
if he’s holding onto you so tight,
the way I did before.

He saw how you two danced together, and how Sam held on to your waist and how you seemed to melt in his arms. You looked so different now to his eyes, it was a whole new (Y/N), but you were still the same person he had fallen in love with and that he couldn’t forget.

That night he wished he had stopped you from breaking up with him; he wished he had said something to make you change your mind, but there he was, with a broken and sinking heart, watching how you finally slipped away from him in someone else’s arms.

I overdosed,
should’ve known your love was a game
Now I can’t get you out of my brain
Oh, it’s such a shame

He shook his head and turned around to look for Nat who eagerly received him in her slim arms. Steve danced the night away with her just to try to forget about you and Sam, because he knew damn well that he couldn’t.

I just hope you’re lying next to somebody
who knows how to love you like me.
There must be a good reason that you’re gone.

You went to the bar for a well-deserved drink. You had danced with Sam almost all night and you were not used to such prowess. Your dates with Steve included watching movies and making out at home, nothing that involved that much movement. As you waited, your ex showed up to ask for a beer too. An awkward silence invaded the scene, even though the music was extremely loud.

“So… you and Sam…” he started. You turned your head to him and nodded nervously; you weren’t aware that he had seen you and you weren’t sure if you feel guilty or not. “He’s a good guy, but I didn’t know you liked him…”

“It just happened, I guess,” you shrugged. “So, how are things with Nat? She must be looking for you,” you looked around to see if she was indeed, but she was dancing with Sam; they were really good friends. “Oh, she’s dancing with Sam.”

“We haven’t talked in a while… I mean, properly.”

“I know—” you shook your head and rubbed your temples—“and I’m sorry, because we’re mates, and we’re on the same team and everything but… I just don’t know what to say…”

“It’s not your fault, (Y/N)…” he assured you, taking his hand to your shoulder and lingering just a second before he quickly pulled away. “I should man-up and say something, I’m the one who’s almost a hundred years old,” he chuckled, and you couldn’t help but to do it too. It had been so long since you two laughed together so naturally.

“I’m really glad you found Nat,” you said in an absent minded voice, “she really loves you…”

“She’s good,” he nodded, just as absent as you were.

Every now and then I think you
might want me to come show up at your door,
but I’m just too afraid that I’ll be wrong.

“Yeah, so is Sam…” you replied, “but he’s nothing like you, Steve. I love you, I still do, and I don’t think I can ever forget you. Can we please try to go back to what we were? We can find ourselves again, or we could fall with who we are now, but please don’t let this die. I can’t bear the feeling of being without you…”

The music still blasted loudly, and everything that was in your head was the sound of the words you’d never say. You saw Steve walking away as both Nat and Sam walked closer to you; the last one walked a few steps more just to wrap you in a warm embrace that could almost fix your broken heart together.

Don’t wanna know
if you’re looking into her eyes,
if she’s holding onto you so tight the way I did before.

But there they were; Steve and Nat held one another as if their lives depended on it. You cupped Sam’s face, pulling him closer to your lips. You did like him, your feelings for him were real, but so were your feelings for Steve. It was like having your heart torn into two people, two very different people.

I overdosed,
should’ve known your love was a game
Now I can’t get you out of my brain
Oh, it’s such a shame

You shook your head and looked at Sam; you could’ve sworn he had heart eyes just by looking at you. In the end, it would all get better in time, for all of you.

Cosmic Child [pt 9] (Jason Todd X Reader)


The people of Gotham, needless to say, were shocked at the sudden appearance of your vigilante persona, Stardust. You made your big debut after successfully taking down nearly twelve gang members who were attempting to kidnap a child. The streets were crowded as citizens witnessed you fight almost professionally against the heavily-armed individuals. Several civilians got caught in the crossfire due to their insistence on staying to watch; however, despite their injuries, they all went home that night feeling excited at the aspect of a new protector in their city.

After you’d gotten the hang of human life, you were persistent in joining your family’s nightly activities. You didn’t want to anxiously sit around every night waiting for them to come home; you desired to assist them in ridding Gotham City of its scum. Eventually, after Dick’d managed to train you in several martial arts, Bruce agreed to let you join them on patrols.

Everyone agreed unanimously that you were more than ready to join them; however, no one could’ve anticipated the disaster that would occur just a month after Stardust first appeared on the streets…

“Apparently there’s a break in at a small company building near by,” your partner of the night, Jason, informed you in his modified voice. “It doesn’t seem like much so we should be able to handle it on our own.” And with that, the two of you took off, ready to knock out low-lives before throwing them into prison. Oh, how you wished it were that simple.

It didn’t take either of you too much time to realise that something was amiss. The moment all the lights went out when the two of you entered the building, you had a feeling something was up. This was no robbery… it felt like a trap.

Merely after taking a step, your suspicions were confirmed as you found yourself being shot at relentlessly. While it was messy as hell, you’d managed to use your starlight to disintegrate the bullets aimed at your head before they could hurt you. You winced at the occasional stray bullet that tore your skin.

Amidst the chaos, you found yourself separated from Jason, though you could hear him nearby, seemingly holding up quite well. You’d managed to take down most of the men after you before you realised something had gone wrong on Jason’s end. You could hear a sudden increase in footsteps and then the sound of tens of gunshots going off continuously. He was being ambushed.

“Red Hood,” you spoke into your earpiece, dodging your remaining attackers as you tried to navigate your way to him. “Red-”

“I’m fine!” His voice croaked, and in the midst of the chaos on his end, you could hear his gasping. “Stay away! It’s not safe-”

“Exactly why I’m coming!” You snapped stubbornly, your voice was harsh but your heart was beating so fast you swore you couldn’t even breathe. As you ran closer to his location, you’d noticed a sudden complete silence; what was previously the sound ear-bursting sound of gunshots turned into just the tapping of your feet hitting the ground as you ran.

When you finally caught a glimpse of Jason, you found him in a terribly bad shape. He was leaning against a wall, exhausted, standing in a pool of blood. The ground was littered with guns, bullets and the bodies of his attackers. For a moment you thought everything was fine, that he was safe and that you two could go home. But as you approached closer to the scene, you saw a hidden figure emerge from the shadows, pointing a small machine gun at the love of your life.

You felt your heart drop and your blood run cold before you mindlessly leapt headfirst in between Jason and the shadowed figure. Though the starlight radiating off your hand burned the man’s face off, it failed to prevent him from pulling the trigger.

“(Y/N)!” Jason screamed bloody murder. One moment he was taking breather after fighting so bastards at once and the next, he saw you shielding him from multiple bullets with your own body. He could only watch helplessly as you fell to the ground, writhing and crying in pain.

Jason knelt beside you and applied pressure to your wound. You’d been shot several times in the abdomen, the sight of the blood flowing from your stomach made him sick.

He muttered apologies as you winced from the pain. He felt his heart break into a million pieces as tears poured down your face. It was the first time you’d ever been wounded so badly.

“J-Jason,” you whimpered, grabbing onto his arm firmly, “it- it hurts, it hu-hurts…” The way you feebly twitched and writhed from the agony made Jason’s chest ache.

“I know, baby, I know,” he said, his threat constricting painfully, before he called for immediate backup, still keeping a hand pressed firmly against your wounds. Removing his finger from his earpiece, he returned his focus to you. Your weakening grip on his arm made his blood run cold. “Stay with me, (Y/N), c'mon…”

“I think-” you choked as breathing quickly became more difficult, “I might… die…” you gasped, painfully forcing air into your lungs.

“Don’t say that!” Jason growled though he knew your prediction was possible; the amount of blood you were losing said so. But still, he was persistent. He wouldn’t let you die. He couldn’t let you die.

The man was so concentrated on trying to keep you from bleeding out, he jumped slightly when your hand reached out to touch his face. Your hand was cold as you caressed his skin, wiping away the tears he didn’t even realise were flowing heavily down his face.

“I’ve never seen… you cry like this… before,” you said weakly, “you’re… s-still so… beautiful…”

Jason felt his already broken heart break even further, even when you were on the brink of death, you still tried to comfort him. He could tell you were staring at him intensely, willing him to make eye contact with you. He gave in and tore his gaze away from his hands on your stomach. He swore that if you weren’t nearly dying, his heart would’ve skipped a beat at the way you looked at him; your gaze held such warmth and affection even in your state of suffering.

“I’ve seen… your dreams…” you choked, smiling a little. “I…” your breathing was now short and slow as your hand began to slip away from Jason’s face. He desperately grabbed onto it, his bloodstained hand pressing yours against his cheek; he felt that if he let your hand slip away then, he’d never be able to feel it again. “Tell me… J-Jason, do you… love me?”

“I do,” he was no longer trying to hold back his tears. “I love you, (Y/N), I love you more than anything…” He could feel guilt running through his veins as he repeatedly confessed his love over and over again; why couldn’t he had said this earlier? Why did he wait till now to let you know how he felt? “I’m sorry- I’m sorry I took s-so long to tell you, (Y/N)… I love you… (Y/N), my baby, I love you…”

Although you were suffering from an indescribable agony, you felt a weight being lifted off your shoulders. You could only feel happiness at the way Jason clung onto your hand and held it against his face as though it was his lifeline; the way his teary eyes looked at you; the way he called you his “baby”; the way he was still trying so hard to save you from imminent death… the way he kept saying “I love you”…

Losing all feeling in your body, you forced into one last breath of air with all your might and spoke, “I… love you, too… Jason…”


Here is some Kirishima angst for ya. I struggled a lot with writing this so please be kind to my soul. Hopefully I gave justice to the characters and let me know what you think. Credits to @ayahinas for helping me out, and @mamasaiko who fell into an earthquake (lol).


He felt a mixture of horror and sadness upon seeing his father in this state. Gone were his kind eyes who had always made him feel warm and safe – replaced by a dead sight that could see, but also probably didn’t; gone were his gentle hands whose caress made him feel better – replaced by the hands of a murderer, with claws that were strengthened by blood. Gone was his father, who had been the person he looked up to the most when he was a child, but he desperately wanted to believe that he wouldn’t become a memory once more.

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Archie Andrews - (Y/N) One Shot/Imagine
Word Count: 968
(A/N): Requests are open!

For years Archie and you had something more than friendship. Never had you two talked about it but both of you always flirted and found excuses to touch each other and be around each other. You slowly started falling more and more for the red headed boy and you thought he was too until Veronica Lodge showed up in the town of pep.

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Ever since you can remember Jughead has always hated to celebrate his birthday, but tonight would be the first night he had gotten a suprise party - Betty insisted we would throw him one. During all the planning, you still tried to persuade her otherwise but she - as well as Archie, Veronica and Kevin - didn’t change their mind for one second, so you decided to just go with it and see how it turns out.

After a incredibly failed birthday party for someone who didn’t even want to have a birthday party, you slowly started cleaning up the mess that was in the Andrews’ house. Archie had been drinken too much this evening so you decided to help your friend. Since you can remember Archie and you had been friends, Archie, Jughead and you were kind of like the Three Musketiers when you were younger. But around a year ago, you started developing feelings for the red headed boy and everyone around you - including yourself - thought he was starting to feel the same way. You were always around each other since both of you always found excuses to be, you were somehow always touching each other and the sexual tension between you when you were near each other could be felt in the whole room. 

You heard some muffled, soft voices come from the living room while you were cleaning up. Slowly, while picking some trash up, you made your way to the living room.

“Our lives are all messed up,” you heard Veronica say while you were eaves dropping on their conversation. Ever since Veronica showed up in Riverdale, Archie has acted different towards you when she was around. His attention was fully focused on her and it was like you were thin air.

Eventually you decided to stop eaves dropping and walk into the living room, but you could have decided better than to do that.

You saw Veronica and Archie locking lips. Their kiss looked like it was full of lust and longing.

While standing there still, quiet and in complete shock of the scene you were witnessing, you could feel your heart breaking. Even if it wasn’t your right to, you felt anrgy at Archie but you also felt jealous of Veronica. She was kissing the guy you wanted to kiss for approximatly a year.

After what felt like hours but only was thirty seconds, you dropped the trashcan you were gathering all the classis red party cups in. You ran out of the living room, out of Archie’s house and suddenly stopped when you were in the middle of the deserted street.

“(Y/N)!” You heard the so familiar, lovely voice of Archie yell but you just couldn’t convince yourself to walk over to him or even look at his way. Without even maybe fully knowing, he broke your heart into a million pieces and it would have been way too hard to even be around him now. But right now, you needed tob e strong. You couldn’t run away because you couldn’t let him know what a big effect he had on you.
“(Y/N),” Archie now said while you heard him walk in front of you. Standing with you in the middle of the dark street where one streetlight was still flickering.

 “Archie, I don’t even want to know,” I began to say to him while looking up from the ground but still not looking him in his beautiful eyes.
“I wish you and Veronica the very best together, I do even if doesn’t look like it.” Saying those words to the guy I was in love with, was harder than I would have ever imagined. Never did I actually thought I would wish Archie the best with someone else. The only thing I always thought was that people would wish us the best together. People, like for example Kevin, saying we needed to get a room when we were being to lovely dovey in his eyes.

 “No, (Y/N), I don’t want you saying that,” Archie began while he lifted my head up with his fingers under my chin. Now I was looking righ into his eyes, the eyes that had made me fall hard.
“All I want is you. Kissing Veronica was a mistake because the only person I want to kiss is you. Since a while ago, you have been the only thing on my mind and the only one I wanted to kiss and hold. I like you, wait no, I like you a lot, (Y/N),” Archie continued and I could feel my heart starting to beat faster with every word he said. After a while, I finally heard what I wanted to hear from him and it felt better than ever. But still I was a little pissed about him kissing Ronnie. Why did he kiss her if he liked me that much?

 “If you like me so much, Andrews, why did you kiss Ronnie?” I asked him and I could see by his reaction this wasn’t the reaction he was excepting and hoping for.

 “I don’t know why, (Y/N), all I know is that it was a mistake and I didn’t even want it,” Archie answered me honestly. To be honest, I was content that instead of making up a stupid excuse he was honest with me on that he didn’t even knew why he had kissed her.

 A little smile formed itself on my face and again Archie was suprised of my reaction. Latetly I have been suprising him a lot.

”Well, Andrews, are you ever going to kiss me or what?” I said to Archie on who now appeared a smirk.
And then, after months of wanting to kiss him, our lips finally connected and we shared the most sweet, tender kiss.

Love is Fiction

So this is over a month and a half belated, but Happy Belated Birthday to @snow-into-ash! It’s become a part of my daily schedule to talk to you, friend and I couldn’t be happier. 

Also including this in Day Seven of CS AU WEEK. Writer!Emma and Librarian!Killian(Soft M toward the end and roughly 9700 words)

“Excuse me, where can I find books written by Chuck Palahniuk?” Emma looks up from her laptop screen to see the two new main characters in her story. If she were writing in script format there’d be some stage notes like ‘Enters the beautiful heroine, long dark locks and a thin physic. Evidently beautiful, but just doesn’t know it yet.’ There’d be a spotlight on her, a bright white light casting a shadow behind her that vaguely resembles angel wings or a halo. Something that says ‘this girl is it.’

And off to the left, the gorgeous, brooding librarian who hates his job as a shelver. He would be described as ‘tall, dark and handsome’ despite being close to the same height as the heroine who is also brunette. His spotlight would have some cool gel to it, creating the ambiance that he’s so blue and melancholy. Once the two meet in center stage, the whole scene illuminates, a row of library shelves behind them.

“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever; the goal is to create something that will.” The hero is British. Big plus, these accents are doing insane things to YA sales, as if the kids could actually hear them.

“What?” The heroine misses the obvious quote. Emma rethinks putting that in her notes. She doesn’t particularly want another ditzy novel where the male protagonist is so smart and the female is just hot. Sure, she wants it to sell, but she wants to also inspire a nation. A book that will, to quote the male protagonist(and Chuck Palahniuk by extension), ‘Live forever.’

“It was a…ah, it’s all fiction and organized by Author’s last name, so row 8 should be PAA-PAW. I would say mid row, the third shelf, but I may be off a book or two.”

“Oh, you were quoting him. Great, I’m gonna use that in my report.” Annnnnd the heroine is still in high school. Time to count her out.

Emma goes back to the story at hand. She’s in the middle of writing some post-apocalyptic thriller about a group of gifted kids, similar to the x-men only everyone is human-passing, who divide up what’s left of a nation and decide to rule. It came to her after a three-day cleanse her roommate forced her to go on. You think up the craziest shit when you’re starving.

“Oh, is this book taken?” an older guy, early thirties, takes a seat instead of the book. “I love this author, have you read Catcher in the Rye?” There’s a copy of ‘Nine Stories by J.D Salinger’ on the table but she’s not reading it.

“Did I read Catcher in the Rye?” Emma gets hit on from time to time by older men. They prowl the library for women reading books they can comment on. She’s not one of those women. She doesn’t come to the library to read, she comes to write, and more importantly, to people watch.

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Interview With @danaterrace by  Fulle Circle Magazine

Storyboard Artist, Animator and Director Dana Terrace stops by Fülle Circle to discuss the race cars, lasers and aeroplanes that may or not be in her next big project (with Showrunner Matthew Youngberg and Co-Producer/Head Writer Frank Angones), Disney XD’s nostalgic return to Duckburg in a reimagining of the 1987 series, DuckTales. We also discuss Gravity Falls, her childhood obsession with cats, the appeal of Carl Barks, and her advice for aspiring animators.  

Jason Anders: Do you remember the first cartoon you fell in love with as a kid?
Dana Terrace: I had always watched cartoons as a kid, but the first thing I obsessed over was Pokémon. It was 1999, I was eight years old, and I wanted a furry friend with magical powers to beat people up for me. I watched everything else but I never missed a new Pokémon episode. I didn’t know what an animator was, but I knew “I want to do that - whatever it is.”
JA: What first influenced you to start drawing and what were your favorite things to draw?
DT: I don’t know when I started. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil. What encouraged me to continue was that every time I sat down with a marker and pad of paper the adults would leave me alone. I was an anti-social kid so when I discovered this trick I used it as much as I could.
I was big into cats. Every character was either a cat or a cat-girl in a dress being chased by ghosts and dinosaur ghosts. One of my favorite drawings from 1998 shows a cat-girl swinging by a vine over a pit of lava, and the cat is saying “this SUKS” (suks crossed out twice and rewritten in all caps).

JA: Was DuckTales a show that you were into as a kid?
DT: Nope! I never watched it until I was hired onto the show. I watched a bunch of episodes for study but had a hard time with the relationship between Webby and the triplets. It felt hateful and mean. That’s something I love about the writers on our show, they treat Webby like one of the kids and make her a joy to board! Besides that, I’ve read a lot of Carl Barks/Don Rosa comics. Those are just delightful.

I feel like I should add a caveat: Though I didn’t grow up with the original show, literally everyone else on the crew did - all of the writers, board artists, designers, directors, etc. They are very aware of keeping the “spirit” of the show intact. I just wanted to work on a show with cute animals going on adventures.

JA: Where are you from originally?
DT: I’m from New Haven County in Connecticut. Then I was in NYC for four years to go to college.
JA: Is college a path you’d encourage for those who want to pursue a career in animation?
DT: My time at School of Visual Arts was a mix of experiences. It wasn’t perfect. I made some great friends there and they had the facilities I needed to make my own short films. However, I found the program lacking in actual knowledge of how the industry works. Many of the teachers hadn’t worked in the industry for over twenty years and were very out of the loop with how things worked. Of course there were exceptions; I had some amazing animation/layout teachers and a couple of figure-drawing teachers who completely changed the way I approached drawing. But because we were so far away from LA studios it was hard for us to imagine what an active professional looked like. I learned a lot from my peers, online tutorials, and students from CalArts and Gobelins that I would talk to in forums.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from doing anything just because of my singular experience. It all comes down to the individual. Some people have amazing experiences in school, I didn’t. Art school isn’t for everyone, especially those in financial straights, but there are alternatives! There are a million online classes students can take that offer a solid animation education by current working professionals at a fraction of the cost. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to strike out on your own but it isn’t impossible. I hope students look at both options very carefully to decide what’s best for them!

JA: How did you land a job working on Gravity Falls, and what was your immediate reaction to the offer?
DT: It was strange! I hadn’t watched Gravity Falls before they contacted me and sent a storyboarding test. Someone on the crew found my Tumblr and liked my drawings enough to email me! I did the test and they immediately wanted to bring me on as a revisionist. At the same time I was waiting to hear back from Steven Universe for a position. I was leaning more towards SU, I was a fan of Rebecca Sugar ever since I saw her films at SVA, but they took too long to reply and I needed a job so I half-heartedly accepted Gravity Falls’ offer. I think it turned out alright.
JA: What is your fondest memory of working on Gravity Falls?
DT: There are so many good memories on Gravity Falls - drinking with the crew and playing Smash Bros., drunkenly playing Smash Bros. with the crew, etc.
One memory I go back to is storyboarding on “Dipper and Mabel Vs the Future.” There was a scene where Mabel is sadly looking through her scrapbook while Stan attempts to cheer her up. It was a real “father/daughter” kind of moment and, having lost my own father around Mabel’s age, I poured my heart into it. I don’t know how much of that came out in the finished animation, especially after some things were cut for time, but it was the first time I didn’t get notes from my director. If I went back I’d change a million things, but I remember being very satisfied and proud at that moment. JA: How did the opportunity of working on the new DuckTales present itself?
DT: The Line Producer for DuckTales was also LP for season two of Gravity Falls. When she heard I was looking for work in November 2015 she hit me up! I was originally offered a boarding position, but I had just finished boarding for a few projects that left a bad taste in my mouth. So I took a chance and asked if they had a director’s position open. Fortunately, they did - and even more fortunately, they were desperate enough to try me out!
JA: What do you love most about DuckTales, both the new and original show?
DT: I can’t say much about the original show, but I’m a big fan of the Carl Barks comics. What I love the most is the way he drew Scrooge and Donald. Their closed-eye designs were so cute and their smiles so appealing. Happily, we’ve integrated some of those Barks-isms into our designs.
I feel so biased talking about the show I worked on. Of course I love it! The scripts are funny, the characters have depth, and best of all Webby has an actual goddamn personality besides “girl”. She’s my favorite character to work with. I think people will appreciate what we’ve done with her.

JA: What can we expect from the new series?
DT: Same as the old; really cute animal characters going on adventures, but with a little more personality for the kids and a little more depth for every character all-around. I think people will like it!
JA: What is your all-time favorite piece of animation?
DT: If you’re talking about animation as in “which piece of pure context-less piece of art do I like”, I go back to the scene in Ghost in the Shell when Major Kusanagi’s arms are being ripped apart while trying to defeat a terrorist robot, or the marching parade in Paprika, or just the little looped GIFs made by talented friends like Jeff Liu, Spencer Wan and Toniko Pantoja.
Just for the sake of narrowing it down, my favorite animated movie is Princess Mononoke. It’s stunning, heart-breaking and otherworldly. Without fail I start crying ten minutes into the film every time. I’m awful to watch it with. JA: What inspires you?
DT: The inevitability of death! Before I die I want to make sure I put 120% into my passion.
JA: What advice would you give to artists who are just starting out and trying to get their foot in the door?
DT: I say this all the time: DRAW! Draw every goddamn day. Or write every day, if that’s your thing, and show your work to people, online and offline. Learn how to take critique and never let yourself hide behind “styles”. That’s how amateur artists stay amateurs. If you want to get into animation it will behoove you to be versatile. At the end of the day, the quality of your work is all that matters.
JA: How would you describe yourself in three words?
DT: Very. Tired. UUUGHHH.

**WARNING - This Post Actually Contains Real Proof & Canon Scenes - No Moonshine

*Requested to Repost Because There Are Now Claims That Daryl Didn’t Open Up To Carol*


We already know that in “Still” Daryl talks about his past (before the ZA) and shares a slight glimpse of his relationship with Merle - Little Brother followed Big Brother! 
In turn Beth speaks about her relationship with Maggie and reveals some idyllic dreams about how she wanted Hershel to live out the rest of his life, surrounded by family and at peace. 
Therefore Big Brother Daryl and Little Sister Beth bond is formed - adorable!

Daryl Dixon is a man of mystery, he doesn’t share his feelings, doesn’t talk about his memories too much and he doesn’t exactly have an easy time trusting other people. 
The Key aspect of his relationship with Carol was that solid foundation of trust and communication amplified by unconditional love, acceptance and freedom to be just as they are with no pressure or expectations of anything. 

There is no denying that Daryl did indeed open up to Beth and shared significant bonding moments with her BUT not only were the circumstances different, Daryl was different, Beth was different and so was their world. 

We are talking about two broken people who were forced together, who watched everything they love fall apart and who now think they are the only two left.

We have Daryl who had the only family he had ripped apart in front of him, who mere minutes before the worst happened found out that a man he considered family sent HIS Carol away, who watched a man he respected greatly beheaded in front of him by a man he gave up on finding, who is now running away by things that want to eat him alive with the teenage girl whose father he feels he failed…
When Daryl breaks down and “opens up” to Beth he doesnt do it out sheer willingness to share - not only is he under the influence of heavy duty “truth juice” but is literally prodded and pushed into breaking down and revealing himself. This wasn’t a moment he or she manufactured out of closeness or because the time was right - this was raw anger and grief strangling a man who felt responsible for losing everything good all of them had built, a man who was now literally lost…without a purpose, without something or someone to tether to. 

Beth needed Daryl to survive and in turn he needed her to survive as well - nobody makes it alone! Beth knew that catatonic, unemotional Daryl is not the Daryl she knew, the man she trusted, the man they all depended on…she needed to get him talking so he could connect with her.

The moonshine helped things along quite nicely!

After his cathartic breakdown some memories were shared, some not-so-profound revelations were made and Daryl and Beth started on a journey where they knew a little more about each other and understood each other a little more than they did back at the prison.

However meaningful the connections Beth and Daryl forged in the wilderness simply cannot be compared to CARYL because the kind of bond shared between Daryl and Carol is a completely different in nature, strength, depth and longevity.

Insinuations that Daryl had opened up to Beth more than he did to Carol OR let’s take it another degree of lunacy here and say he never opened up to Carol at all; are claims that have absolutely no basis and honestly what it comes down to is individuals supporting such statements either haven’t watched TWD in full, watched only “Still & Alone” or are simply in denial. I don’t get it!

Fortunately 4 seasons of TWD have given us plenty of CANON SCENE examples to help knock down such ridiculousness and essentially prove that Carol likely already knows everything Daryl said to Beth and has a lot more of Dixon secrets up her sleeve.

Scene #1 Suicide King

In season 3 Daryl and Merle are reunited in Woodberry and escape together only to be told by Rick & co. that Merle was not welcome back at the prison, which essentially forces Daryl to make a very unfair choice. Seeing how he was backed into a corner Daryl couldn’t abandon his brother again so he chooses to go off with him. 
Upon returning to the prison Rick tells Carol that Daryl left and her heart breaks into a million pieces. 
Carol being who she is manages to put away her pain and dedicates herself to taking care of Judith and teaching Beth the ins-and-outs of surrogate motherhood.

Beth is angry at Daryl for abandoning the group because it makes them “weaker” BUT Carol acknowledges his reason for going with Merle and essentially “understands” just as Daryl predicted she would.

Beth - “I am pissed at him for leaving…Merle sounds like a jerk!”
Carol - “…Men like Merle get under your skin, make you feel like you deserve the abuse…”

*This scene makes it very clear that Daryl had already shared intimate details about his relationship with Merle and so much so that she understands perfectly why he felt he had to leave with him. Even in her own heartbreak she defends him because she knows him on a deeper level and that’s not the kind of thing that comes from a single conversation.

Carol and Daryl have obviously talked…and he had opened up to her which is why she not only gets him, she doesn’t judge him, she doesn’t blame anyone for the end result and even goes as far as to uplift him in Beth’s eyes too - “Daryl has his code and the world needs Men like that”!

Scene #2 I Ain’t a Judas

Daryl and Merle came back to the prison after their brief adventure in the woods and are more or less welcomed at the prison. 
Carol of course goes to his cell to welcome him back (puts her pain aside again);

Carol - “Just wanted to tell I am glad you are back…”
Daryl - “To all this?”
Carol -“This is our home”
Daryl - “This is a tomb”
Carol - “That’s what T-Dog called it, I thought he was right..until you found me!
Daryl (cue adorable smile)
Carol - “He’s your brother but he”s not good for you! Don’t let him bring you down - after all look how far you’ve come”
*Cue both genuinely laughing*

*That conversation shows right away that Carol already knows about Daryl’s past and is also very well aware of the kind of influence Merle can have on his personality. 

If she knew only brief details or assumptions about the brothers dynamic this conversation would have resulted in either Daryl withdrawing from her or him stomping off in anger to get away. Nobody else would have dared to even bring up something like this but this was HIS Carol - she knew exactly what to say and how to say it in order to get through to him.

In just a few sentences Carol welcomed him home back to HER, reminded him that he became his own man without Merle around, reminded him that his influence could be a slippery slope, AND most importantly reminded him that she was proud of him and that he belonged now. 
This level of understanding and innate knowledge of what a man like Daryl needed to hear during a volatile emotional situation they were all wading through, couldn’t have been created with a quick talk or things Carol overheard or put-together on her own.

Nope - Carol and Daryl talked about Merle and most likely Ed too and at length for sure!

Scene #3 I Ain’t a Judas

This is probably one of my favourite CARYL scenes and I really wish they would have used it in the show BUT even though it’s a deleted scene almost every TWD fan is aware of its genius
I am off course referring to the “Don”t Underestimate” dialogue between Carol and Merle (Daryl in the background), taking place after they return together and Carol notices the older Dixon’s attempts to charm his way into acceptance within the group.

Carol - “Don’t underestimate me”
Merle - “Excuse me”
Carol - “I’ve seen you making the rounds, trying to make nice but if you mess this up for Daryl I’ll slice your throat while you sleep”
Merle - *speechless*
Carol - “Enjoy your dinner!” (Sweet smile) 
Merle - Instant CARYL shipper

*Now this scene makes it clear that not only does Carol have dirt on Merle BUT she also understands the brothers relationship so much so that she knows exactly what kind of crap and manipulation he might try to pull to bring Daryl back to his level and under his thumb. Carol has a very strong bond with Daryl, she has witnessed the transformation he’s gone through and she knows exactly what to do and say to Merle Dixon to set him straight. 

Since she didn’t exactly hang out with Merle before, the only way she would have gotten that kind of information is through Daryl himself and a character like Merle probably required a LOT of conversation. 
It was obviously worth it because Merle never underestimated her and was most likely the most observant CARYL shipper after that day”

All of these conversations came from TWD Season 3 long before Beth even had any significant interaction with Daryl Dixon!
Daryl might have shared a few bad memories with Beth in that cabin but he bared his soul and his heart with Carol a long time ago!

Personally I am glad there was a bond forged between Daryl and Beth and even though the dynamic between the two of them when they are all in the group again is yet to be seen I am sure that their experience in the wilderness will keep them closer than they were before. 

I fully acknowledge that Daryl and Beth now have a connection BUT I do not and will not acknowledge statements that are made to debase an existing relationship between two people just because you want to add meaning and depth to the one you support.

Carol and Daryl shared of themselves since almost the very beginning of the series and they connected because they wanted to, they chose each other’s company, they were integral factors in both of their support systems, they cared deeply for one another, they were there for each other through loss and tragedy, they fought for one another and the show has acknowledged their bond repeatedly as “something”.

And frankly they didn’t need to be thrust alone together in the middle of nowhere, reeling from grief and drunk on moonshine and pain to start speaking to one another

At the end of the day what the fandom and the ney-sayers need to accept is that Beth & Daryl can be Beth & Daryl without killing or debasing CARYL and Carol herself.


Imagine #6- Forever and Always

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Plot: Set towards the end of Season 3 and start of 4, this is set in four sections. You find out Dean made a deal, midnight strikes, a miracle happens, and a promise is made.

Word Count: 2, 711. I got a little carried away.

Warnings?: Grief. Loss. Death. Distress. Little bit of blood, nothing graphic.

Notes: Thanks again for the surge in notes and activity. It honestly means so much to see people actively and actually liking this, it makes me all fizzy inside:D

What?”  Your heart leaps into your throat, and the world around you turns hazy. Everything is blurred- apart from him.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I really am. But I did what I had to do.” His voice is hardly a whisper. You barely hear him.

“How…how long left?” The deal with the crossroad demon was bad enough. Then a shorter time than usual? What the hell does that mean?

“I got a year.” He replies.

Sam was ‘brought back’ nearly a year ago. In fact, there’s only a week until the date comes again.

“A-A year?” You manage to choke out. “But that’s-“ You can feel the warm, wet tears flowing down your face. You can’t lose him. Not now.

“Just a week away. I know.” He says, reaching out to you. His hand comes to rest on your shoulder. “I had to save Sammy.”

“But…but you can’t go!” You whisper. The pain is spreading, like a chain being wrapped around your heart and yanked tighter with each passing second. “I need you.”

“I’m so sorry. I had to. It’s my job.” He murmurs, pulling you into his lap.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You bury your head in his shoulder, breathing in his familiar scent. The scent that’s going to be gone in a week.

“I wanted to. Well, I didn’t. But I just couldn’t. I’d get as far as saying your name and my mouth stopped working.” Dean whispers, his hand rubbing your back. It’s supposed to be comforting but all that you can think about is that fact that he’s going to be gone and not just Gone but to Hell, too. He doesn’t deserve that. Nobody does. But he’s going and all because he saved his brother. He did something good and he’s paying the price, the price that’s too high, too harsh.

You don’t reply, just try to hold back the tears and sobs and screams that you want to let out because it’s all so unfair.

“Hey, hey. Listen, Y/N. I need your help.” He pulls away, holding your face tenderly in his hands. You attempt a smile.

“What can I do?”

“I need you to look after Sammy for me.” He says, “I need you to stay sane, I need you to keep doing what you do. I’m not saying forget, but please, for my sake, keep yourself together.”

“How am I supposed to do that without you?” You whisper as he wipes tears from your face.

“Duck tape?” He suggests, a grin reminiscent of happier times flickering over his face. You can’t help but smile at his lame attempt at lightening the mood.

“I’ll try.” You promise, taking his hand and wrapping your pinky finger around his. He smiles.

“That’s all I can ask.”

“You’re at least trying to get out of it, right?” You ask. “You have to try.”

“We’re trying. It’s just been hard hide it from you. But I promise we’re trying.” He nods, his pinky tightening around yours. You nod. It still hurts but now there’s that tiny sliver of hope bubbling in your chest, suggesting that this might be okay. We can do this.

Now I know why you keep turning Highway to Hell off.” You say, trying to tell him that you’re okay, and he gives a small laugh in return.


It failed. Lilith is gone. There’s less than a minute to midnight and all hope is gone. You can hardly breathe, your hand tightly closed around Dean’s. He’s gripping yours with as much fervor. You’re all looking at each other with total shock and loss and blind panic. Everything is hazy again. You fight it, not wanting to ruin this.

Not that it could get much worse.

Suddenly, you’ve thrown your arms around his neck. His own encircle your waist tightly, and you stand on tiptoe, never wanting to let go.

You realise he’s whispering in your ear, the same words again and again, “I love you. We’ll be okay.” Like a mantra. He’s telling himself that, too. You stay in that position, faces buried in each other’s shoulders. Your eyes burn with tears and you don’t want to let go. But then…

The clock starts making noise, signaling midnight. Your stomach twists into a violent knot that a Boy Scout should be proud of. You both pull away, looking at each other in shock. Sam is watching, hands pressed to his face. You stare at each other, until Dean’s eyes flick to a position behind you, wide with terror. You jump, knowing what it means. Hellhounds.

His lips press to yours, almost violently. “I love you. You’ll be okay.” He says.

The simple change of wording rips your heart in half as he pushes you out of the way. “Don’t watch, Y/N.” He demands, his voice ragged and panicked. You stumble over to Sam, who puts a hand on your shoulder. You cover your eyes with your hands, not wanting to see the cause of the yelling. Sam’s yelling too, yelling at the beast to stop, for Dean to stop, for time to stop, for the world to stop spinning.

Temptation takes over as the sounds quiet down, and you peek through a gap in your fingers. A noise like a sob comes from your mouth, an awful, pain-ridden, strangled sound.

You’ve seen things no human should ever see. You’ve killed those things. You’ve looked at their mutilated victims. You’ve lost family and you’ve lost friends, you’ve lost so much and you’ve felt so much pain. You’ve been attacked physically, you’ve hallucinated scenarios like this, you’ve dreamt it, but nothing could ever simulate the pain you feel. You sink to your knees.

So much blood. So much. His chest, covered in it. Legs, arms.

His face is peaceful though, despite the blood spattering it’s received.

 You can’t breathe, you can’t think, the pain is so much that you want to crawl over next to him and die too, you want to lose everything, you want to leave and stop this ripping sensation in your heart and mind, you can’t deal with it any more you can’t you can’t you can’t.

But you have to. This time, there’s no waking up, there’s no going back to a year ago and finding Sam sooner and saving him and stopping Dean from making this stupid awful horrible deal.

His words from a mere week ago drift into your mind.

Keep yourself together. Look after Sammy.

Sam. Your head snaps up, eyes searching for the younger Winchester brother. He’s lost as much as you have. Maybe more.

He’s knelt beside you, sobbing. You shuffle over to him, your head flying and pounding. Your arm goes around his shoulders and he turns to you, eyes pouring. You hold him close, letting him sob into your shoulder.

You’re quickly numbing, feeling less and less as the minutes pass. You hold onto Sam for dear life, grief coming over you in dimming waves. Slowly, the pair of you recover. You stand up, helping each other. He’s almost all you have, and vice versa. You just lost maybe the most important person in your lives and you’ll be damned if you’re going to let him go. Suddenly, he pauses.

“Shouldn’t we do something about…?” He asks quietly, his voice sounding like it’s been cracked in half. Your stomach twists again.

“I’ll call Bobby. Let’s wait outside.” You say this because you feel like looking at the scene for another moment will cause you to break into a million pieces.


The bed is uncomfortable, the mattress bumpy. You find yourself not giving a damn. The last four months clock in at the worst of your life, each day more unbearable then the last. The world has gone from stunning technicolour to shades of grey.

Sam’s gone to eat, you weren’t hungry. You rarely are, only eating when starving or forced.

Then, suddenly, your phone rings. You roll over, picking it up. Bobby. The screen reads. Probably checking on Sam again.

You mentally debate not answering, but eventually press the green button and hold it to your ear.

“What do you want, Bobby?” You sigh. You feel bad, but you can’t find it in yourself to rectify it.

“Look, Y/N. Where’s Sam?” He sounds vaguely panicked.

“Eatin’.” You say, “Why?”

“You’re with him?”

“Not at his side, but he’s only over the road. You know we stay together. What’s happened?”

“Uh…things. We- we need your, uh, help.”

“Who’s we?” Silence, for a long time. “Bobby?”

“You wouldn’t believe me. Just get ya ass over here?”

“Fine. Gimme an hour.”

“Done.” He hangs up.

You push yourself into a sitting position, swinging your legs from the bed. You pack up the few things you both brought into the room; you go outside and drop them into the trunk of the Impala. Your heart twists when you see the box of Dean’s belongings, and you slam the trunk shut.

Going into the diner, your eyes find Sam quickly. “Hey, Sam. We need to get out of here.”

“Why?” He asks, pushing his empty plate away.

“Bobby needs us. He won’t say why.”

He frowns, but nods. “Okay…? Let’s go.”

You’ve had a few tense car rides in your past. From watching the boys argue to carrying Dean’s body to the small gravesite, you know what one is. But this, this one definitely takes the metaphorical biscuit.

When you’re almost there, your phone rings, the shrill tone causing you both to jump.

“Bobby again.” You say, lifting the phone to the side of your head. “We’re almost there, okay? Ten minutes max.”

“You better be. I said urgent.”

“I said we’d be there, alright? See you soon.”

“Bye, Y/N.”

You put the phone down, “Huh.” You mumble. “I actually got a goodbye this time.”

Sam gives a small chuckle. He doesn’t laugh or smile much these days.

Before long, you’re pulling up amongst the wrecks of old bangers. You open the door without knocking, a gun at your waist and knife in your little messenger bag.

“Bobby?” Sam calls, walking in ahead of you. There’s a small scuffle from the kitchen before Bobby emerges, looking a little excited, yet a grim expression overlays the excitement ominously. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Well, there might be an issue, but…” Then, a figure comes out of the kitchen. A male figure. A horribly, painfully familiar figure.


Sam’s reaction is instant, angry. In fact, he pulls a knife, lunging at ‘Dean.’ You don’t know what to think. You want it to be true, but how can it be?

You realise you’re wearing his jacket, the leather jacket that still carries his scent. It’s huge on you, but it’s too comforting to let go. You wanted Sam to have it, saying that it was his father’s, then his brother’s, then surely it should be his. However, he was having none of it, forcing you to keep it. He kept Dean’s amulet, a gift from Sam when they were young.

Everyone’s yelling, Sam’s accusing ‘Dean’, who is accusing Sam, who is being held back by Bobby, who’s desperately trying to calm both guys down.

“It’s him. It’s him. I’ve been through this already, it’s really him.” Bobby insists, and suddenly, there’s silence. The knife falls to the wooden floor with a clatter, and the brothers hug tightly. A tear falls down your face as they embrace, the smile spreading across your face. The first real smile in what feels like forever.

They remain that way for a long time, maybe seconds, maybe minutes, possibly hours. You don’t know and you don’t care. They slowly pull apart, and Dean’s eyes land on you. You see him mouth your name, the movement of his lips miniscule but there.

Every emotion you’ve ever felt wells up inside you, amplifying and growing as he comes closer and closer. With each step, you feel your heart become lighter.

Then his arms are around you, grabbing on tight, so tight you can’t breathe but you don’t give a damn, your arms go around him and you bury your face in his chest, your eyes closed. You revel in the feeling, barely able to comprehend the situation.

“I love you so much.” You hear him whisper into your hair, and you want to reply but you can’t speak, so you hold him tighter. He pulls away, and you’re momentarily disappointed, but then his lips are on yours, a kiss full of passion and love and life.

His lips are chapped to hell, you realise. Your hands hold his face and his rest on your back. You’ve missed this, so much. When you pull away for air, he stays bent down to rest his nose and forehead against yours.

“Jesus.” You mumble, looking into his eyes.

“Almost. Guess again.” He grins, making you giggle. He moves away from you, looking up and down. His eyes linger on your face. “That thing is huge on you.”

“I’d noticed. You can have it back.” You say, shrugging it off. Underneath, you’re wearing a simple black t-shirt. He takes your wrist in his hand, frowning.

“Duck tape?” He asks, a smile on his face. You started keeping a length of it stuck around your wrist the day after he died, reminiscent of his words about holding yourself together. It was a simple reminder, a little something to keep you on the straight and narrow when you felt like losing it. “To keep you together.” He mumbles, finding the end of the tape.

“Can I?”

“Of course.” He gently pulls it from around your wrist, before accepting his jacket back.

“You’ve lost weight.” He remarks, “Are you okay?”

“I was just sad.” You shrug, wrapping your arms around him again. “I’m fine now though.”

“You’d better be. Bobby, you got any pie?”

“Pie?” He asks, “You come back from the dead and you want pie?”

“Well I don’t want cake.” He says, turning to Sam as Bobby walks away to find some pie.

“So, what did you do?” He asks.

“What do you mean?” Sam asks, a frown crossing over the elation in his features.

“To bring me back. What did it cost?” His features harden and his arm tightens around your waist.

“I didn’t sell anything!” Sam says earnestly, “I tried, but they wouldn’t.”

“Don’t lie to me.” His voice sounds threatening.

“I didn’t!”

“Well how the hell am I here? Was it you?” He turns to you, concerned.

“No!” You say instantly, your hand over your heart, “I promise.”

“How am I here?” He asks.

“We don’t know.” Bobby re-enters the room, “No pie.”

“Dammit.” Dean looks at you hopefully, and you laugh.

“Alright. I’ll get you some damn pie.”

“Thank you, Y/N!” He grins like a child, kissing you quickly. You turn away reluctantly, and pause at the door.

“I’ll be right back, Dean.” You smile, not wanting to leave him.


“I love you.” He whispers, pulling you close. Your head rests on his bare chest, your fingers tracing patterns over the amazingly unmarked skin. His larger hand slips beneath your shirt, resting on the soft, bare skin of your back.

“I love you too.” You reply, in a haze of happiness and disbelief. The world is gone, the demons are gone, only he and you remain.

“I know…I know I’ve been gone a while. It feels like nothing. But I’ve still missed you.”

“I’ve missed you, too. So much.” Your fingers travel up to his jaw as you reach up and kiss him. “I’m so glad I get to see you again. And not just in a dream.”

He pauses for a while, “Hey, Y/N.”


“Thank you so much. For staying with Sammy.”

“I needed him too; being alone would have driven me to madness.”

“I know, it just…he would’ve gone totally nuts. Rage driven revenge isn’t good for a person, and it seems you stopped him.”

“Maybe I did. Maybe he stopped me. I don’t know, and now I don’t have to worry about it.”

“Y/N. Get some sleep, okay? It’s been a long-ass day.”

“Don’t I know it.” You say, closing your eyes. “Promise you’ll stay?”

“Forever and always.” He murmurs, pulling you closer to him.

Day 7: The End

The time had come.

There was nothing to be done about the book. It was tied to Zeref in a way that not even he could break if he wanted. If Zeref died, so would Natsu.

That was something Lucy would not allow.

She’d wanted to curse and scream when finding out the news. This was not how the war was supposed to go. They were supposed to win. Everyone was supposed to make it out alive. That was the power of Fairy Tail. The hope and belief in each other was what got them through all their fights. No one would die, and life would go on.

That wasn’t the case anymore.

Grandpa Crux had reluctantly given her an answer to their problem by order of the Celestial King. A Celestial Mage with all twelve zodiac keys could use the collective power of the zodiac to seal away their target. The target would disappear into the celestial world, trapped for all eternity. The only way to free them was if the Celestial King did it himself.

Like all powerful spells, this one came with a price.

The caster would become the guard that kept watch over the prison. They’d become a spirit, their body the price to pay for the spell. The spirit would be stuck in the prison, energy forever going into powering the spell. It was a forbidden spell, one only used when the caster was prepared to die to seal away evil.

Even though Lucy no longer had Aquarius’ key, she was told the spell could still be cast, because she still had Aquarius’ power. Yukino had tried to volunteer to cast the spell, but they both knew only Lucy had the energy required to cast the spell. Grandpa Crux had confirmed that Yukino would not be able to cast the spell properly, even at full strength.

With a heavy heart, Yukino had given Lucy her two zodiac keys.

Master hated the idea, had outright refused to let her do it. His outraged yelling had drawn everyone into the conversation. They’d all vowed to keep fighting, but even the First Master knew this was the only way. Both Zeref and Achnologia had proved impossible to kill. Natsu had been their only hope. He was once again in the infirmary, having taken a hit from Achnologia meant to get him out of the fight. With both fighting each other, now was the perfect time to strike at them.

She’d already given Grandpa Crux the book of E.N.D. for safe keeping. It was too risky to keep in Earthland. She wished she’d been able to say bye to Natsu, but he was in a healing sleep. She’d written him a letter instead, conveying all her love and sorrow. Leaving him was probably the hardest thing she’d ever do. She was prepared for death, not eternity without him.

Everyone was silent as she made her way to the front of the guild. No words were said. She’d be casting the spell in front of the guild. No one wanted Zeref and Achnologia to realize what was going on until it was too late to do anything about it.

Gathering her strength, Lucy tossed all eleven zodiac keys in the air. They formed a circle, shining brightly as her power formed the bridge. Without hesitating, she yelled, “Zodiac Summons!”

One by one, the Zodiac appeared before her. Her spirits were openly crying, even Virgo’s normal unchanging expression was one of sadness. She smiled sadly, nodding for them to focus their power on her.

Loke’s eyes were full of fury as their gaze’s met. It gave her the strength she needed to close her eyes, and start the chant:

Ego ordinatorem siderum

Sunt praecipio stellae

Ego stellae

Aperi carcerem

Malum hoc nobis signum

Quae non possunt resignarunt

Pretium me

Et custodiam carceris

Ut malum non senibusque fessis rursus

Zodiaco lucet in te virtutem meam:

Stella Carcere

Her eyes flew open, gaze focused on the stars. Power exploded from her, engulfing the area in golden light. It expanded at a rapid rate, zeroing in on its target. The Zodiac flew with the light, sadness and fury driving their actions.

Zeref and Achnologia had stopped fighting as soon as the golden light had encased them in a barrier. The Zodiac surrounded them, shining with power as they formed a circle. Comprehension dawned on them, both wondering who had made such a sacrifice.

Achnologia threw power at the barrier to no avail. There was no escaping. Zeref just stood their calmly, already feeling the pull of sleep.

Lucy could feel the end coming. It started in her heart, and traveled through the rest of her body. Her body began to crack, the price finally being paid to make sure two evil men never roamed Earthland again.

Her memory flashed back to when she first met Natsu. Him saving her from the slaver, and then bringing her to Fairy Tail. Their very first mission together. Their first S-Class mission. All the happy memories went through her mind as her body broke apart. Her time was up.

I love you, Natsu.

Makarov’s POV

He watched the scene with a heavy heart. His child was chanting a forbidden spell, a spell that would steal her life. His heart broke into a million pieces. She was too young to make this kind of sacrifice. He never thought the Light of Fairy Tail would make the ultimate sacrifice to end the war, to save them all.

He’d failed her after all.

Everyone was crying, there were no dry eyes in the Guild. All gazes were on her breaking form. Her eyes were glued to the stars, a peaceful expression on her cracking face. In the distance, he could see Zeref and Achnologia trapped by the Zodiac. Light was pouring down from the heavens. It would be over soon.

Slowly, Laxus lifted his finger in the air. He was soon followed by Freed, Bickslow, and Evergreen. One by one, his children lifted their hands, Fairy Tail’s support going out to their Light. Sabertooth joined in, Rogue holding Yukino’s shaking form to his chest. Mermaid Heel and Lamia Scale were next. Blue Pegasus, and Crime Sorciere were the last to join.

Lucy’s body shattered, bringing an anguished cry from Erza. She fell to her knees, Jellal holding onto her. Bright light blinded them for a moment.

When everyone could see, they were gone. The Zodiac keys floated to Yukino, the latter also falling to her knees with the force of her sobs. The First Master slowly walked to the infirmary, her steps heavy. Lucy’s death would have woken her mate from his healing induced sleep, such was a dragon’s bond with his mate.

The war was over.

It was done.

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On feeling inadequate: The Dean, Cas and Mary edition.

What an amazing episode today’s was. I loved the old-fashioned mystery horror feel of the case, but the complex emotions it invoked overpowered it. It was painful seeing all of their hearts break in individual ways but I’m glad it is being addressed.

Mary: At the start we see Mary reading John’s journal. She’s clearly upset by it for multiple reasons— the journal is a symbol of how much time has passed. How much her boys have changed. How much HER John had changed. How much she ‘doesn’t belong’. Yet when she asks Cas, he says (gif credit to @sunlitcas)

She’s surprised for a second. And then she smiles, but it’s pretty sad. Look at it from Mary’s point of view. She is unaware of all of Cas’s issues, but one thing is clear to her. Dean trusts him, he’s clearly affectionate with him, he lets him stay in the bunker and YET Cas doesn’t feel he belongs. So realistically, what chance does she have of ever belonging?

Throughout the episode, Mary is struggling. In heaven she still had two little kids to take care of, a place and family she belonged to. And now, she’s almost useless. They don’t need her. They’re sweet and kind and polite but they’re essentially strangers. She had to be saved twice by them (and she certainly was a very capable hunter before) so this adds to her feeling of inadequacy.

I respect the decision she made at the end. I’m glad that she was open and honest with both of them and her pain was palpable. She needs time to just be her own person and find her own feet, away from Dean and Sam. And when they’re ready, they can try to be a family again.

Cas: Oh boy, Cas. I’m glad to see his issues didn’t just magically disappear. I loved the fact that he tried to console Mary by telling her what she needed. The irony is that both of them feel the other is more important. Mary thinks that Cas is more important to her boys because he knows them better and is more ‘useful’ and Cas thinks Mary is more important to them because she is actually family.

The fact that he was wandering in the middle of the night (instead of researching/watching TV) rings a few alarm bells about his mental state. He stuck around till Sam was safe but he’s unwilling to stay for longer because he has never felt welcome in the bunker. The conversation with Mary probably made him feel worse than ever.

Even his conversation was short (refusing Dean’s offer of coffee) because he’s feeling so guilty and unhappy about always failing the people he loves. He think his worth to the Winchesters lie only in how useful he is (and to be fair they made him feel that way many, many times) One conversation by Dean is not going to undo all that damage. I guess he would have taken Dean’s offer of help IF Mary wasn’t feeling like crap too. But now that he knows Mary is unhappy, he’s trying to make them stay with her so she will feel better.

This line made me pause the video and cry for ten minutes. (gif credit to @constiellation)

Poor Cas, trying so hard to be like Sam and Dean. Cas hates Crowley, but he can’t help himself from asking him for what is clearly reassurance. He clearly admires the Winchesters and wants to learn to hunt and gather information so he’s not a burden to them and that is just so heartrendingly sad.    

Dean: I felt the most for Dean in this episode. I mean, just last episode he was drinking and almost crying in the bunker kitchen so I assume he stayed up till Cas came home. And then had sex with him fell asleep. He’s clearly happy in the morning, based on the fact that he made breakfast and set out a plate for Cas (the bacon was clearly for him, not Mary) Dean is a nurturer. He cooks for the people he loves. He was clearly expecting to have a nice breakfast with his family but Cas blows him off quite rudely. (gif credit to @yourfavoritedirector and @sunlitcas)

There’s quite a bit of shock and hurt in Dean’s eyes but he quickly recovers because this is a dance that they always do. Dean thinks that Cas always keeps leaving him because he has ‘better things to do’ and Cas always feels like he needs to leave he feels Dean doesn’t want him. This scene also reminded me of 8.08 where Dean’s all excited about Cas being with him and hunting by his side and even offers shotgun but… It didn’t happen.

Sam got what Cas was trying to say, but Dean’s busy in denial-town. Throughout the episode he has his head buried in the sand, doing his usual hearty ‘everything’s fine all fine I don’t care at all lalalalalala’ routine.

In the graveyard scene, Dean’s lines are telling.

“She’s still working on the kinks. We’re ALL still working on the kinks.”- Translation: I don’t want to talk about this, Cas is going to come back as soon as the Lucifer thing finishes and I WILL HAVE MY FAMILY TOGETHER UNDER ONE ROOF. 

He doesn’t want to deal with Mary’s emotional issues right now. He’s like a child who doesn’t want to see something bad is happening. He’s hoping if he shuts his eyes hard enough it’ll all go away. He’s not upset about Mary here, he’s upset about Cas.  

The ending though, is where you can see Dean’s heart break into a million pieces. (gif credit to @yourfavoritedirector

Mary unknowingly uses the SAME LINES Cas said while leaving (coincidence? I think not) We all know that Dean has abandonment issues a mile long— every time he tries, he gets his heart stomped on. And knowing Dean, he’s not angry with Mary or being a spoiled brat, he’s blaming himself. He’s been trying (cooking for Cas and Mary, buying Mary those snacks, letting her hunt) so hard but nothing’s working. He offered apologies for his behavior to Cas (in 11x23) and Mary (in this episode) but both of them left anyway. They didn’t leave because of HIM, but look at it from his point of view— no one wants him.

Dean, Mary and Cas— all three of them hurting. I’m devastated to see their pain yet also happy to see some acknowledgement. I want all three of them to heal at least a little this season and be a family again. They need each other.

Apology (one shot)





GENRE:romance, angst

FIC SUMMARY: Tom’s girlfriend finds out from tabloids that he had cheated. Can Tom make things right again?

RATING: T (just to be sure)

4 days ago I discovered several articles on the internet titled ‘Tom and girlfriend Jolene Stailman share passionate kiss after date’. My heart sank immediately as, last time I checked, I was Tom’s girlfriend of 5 months and he was in LA shooting his new movie, not making local conquests. But the pictures attached to the articles didn’t lie. They showed Tom and a tall blonde locking lips in front of what seemed to be a hotel. My pulse stopped for a few seconds before galloping again at 150 beats per minute, my mind refusing to acknowledge what was going on. I texted Tom the link not a minute later, accompanied by a single word: “why?”. I tried not to freak out. I was sure there had to some kind of logical explanation, a misunderstanding, but when his response failed to come in the next two hours, that’s when it all caved in. There’s no way he was still working or already sleeping at that hour, and the text surely reached him (I had the delivery notification to vouch for that). There was only one reason for him avoiding me: it was true…

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this is not a post in defense of leopold fitz. this is a post about leopold fitz, and being an asshole, and bravery, and friendship, and love, written by someone to whom leopold fitz is very important, and who watched that scene last night and thought holy shit that is the exact kind of asshole i would be in that situation. a few notes before i really start:

1) i don’t do straight meta very often. when i want to talk about something in long form, i usually write fic, and in fact i have written fic that deals with this theme somewhat with the we could be heroes trilogy. but i don’t have the time or energy to work this into new fic in the sort of time frame i would want to do it, so i’m just going to give it my best shot.

2) this story line blows. i think i’ve been rather vocal in my feelings about this. it’s like the writers decided that in order to have other story lines progress, they had to stick fitzsimmons in some sort of hideous time loop. they’re really only a half step up from cutting and pasting the same lines from script to script at this point. that’s part of why the scene last night sucked so much; it was all the shit that had already happened in the past like 10 episodes, but dialed up to eleven

that being said, i’ve seen a couple different posts today talking about how the fitzsimmons scene last night was detrimental to fitz’s character, or even out of character. and i’d just like to say, once again stating how important leopold fitz is to me and how much i identify with him, that fitz was a complete asshole there, and he was also almost totally in-character (ok, with the exception of the last line there. that was either poorly worded by fitz in order to demonstrate that fitz is bad at talking about things with real people words, or was lazily worded by the writers because they honestly don’t care much about this story line right now. it was just a little too cruel for me to believe it’s something fitz would actually say to jemma, even fueled by sadness and anger and hurt and this sense of betrayal he’s feeling. it was a little too heavy handed), and it’s in-character because of one simple fact: the thing that leopold fitz cares about the most is being brave.

now, this is where someone (probably more than one someone) goes ‘but zoe awkwardspiritanimals, what about loyalty? isn’t that what we’re supposed to think of when we think of fitz, who risked infection with an alien virus, who shot a man for may, who stuck with ward until almost literally the last possible second?’ and the answer to that is yes, that is what we’re supposed to think about. but this post is about something different.

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TVD 5x22: “Home”- Random Thoughts Of The Week

This week was the week: the one where the Bullshit Diaries said goodbye to us after what turned out to be the worst season (so far), for the second year in a row. Nope, I don’t even wanna think about next season yet. Let’s enjoy our freedom first: a summer without Julie Plec and Caroline Dries.

But before we do that, let’s see what happened in the season finale of the TVD.

  • Stefan is dead, but his hair remains perfect. Magical.

  • Caroline cries…an unicorn dies somewhere.

  • Damon and Elena barely giving a fuck about Stefan’s death. How surprising. Not.

  • LEXIIIIIIIIII. THAT is a face that I’m glad to see back on my screen. She always had Stefan’s back. 
  • “My brother is over there" This scene was so…bad. Because A) I don’t care that Damon’s feelings are hurt, and B) the acting was cringe-worthy. Besides, that smelled like a failed attempt to make us care about Defan somewhat. BUT…what is a Defan anyway?
  • "Let’s not forget who else is at the top of the search and rescue list” Enzo…why is he even here?
  • “Stefan saved your life" Looks like Caroline is the only one who keeps track of all the good deeds Stefan has done. Point for you girl.
  • Caroline snapped Lukas’ neck without blinking. She’s the only one caring about getting Stefan back. This is so incredibly sad. But another point for Care.
  • The Travelers…blah blah. Don’t care. Never have, never will.
  • Michael Trevino is another actor whose talent is wasted on TVD. But I still want Tyler back because I love him, ok?
  • Gosh all these mentions of Alaric mean that he will come back from the other side. Great, another character to prop Dullena. Just as if we didn’t have enough already. GAG ME.
  • Lexi addressing the Steroline problem. This is really gonna happen next season, isn’t it? Crap S6 hasn’t started yet, and I’m already starting to hate it. Congrats Plec and Dries.
  • SILAS!! *fangirling*
  • "I feel like I’m teaching calculus to an infant” LOL Silas. His one-lines are always so perfectly delivered. Paul King Wesley ladies and gentlemen.
  • “Is it a crime for someone so good- looking to be so sad all the time” Silas, you can’t understand what it’s like to have awful people such as Damon and Elena in your life. 
  • “Can we talk about the irony in us blowing up the only place dumb enough to hire us?" Another season passed, and one again Matt didn’t get a proper storyline. TVD writers, you suck so fucking much.
  • "Project Kaboom needs someone to trigger the explosion” “OK. wait you?” Warning: rand ahead. First can we talk about the fact that Elena was completely fine with someone going on a suicide mission BEFORE she figured out it was Damon. THAT IS SO SICK. Secondly, she didn’t want Damon to sacrifice himself for his fucking brother, the person who has always put Damon before himself. THAT IS SO FUCKING SICK. You know what? Elena IS A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. 
  • Speaking of shit…I find it ridiculous that the writers couldn’t come up with a logical storyline, such as REMOTELY detonating a bomb or something to trigger the explosion. But hey, I’m using my brain here, so, nevermind. Still: Plec and Dries will always come up with contrived storylines to force the whole “Damon is a hero” down our throats. PS: Attempt failed.
  • Elena, I’ve seen [a future with you] since the second I laid eyes on you” MY BULLSHIT METER IS GOING CRAZY IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY. I mean, will you look at that. The writers are pretending either that we’re a bunch of idiots, either that we completely forgot what happened during the first three seasons of the show. Because if I remember correctly, the first time Damon laid eyes on Elena, he was still searching for Katherine, the love of his life. But yet you tell me he had already envisioned a future with her? Was that before or after he snapped his brother’s neck? When he abused her best friend maybe? Or tried to kill the other one? Or maybe while he was wishing for her to die? Geez guys, this love story was truly romantic from the beginning. Ha Ha Ha. No.
    YOU KNOW WHAT WRITERS? FUCK YOU. PS: trying to make Dullena romantic? Another failed attempt.

  • Of course the best new character of the season (aka Silas) had to go. Well done writers. Still, I love badass Bonnie who doesn’t take shit from anyone. So yep, I’m conflicted on this one.
  • It’s been my privilege to watch you grow into the beautiful woman you have become" OMG THE FEELS. The relationship between Bonnie and Grams has always been special to me.
  • "I love you Bonnie”. “I love you” THIS IS SO SAD I CANNOT.
  • Elena and Damon want to blow themselves up, fully aware of the fact that they’re gonna come back. That’s not heroic, that’s a calculated risk. And beyond that: I don’t care so…
  • “You need to come home to your brother” “No I can’t”. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T ELENA? You mean you put Damon above your own brother? This girl is too fare gone to be redeemable at this point.
  • When you get the girl” Oh look, bad habits die hard, Alaric is objectifying Elena. Again. Talk about another ruined character for DE. I’m so over this misogynistic stuff.
  • “What kind of best friend would I be if you died before Stefan got his brother back?" OMG Lexi why do selfless? I know you mean it well for Stefan, but trust me, he’d be better off his jackass brother who only brought misery to his life.
  • Damon didn’t make it through. Damon is dead. Whas that supposed to be a shocker? If so: you failed Plec and Dries, we had predicted that weeks ago. Further proof that you suck at being writers btw.
  • Not giving a fuck about this self-centered bitch who only cares about Damon. Elena, you can cry me a river. 
  • Paul Wesley’s teary eyes =  my heart breaking into a million pieces. FML
  • Elena was the greatest thing that happend to Damon’s life?!? Heads-up jackass: without Stefan you wouldn’t have lived at all. GO FUCK YOURSELF. 
  • Also, can we talk about the fact that Damon didn’t even bother saying goodbye to his little brother? What a waisted occasion to highlight the relationship between the brothers. But nope, Damon kept his last chance to say goodbye for Elena. And then the writers expect me to root for Defan? This ship sinked a long time ago Plec and Dries.
  • The last Bamon scene was so great though. I really loved it. No wonder that was Kat’s favorite scene of the episode.

Ok, well, that was once again an underwhelming finale. Alaric’s back but not Lexi. THIS IS A JOKE. But I get it, Plec has a lady boner for Ernesto too. The only thing I’m almost looking forward to are the Bamon scenes, because Kat and Ian have really nice chemistry (look at the way they looked at each other in the last scene). You have to be blind to not see it.

Except Bamon, I don’t even have one storyline I’m excited to see unfold. Stefan is gonna go dark I guess, Elena will pine over Damon, more Dullena being shoved down our throats, Steroline will happen (fanservice anyone?), Alaric will wear his Damon/Dullena shirt, Enzo will take screentime away from the core cast. Matt and Jeremy won’t have a proper storyline….

Yep, nothing interesting. My last hope is for the sixth season to be the last, so we can be free from TVD. I mean, based on the ratings, Plec and Dries should notice that the majority isn’t happy with the way the show is being handled. They should take a clue that their show is going downhill. But alas they have their heads too far up Damon/Ian’s ass to even realize this. So yes, I truly hope S6 will be the last, the show has run its course anyway.

With that being said, thanks to all of you who took time to read my weekly and humble thoughts. Not going to lie, talking shit about TVD with you all has become the most entertaning aspect of the show!

See you next season for another year of my ramblings, or whenever shit will come out of the writers’ mouth for some good ol’ rants ;)




anonymous asked:

Prompt: courferre modern au where they befriend each other after having a heated debate in the comments section of a youtube video and Courfeyrac declares his love for Combeferre in The Most Dramatic Video of All Time

Words: 1,475
Pairing: Courferre
Characters: Combeferre, Courfeyrac, mentions of Cosette and Enjolras
Rating: G

Combeferre knows that he shouldn’t respond to the comment. He knows. But it’s just so frustrating and no one has said anything to contradict the comment– although it’s gotten hundreds of thumbs-up. He stares at it for a few moments, and then decides that Courfeyrac, the maker of the video, would hate the comment just as much as he does, and decides to respond.

He’s been a pretty active member of YouTube for a long time, and has built up his own little subscriber base. He’s nowhere near as popular as Courfeyrac, of course, and he knows that he’s definitely not as charismatic or beautiful as the half-Mexican half-Algerian Parisian blogger, with his gorgeous curly hair and skin the same color as Combeferre’s.

So he replies to the YouTube comment. And then, moments later– Courfeyrac replies to his reply, agreeing with him. And then a few minutes later, he receives a message saying that Courfeyrac has subscribed to him, and a private message is coming through.

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