this scene needs more appreciation

I always noticed Lance’s screams during the bike chase scene in ep 1, but only now I realized why.

Unlike everyone else, he is the only one who isn’t sitting on the bike. And in the beginning, it goes pretty smoothly,

until the makes the most crucial mistake ever - let go of the bike to say “Ok I get it! So that was an insult”

After this Keith turns left, which makes Lance completely loose balance.

And from that point on, Lance never lets go of the bike ever again. Also, he starts screaming like a mad man.

And his face when Keith hints he’s going to turn right is the most perfect thing ever!


plus his panic when the cliff appears makes a lot more sense since he barely survived the first turn.


this confirm bottom!Keith for me. have a nice day!


“Where do you think you’re going?”


“I am the governor, and protecting the people who live here is something that I must do.”


Elphaba “move i’m non-binary” Thropp

Rewriting Wicked: Wickedly Queer (2/?)


Ronald picking on Sebastian || Requested by: feelthisbeatz

Wind in our sails!
The future is looking bright!
For us, that is.

I’ve been seeing a lot of “BIGHIT HATES JIN.” And so recently, I saw someone bashing Bang PD saying essentially how he is forgetting Jin (maybe that person meant it as a joke, but I still think it is still mean). Yes, I read about Jin being treated unfairly (which is subjective and can be viewed differently based on the person and their view of the circumstances) and I 100% agree that Jin deserves more love especially in the department of line distribution in songs. His beautiful and melodic voice needs to be heard on all radios!

However, even though Hitman Bang is their CEO and producer (meaning he looks over the songs), ARMYs, we can’t bash him. Bang PD-nim loves each and every member of BTS equally and even more all together as a group no matter their individual musical capability or ability. Just like us ARMYs, Bang PD loves Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook.

(Video by Her Jams Youtube)

I remember reading somewhere that Bang PD did an interview (I couldn’t find the original article, but thank you Her Jams for the video!) where they asked him who his favorite in BTS is; and he answered:

“If you bite all 10 fingers, there isn’t a single finger that doesn’t hurt. Similarly, I have a special affection for all the members. I’m especially proud when the members concentrate on their own work. They are the members that I personally picked and debuted so, there isn’t one that I love more than the others, they are all admirable and make me proud.” 

I mean, Bang PD really cares for BTS; “his kids.”

S: I’m not good at acting, so Bang PD made a special arrangement.

RM: “Don’t act.”

S: “Don’t act. Just be happy or sad.”

RM?S: “Don’t act and live real life.”

I mean, how cool and close knit can a CEO and group be for this to happen?

All in all, sorry for the lengthy, more serious post, but I just wanted to point out that Bang PD-nim loves BTS and more importantly: he loves and will never forget Kim Seokjin, our pink princess who is the 3rd from the left worldwide handsome.

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What are your most underrated robron/and/or robert aaron moments that you feel need more appreciation? And any scenes that the fandom loves that you're not crazy over 😋



okay so i’ll just list some moments i feel like the fandom need to shout about a lot more in no particular order because i’m a mess.

so we have:

1) the HUGE HEART EYES on aaron’s face after robert tells him that he’ll book some city break for them (yk during the first ever domestic ‘let’s eat breakfast together’ scene) ~ basically it’s the softest thing in the absolutely world and i don’t think i have ever seen aaron look more settled and secure and just CONTENT with the life he is leading. it’s literally the day after the end of the most horrific trial in the world and things are still messed up in his head obviously, he’s got a TONNE of demons who are demanding his attention but he’s telling them to piss off because he woke up next to robert sugden, he’s eating breakfast with him and robert doesn’t need to be ANYWHERE ELSE and he’s just finished telling him that they should go on a city break and ??? aaron literally looks like he’s been hit with cupid’s arrow and robert doesn’t even see it but we do and it’s EVERYTHING !!!

2) ROBERT ROASTING THE WHITES, okay so you know the scene in vic’s cottage where lawrence confronts robert about being an absolute arse who isn’t worthy of breathing or something dramatic like that? yeah that scene is literally THE BEST. it’s after robert has crucified aaron, burnt every bridge left with him and with andy too and he has ZERO FUCKS to give. so lawrence comes in and he’s literally like, come at me bro, let me go off at you as well just for the fun of it. “she’s old but she’s not that old” is probably the trashiest best thing to ever leave rob’s mouth because it’s just the sort of sarky, mouth wide open and trying not to laugh, line which KILLS ME.

3) THE QUARRY SCENE, now this is almost ancient in my eyes and i think a lot of others too but we need to talk about how highly charged the whole damn thing was. it was the first time i think the audience got a real human side of robert and could SEE how much he was juggling and trying to deal with. back then he was the definition of the phrase about spinning too many plates at the same time or whatever and the way it cultivated into those scenes was brilliantly done. it was INTENSE and wild and i think was the first time robert literally had to go SHIT i really care about aaron more than i am letting on. for him, up until that point, he needed aaron to be quiet, keep his mouth shut and sort of get over everything. he didn’t even want to try and think about how the hell this was affecting the younger man. and then he’s seeing him standing on the edge of a damn quarry and looking out, he’s sitting in a car with his suicidal brother and for a SECOND he looks away and aaron is gone. i cannot tell you how many times i have replayed the way robert says AARON ???? because he is suddenly short of breath and is2g it reminds me of the breath robert takes in before he gives it to aaron when they’re in the drowning car. it’s from his DAMN GUT and he’s ridiculously scared and WORRIED about aaron dingle ??? and yeah we need to talk about it more pls, thank you.

4) “YOU CAN BUY ME A PINT IF YOU LIKE TO SAY THANKS FOR SMOOTHING THINGS OVER” *aaron literally just keeps his poker face on and you literally see the smirk fall from rob’s face* “ALRIGHT I’LL BUY YOU A PINT” ~ like ???? can you believe the cocky smarmy confident little trash boy risks looking like a mug just to coax out a little more time with aaron?? it’s wild. aaron doesn’t even need to say anything and it throws robert completely because, wtf is wrong with this boy? can’t he take a little bit of banter? and then literally two seconds later he’s like uhh No clearly not so drop that smile because your powers don’t work on him like they usually do so - OFFER TO BUY HIM A PINT, SEE HOW HE LIKES THAT. it’s just your typical trash bag being shaken to the core because his charms don’t work on certain mechanics apparently and he literally changes tack just for AARON.

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River Song Appreciation Week Day 1: A song for Song

um slightly weird request for y'all but if anyone has any crazy/unusual/funny etc stories or experiences involving a taxi would you be willing to share it ? either in reply to this post or in an ask or smth ?

im writing a play abt taxis and im running out of material to work with but still need more scenes lol

any help is appreciated !


The staredown scene needs more love. 

Skwistok appreciation month day 3