this scene near killed me

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  • TRISH AND KAREN IN A SCENE TOGETHER BREATHING THE SAME AIR BEING BFFS *inhales deeply and lets out random noises of joy* It was like watching every single one of my fanfic dreams come to life and I almost cried over it because these are my girls right here
  • Karen expressing “I am going with you out of self-preservation” to Matt when he came to collect her. It’s Karen’s defining character moment in the whole series so far and it’s such a strong point in her arc.
  • Foggy being a bigshot lawyer omg be still my heart! and he’s with Marci!! (Marci’s my girl too, I love her, I want her to be in Fogster’s life forever) and his scene with Claire near the end there just killed me, I want a buddy show where it’s just Claire and Foggy dealing with all their vigilante friends (Claire as a healer, Foggy as a lawyer, they go out for drinks together every Friday because they are so done with everyone)
  • Jessica. Jessica. Jessica with tears in her eyes over Matt. Jessica hugging Trish back. Jessica making things right with Luke. Jessica interceding on Danny’s behalf. Jessica standing in that elevator by herself. Jessica figuring Matt out faster than anyone’s ever done. Jessica and her stream of bad jokes that Matt never fails to laugh at. Jessica Goddamn Hero Jones. 
  • Luke doing right by Harlem, then doing right by the city. Always moving forward. Voice of reason in the whole group start to finish. His bonding moments with Danny are a thing of beauty. He is so open to everyone he meets – he even asks Stick about the funny incense, come on, this man is just too good for this world. The scene with the kid’s mother, too, it just made my heart catch in my throat.
  • Matt. Oh Matty. 
  • Matt holding Danny back. Matt shaping Danny, giving him new purpose, bringing meaning in the dark. (Balance that scene with Matt the lawyer talking to the kid in the wheelchair – beautiful.) Matt may say he’s not part of the Chaste, but in that moment he almost was.
  • Danny. My sweet, sweet boy. I have SO MANY FEELINGS about Danny. If this was anyone’s show, anyone’s character arc progressing to the next level.. it was Danny’s. From being alone in the world on a self-imposed island, not knowing who to trust and who to fight and who to protect.. to having his family come for him, to finding a team of people worth being a part of, to protecting the whole goddamn city.. Danny. Danny. DANNY. I will fight anyone over Danny, I swear, he’s the purest soul. And his scenes with Elektra were so wonderful – I need a rewatch just for that.
  • This marks the first moment in which I fully understand Elektra, and I am surprised at how much I liked her here. My feelings about her have always been ambiguous, but here I found her very refreshingly honest and almost straightforward? 
  • CLAIRE AND MISTY AND COLLEEN GIVE ME ALL OF THIS FOREVER I hope that Bakuto recognises that he was annihilated by the three most glorious fighters ever. Liviiiiing for this!
Random GoT thoughts...

-Started off tonight rolling my eyes at Arya being the entitled little brat she is (imo)…ended feeling proud as fuck. She’s learning and growing and she still loves her brother so fuckin much (the sword scene damn near killed me).

-Cackling SO loudly at show!Tommen (who is this person though really?!) being the epitome of an adolescent boy that just wants his mom to gtfo while he trolls for bitches. Kid is literally my fifteen year old brother and Cersei is totes acting exactly like moms (who ironically can’t stand Cersei, go figure).

-Speaking of Cersei (first of her name and queen of everything I love), I’m holding a small prayer circle for her. When sis walked them Louboutins through the hood with zero fucks left to give, I knew she’d told Jesus to take the wheel and keep that shit because she was tired of all the things. She literally does not even have the energy to fuck with Margaery anymore, and it’s seriously the saddest thing in the world to watch. I mean, it’s obvious that she’s up to some super shady shit with the Hobo Septon, but it’s like watching a cat tread water after it’s been thrown in a deep ass pool…not nearly as funny as you’d think it would be. Actually, just not funny at all.

-I know Margaery’s supposed to be younger, but she still looks 35 to me, and her x Tommen LEGIT creeps me the fuck out. Also, bragging about how a 12-year-old put the D on you to your girls AND to his mama? Where they do that at sis?

-A big sorry to all the haters in the world (more specifically my mother, love her I do) but Stannis is THE sexiest mufucka in Westeros, hands down. Don’t know why but every time I see his surly ass, I go off.

-Boltons remain dusty ass bitches, and Littlefinger remains King Creep. Since at this point it seems that there will be no rescue boat for baby girl Sansa, I’m gonna need her to act like she’s taking the Cersei Lannister SAT and pass that shit with flying colors by killing Ramsay, reclaim what’s hers, and rule the North like the badass bitch she was born to be. 

-Once more for confirmation: Littlefinger gots ta go.

-That Brienne x Renly anecdote made me tear up something fierce. That Brienne x Pod moment sent me over the edge. Why can’t all the women on this show just run all the things?

-The day I thought would never come, came. I’ve become (very) attracted to Jon Snow. He’s kickin’ ass and takin’ names and he’s a full grown man and shit, handling his b.i. Just unf tbh idgaf lol.

-Unpopular opinion: I’m kind of over Jaqen H’gar.

-That last one was a lie.

-The fact that Lancel is also strangely attractive to me now, is beginning to worry me.

-TYRION. My Lion King. My sad, scruffy, adorable, king. He was also being a little entitled brat in the coach, but it was understandable and cute and I hold Lannisters to different standards because of obvious reasons (also because I can). With that said, it may be my inner Lannistan freaking out, but was anyone else excited that he could understand the High Valyrian being spoken? I know that canonically he, Jaime and Cersei can speak it, but it made me really, really excited to see it on the show too :)

-Final note: What is Jorah doing with his life? The thirst never ceases to amaze me. Also, when was the last time he was in Westeros? Wasn’t it like 20 years ago or some shit? Wouldn’t Tyrion have a been a little kid? Did they have a Westeros weekly tabloid or some shit circulating that I didn’t know about? Because seriously, how the fuck would Jorah know that was Tyrion? Also, how many coins do you think he spent on banging that fake Dany in the brothel, because y’all know it happened…

25 Days of Outlander - Day 19

Scene I’ve Watched More Times Than I’ll Admit.

Man, ^that^ line near killed me. The way she says it, with emotion just coursing through her. I can’t help but watch it over and over.

I may have my issues with their goodbye, but there’s no denying the power performances that were there.

Claire’s absolute vehemence was something that I really wanted (needed) to see and got in spades.  

To Jamie’s speech (even though their “sex” was a total and utter joke. They deserved so much more than some rushed 20sec fully clothed romp and an exchange of gifts that were either lost or destroyed mere seconds after parting, BUT I digress)

To ultimately saying the only thing she could, the only thing that mattered

Despite myself, they gave me glimpses of brilliance and that maybe the reunion could hold just as much emotion (if not more). Cait and Sam did an amazing job throughout the season with what little they were given. One can always hope the writers won’t hold back and will be a little more fearless come s3.

Honorable Mentions:

(I chose the goodbye, but damn if I haven’t seen these other moments an umpteenth amount times!)