this scene makes me weep


peyton sawyer meme: (1/9) scenes
→ season 4 episode 15, prom night at hater high


This was me.

2am-doritos  asked:

I want to watch season 3 already bc eruri and kenny but I don't want to watch season 3 bc of erwin's death...

There’s no question that Eruri and Kenny fucking Ackerman are going to be the highlights of Season 3, and oh man, I hope the anime does them justice. I can’t wait to see Levi and Kenny fighting it out on the rooftops and the showdown in the bar. 

Eek! Indeed. 

I still don’t know how much of Shiganshina I’m going to be able to watch though. I really want to see this scene animated, but beyond that….

Damn.  Even just capping that scene makes me want to weep.  


there will never be a day when I don’t think of you

okay so, it’s no secret that i’m a sam nicholls stan and have been since the start and i’m super excited for her to return!!! and i know a lot of people on here dislike what she did to dylan (or don’t know enough about it), but recently a lot of y'all have been asking me about them and which eps i’d recommend in order to understand their storyline/relationship a bit more

soooo here’s a thread i made of my fave eps from s26 (i’ll add to it once i get further on my rewatch, but the majority of their storyline is covered here) - some of them are more focused on sam than dylan, but all of them are important in order to understand sam’s character and also their development. i tried to summarise the eps to make it easier so there are some spoilers ahead!!!! i hope this helps :) I think all of the eps are on YouTube btw!!

(also, if anyone has any more questions or wants to chat about sam/dylan then feel free to message me whenever, i have a lot of feelings on the matter as you can imagine)

sam/dylan-centric eps in s26:

S26 E9 - Mea Culpa Sam’s first day at Holby (in my admittedly biased opinion one of the best first eps ever, only she could get into three near-death situations on her first shift)

S26 E10 - Sanctuary Sam and Dylan come face-to-face for the first time, hilarity and awkwardness ensues

S26 E13 - No Goodbyes Sam tries to help a struggling teenage mother, with Dylan’s help

S26 E14 - The Ties That Bind Sam and Dylan treat a suspected blast victim

S26 E16 - Next Of Kin: Part 2 Zoe and Dylan get trapped in the ED fire, the truth comes out about Sam and Dylan’s relationship

S26 E17 - Duty Of Care Sam throws herself into work to spite Dylan and gets caught up in a gas explosion, then acts in self-defence when a patient’s relative (Keith Parr) tries to assault Dylan (also lots of Dylan pretending not to care and failing miserably)

S26 E18 - Death and Doughnuts Sam and Dylan try to save her patient/colleague from the explosion and fulfil his last wish (also some of the best Sam/Dylan moments imo)

S26 E22 - Confidences Sam throws herself into a sexual abuse case after finding out about Keith Parr’s assault allegations

S26 E24 - Grand Canyon Sam clashes with Jordan over the allegations, gets involved in a case with a troubled teenager and overbearing parents

S26 E27 - Ricochet: What Goes Around Comes Around lots of Sam/Dylan and dogs, Dylan defending Sam against Zoe

S26 E28 - Lest Ye Be Judged Sam throws herself into helping an old soldier to distract herself from the GMC interview (helps to understand more about why Sam is the way she is)

S26 E30 - When The Gloves Come Off Sam and Dylan get trapped in a cave trying to rescue two patients (hands-down my favourite ep, reveals a lot about their past/relationship!! also has the most glorious crossover montage of Sam and Dylan that still makes me weep, some of their most heartfelt scenes, and a final scene that breaks my heart (I could literally go on about this ep for hours, everyone should see it))

S26 E32 - Desperate Remedies Sam prepares for the GMC hearing and treats a teenage drug addict

S26 E33 - Appropriate Force Sam’s GMC hearing, lots of revelations about her past/experiences in the army which are too good to spoil here, Dylan finding out some of her secrets and supporting her (probably Sam’s most significant ep, if you don’t understand her more and want to protect her after watching this then sorry but you’re wrong)

S26 E34 - Happily Ever After Dylan thinks Sam wants to talk about getting back together but she serves him with divorce papers ( it all goes downhill from here)

S26 E35 - Home Truths Sam and Dylan try to work together on a case, Sam decides to go back to Afghanistan

S26 E39 - Zero Sum Game Sam treats a fellow soldier on her first day of training and is turned down by the army

S26 E40 - Do The Right Thing Sam tells Dylan the truth about the army and why she moved to Holby, Dylan signs the divorce papers


Kate Fuller Appreciation Week [3/7] - Favorite Scene:

This whole trip’s been about trying to find Him. Who know I’d find Him in the walls of this pagan temple, and in my baby girl’s eyes? Thank you.


“Hi, I’d like to return something please,” I say to the Greys Anatomy hotline.

“Certainly madam. May I ask what your returning?”

“My viewing of episodes 18 and 19 of your show,” I answer.

“Oh, ok. Yes, we’ve had a lot of these calls in the last 24 hours, but protocol states that I have to ask what your reasons for returning your viewership is,” the polite phone operator tells me.

“Are you sat comfortably?”

“Yes…” they slowly say, confused.

“Well, I lost interest in the ‘previously on Greys’ section because it revolved around Ben Warren. I then lost interest in the whole of 12x18 because it revolved around Ben Warren. I thought I might gain an ounce of interest when Owen appeared, but no- he only appeared because of Ben Warren…”

“Ok, go on,” they encourage. As if I need encouraging…

“All suspense from the episode was totally lost on me because Bailey acting like a confused baffoon and sensitive wife has never appealed to me. I only like her if she’s yelling at people and living up to her Nazi nickname.”

“Well, can I ask if there were any bits you did enjoy?” they try. Bless them.

“Yes, the lady chief trifecta scene where they’re talking about Owen and Riggs. But then it was shat on by them basically recreating Derek’s death bed and having Amelia and Meredith look down on it.”

“I’m sensing you’re a bit upset by this?”

“No. No no no, I’m upset that everyone’s lawyer seems to be #1 on speedial. I’m upset that April got that freaking restraining order cos- HOW ARE JAPRIL GONNA MAKE OUT FROM 100 FEET AWAY?! I’m upset that Callie laughed at moving to the other side of the country. This wouldn’t even be acceptable in the UK, and the UK is tiny compared to America.”

“Anything else?” they ask cautiously.

“Yeah, Penny looks so much prettier with her hair down but she’s too busy destroying Calzona to notice, Japril feeling their baby kick for the first time led to me waking up this morning with bloodshot eyes, Amelia watching a baby die should never be shown on my TV again, Asia from Dance Moms needs to get better at crying bitch baby tears, Cross needs to stop running into fucking doors every three seconds and prove he has an education for once-”

“What about Steph and Jo?” the operator interrupts my rant.

“Light comic relief. They were greatly needed and I loved them. Well done for that bit,” I reluctantly praise.

“What are you looking forward to in the next episode then?”

“Omelia getting back together, more Japril scenes to make me weep, Arizona keeping her access to her daughter, Stephanie getting it oooooonnnnnnnnn with guitar hero, Bailey putting herself on a 6 month ban for going against a DNR, and Webber stepping in as interim chief. You know?”

“Excellent, OK, I have that all written down,” they inform me. “Now, the next step of the process is me tearing up the paper, throwing it in the bin, not giving a shit what you think and everyone moving on and pretending this ‘2 hour event’ of Ben Warren’s dick moves never happened. Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

“No,” I sigh, dejected. Sucks to be a Grey’s Anatomy fan.