this scene makes me want to cry so hard


Make me choose: Madi or Miranda

I want to see this whole goddamned city, this city that you purchased with our misery, burned. I want to see you hanged on the very gallows that you use to hang men for crimes far slighter than this. I want to see that noose around your neck and I want to pull that fucking lever with my own two hands!

Last First Kiss

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Words: 8k 

Summary: Peter has a terrible night at Liz Allen’s party until he meets (Y/N) the new girl at midtown. 

Warnings: None 

“This was it”, Peter thought; tonight is the night. He’s going to finally ask Liz to the homecoming dance at her party. Peter was asking Aunt May for some pointers before he even got out the car, “Should I ask her to go on a date first? When’s the perfect time to ask her?” He rambled on and on. Ned and Aunt May both shushed him; he was so nervous for tonight. Peter just didn’t know how or when to shut up.

“Maybe, this is stupid. Let’s just go back home May and forget all this happened.” May locked the doors and rolled up her windows before Peter could get back in the car. “Peter, you’re going to go in there and tell Liz how you feel and if she doesn’t feel the same then it’s okay. Just as long as you were brave enough to say something.” She gave him a small lecture; sure she was like his best friend but she also knew how to be the grown up in these types of situations.

She began to drive away from the house; Peter took a deep breathe in and out and his palms were sweaty from all the nerves.

Peter and Ned made their way up to the steps of Liz’s door; letting themselves in. The pair both took in the whole scene of their first high school party.  

Peter’s eyes land on the beautiful Liz walking up to them, “hey guys! Thanks for coming to my party. Glad to have you here.” She gave both of them a genuine smile and then walked off to greet other people. Peter was flabbergasted; Liz had talked to him for the first time. This time it wasn’t Peter who is always asking her stupid questions or complimenting her outfits. “You’re a great party host Liz,” Ned nudged him basically telling him to shut up.

Ned turned to look at Peter; him shocked as he was. “Peter, close your mouth and stop staring before you look like a creep.” He did just that and then averted his attention to his best friend.

“Oh, right yeah. Sorry.” He apologized.

The whole night, Peter was trying to find Liz or just try and get alone but she was always MIA. He finally decided to give up; “maybe next year,” he thought. Peter was ready to go home but he couldn’t find his cowboy hat wearing friend. Peter searched for him all over the house and rooms; until he went up to the last room only to find Liz making out with the captain of the football team.

Peter was heartbroken; sure he knew he didn’t have a chance with her, but seeing her making out with some guy in front of his eyes was a sight he wanted to watch.

Ned finally called up Peter, “Peter! I totally forgot to tell you, but I left like an hour ago. I wasn’t feeling the party scene. So mom picked me up, sorry for giving you such a short notice. I’m sure it’s going great though.” Peter took a huge breathe in; trying not to cry. “Yeah, don’t worry Ned! Everything is going great. I’ll tell you all about it on Monday.” He tried hard to sound enthusiastic but this whole night was a bust and Peter didn’t want to Ned to feel bad. 

After getting off the phone with Ned; Peter sulked all the way to a small bench the new girl from school was sitting at.“Do you mind if I sat here with you?” Peter asked her pointing at the small bench. “Oh yeah, of course.” She scooted over to make some room for the unknown boy. After a moment of silence, (Y/N) finally introduced herself to him. “I’m (Y/N), I just felt like I should introduce myself to you.” She was rambling because she wasn’t good at making small talk and especially if she has to talk to the cute boy from her AP bio class. 

She noticed he seemed like he was in another planet, “are you okay? Why aren’t you inside enjoying the party?” (Y/N) didn’t mean to pry into his life but she liked helping people. “Oh sorry about that, I am Peter. I think we have bio together, right?” He apologized again which seemed to be the 10th time in one night, “also why aren’t you inside?” Raising his eyebrow at her. 

“I’m not going to lie, I never really wanted to be here and parties aren’t really my thing. Flash invited me; he’s been trying to hit on me ever since I started at Midtown High. I told my mom and she made me come; she thinks it’d be good for me. Oh, Peter. I’m so sorry for just throwing this at you.” She felt really bad; considering they just met and she was just throwing her issues at him. “It’s okay, you don’t have to apologize to me. I don’t mind listening,” he chuckled. Peter wasn’t sure why but he felt like he could tell her anything; she just had this certain type of vibe to her. “I was going to confess to Liz Allen tonight, but I found her making out with the captain of the football. Then my best friend left without telling me and I don’t have a ride home.” He confessed about everything that happened on this crappy night to (Y/N). 

There was a moment of awkward silence but (Y/N) pulled out her car keys and jumped out of her seat, “let’s go Peter.” He was speechless; didn’t know what to say or do. Peter just sat their for a couple of minutes. Is he really going to go somewhere with a girl he barely knows?

He thought, why the hell not? What is she going to do to him?

The pair both walked out of the party together; Peter trailed a little behind her. It took a while to find her car, considering most of the kids at the school were there. They finally found her car; (Y/N) getting into the driver seat and Peter getting into the passenger seat. She just began to drive; not even asking what Peter’s address was.

“Do you uh need my address?” He finally broke the silence, “I’m not taking you home yet. But don’t worry I’m not going to kidnap you.” She laughed at how nervous he looked; ready to jump out of his bones. “I’m just taking you to a diner I’ve been going to ever since I first moved here; their sundaes are to die for. And plus, I think after tonight you might need some ice cream.”

“So, who’s your favorite superhero?” Peter asked her, while he took another bite of his hot fudge sundae. “In all honesty, I’m going to have to say Captain America. Not because he’s hot but because he honestly just kicks ass! What about you Peter?” The whole night, the pair were slowly forgetting about how they ended up in a small diner in the bronx but they both didn’t mind. (Y/N) was glad, she gave into going to the party. 

“I gotta say Spider-man, have you seen that butt?” (Y/N) busted out laughing; her laugh was just so contagious that he started laughing as well. They got some dirty looks from the waitresses, but they just continued to laugh and be carefree. The two both loved having each other’s presence around and they didn’t want to leave the diner’s little booth. 

“Well, it’s pretty late. I think I should be heading out soon,” Peter suggested. “My aunt’s going to be worried.” He got up to pay for their sundaes, “also I think I can just walk from here.”

(Y/N) didn’t want him to leave, but it was nearly 2 AM so what could she have done? “Peter, I’m driving you. I insisted on taking you here; I should be the one that takes you home.” She said matter of factly. Peter didn’t even try to fight back; he was tired and he didn’t want to admit but he wanted to spend more time with (Y/N) and get to know her more.

The two finally made their to Peter’s small apartment in Queens, “well here it is.” Peter said pointing at the apartments. 

“Thanks a lot, this really meant a lot.” Peter thanked (Y/N) and was about to exit the car until she stopped him, “I had a really great time. Maybe we can do this again? Unless you don’t want to but it’d be nice to make another friend from school.” She was rambling which Peter thought was quite cute. “Yeah, let’s totally do this again. I had a great time.” He gave her a genuine smile but didn’t get out the car yet; a comfortable silence just filled her small car.

(Y/N) yanked him by his collar and kissed him on his lips; Peter was shocked but he didn’t stop her. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me; it’s totally fine if you don’t wanna see me again.” 

Peter, himself finally did an impulse decision. He kissed her again; cutting her off when she was in the middle of her rant.

“Would you like to go to homecoming?” He looked outside her window; afraid of rejection. “Well I’m going to have to check my schedule, and it says yes.” She joked with him. 

He pecked her again on the lips, “Goodnight (Y/N). I’ll see you at school.”


a/n: i hoped you guys enjoyed thisssss :)))

Requested by Anon: Sherlock x reader. While Sherlock has to work with Anderson every so often. His girlfriend has to work with him all the time. One day after a hard day Sherlock makes it all better.

(Gif not mine but writing is)

Bad day at work

“Just because you are the girlfriend of Sherlock Holmes, it doesn’t meant that you are as smart as him. So don’t tell me how to do my job!” Anderson yelled. It sounded as if he spat the words as you, each syllable cutting into your heart. You wanted to cry but kept a serious, unmoving face. You were screaming internally. 

You were in the middle of examining a body at the centre of a crime scene. Working with Anderson everyday as part of the forensics team, could be difficult at times. You had just said that Anderson’s theory was wrong and gave your own conclusion. That’s when he snapped at you. 

Very calmly you stood up and removed your gloves and placed them on the side. As you walked out you turned to Greg who had a look of shock and surprise on his face. 
“I still go with my instinct. If you need any more assistance then let me know.” you said to him. Greg nodded in silence, he couldn’t understand how you had kept your temper after the way Anderson had treated you. Before you shut the door you could hear Greg telling Anderson off for his behaviour towards you. A smile crept onto your face but quickly vanished as you remember Anderson’s spiteful words. 

The cab back to 221B Baker Street was a quick one in complete silence. Opening the door to the apartment you saw your boyfriend, Sherlock sat in his chair reading a book. As you entered he looked up, studying you. He furrowed his eyebrows in a confused frown. You threw your work bag on the floor with great force and stormed into your bedroom. You repeatedly punch one of the pillows to take out some of your anger. Then you sit on the floor with your head leaning on the mattress. 

You hid your face on your knees and sat there in silence trying to calm down. You heard the bedroom door slowly open. Out of the corner of your eye you could see the familiar tall silhouette of Sherlock. Due to where the bed was you could not be seen by him immediately, which gave you time to wipe the quickly forming tears from your eyes. 
After spending most of his life attempting to detach himself from his feelings, Sherlock sometimes struggled to connect with you on an emotional level.
“Mrs Hudson had made this for me but I think you need it more.” he said in a cheerful but worried tone as he placed a cup of tea on the bedside table. 
A quiet “thanks” escaped your lips. 

Sherlock sat on the floor next to you, placing a comforting arm around your shoulders. He opened his mouth to ask you what was wrong but you cut him off before he had the chance. “I can see why you call him an idiot. I’ve tried being nice and patient. But Anderson.” you growled. Sherlock pulled you slightly closer towards him. “He’s infuriating it’s obvious what happened and who the suspect is. But he. He yelled at me today in front of everyone saying that just because I am your girlfriend, it doesn’t mean that I am as smart as you.” Tears ran down your face as you quietly sobbed. You felt embarrassed as you did not want Sherlock to see you like this. You were always so positive and kind, he didn’t know how you put up with Anderson, working with him every day. 
“What does Anderson know. He is a complete and utter idiot. Perhaps he’ll see sense tomorrow.” Sherlock said in a serious tone, he was trying his best to suppress his anger. 

Slowly you stood up with Sherlock following your movements. Grabbing a tissue from the bedside table you wipe away your tears. "I’m not sure how I’m going to go to work tomorrow and face him again. Look at me.“ you say whilst placing the tissue in your pocket and gesturing at your face. Sherlock stared at you with sad crystal blue eyes. A reassuring smile crept onto his face. 
“Do you know what I see.” he said as his hands cradled your face. 
“Please deduce me, Mr Holmes.” you sighed.

“I see an intelligent brain.” he said and gently kissed your forehead. “Skilled hands.” He took your hands in his and placed soft kisses on them. “and a loving heart.” he whispered as he leaned his face towards yours and kissed you. Your lips began to smile against his. Slowly Sherlock pulled away. He paused for a second as your cheeks blushed. 

“Anderson was right, you’re not as smart as me. You are better than me in every way and you always have been.” he said smiling whist staring into your eyes. 

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I really want to rewatch Harry Potter, but I also know that I'm going to bawl my eyes out. Did you cry when you watched Harry Potter? I cried when Sirius died, when everyone appears because of the resurrection stone, Lupin, Tonks and Fred's death and in the first movie when Harry sees his parents in the mirror of erised.

listen, i’m the biggest cry baby out there. i’m crying at least 15 times whenever i watch moana so of course i’ve cried when i’ve watched harry potter. and not only on those sad scenes but on happy ones too but i guess that’s what makes me want to watch those movies literally all the time. its hard because i know what will happen but when it happens i cry anyway. but isn’t that one of the best parts of watching movies? 

i mean, harry potter is worth it 

Lets talk about this scene

This scene to me is arguably one of the most important if not the most important scene in the coming out arch, this scene is about acceptance not only acceptance but apology it is about love pure love. This has no reason for hate, no I love you anyways, this is a I love you thank you for letting me know this huge part of you, thank you for being you.

In this scene Kara becomes that person, that rock in Alex’s life, the person she will turn to when things fall apart, when she questions herself because of her sexuality. When she doubts that people will love her she will go to Kara and find some one who will listen and love her, not despite but because.

This scene is showing that support that each person who comes out needs it is what we want to happen, we need and want to be reminded that we are not alone, that we are valid. That they do not want us to go back in the closet because they want us to be who we are to the fullest extent.

this scene is the support that people need, not just the so what scene but the I love you, I know it is hard on you because the world makes you feel alone and hated, but I love you, I will never let you be alone. This scene is the coming out that everyone needs and wants, it is the love we wish we could receive from those we love.

this scene is the one that makes me cry with happiness because it is what I needed to hear, it is what I needed to know that I was not alone, that I am valid. This amazing scene is one of the most amazing coming out scenes I have ever seen and it will continue to be one of my favorites.

omg Alberto is complimenting the fuck out of David Castro in the live chat! like he went on a full on rant about how David is just bringing his A game, “especially” this season. And that he’s learning so much from working with David and this just makes me want to cry because we are potentially getting some great Simon and Raphael scene. Also, we are potentially also getting a lot of raphael, and honestly as my second favourite character on this show this makes me so deliriously happy.

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For me the most painful scene was Emma crying at the bar. The things she was saying made me want to scream at my TV it was so sad

It was hard to watch just for the shear retcon of the things they made her say. “As soon as it got tough he took off”? Tough?? Like this is the first time things have gotten tough?? Emma has an abundance of firsthand experience that proves the exact opposite about Hook. It doesn’t make sense for her to legitimately feel that way. When she was opening up to Aesop, she didn’t even frame it in terms of her own fears of abandonment. She framed it in terms of Hook’s failings; on how Hook was supposedly letting her down. That to me speaks less to a complexity in Emma’s human shortcomings and more to the writers wanting for Hook’s handling of the situation alone to come under scrutiny and be ultimately forgiven, when actually Emma and her whole family let him down in a big way. The one who actually “took off” emotionally when things “got tough” was Emma in that moment.

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Sorry if you don't want to hear some anon ranting I understand you can just ignore this but is it just me or did Ashi's death not even make sense? Why didn't she fade away until the wedding? She should have faded away once Aku exploded because that automatically erased her existence

It’s ok I’ve been waiting to get this out myself.

It makes absolutely no sense as to why Ashi would remain for as long as it would take to plan a wedding, it literally only took so long so it could be used as a gut punch, a poorly executed gut punch. Tbh it made me feel releaved.

Like you want us to feel somthing for her? Make so that she vanishes instantly whilst talking to Jack and he freaks out but she just rolls with it, having known it would be the cost of a greater future. Soon after she’s gone he reunites with his family and friends. (which is a greatly extended scene) Show us him being happily reunited with his parents and hugging them so hard he nearly crushes them whilst crying tears of joy, he then greets all his old teachers in various ways.

If you need to end on the note with Jack in a romantic relationship, have Ashi throw in “oh and btw, date someone in your own time, for my sake”.

And then idk have him marry that girl he met as a kid. Have him happily married to a grown woman, not an emotionally unstable teenager.

The ending we got was not the ending he deserved. Jack would never sink into such a depression over a woman he barely knew while discarding all the other friendships he made over the years.

Ashi didn’t deserve this either, she didn’t deserve to be sacrificed on the altar on manpain while only finding inner stregnth because a man validated her.

I mean for fucks sake

Even goddamn SMOSH understood this

I have tried to draw this pic for 2 weeks, and now I finish it HAHA

In wlate chapter 39, I love when Siwon’s hair is slicked back. He is VERY PRETTY (and that scene made me scream so hard although the one who slick siwon’s hair is Joohoon), so I want to draw him like that with blue rose crown. (I just think the blue color is very suit him).

But in chapter 40 , it make me feel down very much. My poor child, he doesn’t deserve that suck. and that is just the beginning right? how long had he lived in this situations before he commited suicide? ahhh i wanna cry. he just want to protect his brother but WHY…

Honestly, I really enjoy the flashback although I feel hurt so much. when it finished the flashback, I feel really sad because I might not see the real siwon again (since he is my favorite character, I love him, I love him so much and I want to protect him😭😭😭). But it’s ok, woojin and taemin are comeback YAYYYY

Don’t mind me if I talk too much. I just want to get this feel off my chest *sob*

**Sorry for my bad english

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Howdy friend, your tags on that Tony and Happy gifset murdered my soul, I never noticed his body language/voice thing but now that you pointed it out it last going to haunt my nightmares. Just wanted to let you know that you killed me. RIP.


i was just crying about this the other day but tony Trying To Look Chill WHILE BOILING INSIDE is just MY JAM

look at this nonsense. PLASTIC SMILE THAT QUICKLY DIES AS HE MAKES A SEEMINGLY INCONSEQUENTIAL REQUEST THAT ACTUALLY MEANS A LOT TO HIM i empathize with this so hard as someone who owns a hot toys tony stark sixth scale figure that’s hands down my most valuable possession and when people see it they’re like IT’S SO PRETTY and i make THIS EXACT SAME FACE LIKE “YESSS IT IS ISN’T IT d o n o t t o u c h i t”

HIS SHOULDERS AND THE WAY HE’S FOLDING HIS ARMS ACROSS HIS CHEST OH GOD KILL ME 1) that must hurt in the arc reactor 2) he still bothers to almost sort of smile at the nurse. his face is doing so many fucking things this is one of those fucking reasons why writing tony stark is so Frustrating because how on earth are you gonna translate this exact image


and then in this part he’s saying something seemingly harmless but go ahead and mentally photoshop the words “i will personally rip the head off anybody that fucks anything up around him” to the bottom of this gif and it still looks completely believable jfc

he’s trying to look tough with that little “yeah you got that?” nod but jesus christ HIS EYES ARE RED AND GLASSY



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Things I have learned from Grey (part 2/?)

1. What is life, do pigeons have feelings, what do sheep count when they can’t go to sleep….? Yes, I am, indeed, losing my mind *thumbs up*
2. Christian referring to Anastasia and Kate: “I wonder why these women are friends. They have nothing in common” – bro, my dude, you’ve known them for a combined 28 seconds. But wait, I’ve forgotten that for Christian, women are about as complicated and complex as breathing in and out or scartching his ass
3. Christian literally assumes every man in the vicinity of Ana might be her boyfriend. As if women can’t be single, god forbid, THE HORROR

4.Are they fucking?” – 2 seconds after being introduced to a male friend of Ana’s. FML.
5.He’s telling me to back off. Well, game on, kid.” – here we go with the “let’s see whose balls are bigger” game. Spoiler alert: NO ONE CARES

6. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I miss the inner goddess. Christian’s inner monologue is so arrogant and pretentious and he keeps wondering if Ana will accept his proposal to be a submissive and he keeps second guessing himself and it’s honestly like reading a 12 year old’s diary. 
7. Case in point: “She’s watching me. Is she checking me out?” – congratulations, Christian, you have the depth of a prepubescent teen
8.Oh, sweetheart, he wants to be more than a friend” – you condescending fuckwit
9.I like my women in skirts. I like them accessible” – I think I threw up in my mouth a little… okay, a little more
10.Fiction was my sanctuary when I was a teenager” – I can’t believe Christian and I have something in common, is the sky falling? *opens umbrella just to be sure I don’t want to mess up my hair*
11. Christ, this is boring, there’s so much filler monologue and mindless shit, it’s honestly a feat that I haven’t fallen asleep yet. SERIOUSLY, NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS IN THIS BOOK. OR BETTER YET, I KNOW EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS WHY WAS THIS THING WRITTEN WHY WHYYYYY WHY LIFE WHYYYY
12. Or maybe I have fallen asleep and this is my nightmare. Oh gods, what if bookworm hell is being forced to reread the worst books in the world over and over again?!?!?!

13. Christian’s brother is a fuckboy. That is all, carry on.
14.I’d really like to give her a bath, but that would be stepping beyond the bounds of propriety.” – well it seems Christian does have some boundaries, who would have thought

15.My cock agrees.” – the cock has replaced the inner goddess. I can’t believe I’m writing this sentence, wow this is surreal
16.Stop standing here ogling the girl, for fuck’s sake, Grey.” – yes, Grey, she’s asleep and you’re being very fucking creepy
17. You fucker
18.I’m so sorry,” she says, her voice full of shame.” – honestly, this bothers the hell out of me. It’s not like she did the most vile thing in the world, she got drunk. But it’s like she offended every sentient being in a 100 mile radius by doing that. New flash: women get drunk and throw up much wow very surprise

19.An image of her shackled to my bench, peeled gingerroot inserted in her ass so she can’t clench her buttocks, comes to mind, followed by judicious use of a belt or strap.” – I TAKE BACK EVERYTHING BRING BACK THE INNER GODDESS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS
20. Holy Jesus it’s like read shitty fanfiction, nothing is happening, and there’s no sexual tension, despite the writer’s very obvious efforts. 
21. I’m asleep
22. Oddly enough, the elevator scene was better written now than in the first book. I actually felt I was reading erotica.
23.I’ll fuck her in time. I’ll fuck her bound and with her smart mouth gagged.” – I feel faint and sick, this is just…so brutal fml how do people find this arousing and romantic and something you’d actually want happening to you
24.a huge cock-tightening grin” – so…um…this is a thing
25. hahahahahaha I’m sorry but wow

26.My cock concurs.” – oh my fucking god I’m crying hahahahaha
27.First, I don’t make love. I fuck, hard” – mr. Oh-look-at-me-so-manly-and-rugged-ladies-pls-hold-ur-panties lolololololol no
28. These. Short. Sentences. Are giving me. A headache. Please stop. And forget. That the full stop. Exists. Please and thank.
29. On Ana’s virginity: “And a nice young man hasn’t swept you off your feet? I just don’t understand. You’re twenty-one, nearly twenty-two. You’re beautiful.” Why hasn’t some guy taken her to bed?” – heaven forbid she stay a virgin for as long as she wants because *insert whatever reason here* I feel offended on behalf of all virgins. YOU DO YOU, BOOS, OKAY? ILY <3
30. Ugh, he’s “rectifying the situation”. I remember this part. IT STILL HAUNTS MY DREAMS.
31. Kay, hold on, I need booze to be able to read this

32.At least I don’t have to worry about every dick she’s slept with.” – I can’t even with you, you fuckboy to end all fuckboys
33.I want to see her marked…pink…with tiny, thin welts from a crop maybe” – ANA RUN THE FUCK AWAY MY CHILD
34.I own her first orgasm” – you possessive turd
35. Oh my god, nobody comes just because you tell them to ffs
36.My cock stirs with approval” – I’m sorry, I can’t take a book with sentences like this seriously honestly i’m imagining stirring the soup with a dick
37. I just can’t
38. Wow that was like 10 pages too many of really poor sex
39. 1/10 would not recommend

Part 1

Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed masterpost


Annnddd you gooottt tttiiiimmmmeee

Let’s start a riot, a rrrrriotttttt

~The Riot that seems to last for only four days but it feels like weeks or a month

~What was the point of the riot anyway? I lost track of why it began in the first place

~I didn’t like how long it took to get swat to bust in the prison, realistically they would have been there in the first two hours.

~For those who want the video that Red was watching about the takis and hot Cheetos:

~If you need someone whose good at survival​ make sure you find Frieda shes a badass.

~Judy King you are a bitch a cold harded bitch that had everyone catering to her every whim

~Linda I’m glad you weren’t rescued I hope that your booked until someone actually cares to get you out.

~Suzanne telling herself how beautiful her black skin is got me crying like FUCK.

~Alison you are Amazing character


~The meth-heads, oh my god I want to skip the scenes every time they showed up, they were fucking annoying

~Blanca/Red is a must in life, I love their duo so much and it is the best.

~Blanca you look very pretty this season

~Lorna you are Cra-cra and need to take some of those phyco pills

~Suzanne’s medication struggles. Lorna should have given Suzanne’s pills to her, it fucking terrified me when she wouldn’t wake up.

~Suzanne setting up a boundary around the place where Poussey died that tugged my feels

~Human burritos ;)

~Red, Red I LOVE YOU, I ADORE YOU, you are the funniest person when you are high. But very paranoid.

~Nicky hot damn woman you look sexy with your hair straight.

~Big Boo I ship you hardcore with Tiffany or you can be Bros I’m okay with that.

~Taystee you are a bombastic​ woman I picture you doing great things.

~Piscatella past was only revealed a little bit but I cried for him when he died. He was a asshole but he was haunted by a tragic past that made him go off the deep end.

~ Brook idea of the libary being put all over the prison was the best thing EVER.

~ Piper Purposes to Alex!!!!!!

~Pipers mom supports her decision to be with Alex!

~ The piano playing at the end of episode thirteen while they all hold hands together tightly literally had me in crying for ten minutes.

~Vauseman is NOT the worst couple on the show. Pennsatucky and her rapist are the WORST. The argument; Are they saying it’s okay to forgive your rapist and to be with them?! I’m more of thinking its Stock Holme Syndrome.

~I’m glad it focused on human emotions, the grieving process, etc.

~when Brook was pulled away forcefully by the Swat while watching the hanging book memorial that crushed my heart and I cried.

~The ending is bothering me; the count was short ten prisoners. Which all the viewers just write off as the ten in the bunker (Piper, Alex, Red, Nicky, Frieda, Gloria, Blanca, Taystee, Suzanne and Black Cindy) But in reality they should be short twelve ( Eleven at least if you count MCC Linda but she adds one extra to the count) The evidence is Pennsatucky is watching TV with Coates and Chang just walked off through the hole in the fence like she was going on vacation. So yeah they need to recount, and reevaluate whose there and whose not, and take away Linda who doesn’t belong there.

It’s so hard for me to read fics with physical abuse, even more when it’s Sirius.

I delt/deal with this type of abuse myself and I can’t stand anymore loud noises or people shouting: it makes me nauseous and makes me want to cry immediately. I can’t watch brutal scenes on tv or movies, it’s just too hard. Just as when I read it and I feel suffocated. So, I’m sorry if I don’t write this type of imagines. It’s just too hard for me to even think about it.

My 10 Fave Babes of All Time

Tagged by @faecakes​. Thanks! (I loved your selection btw~).

I think I did this one a while ago but I took the chance to make this my first drawings of the year :pp to start warming up again ww. These are in no particular order.

1. Horokeu Usui (HoroHoro) / Shaman King.

Horo was probably my first masive 2D crush. I obsessed over him like a psycho lol. I learned every single little thing about him (and I mean trivial stuff like… the exact numbre of frame, page and volume for his first appearance xd), the meaning of his name, the name of his techniques (which were in Ainu). Oh, and also, SEIYUUS! Horo started my obsession with making seiyuu connections x) (I was never really fan of Ueda Yuuji, tho). And I really admired Horo… I felt he was like my soulmate, my perfect husbando. So, based on priority right, he should be like my #1 bae :’)

2. Hinata Hideki / Angel Beats!  &  Kuga Aki  / Kamisama Dolls.

I’m putting them together because they’re both special characters to me for the same reason: I knew Kimura Ryouhei because of them, and I loved him from the very beginning. Coincidentally, I started watching Angel Beats and Kamisama Dolls at the same time, and the contrast between these two characters, voiced by the same seiyuu, made me fall in love completely. They’re both so different. Hinata is a bright, loyal, energetic boy while Aki is this manipulative, rude, meticulous, violent guy (though he’s also super calm and indifferent about certain things). Hinata had me loving his voice changes whenever he was put into ridiculous and funny situations while Aki got me melting becasue of his manic laugh. I love Hinata & Aki both as characters, not just because of Kimura, but they’re the perfect examples of why KimuRyou is my fav seiyuu <3 <3

3. Kise Ryouta / Kuroko no Basket.

Oh boy….. my love for this man burns like a thousand suns bursting, ISTG. He’s too pure too good to pretty too shiny too precious for this world. Ok, I admit… Kimura Ryouhei is partly at fault here lol. Kise actually reminded me a lot of Hinata and I liked him from the start too, but soon I started loving every single little thing about him. He’s introduced a little as an arrogant dude but soon enough comes to change after his loss against Seirin (I loved it when he cried sddsffg). He’s like the cheerful, carefree member of the group, but he also shows so much determination, strength, and even selfishness. But I really think he’s the most admirable of the Generation of Miracles.
And he’s so pretty I wanna cry everytime I see him, sob.

4. Judal / Magi.

Yes, the Kimura Ryouhei syndrome continues… but I swear it’s coincidence(?).
Judal caught my eye since I saw him in the opening (that sequence when he’s falling, grabs a white rukh and turns it black it’s mesmerizing), but when he was finally introduced in the show, I WAS DOOMED FOREVER. Goddamn, I loved his personality. Even if he’s a little bit of a psycho, I loved his childish arrogant attitude. He’s like my twisted son ♥ Except… not really a son, because… he makes me feel things 6//6 (???). Aahaahgsdjhk yes yes ok, I love his design, really, L O V E   I T ♥ ♥.  His long braid, those beautiful ringed eyes, the makeup on them, the necklace and bracelets, that crop top, those abs, DAT WAISTLINE  aksjdhjkashdkjhgasgasd ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ Д ⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄
He needs his own manga, there’s just never enough Judal in my life.

5. Nozaki Umetarou / Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

I’ve said this before, but it me. Nozaki is me, I am Nozaki (except I’m not tall and handsome lol). Looks cold, mostly serious, suuupr dense in some subjects (specially about love and romance), zero experience in love… but somehow still makes love stories! His shoujo manga is terrible haha but he’s surprisingly popular as mangaka in spite of that x) I bet if I were to draw a manga it would be as ridiculous as his (or if my comics serve as an example… well, there ww).
He has this stoic aspect, but he makes the most idiotic faces when he gets excited too~  I think Nozaki is more socially skilled than me but we’re both awkward anymway(?) xD. He’s my spirit animal ♥ 

6. Netherlands & Finland / Hetalia.

Ah, my time in the Hetalia fandom… feels so distant :’)
Italy was my fav at first but then I started roleplaying Fin (the first chara I ever roleplayed) and my love for him kept growing from there. He was just too adorbs <3 I got to know a lot of super nice people, both on the internet and irl, because of him. Also, back then I listened to lot of metal music, and I always pictured Fin as a secret metalhead xD And then Netherlands… I don’t remember exactly how I started liking him, I remember they released the chara design, stuff happened, and then there I was cosplaying the dude. Hahaha ah, even though I loved Fin, I couldn’t identify with him cause he’s super cute,  happy and lovable; but Netherlands was more like me~ Stoic, cold, tsundere.
Over time, Netherlands became my favorite over Fin, but they’re both special.

7. Furukawa Nagisa / CLANNAD.

My precious child. The purest girl ever created. A National treasure, istg.
She’s not the type of female characters that I usually like, but somehow she got me from the start. She’s too adorable, sweet, innocent and good. She’s just too good!!!!!!! She’s always caring for others, always supportive of her friends, and tries her best even though she’s phisically weak and lacks confidence. She’s so strong and admirable, she makes my heart melt. CLANNAD made me cry rivers and hit me hard when… well, when After Story happened.
She’s the type of character that I want to protect from all evil.
I also LOVED Nakahara Mai’s performance as Nagisa, btw. I kept watching her scenes over and over just to listen to the cutest voice akjshd <3
I really love this child ;//;

8. Licht Jekylland Todoroki & Lawless / Servamp.

Well, as you would expect x)
It’s probably obvious that I love them both so hard. And I want to clear up for the records that it’s not just because I love them together, or the homo hints flying all over the place between them. I love them both as separated characters.
I really admire Licht. His resolution, his unbreakable spirit, his attitude, the hard worker he is, his strength, his pure innocence about the things he loves, his vision, his badassness, his frankness, his creativity…  He’s a gem, the type of person I could never be :’)  ALSO, HE’S HOT AF.
Lawless is so beautiful. He deserves the universe. I feel him more in a spirital way. How he lost faith in everything, how meaningless lives seemed to him, the vicious cycle he was in. But the fact he’s able to change that (with Licht’s help) is truly touching and praiseworthy. He made a deep impression in me.
Ah, and of course, his flamboyant personality! He’s such a dork ahah xD I love his nerdy side, his energy, even his bragging. And the fact that he can literally go from hotdamn vampire to cute hedgy in no time is amazing xD ♥ Also, his voice…. yeah, you know this by this point, but the fact he’s voiced by Kimura Ryouhei makes him even more perfect than he already was (everytime I listen to the Drama CDs, I literally have to go back and listen to his lines again because kjahsdjkg perfection in my ears).
So yeah, I love my boys ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

9. Morgiana / Magi.

Ah, Morgiana ♥ ♥ The ultimate example of the type of female character that I like. She’s strong, kind, determined, tough, has a strong sense of justce, needs no one to do shit for her, BUT she’s not arrogant, aggresive or extravagant herself. She’s quite, starightforward and helpful. But she’s also soooo adorable and cute!! The way she puffs up her cheeks when she’s mad, her smile, the little tears on her eyes when he was encouraged by Hakuryuu, her happy face, the way she dances around wearing that exotic outfit… man she is gorgeous, she’s amazing, she’s a goddess.
And dem kicks, THE KIIICCCKKKS, god she’s a BADASS.
She seriously became like a prototype of my perfect gurl. No kidding, after her, everytime there’s a badass fem chara that I like, I call her “a Morgiana”.
And I know she’s probs being “controlled” by Sinbad in the manga right now, but I cried when she said she has come to love herself because of all the time she’s been with Alibaba. I’M SO PROUD OF HER <//333


Agh, I just…. it’s amazing how without a miss, characters voiced by Kimura always become my favourite. I always love them, for one reason or another. I mean, I have other seiyuus I love too (Kaji Yuki, Nakamura Yuuichi, Ishikawa Kaito, Sugita Tomokazu, Kamiyan….), but I don’t always like their characters. But with Kimura, I ALWAYS do.
I don’t know all of his roles, obviously, but here’s some that I absolutely love:

Takakura Shouma [Mawaru Penguindrum]  |  Yagami Riku [Prince of Stride]   Nishimi Kaoru [Sakamichi no Apollon]  |  Atou Touji [Tokyo Ravens]  |  Hauser [Nanatsu no Taizai]  |  Izuminokami Kanesada [Touken Ranbu]  |  Wakamatsu Hirotaka [Nozaki-kun]  |  Fujimoto Takatora [Aoharu Kikanjuu]  |  Kimata Hayato [Meganebu]  |  L-elf [Valvrave]  |  Furuya Chihiro [Sankarea]  |  Bokuto Koutaro [Haikyuu]  |  Shimotsuki Shun [Tsukiuta], etc….

Special mention 2: Jorah Mormont, Eddard Stark, Jon Snow.
Because I love GoT, and these are my favs, but I can’t draw real people ww.

I’m tagging @pastenaga​, @stars-glow-for-you​, @adeslowmoqueen​, @rhomilch​ & @reimeijennoir​~ Feel free to do it if you want uvu/ Don’t worry guys, you don’t have to draw the charas to do this www Actually, you don’t have to write anything about them either lol my hand slipped(?)

why cursed child broke my heart

I’m not going to shit on the whole play because I’m an actor and honestly I do agree with the people who say this is something that needs to be seen in its intended format (that’s me looking past the character flaws and plot holes). That being said, this post will not include any of the things I truly enjoyed about the play and focus on one thing that ruined the whole thing for me.

I needed to get this out because if I didn’t it was going to eat me alive. I finished the play Monday night and so I’ve had some time to sit and stew about it and the cold hard fact is that if I think about Scorbus too much it really makes me want to cry. It breaks my heart! As a queer person reading this play I got so excited that we were going to finally have this beautiful out and proud couple in the harry potter universe. I couldn’t believe it was happening at first, but then as the play went on it became more and more irrefutable that Albus and Scorpius loved each other and it was beautiful. Then this bullshit scene is thrown into my eyes like acid, Scorpius asking Rose out, and I’m ready to throw my script across the room and scream. My whole face went blank and something in my chest fell because i felt betrayed. Now that’s super dramatic - I’m super dramatic. get over it! 

 I’m also reasonable. I went into this play ready to ship Rose and Scorpius because the epilogue kind of eludes to it, but the play changed my mind. It converted me into a full Scorbus shipper only to what? gaybait me I guess. What the actual fuck JK Rowling and Jack Thorne and the director who I can’t blame because I’m sure the magic of this play is lovely on stage. I laughed at their subtle nods to the fanfiction community; the drarry duel, the snamione banter and the dramione stage direction. I thought it was cute if not a bit cheesy. But they did not give a nod to Scorbus, they wrote scorbus then forced a hetersexual ship down our throats and it legit hurt my feelings. I was like “you think the lack of LGBTQ characters in your books is funny?” “Did you think, oh I’ll let the fandom make it gay so I don’t have to.” Well you did make them gay and then you pushed them into the closet and it made me feel like my childhood hero was ashamed of homosexuality. She’s alright to support it, to come out for her characters after the fact, to like the idea of them on twitter but she couldn’t actually write it in the play because that’s too bold. There would be too much back lash. Let’s keep throwing the gays under the bus because they must be comfortable down there already. She has so much influence, she had an opportunity to really make a statement about the lack of LGBTQ+ characters in popular literature and then not only did she not do it but to tease at it…..IT HURT OK!

Now this is not the first time I have had this reaction (albiet not as strong) to something my childhood hero and savior, Rowling, has said. When she completely obliterated the Hermione/Ron relationship I could find little words to defend her. She destroyed the legitimacy of a couple she groomed us to love for so long (sound familiar). Well, now I’m here and I can say I’m mad at her. I couldn’t before but now I can. I have loved her for so long. I always will love her for bringing characters into my life that were for years my only friends, but this is going to be a hard one to forgive. 

Now, and this is wishful thinking, this might only be the first installment of a series of cursed child era books/plays and she might be planning Scorbus endgame. If that is the case, I will eat my blasphemous, shitty words. Until that point, I am going to try to separate myself from the script as much as possible. Even though I’m a weak human being and if it comes to New York I will see it and allow myself to get my heart broken all over again.   

What is This Feeling? (Part 3)

A/N: Here it is! My last fic for about a week. People were requesting me to write another part of this, so that’s what you’re getting! This isn’t the best chapter I’ve written, but it was the best I could come up with.

Word Count: 2, 140

Your POV 


Ever since Dan left, I’ve been feeling more alone and sensitive. I’m not sure what is was, maybe I missed him? Maybe I’m just pissed off at this entire situation since I couldn’t figure out what I wanted, or even needed. Phil and I have been getting in a few arguments lately…they’re mostly about Dan. He hasn’t been telling me what’s going on between them, and I feel responsible for them not talking. Something happened in Dan’s room that night when Dan announced he was moving away; and I’m going to get to the bottom of it. 

Today Phil and I were visiting Dan’s flat since he finally got everything furnished and it’s all done. Phil wasn’t very ecstatic about it, but me on the other hand? The happiest mood I’ve been in all week. That changed quite quickly though. 

We arrived at his flat, and knocked on the door.  

“Phil, what’s wrong? You’ve been acting kind of off ever since we left our flat.” I whispered to Phil so Dan couldn’t overhear anything. 

“Yeah I’m fine.” He responded. I raise an eyebrow at him, doubt probably written all over my face. 

“Don’t worry about me.” He flashed a smile at me and leaned down to kiss my cheek. At that moment, Dan opened the door. I looked at him then back to Phil who just pulled away from my face.  

“Hi.” Dan said, staring into my eyes. 

“Hey.” I smiled at Dan, and pulled him into a long hug. I turned around to see Phil, who was standing outside the flat looking at the both of us. “Phil c'mon.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him inside, and pulled him towards the lounge. 

Behind us Dan closed the door, and walked to the lounge where he found Phil and I awkwardly sitting on the couch. Once Dan entered the room, I couldn’t help but smile. He sat on the right side of me, and Phil was on my left. This couldn’t be any more awkward since there was obvious tension in the room. 

“I’ve missed your presence in the house Dan. It’s different not hearing random mumbling in the morning.” I teased, nudging him with my elbow. 

“Oh shut up. I doubt you miss that.” He laughed, his beautiful brown eyes crinkling in the corner. “So how have you guys been doing?" 

"Oh noth-” I got interrupted by Dan’s phone going off. 

“I’m sorry hang on.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket, and chuckled softly while typing something. “Okay continue.”

He smiled at me, and put his phone away, 

“Don’t worry, we haven’t done too much. Phil has been busy with work, and I’ve just been…doing nothing.” I laughed. 

After a few hours of Dan and I talking (with Phil joining in at some points, but for the most part he was oddly silent) we decided to order pizza and watch a movie. Dan’s phone kept going off, every time he would answer it he would smirk, and quickly type back something. It was obvious he was texting someone, but who? 

“Okay what movie should we watch?” Dan questioned, sitting down on the floor next to his movie collection.

 "Let’s see what you got Howell.“ I joined him, sitting crossed legged, skimming through the movies. 

"Okay what about Avengers?” He pulled out the case and placed it in front of us.

 "You know how many times I’ve watched that, different movie.“ I began to look at his collection. It’s filled with a bunch of Marvel and Studio Ghibli movies, with some random other movies on the side. Near the bottom of the collection was just a bunch of anime shows. "What about My Neighbour Totoro?" 

"I’m not in the mood to cry.” Dan laughed.

“Okay true.”  

There was more playful movie banter until we finally decided to watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Dan jumped off of the couch when he heard knocking at the door. 

“I’ll get it.” He said excitedly, running down the hall. I turned to Phil and gave him a stern look. 

“Phil something is obviously wrong, why won’t you tell me?” I whispered. He’s barely spoken this entire time. 

“I’m sorry (Y/N), I’m just thinking about a lot of stuff.” His eyes were filled with pain. 

“Like what?” I asked. 

“PIZZA IS HERE.” Dan yelled as he entered the lounge with a pizza box and a kitchen roll placed on top of the box. He stopped in front of the coffee table. He carefully grabbed the kitchen roll, and placed it down, then did the same with the pizza. He sat down next to me, and scooted closer. 

“Okay you ready?” I asked, turning to Dan who was staring at his phone again. “Sooo who are you texting Howell?” I teased, nudging his arm. 

“Oh, I met this girl and we’ve been texting a lot. She wants to know if I want to go on a date." 

My heart began to beat faster, and I felt a big lump in my throat. I should have taken the chance while I had it, he’s moving on god dammit! It took everything in me to force a smile, "That’s great!” I said, obviously trying to act excited for him. 

“Yeah I guess.” He shrugged and turned on the movie. He reached for the pizza and put all his attention onto the TV.  

I turned my head away from him, and looked at Phil who also seemed like he was watching the movie. A tear slipped out of my eye and I muttered, “Fuck.” Phil turned to me, but I got up before he could see anything. “I need to go to the washroom, be right back.” I stammered, tripping on the way out of the lounge. Smooth move (Y/N). 

I shut the bathroom door, and stared at myself in the mirror.  

“What have you gotten yourself into?” I said to myself. More tears escaped my eyes the longer I stared into the mirror. I lost my change to be with Dan, and I’m not even sure if I love Phil the way he loves me. Don’t get me wrong, Phil is a great person. He’s so sweet and funny, don’t forget attractive. However, I felt like Dan was the one who I truly loved, but that window closed long ago when I started to go out with Phil, thinking I had feelings for him. 

The movie finished, and we parted ways. I said goodbye to Dan, and gave him another hug. Phil mumbled by and just walked out the door. Phil and I hopped into a taxi, the car ride home was silent. Once we arrived at our flat, we both sat in bed. I was about to fall asleep when I heard Phil talk. 


"Yes?” I sat up so my back was resting against the headboard. 

“Were you hurt when Dan said he got asked on a date by that girl?” He asked me. I observed his face but his expression was hard to read. 

“Um…no.” I felt guilty for lying, I want to tell Phil the truth. But I don’t want to hurt him either, he doesn’t deserve all of this. 

“I can tell you’re lying.” Phil looked down at his hands. “You seemed really hurt when he told you. I knew you ran off to the bathroom to cry, I just didn’t want to make a big scene.” That was one thing I always admired about Phil. He was so observant and noticed the small changes in people’s behaviour. But, at times it could be a curse.

“Phil, if you’re implying that I have feelings for Dan, you’re wrong.” Saying these things made me feel even guiltier, I was lying straight to his face. I knew he must have known I was lying, but I couldn’t admit it.

“Why are you lying to me?” His cheeks started to turn red with anger, and his voice began to get louder.

“I’m not lying to you.” I said calmly. 

“I know you are (Y/N), just tell me the truth.” There was a fire burning in his eyes, but I couldn’t bring myself to confess. 

“I can’t.” My vision got blurry with the tears building in my eyes.  

“Why not?” Phil’s voice grew softer, and he wrapped his arm around my waist to pull me in closer. I nuzzled my head into his chest, and let the tears fall out. 

“I don’t know anymore. I’m trying to figure things out.” I mumbled into his chest.  

“You know what?” He softly pushed me away, brushing strands of hair out of my face. “I’ll give you time to figure everything out. When you do, talk to me about it okay?” I nodded my head, and he leaned in kissing my forehead.  

How can someone like him be so sweet in a situation like this?

Phil’s POV 

I knew what was going on. It was completely obvious after what happened at Dan’s house.  

(Y/N) was in love with Dan, and he was in love with her.  

It was evident that Dan was only using the girl to try to get over (Y/N), but I could tell it wasn’t going to work. I’ve accepted the fact that the person I love, loves someone else. I only want for her to be happy, and if that means with Dan, then so be it. That’s what I was talking about when I told (Y/N) I was thinking about stuff. The way (Y/N)’s face lit up when she saw Dan was amazing, and he did the same whenever he even looked at her. I was watching them (in the least creepy way possible) while they were choosing what movie to watch. Heart eyes were very noticeable whenever they stared into each other’s eyes. 

When I was questioning (Y/N) before going to sleep, I knew what the answer was. I wanted her to admit it, so she can realize who she should be really putting the effort into. But when she started to cry, my heart melted. I wanted to hear her say she was in love with Dan so badly, I needed closure. I gave her the time to figure herself out, because she doesn’t seem to realize she is in love with Dan, not me. 

I feel guilty for not telling her the real reason why Dan moved out. She deserved to know how much Dan loved the both of us, and didn’t want to come between us. 


I walked into Dan’s room, finding him crying in his bed. 

“Dan why are you moving out?” I asked. 

“I can’t tell you.” He responded, burying his face in his hands. 

I walked over to his bed, sitting next to him. “Please tell me.” 

“You’re going to be pissed off.” He mumbled in his hands. 


“Phil, I can’t.” 

“Just tell me!” My voice rose, turning into a yell. 

“I’m in love with (Y/N)!” He said loudly. I stared at him in shock, even though I did see it coming. 

“I’m sorry what?” 

“I’m in fucking love with (Y/N), or at least I think I am…I don’t know.” He shook his head which was still resting in his hands. 

“Is that the reason you’re moving out?”

“YES!” Dan shouted, lifting up his head from his hands and revealing his tear-stained face. “I can’t do this anymore Phil.”

“I’m sorry that you didn’t tell her soon enough! But this isn’t all my fault.” I yelled back. 

“Because I was scared Phil! And obviously I fucked up again so that’s why I’m leaving. It hurts me too much to see her with you.” He replied in a softer tone.

“Dan, I’m sorry.” I said growing quieter. 

“I know, it’s just hard.” Dan’s voice cracked as he stared at the wall thinking of something else to say. “I-I just didn’t want to get in between you guys. It’s obvious you love her and I don’t want to ruin that.” 

“Well-” I heard knocking at Dan’s door and quickly turned my head to the door, and back at him. He nodded slowly, giving me the signal to open the door. There (Y/N) stood, shocked and scared.

End of Flashback 

Looking back at it now, I should have told her the truth earlier. I guess I was being selfish at the time, wanting her to myself. I spent my time being jealous of Dan, throwing myself into my work because of my anger and sadness. That’s why I’ve been busy lately. I have been distracting myself so I don’t have to focus on our current problem. But I finally came to terms with the fact that Dan and (Y/N) love each other.  I want to help her realize that she should tell Dan her true feelings. Whatever made her happy, made me happy. 

A/N: I feel bad for making Phil go through this. I MUST STAY STRONG.

So I Watched Gintama

I’d heard a lot about this show and how it was so funny. So I actually decided to try it out anD GODDAMMIT I can’t stop and help I’ve fallen in love with these idiots.

Weird jokes, weirder characters and unbelievable 4th wall breaks all combined with deep, meaningful arcs, epic character development and hilarious fan interactions make this show one of the best long running anime series ever. 

Sakata Gintoki - My love for this white haired, sugar loving, perverted asshole cannot be defined in words. I LOVE HIS FACE AND VOICE SO MUCH OH GODS *fans self*. His action scenes are breathtaking and his tragic backstory makes me want to cry. 

Shimura Shinpachi - The only voice of sanity in this fuckfest. Devoted to his sister and works hard to become a samurai. Iconic eyewear and random shrieking aside, Shin-chan brings balance and a simple charm to this world of wackos and I absolutely love him. 

Kagura - Bow down to the Queen of Kabukichou! She’s perfect. She can kickass ass and break your bones and she can be cute and innocent. She’s lazy and childish, strong yet gentle and she’s everything a girl should be.


Hijikata Toushirou - Another voice of sanity albeit, obsessed with mayonnaise. A brilliant strategist and loyal to Kondo, he’s called the “Demon Vice Chief”. Often curses his life but will die or kill for his squad. His love for Mitsuba had me in fucking hysterics. 

Sougo Okita - King of Deadpan and sadist to boot. His constant attempts to kill Kagura I SHIP THEM SO HARD ASDGFHGJHKJL bring hilarity to his otherwise unresponsive character and his skill with the sword and bazooka are deadly.

Kondo Isao - Is it too much to ask for this poor gorilla to be happy? He’s the comic relief for so many jokes…I just want Otae to give him a chance. *cries*  

Katsura Kotaro - “Zura ja nai, Katsura da!” His luscious locks and Elizabeth are the only things keeping him alive imo. His dense attitude leads to some hilarity and as the leader of the Anti Rebellion Faction he’s always at loggerheads with the Shinsengumi.

Other characters

Tsukuyo is the perfect match to Gin and I love her for her strength and fortitude. I adore Otae and Kyuubei for their amazing friendship. I hope Hasegawa has better luck, the poor bastard. Takasugi is a gorgeous motherfucker who’s wickedness comes from his and Gin’s shared tragic past. 

The Yoshiwara in Flames, Shinsengumi Under Attack and Yagyuu arc were probably my favourites.

Special mention: Gintoki’s baby, Otae’s burnt eggs and Okita’s sleep mask. Sacchan’s extreme stalking, Otsu’s censored songs, Sakamoto’s pure laugh, Tama’s robot antics and Yamazki’s badminton racket.

This show is fucking brilliant and yes, THE HYPE IS REAL.


Tenno no Ryoriban Interview: Sato Takeru-san (as Akiyama Tokuzo)


(Photo 1)

*What was the impression when you read the scenario for the first time?

I thought Tokuzo-san’s life was just a great one. (Since it is the historical story about Mr. Akiyama Tokuzo,) It is shocking that there was a person who actually led such a life.
It’s a very nice story and I enjoyed reading the scenario, but when I read it thinking that I would play the role, I was very surprised because he was the type of a person I had never played and totally different type of figure from my natural self. If I was to play this role, it would be a great challenge, I thought.

*About the cooking scenes

Since I usually don’t cook, ‘the time has come at last for me to cook’, I thought. (lol) I started to go to cooking school last summer at rock bottom, cutting my fingers. (lol) Until the shooting for the drama started, I had been filming a movie in Hokkaido, and there even in the hotel room, I kept practicing cutting potatoes and onions. In reality, there are many scenes where I handle potatoes, and the first difficulty I faced was to peel them into ‘chateau’. We have peelers now, but in those days they did it all with a small petit knife and it’s very difficult. But I didn’t use a stand-in but did all by myself even in shooting close-up shots at hands.
Even though I’ve been practicing again and again, it is the most difficult to show cooking is in my blood because I’m acting a cook. It does not apply only to cooking but to any time when I play a role as a professional; using tricks won’t work in many parts, so I’m struggling. Cooking is artisanal, so the cutting movements of a kitchen knife and delicacy in dishes are also awesome. I have difficulty in making it look convincing. However, cooking scenes are enjoyable. These days I have a strong impulse to cut them into strips when I see vegetables. (lol)
I enjoy eating the dishes we made in the kitchen, and the cutlet that appeared in the first episode was delicious! The cutlet served as a trigger for Tokuzo-san to chase a dream. You will all feel like eating cutlets once the drama starts, I suppose.

*Do you have something in mind when you play Tokuzo?

It was the role I’d never tried before, so for a while after the shooting started, I thought this and that. I read the scenario many times and went to the shooting site thinking what kind of approach would be the best. I proceeded the shooting talking with Producer Ishimaru and Director Hirakawa.
‘Why was Tokuzo-san loved so much? What should I do to be like that?’ I thought, but as a conclusion, I didn’t devise something visible. The reason why Tokuzo-san is loved so much is that he is honest and embracing life, I think. It means that I have to embrace life, straight, with sincerity. That’s the only way, I think, and I’m now doing so.

(Photo 2)

*Please tell us your impression of the co-stars

Kuroki Haru-san, who acts as Toshiko, who is to be Tokuzo’s wife, is really just like Toshiko-san. So much so that I can’t tell if she is Toshiko-san or Haru-san. She is the type of a woman who supports a man a few steps back of him. There is something traditional about her. She has an inner fortitude, and if you ask if she is strong or weak, she is strong … It’s also like Toshiko-san.

Kiritani Kenta-san, my friend apprentice, is … really a welcome existence. I’ve worked with him many times, but he makes me want to work together again. I want him to be in the shooting site.
Since there are many scenes where Tokuzo plays all alone, I feel saved at the shooting site with Kiritani-san after I kept acting all by myself. He understands how hard it is to act alone and clears the atmosphere, so he makes me realize what it is to become lighter spiritually.

Suzuki Ryohei-san, my brother, is stoic. I think he is really a man. I love his stoicism and manliness that once he has decided, he never fails to do it.
He makes me feel like crying, just being there, just by his existence.
I love the scenes with Tokuzo and his brother very much. But there are not so many scenes with my brother to the contrary, rather few, and we communicate almost only via mails. The reason why I feel so much for these brothers’ scenes is that I know what Ryohei-san feels toward getting into his character. Therefore I feel strongly about my brother, I think.

*You did locations quite widely we hear …

Fukushima, Ibaraki, Kobe, Okayama, and France … In Japan, we started shooting in January and February, but the scenes were not set in winter, so to avoid letting out white breath, we acted eating ice. It was cold.
(Suzuki) Ryohei-san says I never said ‘cold’, but in fact, I said ‘cold’ in front of (Kuroki) Hana-chan. I’m honest in front of my wife but can’t show my weakness in front of my brother. (lol)

*Which is the most impressive location of all …?

The most impressive is France, as expected.
Don’t you have an elegant image to hear ‘location in France’?
In fact, it was tough location as if it weren’t already enough. (lol) It took as many as twelve hours to fly there, and as soon as we put our baggage at our hotel, we started filming … at any rate schedule was so tight.
And this drama has so many scenes where Tokuzo runs. Probably I spent more time in running than cooking, I suppose. (lol) Not only in France but in Japan, I ran, but Paris has more straight roads with a good view than Japan. But running on a road with a good view means that however far I run, you can see me forever. I wished, ‘Please say “Cut!” ~ *cry*’all too often. I had to run all the way to the horizon … doing it every day exhausted me as expected. *bitter laugh*

(Photo 3)

*This drama starts in Meiji Era. Was there anything surprising during the shooting?

It’s unique to this time, I guess, that pots used in cooking are very heavy! When we wash dishes, we use loofah instead of sponges.
It was the time when books were very precious, you know. So we treat them very carefully. I was about to lay a book face down if not told to stop it, when Ryohei-san taught me because he had just played a role who works in the publishing industry. Since then I’ve been careful. (lol)

In those days, there was nothing like email, so letters had a great power as a communication tool, I think. They conveyed their thought in hand written letters even if they were not sure if the letters would reach the other person. However, the bond between people and love and thoughts toward people were all the stronger in those days, I suppose. It would be more wonderful if we, living in the modern world, too, could lead a live like that … I sometimes think.

Final word for the viewer, please.

Even though I’ve been shooting for such a long time, I myself can’t imagine how this drama will turn out even now. The only thing I can say is that we’re making it in earnest.
To tackle one thing this earnestly is rare occurrence. This is a hot site of creation. To be in there is a blessing as an actor. Since we’re making the drama in such heat, I honestly want you to watch it. We’re working straight and with inexcusable seriousness, so I won’t bother to say ‘This is a drama like this’, but I’d rather only say, ‘Please watch it!’