this scene makes me laugh every time i watch it

friendly reminder that keith, the second shortest of the team has to bend down to look at pidge

Seventeen (hip hop unit): surprising them at the airport

S.Coups:  he’s suspicious as soon as he sees his members giggling and throwing him knowing looks. Poor baby would be so confused until you suddenly jumped into his arms out of nowhere lol but he wouldn’t even need a second for him to know that it was in fact, you. He hugs you back so tightly, cradling your head against his chest, and ignores the teasing and whistles coming from his dongsaengs. “God, I missed you so much.”

Wonwoo:  he practically begged you not to come to the airport and catch him off guard, he just wanted it to be the both of you if he was going to greet you (lord knows he can’t help himself lmao) instead of having everyone witnessing him being all mushy. But ofc, you didn’t listen, and ran up to your shocked boyfriend as soon as you saw him. He’ll drop everything in his hands and catch you swiftly, pressing lil kisses on top of your head and mumbling, “You always do this, y/n, it’s not fair I’m gonna get you back ;(”

Mingyu:  squeals of joy and pure bliss bc wow!!!!! he finally gets to see your beautiful face again after 3 days!!!!!!!! Basically yall would almost be reenacting a scene from a movie when you run towards each other, arms flailing in every direction until he reaches you and picks you up. No matter who will be watching, he’s covering your face w/ kisses and making you giggle. “I know it’s only been a few days, but I missed my baby. I’m taking you w/ me next time, ok?”

Vernon:  an embarrassed and flushed lil fluff. Despite him talking about how much he missed you and how he won’t leave your side when he returns, the teasing is just too much and he can’t help but laugh when you’re the one squeezing him and telling him how much you missed seeing his face. He’d rather guide you to a quiet corner and properly greet you….aka geek about what he saw and what sorts of presents he bought you.

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Me watching the Lego Batman movie
  • Spoilers...Sorta
  • ***
  • Me watching Joker cry: *cries* Goddamnit DC, really?!
  • ***
  • Alfred: That weird one in the 60s
  • Me: *flails* THEY DID IT
  • ***
  • Batman: Make the bad guys fight the bad guys? That's a terrible idea!
  • Me: *snorts really loudly*
  • ***
  • Me: Are they changing Harley's costume every scene?...Oh I get it
  • ***
  • Killer Croc: *presses button* I DID SOMETHING!!
  • Me: *cries and laughs at the same time*
  • ***

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Yo, it's ya boi, the same one who started that damn Danti angst story chain ans boY IT WAS AMAZING YOU'RE AN INCREDIBLE BEING AND I LOVE YOU. Anyways, yes, fluff time, maybe "Can you hold my hand...?" With some good ol' Danti of course?? Still love you to death

(( MY BOI! Thank you dude for sending that prompt in! That chain was awesome and fun to write! I LOVE YOU TOO!! HOpe this is fluffy enough for you! ))

“Can ye hold my hand…?” Anti asked quietly, holding out his hand for Dark to take as they walked down the pier. Dark glanced down at Anti, then at his hand and frowned, but didn’t refuse and entwined their fingers together, before drawing Anti’s hand into his pocket.
“Ye figured out I was cold then?” Anti laughed, shuffling a little closer to Dark so his arm wasn’t at an odd angle to fit inside his coat.

“You always ask for me to hold your hand when you’re cold.” Dark replied calmly, “The rest of the time you just take my hand for yourself.”

“I know ye don’t like being cold.” Anti shrugged, but Dark caught the blush in his cheeks before he buried his face into his scarf. “So I feel bad just taking ye hand when I’m cold.”

“It’s fine Anti,” Dark murmured, steering them around a group of tourists towards the very end of the pier, where a small stall was selling chips and ice cream, although he doubted Anti wanted ice cream anymore. The sea air was bracing, especially since it was Autumn time and a storm had just passed over the UK. Dark himself was hungry though, and ever since Anti had introduced him to the beauty of sea-side chips, he had craved them every time he came to see the murder bean.

“I want fish too!” Anti piped up as Dark approached the stall, fishing his wallet out of his other pocket.

“You could say that to the person, you’re standing right next to me.” Dark grumbled, but he gave the full order and paid. One of the people in the stall was staring at them with a strange expression, and Dark avoiding their gaze. He had a feeling they thought that they were looking at Mark and Jack, which was always a problem if he and Anti went anywhere. Well, if they went anywhere and wanted people to see them.

As soon as the food was handed over, Dark slipped the safety of his aura around them, disguising them from view so no one on the pier could see them. There was something about his aura as well that kept people away, so when Anti took a seat on a bench at the end of the pier, no one wanted to sit there either. The chips were good, and a nice layer of warmth against the wind and the spray of the sea. Anti happily tucked into his fish and chips, babbling about how that specific stall was one of the best at the seaside, but he preferred a chippy closer to Jack’s house for the food in the entirety of Brighton.

“How many chippies have you been to?” Dark asked as he screwed up the polystyrene holder and tossed it into the bin beside him. Anti was finishing off the last of the fish, and Dark snagged a few chips from his bag when he wasn’t watching.

“All of the ones in Brighton.” Anti replied earnestly, “Gotta find the best food, y’know.”

Rolling his eyes, Dark took Anti’s rubbish when he was done and tossed it into the bin as well. Anti stood and wandered over to the fence running around the edge of the pier. Dark watched as he climbed it and then sat, legs hanging over the sea, back slightly bent, leaning out into the sea air.

Approaching him, Dark slid his arms around him from the back, plastering his chest against Anti’s back, and encircled the glitch’s hands in his own. “You sure do love the sea.” He noted.

“What makes ye say that?” Anti asked.

“Every time I come here for a date you take me to the seaside for something.” Dark replied with a small laugh, “I get it Anti, I like the sea too.”

Anti didn’t say anything else, just leant back into Dark’s embrace and watched the rolling waves beneath them. They held hands the entire time, even when Dark helped him climb back over and Anti decided to re-enact the scene from the Titanic, slipping as he climbed and nearly falling had it not been for Dark’s grip on him. He found it hilarious, Dark not so much, but he still allowed Anti to curl their hands together inside his pocket as they walked home, unbeknownst to the others braving the weather for a nice date.

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A New Ruler-Thor Odinson x Reader One Shot

Summary: Thor and (Y/N) have been in a long relationship, sticking by each other through the Chitauri attack, when the Dark Elves almost took over and Ultron. However, (Y/N) has never been to Asgard and Thor knows that he must return to his home to take over as king, facing a hard decision; choose his kingdom or his love?

Characters: Thor Odinson x Reader

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name

Warnings: not really sure where I was going with this


As my eyes opened from a deep sleep, I smiled at the scene before me. I was embraced in my lovers arms, feeling safe and protected. Thor had somehow come into my life but I never wanted him to leave now. Pulling him even closer, I felt his hands tighten their grip on me slightly, groaning from moving around. I let out a breathy laugh, watching as woke up.

“It is still early dawn, my love. Why are you awake?” he asked, kissing my forehead.

“I guess my body knows that I dont have much time left with you. I need to make every second count.”

Thor was to leave soon, having to return to Asgard. He had kingly duties and had been away for far too long. But that was all my fault. I had fallen for the God of Thunder, the king of Asgard; me, a small little Earth girl. I felt bad for keeping him away from his home but it wasn’t fair that the only good thing in my life was about to be torn away from me. He had begged me countless times to go with him back to Asgard, I just couldn’t face it. His people wouldn’t want me there, I just knew it.

“(Y/N),” he leaned up on his elbow, looking down at me,“come with me, please. Let me show you my home as you have shown me yours.”

I sighed.“Thor, I’ve already taken you away from your people, what would they think when they see me with you?”

“They would love you. Everyone knows that Earth is one of the many realms I must protect. And you a part of that too.” his hand gently stroked my cheek.

I placed my hand over his.“They’ll be expecting someone royal, or someone who can unite your kingdom with another.”

“Perhaps you did not hear me correctly? You are a part of Earth, Midgard as we call it; your council will be well appreciated.”

I thought about it for a moment.“But what if things do go wrong?”

“You must stop this negative thinking, it is not good for you. Besides, if that did occur, I would ignore my people, they would be the ones in the wrong.”

I smiled.“Thor you can’t do that. What sort of king would that make you?”

“The kind that loves his woman.”

“I’ll think about it.”

As the day progressed, his question played more and more on my mind. It had always been a dream of mine to visit Asgard, who would miss on an opportunity to travel to another realm? But how was I supposed to deal with the problems that would occur? Asgard was still old fashioned, it was part of their culture to have arranged marriages, or so I had read; I had always been too scared to ask Thor in case it offended him.

And the pressure of being a queen was far too much. I had no idea how to be royal and these people needed strong leaders, not someone who would just be waited on all day. Thor had a point, I was from one of the realms but we were so different to everywhere else. I would have to dress like them, act like them, be one of them; honestly, I would be acting out my Game Of Thrones fantasy. But it was so much more than fancy dresses and tiaras.

“Thor?” I called out. Walking into the living room, I sat by him.“I….I’ve been thinking about what you said.”

He suddenly perked up.“Yes? What is your decision?”

“I think…I want to go with you to Asgard.”

Thor smiled, pulling me into his arms.“You do not know how happy you have made me (Y/N). We will leave tomorrow!”

Everything moved so quickly after that. Thor seemed to be full of adrenaline, unable to keep still or stop talking about the wonders of his home. Although I was very excited to be travelling into deep space, a part of me was also terrified. I knew that I would never be able to leave Thor’s side, our love was too strong. That was what was making it hard.

The next morning was here in a flash, my heart beating way too fast for my body. I stood in my bedroom, taking a look around for anything I needed, I could be leaving this all behind. Little things suddenly became important to me; the decorations I had ever so carefully picked out, the piles of books in the corner and even the floorboard in the middle of the room that creaked loudly. Items like these had not been so important before, perhaps I really was going to miss Earth.

“(Y/N), are you ready?” Thor stood in the doorway.

“Um, yes. Yes, let’s go.”

I drove us out of the town, far away to the fields surrounding the countryside. I felt sorry for whoever’s filed we were now about to ruin. Abandoning my car on the side of the road, I held onto Thor’s hand with my shaky one, feeling very sick. I could hardly handle rollercoasters, how was this going to turn out? He sensed my nerves, turning to face me.

“If you have changed your mind, we can go back home.” he reassured me.“I will not force you into something you do not want.”

“No, I want to go with you. I’m just nervous.” I glanced down at Mjolnir.

Thor smiled.“No harm will come to you. Tis but a quick journey.”

I took a deep breath.“Ok, let’s just get this over with.”

One of Thor’s arms wrapped around my small body, the other started to swing Mjolnir. It started getting faster, the wind picking up around us. As soon as I shut my eyes, I felt us lift off, yet at the same time, it was as if we were standing still. Risking opening my eyes, I was almost blinded by an assortment of colours. It was beautiful! They all streamed around us, reflecting onto our skin. I was so distracted that I almost fell straight over as we landed.

Speechless, my wide eyes kept looking around me, amazed by everything I saw. We seemed to be in a gold dome shaped building, a man with a sword standing in the middle of it.

“My king.” he kneeled down.

“Heimdall my friend, please stand. It is good to see you again.” Thor was grinning.

“I see that you have finally brought Lady (Y/L/N) to marvel at our kingdom.”

“Yes, I am happy I have her here.”

“Lady (Y/L/N).” he also bowed to me.

I wasn’t sure what the right response was, attempting a curtsy. I heard Thor chuckle quietly, I hit his chest as I rose up.

“Come (Y/N), there is so much more for you to see.”

Again, I was unable to form any words as my eyes laid upon the mystical land before me. Everything seemed like it was out of a fairytale. Magnificent structures towered over everyone, spaceships filled the skies as the people went on with their lives. Thor wanted to walk through the streets to the castle, perhaps to show his people that he really had returned. Everyone bowed before him but I didn’t miss the off states being sent my way. I stayed close to Thor, scared that someone wouldn’t like the look of me and do…something.

I had seen the palace from where we had landed, but seeing it up close was entirely different. It dawned on me that if I were to stay with Thor, I would be living here. Servants immediately stopped what they were doing as they saw their king.

We stopped in front of two large doors, the guards standing outside opening them for us. It revealed a huge room, at the end was an equally big throne. Thor stepped right in, obviously used to it. Whereas he was already walking in, I stayed back, feeling out of place. The people were in such fine clothing, even the servants; I had tried to make an effort by wearing a casual summer dress though that still didn’t fit in. Hesitantly I took my first step, still walking slowly as I looked around me.

Crowds would fill this place, all to see their king. The courtiers and guards would be lined up too, as well as family and friends. I suspected this place would be decorated during festivities, events that the entire kingdom would turn up for. As the nerves began to build up again, my eyes landed on Thor, who was now sat on the throne. He suited it so well, for some reason I felt intimidated by him; hopefully he would have the same effect on his enemies.

“You seem to be deep in thought my love.” Thor’s deep voice slightly echoed around the room.

“Uh, I guess so.” I jumped as the doors shut, leaving us in private.

“But I do not see that smile that I adore so. You are troubled with your decision.”

I was stood at the bottom of the steps that lead to the throne, feeling very small.“My choice to be with you is not a difficult one. It’s the responsibilities that come with it.”

He waited for me to continue.

I sighed, feeling very conflicted.“I love you with every part of me, but I don’t want to ruin your reputation, or your kingdom for that matter. It just doesn’t seem fair that you would be stuck with someone who has no idea how to run a kingdom and can’t help when you have troubles.”

Thor stood, descending the stairs.“We both know that I have been away from my home for far too long. I need to be here.” I craned my neck up to look at him as his hands cupped my face.“And I want you, need you by my side.”

“What if I do something wrong that could jeapordise this place?”

“It would never come to that. We are not in this alone. I have many people that help me with my duties, they would help you too.”

“Everyone stared at me as we walked past them. They may not like-”

“It is not their choice. I am the king. If I choose to have you ruling by my side then it will be done. You doubting yourself too much, you’re smarter than you think (Y/N). I know that with your knowledge from Midgard we can rule over Asgard in peace; everyone would be happy.”

“Everyone? Including us?”

He pecked my lips.“Especially us. What do you say?” he knelt down on one knee.“Be my queen?”

I squeezed his hand.“Yes my king, I will.”

Did anyone else have really incorrect first impressions of the characters while watching Stranger Things? And I don’t mean like Steve had a redeeming storyline. I mean like my first thought about Mike, from just the very first scenes with him before the boys leave his house, was:

I bet this kid ends up being a dick

I thought he was going to be the Regina George of the friend group, and bully the other boys. Obviously I was wildly mistaken but sometimes I remember having that thought and it makes me laugh every time. 

Bonus: when watching Nancy and Barb walk down the hallway for the first time I thought, ‘Ugh, she’s going to be a storyline?’ And now I love Nancy.

  • Me at 1 am: Ok I should seriously go to bed now
  • Alex Winter: But honey, you forgot to re-watch your favorite scenes with me for the 83692497 time and laugh on my weird faces in the idiot box and cry over that 2 sec make out scene from freaked :))) rude
  • Me: I'm sorry father I shall do it right away, please forgive me king

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Please,please, please,Tumblr don't eat THIS... Hi meeeeeeeeg Ship me ,linda! Mmm, what can I say about me? I LOVE LOVE LOVE attention, all kinds of it, specially being the centre and the main party of the room. I also think life is nothing if you don't laugh at it me make others enjoy with you. Honesty is important, but a little white lie from time to time never killed nobody. I love to learn,like about anything really, i watch documentaries almost every night about every topic i can. SPANISH

EeEEEeee No Tumblr Eating!! ~<3. IIIII SHIP YOUUUU WIIIIITH:



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Why so? You’d manage to hold his attention in ways no one else could. Typically: Jonas is the one causing a scene, making a miracle, or sharing the ‘good word’ catered precisely to his needs… but when you’re there, the tables turn. With all eyes on you, and your laughter filling the room: there was no need for Jonas to preach or pretend- it’d be useless, not even he could contend with your engaging nature. When you were around: Jonas was just a willing member of the audience- and he lived to applaud you. As for your love of learning: Jonas would eat it up, and his favorite part of when conversation lulled would be your gifting him absolutely random, likely otherwise useless, knowledge you learned recently. There’s never a dull moment with you, and you’re the most fun person no matter what differing crowd he found himself in- His miracles may need work, but Jonas was convinced you were certainly his greatest blessing.

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Usually: Jonas tried to limit his exposure to the townsfolk.

Who could turn down a damn Hoedown though?

At first, he thought it was a joke. There was no way a girl in a cotton sundress was inviting him and his angels to a party with live music in a farm. You, however, were conveniently just at his side; and you left little room for confirmation or discussion. As soon as that girl asked if he could come- you told her how much you’d love to. 

Which was how, apparently, Jonas Nightingale found himself sitting on a bale of hay, sipping moonshine that likely shouldn’t be served, in the middle of a barn.

Despite the scenario, and the fact he certainly stood out amidst the boys with suspenders and checkered shirts- he felt oddly satisfied in his spot: Because, from where he sat, he could see You. 

Understandably, you didn’t quite have an outfit fitting for dancing in a barn; but of course, as Jonas expected- that didn’t stop you. In your red, red dress; With your hair loosened and even decorated with specks of hay, Now barefoot since those lovely black heels you’d worn along simply did not give you the freedom apparently required… every sweet Sally, Tom, and Larry in that barn had eyes on you. Who could blame them, though? And: despite his having been stood before them, proclaiming words from God above, not even hours ago-

He was suddenly rendered very unimportant. All because you were there to steal the show- and he wouldn’t have it any other way…

When the songs slowed, you finally fulfilled what Jonas was convinced must be a prophecy, and soon enough you took a seat alongside him on his bale of hay and tossed legs over his lap. 

Before you had the chance to try and speak over some Grandfather’s banjo- Jonas pressed his lips to yours, stole kisses and left the vague tingle of too-strong-booze on your pout. “Where on God’s Holy Earth-” He brought a hand up to your face, tangled fingertips in your hair behind your ears while running his thumb along your cheekbone, “Did my precious ángel learn how to square dance?”

Ah, at that, you giggled- and he was fairly certain at least ten cherubs earned their wings at the sound of it. “You would be shocked about the things you find on cheap hotel television after three am;” leaning back, you stole an abandoned cowboy hat, proudly placed it atop your head. “I can also Salsa, Waltz, and Tango, but ya never asked…”

Jonas knew he hadn’t asked, but with someone so brimming with knowledge as you were, he certainly wasn’t surprised he hadn’t found that fact yet. “Wanna show me how to make those moves later?” 

Teasingly, you tapped his nose with a fingertip, then stole away his jar of moonshine to steal a drink for yourself. “Trade you a mambo for a miracle, Padre…”

He only managed a wink before his mind wandered… And suddenly, he couldn’t wait to get you back to the Revival Tent for proper Hallelujahs…

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hey is there like a lolol and stich comic book or something or tv show cause I only knew there was a movie if there is any other LILO and stitch continuation pls share ?! thanks !(: #yourbiggestfan

There are actually several continuations out there, some good, others horrible abominations.

There is a dvd sequel called ‘Lilo & Stitch 2 Stitch has a Glitch’ which is MARVELOUS. It was originally intended for theaters but was pulled last minute back in 2005. It’s on netflix streaming and i highly recommend it. It was several years before i could get through it without crying. 5 stars all the way.

There is also ‘Stitch! The movie’ which was really just an extended pilot for the tv series that ran on the Disney channel from Sept 2003 until July 2006 and spanned 65 episodes and ended with the movie ‘Leroy & Stitch’.

Now I’ve got a real love/hate relationship with the show.

On one hand i love it cause it’s Lilo and Stitch and they got all of the original voice actors back. And Chris Sanders as Stitch is just hilarious, he’s actually a VERY decent actor. Plus some of the dialogue is very funny. There’s a bit in one episode where Stitch tells a scary story and it still makes me laugh. 

But on the other hand i hate it for being badly written and badly handled. These wonderfully complicated and three-dimensional characters are dumbed down into simple stereotyped caricatures of themselves.

Nani is never there except for when she’s darting through a scene yelling about how late for work she is. Because tv Nani apparently can’t tell time or wear a watch. Ever. And she’s late for work every single day. She also hates Stitch. Utterly. She tries her best to never interact with him. Even when she’s mad at him she’d rather yell at Lilo about him even though he’s usually standing right there and all Nani has to do is turn her head slightly to the right and address him directly, but god knows we can’t have that. I wish i could say that i was exaggerating, but in 65 episodes there is literally only 1 scene where she behaves affectionately towards him.

Lilo is a bore. She no longer takes pictures, she no longer surfs, at least not that we ever see and i think pudge is only mentioned, like, once. She is also obsessed with mummies and vampires and will usually mention this at least once an episode.

Jumba is only there to provide technology and to give exposition.

Pleakley is a buffoon. His job is to scream in high-strung panic over everything and wear over-the-top costumes. (he makes Jumba wear them too) I’m talking costumes like matadors, hippies, disco dancers, whatever the writers think will be funny that week. And no matter how long he’s there (Leroy & Stitch claims 3 years) he never understands earth any better at all. The original movie portrays Pleakley as being misinformed and in-over-his-head, but otherwise academic and intelligent. He worked for the Galactic Federation who we already know from watching the movie rewards failure with retirement so if he were really the idiot the show makes him out to be he would have been fired long before the movie even took place.

This goes double for Gantu. In the movie he was a top captain, hyper-competent, able to capture Stitch within minutes of arriving on earth. The only thing he actually did wrong was involving Lilo. Had he let her go immediately he likely would never have been fired. He did everything by the book. Stitch was simply stronger than the technology he had available to him. In the show he’s so ridiculous it’s amazing he’s able to exist without a chaperon. He’s whiny, he’s silly, he’s not intimidating in the slightest and Lilo, a 6 year old girl, can outwit him at every turn.

And Stitch. My poor baby Stitch. In the movie he’s shown as being very in control of his own body. He’s destructive, but deliberately. He knows what he’s doing when he does it. But in the show if he touches it he’s gonna break it. Half the time not even on purpose. It’s so bad that he gets kicked out of the house in one episode and Nani threatens to get rid of him in another because keeping him has become too expensive. Half the time he’s used as a background gag. Lilo and Jumba will be talking and Stitch is just in the background crawling across the wall and eating a plant or something. He doesn’t really contribute too much until it’s time for the final fight scene with Gantu.

The show as a whole is very repetitive. Disney wanted it’s own version of pokemon so the show is about Stitch’s ‘cousins’ the 625 other experiments that came before him. They are dehydrated pingpong balls that transform into a creature when they get wet and they have been scattered all over Kauai. (Stitch! The movie) Gantu wants them to send off to an evil scientist that used to be Jumba’s partner and Lilo wants them so she can name them and find them a new home. Every episode is basically this:

Theme song ends, we open on an experiment pod that is reeeaally close to some form of water (puddle, wine glass, whatever) will it fall in? No…no we’re good it rolled away…. no wait! It’s rolling back! Oh no! It fell in! Flash of yellow light and a creature appears! Back at the house Lilo and Stitch are involved in an activity. (creating a new hula dance, playing a game, creating a slug circus, whatever) Nani runs in yelling about how late for work she is, takes a second to remind Lilo to not get into any trouble, she’s now gone for the rest of the episode. Pleakley has just learned something new about humans and wants to try it out. (cooking, a new outfit, reality television, disaster preparedness, whatever) Meanwhile Gantu’s computer has just alerted him that a new experiment has been activated, gotta go search for it while new sidekick 625 makes sarcastic comments. At the same time Lilo and Stitch have left the house. See the new experiment, gotta chase it now. But oh no! Gantu sees it too! Now it’s a race to see who can get it first! Stitch for the win! Gantu falls on ass! Lilo figures out what power this particular experiment has (electricity, finding, cooking, possessing things, whatever) and gives it a corresponding name. (sparky, finder, frenchfry, phantasmo, whatever) Just like in Pokemon once you have captured an experiment it instantly stops being evil. Nevermind the fact that in the movie it took Lilo 3 days to win over Stitch, you chase down a wild experiment it respects the effort you put in and swears loyalty to you right away. For reasons. And now that Lilo has figured out what the experiment is for she and Stitch have to now use that experiment’s power for their own selfish gain. Even though Jumba warned them not to. Cause we gotta learn a lesson. Oh crap! Gantu’s back! He’s stolen the experiment! What are we gonna do?! Another fight scene with up-tempo theme music. Usually just Stitch though. Lilo is the brains, Stitch is the brawn. He usually just stands around until it’s fight scene time. Okay! Experiment is back, Gantu is defeated time to find the experiment a new home. Holy crap you guys! Guess what?! Remember when i said the episode started with lilo & Stitch involved with an activity? The experiment’s new home is in some way related to that activity!!!!!! If Lilo and Stitch started the episode at a pizza parlor with broken animatronics they are gonna find the one experiment that can fix that. It’s christmas? There’s an experiment for that. Halloween? There’s a coincidentally timed experiment for that too. Need a plant to enter into the big show? Guess what this experiment does. Experiment goes to new home and is accepted immediately and no one questions what this weird thing is and why it looks like it does. Everyone’s happy the end.

There is also weirdly no continuity at all between ‘Stitch has a glitch’ and the tv show. In Glitch the house is green and the bedroom is normal and has actual beds and toys and pictures on the wall. Stitch is childlike and no longer destructive (except for the glitch that is in no way his fault) and Nani loves him and treats him well. Jumba has to put actual time and effort into his technology and Pleakley, though still misinformed about humans, is nowhere near as high strung as in the show. Nani and David are also dating.

In the show the house is mysteriously blue for some reason, the bedroom looks more like a prison than anything (no toys, few pictures, cots instead of beds, everything in white) Jumba can create an entire new invention in like an hour and Nani and David are just friends.

All in all i’d rate the series and the movies that go with it at 3 stars. I really think they missed a great opportunity here. It should have been about Stitch figuring out who he is and how to be a part of a family. They also really could have done some touching things with the topic of adoption. But really the whole focus of the show is the other experiments.

Finally there’s the anime. ‘Stitch!’  It’s evil. Don’t watch it. -80 stars. There is no Lilo, only Yuna. Stitch has lost all of his intelligence and strength. There’s like 3 seasons each one more horrible than the last. It doesn’t just disrespect the original movie it bludgeons it to death with a blunt object, buries it in a shallow grave and then pisses on the grave. The less said, the better.

Wow, this really turned into a rant didn’t it? Damn, i’ve been typing for like an hour now.


‘Stitch has a glitch’ - masterpiece

'Stitch! the movie’, the tv series and 'Leroy & Stitch’ - passable

Stitch! anime - kill it with fire

also i don’t watch b99 but i follow so many blogs who do so i’m going to give you guys what i think i know

  • peraltiago (??) seems like such a pure couple and i am here for it
  • the man that went to prison (jake??) why?? he‘s so cute and innocent and he apparently just wants to watch amy (??) do her crossword puzzles
  • that man who freaks out about jake and amy is literally me whenever my OTP does anything
  • rosa is amazing and i love her and i don’t even watch the show?
  • YA BORE ME makes me laugh every time
  • also the guitar *shrieking* scene makes me pee my pants

thank you for your time


Word count: 1,016

“Okay so, sleep over tonight?” You confirmed with your best friend Minhyuk. “Yeah sure, let’s watch horror movies!” He chirped, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. You rolled your eyes and grumbled in response. You knew that even if you protested, you wouldn’t win anyway. He agreed to bring some snacks while you said that you’ll handle the drinks. 

The doorbell rang just as you got into your pajamas. Minhyuk walked in wearing a pair of sweatpants and a loose white t-shirt. He had two bags of food with him. “Did you buy all of the snacks in the convenience store?” You commented. “I’m hungry y/n… In fact this is all for me.” He grinned. You gathered in the living room and set out the snacks on the coffee table. “Should we watch Insidious first?” Minhyuk suggested excitedly. 

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Insecure (Luke smut)

Request: Could you do one where you and Luke are about to have sex and you notice that he has self harm scars on his hip and that’s the reason he never takes his shirt off? Pretty please. (They still have sex though) 

 Y/n pov: 

 "Babe pleaseeee" 

“Y/n, if we leave now it going to look suspicious”

 "Who cares!“ I said throwing my hands up "let’s just get out of here”

 I had dragged Luke along to a family BBQ but was immediately regretting it as I was bored out of my mind, unknown family members kept coming over to me and Luke telling us how we made such a perfect couple and I’m pretty sure we were both sick of it. Plus Luke didn’t like having too much attention on him and he became awkward and embarrassed every time some one came to talk to us.

I just wanted to spend the day with him, in bed watching films and cuddling.

 "I don’t want to be rude. Your parents like me so far and I don’t want to change that" he said being polite as ever.

 My mother was making her way over to me and I whispered to Luke to play along. He gave me a confused look but didn’t say anything.

 "Did you guys like the food?“ My mother asked. 

 "Yes thank you, it was lovely” Luke said smiling at her, always the polite one.

 "Yeah it was great mum, but I’m not feeling very well so we’re just going to go home" I said.

 "Aw no that’s disappointing, get well soon, come round when you feel better. Good to see you Luke" she said before turning away and leaving us to talk to other guest.

 "Well… That was easy" I said “ come on let’s go home” I said eagerly pulling Luke behind me.

 " you’re such a rebel" he giggled making me laugh with him.


 We were now in my apartment and Luke demanded we watch a film, we decide to watch friends with benefits because come on, it’s a great film. It was like some type of cliché moment where every time a sex scene came on (which was like all the time) Luke’s breath would hitch in his throat and the air around us was completely tense. 

 "I’m bored of this film now" I told Luke sighing and turning it off.

 "Well, what do you wanna do then?“ 

 "Well… There’s a lot of things I want to do… With you” I winked cheekily.

 "Ah really?“ He smirked "like what?” He asked trailing his index finger down my side.

 "Well… First I want to kiss you… For a while and then…“ I whispered leaning up so I could whisper in his ear. "I want you to fuck me, because it been what? a day since you last did”

 "Shit" he whispered “I’m sure I can make that happen”

 Flipping us over so I was laying on top of his tall frame, his hands gripped the back of my thighs, softly stroking the skin as he placed sweet little kisses along my neck and collar bone.It tickled making me squirm as I pushed his head up, receiving a small cheeky Luke smile.

 His nose brushed against mine, his hot breath ghosting my skin as he leaned up, his hand bringing my head down to meet his lips. His stubble tickled my cheek and his lip ring was cool against my skin. Those were the things I loved most about Luke’s kisses, they were distinctive and they were Lukes.

 A loud noise erupted from outside of the window, making us both jump, Lukes hands tightened their hold on me. Another boom of thunder followed with a crack of lightening. We giggled quietly together as we watched the rain quickly pour down in the streets, hitting the window and creating the perfect background noise.

 "Luke" I mumbled against his neck.

 "Sorry, it’s just… Your mums BBQ, they’re probably all soaked" he chuckled making her laugh at thought.

 "Glad we ditched then" I whispered.

 "Yeah" he said before leaning down to kiss me. We broke apart when we heard a bark.

 "Shit" I whispered “we left the dog outside” We had been looking after Calum’s dog while he was on holiday and must have forgotten to let it in when we got back.

 "I’ll be back in 2 minutes" Luke said climbing out of the bed from underneath me.

 "Make it 1" I called after him as he ran down the stairs. He came back up about 5 minutes later. His hair wet and ruffled and his shirt soaked through. I giggled at his appearance as he looked slightly annoyed, before laughing with me.

 "What the hell? All you had to do was let the dog in, not dance about in the rain"

 "Well she decided she didn’t want to come in so I had to chase her until she ran inside" he huffed. I got up from where I was laying on the bed. Luke pulled me into a wet hug while I tried to escape it as best as I could but failed miserably.

 "Luke get off me. You’ll get me all wet" I squealed

 "That’s the plan" Luke smirked

 "Hey" I whined glaring at him playfully. “You should probably get changed Luke, or you know… Not wear anything at all and maybe do what I said earlier” I teased.

 He winked at me before pulling his jeans off and discarding them on the floor. He grabbed my hand pulling me over to the bed.

 "Luke your top" I said pointing out that it was wet and he hadn’t taken it off.

 "Oh right yeah" he said leaving my side and going to his wardrobe. He pulled out a plain black T-shirt before quickly taking his wet top off. He was facing away from me, standing just in his boxers as I admired how beautiful he was.

 "Wait" I said as he was about to pull the top on. He turned around, eyes wide and panicked.

 "W-what?“ He stuttered.

 "Don’t, leave it off” I said. He never had his shirt off.

 "B-but…“ He looked a little uncomfortable but I didn’t understand why. He crossed his arms self consciously, making his way over to the bed quickly passing me and climbing under the covers pulling me with him.

 I struggled to take my jeans and top off while under the covers by managed to in the end. He pulled me back on top of him so we were in the same position as earlier. I flipped my hair over my shoulder before kissing Luke softly on the lips and then trailing kisses down his neck, collar bones and chest. My fingers tracing the line of his muscles and V lines. Before I let my hand wonder further down.

 My hand brushed a rough patch of skin making Luke wince. I brushed my hand back over the same spot feeling the rough bumps that were there.

 "Luke? What’s..” I didn’t really know what to say.

 "Oh it’s nothing…“ He said refusing to look at me.

 "Luke?” I questioned, my eyebrows turning down into a frown, my hands starting to push the covers away, but he caught them quickly. “Luke-”

 "Y/n please- don’t" he said,his eyes starting to water. I didn’t listen. I pulled the covers back to reveal Lukes pale skin. I looked down to see faded scars littered across the top of his hip bones.

 "Luke" I said my voice cracking. He looked down in embarrassment, his cheeks flushing pink.

 "Please don’t be disappointed in me" he said sadly.

“Luke, I’m not disappointed”

“stop lying” he cried

“luke i’m not lying… Luke please look at me.” I said pulling his hands away from where they were covering his face. He finally looked at me, tears rolling slowly down his cheeks as he cried silently.

“why?” I asked softly stroking the back of his hands with my thumb.“

“I- please don’t- judge me” he whispered.

“I won’t, you know I wouldn't”

“I just, it was years ago, I haven’t c-cut for 2 years” he said and I gave him a reasurring smile. “I was going through a bad time, I don’t know if you know what it feels like to be so insecure, it was so hard to look at myself in the mirror every morning- or even look at myself when I had to shower, it was so hard and I didn’t know what else to do. I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone and I kept it all inside and then, I guess It just all got to me and I broke down. I regret it now, I really do, I didn’t think that the scars would stay with me, I didn’t think they would be a constant reminder of how weak I am, I thought they’d fade but they haven’t and the memories are still there.” he mumbled without taking a breath.

“hey, Luke, breathe” I said “it doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong, they show that your’e still here, that you fought against those feeling and that you pulled through and came out stronger than ever,I mean look at you now, you’re so strong, i’m so proud of you, that I can’t even put it into words.”

He gave me a small smile. 

“I don’t know where I would be without you y/n” he whispered

“just please promise me something” 

“anything” he said vulnerable.

“if you ever feel like that again, you come and talk to me okay?” I said 

“okay” he said “I promise” 



“I love you” I said

 “I love you too” He said “can you- uh can I” I cut him off, placing my lips on his and pushing him gently down so I was hovering on top of him. 

“let me show you how much I love you. Everything about you Luke”

“mmmh” he moaned bucking his hips up to meet mine.

 “baby, please” he whimpered.

I was desperate for his touch, I took his boxers off before taking off mine chucking them on the floor next to the bed.

“please” he begged.

“love you” I mumbled into his neck as he lined himself up with my entrance.

 He bucked his hips up pushing into me slowly, moaning at the relief. His hands gripped my hips pulling me further down onto him.

 “mmh fuck” he moaned letting out small gasps and whimpers. 

One of my hands gripped his broad shoulder and my other hand brushed gently over the scars on his hips. The scars he made, what he did to himself.It made me so upset, yet proud that he survived the tough times. He whimpered as I brushed over them, leaning down to kiss him once again before burying my head into his neck to stifle the embarrassing moans that I couldn’t control falling out of my lips. 

“love- you, too” he gasped, his breathing heavy, a layer of sweat appearing on his forehead.”shit” he said moving my hips down faster against him.

“Luke, your close” I whispered knowing he was holding back as he always wanted me to finish before him.

I let out a slightly louder moan knowing it would tip him over the edge.

“you’re too good to me y/n”

“no i’m not Luke, you’re too good for me” I said stroking his face as he layed down next to me.

I rested my head on his chest, listening to his heart beat start to slow down.This is how I wanted it to be. Falling asleep with Luke, being able to kiss him whenever I felt like it, being able to talk to him about everything and anything. Words couldn’t describe how I felt towards this boy.

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dragon, phoenix

october positivity meme || accepting! 

dragon: tag someone who you see as really dedicated to their muse.

OOC. another person who has one of the best grasps on their character is @jealousyridden. I love DESTIN so much, for multiple reasons!! She’s a literal sweetheart and makes me laugh more times than I care to admit. I haven’t ever seen the entirety of Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure, but I’ve watched loads of scenes of Yukako and I swear to god, if Destin is not secretly the canon writer for her character I’m gonna be REALLY surprised. Every little aspect of Yukako screams “I’M CANON” in legit every interaction and post on her blog ??? at least from my interpretation of her character. I just think that everything about them is perfection tbf <33333

phoenix: tag someone who is a bright light on your dash.

OOC. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I SEE @devilslcg ON MY DASH I TEAR A LITTLE. If you weren’t expecting this one to come about, you probably haven’t been here long enough. I love Ariel so much; she brightens my day with every little SASS she gives me, and just seeing Sanji on my dash makes my heart so happy. She’s another person with AMAZING characterization ( once again, this is another secretly canon writer I swear by it ) and just…everything about Ariel makes me smile. She’s made my dullest days positively brighter and I couldn’t ask for a better abuela <3 she’s literally the sweetest bun, sunshine of my entire world.

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Could you do GOM's making these dorks laugh, especially Tsundere Midorima and Akashi?

I am not even sure why but just the thought of this cracks me up every time.


The idea was brilliant. The plan? Not so much.

“This is a stupid plan,” Aomine spoke as he hid behind a corner, Kuroko below him, Kise between and Murasakibara standing behind, eating his snacks, not even bothering to watch the scene.

“Do you really think Akashi-cchi will fall for that?” Kise narrowed his eyebrows.

“It is the only way to make him laugh.” Kuroko answered. “Do you not want to hear him laugh?” he asked, but waited for no reply as the certain red haired teen was walking down the hallway.

“Why do you even think they will go right into that classroom?” Aomine asked and looked at Murasakibara behind and added; “Quiet down,” with a groan.

“I don’t think this will work…” Kise murmured when he realized Akashi passed the classroom and before he knew it, he was on the hallway, on the ground while blinking like he had no idea what he was doing there. And he certainly didn’t. His eyes went wide as he looked behind, the three teens already gone from their hiding place. “So mean” he whined before looking in front, hearing his name being called.

“What are you doing on the ground, Ryōta?”

A shiver ran down Kise’s spine as he laughed sheepishly, scratching his head. “I was…uh…looking for you?” He stammered out, not sure about his own words.

“Akashi,” Midorima walked from behind before his green eyes fell on Kise and narrowed them. “What is going on?” he asked. He knew that whenever Kise was involved it always started and ended with pranks.

“If it is for that prank in that classroom, which I just passed, then I have good news for you.” Akashi’s lips turned up in a smile that made the blond teen pale and wish he never agreed to anything as he ignored Midorima’s question. Midorima raised an eyebrow and looked behind before looking back at Kise.

“They wanted to make us laugh.” Akashi spoke to Midorima, who frowned, but a quiet chuckle quickly follow, every hair on Kise rising against the gravity and up into sky.

It was later said that Kise wasn’t in school for a week, with a reason unknown, and avoiding Akashi for whole month, even claiming he saw light that called for him.

Horrorphobia - Steve x Reader

This is my first imagine ever writed about Steve soo.. Enjoy!

Warnings: fluff and a scared reader

Words Count : 1308

It was Friday night and that meant: movie night. The whole team was getting ready. Bruce, Nat,Clint and Thor settled for the snacks. The twins, Bucky and Steve were making the living room cozy. Tony and I were looking for our perfect movie. Vision was on a mission and Sam was in Washington for business.

“What about this?” Tony handed me a dvd. I looked at the cover.

“Ew, that’s a super romantic movie for very touchy people,” I said full of disgusts. I had nothing against romantic movies, but some were really too much. Where they did very soggy and so on. “No thanks,” I said and gave the dvd back to Tony. We looked further.

“And what about this?” Tony took another dvd out of the closet.

“That seems to be really good,” he said and looked at me begging.

“Let me see,” I took the dvd out of his hands.

Oh, no.

A horror movie.

“Dudee,” I whined, “I hate horror movies!”

I had a little fear. Well, little? I always got nightmares of horror and I didn’t want to be alone after I had seen a movie. Tony took the dvd out of my hands. “Come on, Y/N. How can you be afraid of a little horror movie?”

I sighed and looked sadly at the ground. Tony saw my sad state and came closer to me. He went to his knees in front of me.

“Don’t worry. This is sixteen plus. You can handle it. Our baby Y/N is not afraid of a little blood, hmm? ” Tony said playful and squeezed my cheeks.

A smile appeared on my face.

“No,” I said rolling my eyes. Tony chuckled. He placed his hands on my shoulders. His face moved closer to mine.

“And besides,” he watched intently around and then back at me, “Captain America will protect you,” he whispered with a wink.

“Stupid marshmellow!” I shouted and pushed Tony away from me. He knew that I found the Captain cute, but I hated it as he teased me with it. Tony just laughed. I stood up and ran towards the exit of the room.

“I love you, Cutie!” I heard Tony say before I left the room.


We were all together in the film room. Thor, Wanda, Steve and I were sitting on the large sofa. On the smaller couch next to us were Clint and Pietro. On the other side were Bruce and Natasha on a couch. And if you asked me they were sitting quite close to each other. On the ground, between all the pillows were Bucky and Tony also close to each other. They were even under the same blanket. I chuckled. Darlings.

Steve looked at me questioningly.

“Oh, I just looked at the lovebirds,” I joked. Steve smiled at the two. Tony turned to me with an evil smile.

“I can say the same,” he said and wiggled his eyebrows. The others chuckled at me and Steve. I looked angry at Tony. The stupid marshmellow. I looked at Steve and saw him blush. He is so cute. No, Y/N, stop it!

“Let’s just watch the movie,” I said before Tony could make another comment.


The film was terrible! Though I had not really looked at it. I just kept eating popcorn. Every time someone was murdered. The others seemed not to be afraid and at times they even laughed. This isn’t even funny! At a scary scene I crept closer to Steve. Steve could feel how tense I was and leaned into me. He gently nudged me with his shoulder.

“Everything okay?” he asked with a small smile. I forced a smile and nodded

“Y-Yes, of course,” I said my voice trembling. Steve didn’t seem entirely convinced, but I sent him a reassuring smile and he let it go.

We turned our attention back to the film. The killer entered the bedroom of four children. He gasped super scary and the children were awake. They were shouting like crazy when they saw the killer. The killer had a dirty grin on his face and had no mercy. He killed them one by one. You heard and saw everything. My hands were on my face and I looked through my fingers. The killer was daubed with blood and I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Sleep well everyone,” I said quickly and left the living room with burning glances on my back.

I was so traumatized by the movie that I began to cry. The scary images came back. I quickly took the elevator to my floor.

“Is everything okay Mrs Y/L/N?” asked the AI. I was startled by the sudden voice and pressed myself against the wall. “No, I have to go to my room now,” I said anxiously.

“As you wish,” said the AI and brought me to my floor. “Thanks,” I mumbled and ran to my room. In my room I quickly turned the lights on.

It was only a movie. It was only a movie. It was onl-

All of a sudden there was a knock on my door and my hard rhythm went faster.

“Y/N?” I heard Steve’s sweet voice. I sighed relieved. I opened the door and Steve’s eyes got big when he saw my teary eyes. “Y/N, what is going on?” he asked worried.

I turned my gaze to the ground and wrapped my arms around me. I sobbed and started to cry. Steve took action and hugged me. He pushed us into the room and pushed the door shut with his foot. He sat on my bed and held me like a big baby on his lap. He made soothing circles on my back with his hand. I held him tightly. He whispered sweet things that were very relaxing. After a while I became quiet and we sat in a comfortable silence.

“Thank you, Steve,” I said with a broken voice.

“Do you feel better?” I nodded.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked. I took a deep breath.
“… It’s that I have a ‘phobia’…” I said and made quotation marks with my fingers.

I chuckled softly. “ I’m just afraid of horror. ”

Steve lay next to me on his side and his hand supported his head. A smile graced his lips.

“Why didn’t you say that? Then we had watch something else. Maybe Finding Nemo or Happy Feet, ”

A laugh escaped from my mouth. “Happy Feet,” I laughed my head shaking and Steve laughed with me.

“There’s the Y/N I know. With that beautiful smile, ” said Steve and looked me in the eyes. His eyes were nice blue. They were so beautiful that it was intimidating.

I looked away but he kept staring at me. “Steve, stop staring,” I said nervously and tried to control my feelings. Steve’s hand rested on my cheek and he turned my head around so I looked right at him. My heart began to beat faster and my cheeks were burning.

“You are so beautiful. It is impossible to not look at you, ” he said and blushed.

My mouth fell open. I had never seen this side of Steve. It was like we were in a romantic movie.

“I-I ehh … Steve I really don’t know what to say, ” I stuttered.

Suddenly his lips were on mine.

He kissed me.

Captain America, Steve Rogers kissed me!

The butterflies in my stomach were flying wildly back and forth. The moment was magical. After a while he pulled back and his cheeks were pink. It was really cute.

“S-sorry, I didn’t mean to-” “It’s okay, Steve,” I interrupted him and smiled shyly. Steve once again came closer to me and gave me another kiss. With his hand he went through my hair.

“I like you, Y/N,”

“That feeling is mutual, Steve,”

You watch a sad movie... (Requested)

If I Stay, my favorite movie, makes me cry every time. I’ve read the books and everything. Justin and I decided to have a movie night and watch it, I knew I was going to cry. It gets me every time. He still wanted to watch it anyhow because Justin likes the movie too. The sad part was coming up, and I was bracing for impact. The scene came and the tears flowed. I sniffled and it caught Justin’s attention.

“Aww, y/n, you’re so cute” Justin pulled me into his chest and stroked me hair

“It’s just so sad,” I whined, feeling the tears wetting Justin’s shirt wet. He started laughing, he finds it funny how sensitive I am, and how sad movies make me bawl. “What’s so funny?” I asked, glaring into his eyes.

“You’re so adorable. I can’t believe how sensitive you are,” Justin hugged me and focused his eyes on the t.v screen again. While cuddling, we finished the rest of the movie.