this scene makes me laugh every time i watch it

friendly reminder that keith, the second shortest of the team has to bend down to look at pidge

Me watching the Lego Batman movie
  • Spoilers...Sorta
  • ***
  • Me watching Joker cry: *cries* Goddamnit DC, really?!
  • ***
  • Alfred: That weird one in the 60s
  • Me: *flails* THEY DID IT
  • ***
  • Batman: Make the bad guys fight the bad guys? That's a terrible idea!
  • Me: *snorts really loudly*
  • ***
  • Me: Are they changing Harley's costume every scene?...Oh I get it
  • ***
  • Killer Croc: *presses button* I DID SOMETHING!!
  • Me: *cries and laughs at the same time*
  • ***
You watch a sad movie... (Requested)

If I Stay, my favorite movie, makes me cry every time. I’ve read the books and everything. Justin and I decided to have a movie night and watch it, I knew I was going to cry. It gets me every time. He still wanted to watch it anyhow because Justin likes the movie too. The sad part was coming up, and I was bracing for impact. The scene came and the tears flowed. I sniffled and it caught Justin’s attention.

“Aww, y/n, you’re so cute” Justin pulled me into his chest and stroked me hair

“It’s just so sad,” I whined, feeling the tears wetting Justin’s shirt wet. He started laughing, he finds it funny how sensitive I am, and how sad movies make me bawl. “What’s so funny?” I asked, glaring into his eyes.

“You’re so adorable. I can’t believe how sensitive you are,” Justin hugged me and focused his eyes on the t.v screen again. While cuddling, we finished the rest of the movie.

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That Jimmi Simpson screaming compilation is making me cry laughing because despite me knowing how great an actor he is because I've watched WestWorld, every time he screams it just sounds and feels like Liam McPoyle no matter what and I can't take it seriously RIP

MOOD…. i think the most seriously i’ve ever taken his screaming is the breakout kings finale (the bits where he’s wearing a yellow shirt in that video) just because like? within context that scene is SO intense it’s like a gut-punch

”You don’t have any clue of what I feel, so back off.

This is all just a game to you, isn’t it? You flirt, you laugh, you use magic, but a the end of the day what do you risk? 

Even if I did feel something for you, you want me to give up my life for you? I have to do what’s right for me, I could lose my family, my career, everything.

You just don’t get it!”

Seriously this scene hits me every time… even when I know at the end he goes and kiss Magnus right in front of everyone, still makes me sad watching him say those things, his face… and Magnus’. 

i. Your smile never touched your eyes
But that was alright,
Your laugh brightened my world
And I was happy I could make you laugh.

ii. I know you’re scared of more things than you’ll admit
And I’ve seen you look away from the scarier scenes
Every time we watch horror movies
But I never said a thing because
I knew you wanted to seem like you’d be alright
Handling it fine without me.

iii. You always hated the way I handled my books,
Folded the ends to mark which page I was on
But what you noticed only later was the reason I did that
Was because I’d see words that’d remind me of you
And I’d mark those pages as a sign indicating
Where my heart had stopped at for you.

iv. We used to drink warm drinks on cold nights
And you’d get so far away, lost in your own mind
I don’t think I ever told you how beautiful you were then-
I should have before I went.

v. Even when you went dancing in the rain
And get sick because you’re out there too long
Your face lit up brighter than my favorite star
And I’d fall in love with you all over again.

vi. My father changed his mind when he met you,
Said ‘there’s a girl who can carry herself,
If you let her she’ll carry you away too’
And I thought how right he was
You were my great unknown and I was ready to get lost.

vii. I love you.

—  s.r. // 7 things i wished you’d said before you left

I’m skimming through S4 and honestly this scene makes me laugh my goddamn ass off every single fucking time, because what the fuck

Emma and Hook start to hug, cause ya know, that’s what you do when you’re trying to reassure your boo that you aren’t going dark

And then Snowing start fucking talking, legitimately 3 feet away from both Henry AND Captain Swan, about shit no one is supposed to know. AND THEY TALK FOR 29 SECONDS??? WHAT? (NO HONESTLY IT’S 29 SECONDS EXACTLY I CHECKED) 

And then WIDE SHOT and Emma fucking looks into the camera like she’s on The Office like no joke who the fuck blocked this scene?? What idiot was like “Yes, this blocking makes perfect sense!” CS hugs for literally wAY too long and Snowing has no concept of discretion apparently. I literally cannot watch this scene without laughing my goddamn ass off, it’s so ridiculous