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My Stupid Fan Fiction Writing technique PART 2

So a friend asked me how I write certain scenes in fan fiction like sad, tense and romantic moments. So I told her how and she said it was both stupid and brilliant at the same time, so now I’m going to share it with you all…

I watch videos to make me feel the emotions I want to write about, literally I have go-to videos to make me feel happy, sad, angry and scared, I know it’s silly but it really works. Here’s a selection…

Dramatic scenes

Peaky Blinders is one of the best TV shows the BBC has ever released and it’s main strengths are it’s superb writing and excellent performances from the stellar cast. This scene stands out for me because you can feel the henchmens’ dread when Tom Hardy’s Alfie Solomons loses his temper…

Zootopia’s press conference scene….Damn. This scene is a real assault on the feels, we start off with a funny bit of advice from Nick then Judy gives him the ZPD application and carrot pen lulling the viewer into happy comfort then BAM Judy f**ks up, she f**ks up big time, and the worst part is that she doesn’t know how hurtful her words are. When Nick challenges Judy’s words she even attempts to defend her views which drives Nick to become more upset but it’s when Judy reaches for the Fox Repellent that Nick’s (And the viewer’s) heart breaks and the heroine of the story has unexpectedly become the villain.

The Last of Us set a very high bar in video game storytelling taking the drawn out ‘Cure in A Zombie Apocalypse’ plotline and breathing new life into it with the story of 50 something Joel who lost his child many years ago who suddenly has the responsibility of protecting a 14 year old kick ass survivor called Ellie as they trek across the decimated United States to hopefully cure a Zombie pandemic. The ranch scene showcases the fact that Ellie sees Joel as a father figure and Joel’s reluctance to have a daughter once more in case he loses her.

Sad scenes 

Anohana is another anime that isn’t that well known but boy does this one rip out your heart and trample all over it. It’s a different kind of a Ghost story. wherein Menma, whose been dead for at least 8 years, starts haunting her old gang of friends so that they can reunite after they grow distant. After her job is done she writes each of her friends a note telling them the thing she loves about them most and…oh crap I’m crying while typing…just watch it please.

That UP scene…nuff’ said

that one episode of voltron s1 where allura has to delete her father’s corrupted AI makes me cry every damn time and I honestly don’t know why?  like, obviously it’s sad, but I don’t often cry at scenes like that…?  

it’s just this big bundle of feelings about how her planet’s been gone for millennia and this is the last remaining link to it (and her father!) and all she wants to do is go home and it’s presenting her with all these memories of when she was young and happy, but she HAS TO KEEP FIGHTING AND SAVE HER FRIENDS and I’m just…apparently very weak to that confluence of emotions.  also the music is real good.


This is the face of our bad guy.
Is this the face of pure evil? I don’t think so… ?

(Imma tag this Reylo because I don’t want the anti-assholes to show up and act like they own the Star Wars and Kylo Ren tag, have no nerve for stupid people atm..)

It’s too late.

Damn. That must hurt like.. wow. Look at his pained face. Listen how he says that. Adam Driver is a friggin genius when it comes to emotional scenes like this. It’s all visible in his face and you can hear it in his voice. He doesn’t need to say much when it’s ‘too late’, how he says it and his look makes me think that it pains him. 

He isn’t luring Han, he isn’t pretending and playing with Hans feelings because he is some sort of psychopath and enjoys this. And Han isn’t dumb either. He knows.

Then this snow fight- it is pure emotion.He doesn’t think anymore, he doesn’t follow a plan or his plan or Snokes plan, he acts on instinct and dashes forward into the bullshit - he doesn’t mind. It’s hate towards Finn and it’s desperation towards Rey, not really wanting to hurt her and by no means wanted to kill her (and even told her that) but he knew there was no way she would stop fighting him.. he doesn’t look at her with hate and ‘oh wait when I get you’ when she defeated him. He looks back up at her like.. ?

To me, this is the “some sort of a prince” J.J. mentioned. And guess who is the princess. *smirk*

It’s not too late for him, I think he’ll make it, he can not die. I mean.. the Star Wars films are about the Skywalkers drama and bullshit. So we need Skywalker babies. And unless Kylo already has a child somewhere with someone, he still needs to do the do so the series can go on… because Rey Skywalker theory had it’s funeral weeks ago and wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever.

(It’s a damn space fairytale. With Padme and Anakin nobody pulled the abuse-card like this Padme+Anakin is socially totally accepted and loved and welcomed like bitches wtf he choked his pregnant wife in his anger. Kylo Ren did no such things to Rey and didn’t hurt her like Anakin hurt Padme because Padme and Anakin were married and there was trust. What Anakin did was abuse. What Kylo did was doing his friggin job but that is another topic.)

he is Leia Organas son so he really is a prince but he is the ‘prince’ in this story. And I think for the first time, maybe it’s not the princess who needs rescue, but the prince needs to be saved from the dragon huge Gollum-like figure. We have a prince, a princess and Knights… 

A lot’s been said about how many were disatisfied with Yuri!!! on Ice because Victor and Yuuri never actually said “I love you”.

Regardless of how absurd a bar that is to hold against the show, I firmly believe that the assessment in itself is wrong. Because to me there’s one moment that feels inequivocally like a love confession worthy of the most celebrated romance stories ever told.

And it’s this:

No, not the kiss itself because the kiss is a consequence, a result of Victor’s incontainable outburst of feelings. But Victor telling Yuuri that he wanted to surprise him above all things, is, to me, the ultimate way in which Victor can say he loves him.

We already know, as per what Kubo and other staffers have said in interviews, that they built momentum through the entirety of episode 7 to create that climactic scene and make it feel like the natural outcome.  The episode was chock full of emotions that peaked when Yuuri decided to do the quad flip and Victor kissed him in respose 

Victor spent his whole life wanting to surprise the audience. His entire skating career is built on that. “You have to do the opposite of what people expect, how else would you surprise them? That’s my motto.” Being able to surprise people is so important to him that losing that almost drove him to retirement. He devoted 20 years of his life to the ice with the goal of surprising people.

So truly, what else is it supposed to mean, when Victor tells Yuuri how desperately he wanted to surprise him? How else can it be interpreted other than Victor’s ultimate declaration of love by giving Yuuri -and Yuuri alone- this one feeling he’s been chasing after his whole life?

I’m watching season 1 all over again (because of feels) and getting into 1x01 (Friday 19:52) right after Eva sees Isak at the party and makes sure everything’s fine with him and his parents then we see her confront Isak about why he told Jonas she hooked up with F.Chris and by that moment we see an obviously struggling Isak and an Eva letting go all of her frustrations of those weeks (completely reasonable btw) but in that moment she’s shouting why he did it, why he acted as her friend and how he ruined her life and such but he only whispers “Eva” and gives her this look

they both seemed like he’s about to cry right there, both of them dealing a lot (but we don’t know about Isak back then) and Isak can see he hurt Eva, and then for a moment it looks he’s about to tell her the truth

We must remember when Elias arrived to the cabin he said he was sleeping with the gay one and Isak said “Why everyone thinks i’m gay” which makes me believe there were already rumors about it and the fact next seasons Isak changed his whole appearance to look “manly” watching this scene again makes me believe for him it was obvious and surely Eva would know by now

He was expecting her to know and he was about to be honest but she didn’t know, she thought it was her he had feelings for and he just decided to go with it. This is were most of the “fake” phase really started for him, because before he just pretended it wasn’t there but after this moment he knows and he does everything to change it, clothes, hook ups, music taste, lifestyle… he changed it to buried it.

I’m glad they decided to fix their relationship because i believe Isak really cares about her and i’m glad Eva let him know everything was in the past and to show him support, i think she asking him about Even is because she really wants to know in what place he’s now, I hope we get to see a bit more of them on next season as possible as it is . 

+sherlolly because...that coffin

The Final Problem continues to do things to my heart and my emotions. I’m still working out how I feel about that scene with the ‘release code’. But one thing I do know is that the coffin scene absolutely broke my heart. Obliterated it. So as I sought a balm for my wounds, I wrote my own balm. x


Wounds  (also on

The contrast was so stark it quite literally rang in his ears.

The police lights that swirled in the pitch black outside their old and rotted Musgrave home, the jarring collision of police radios, the ringing of mobile phones and the whirring blades of government helicopters all formed the cacophony that had been Sherlock’s environment just an hour ago.

Now that he was home and the silence of his now-destroyed flat enveloped him, the silence deafened him. He sat amongst the rubble that used to be his sitting room, and although his eyes opened wide, they stared into nothing. 

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Sorry little rant coming along coz it bothers me that everyone’s just like yeah yeah Danny is good cuz he’s got a pretty crying face, yes he does, but there’s way more to it, he can do way more! Yes he’s the master of crying sad heartbreaking scenes but he does also fun, love, fighting scenes, simple scenes so well and we should give him credit for this aswell and it’s not that I only love Danny coz he’s got a pretty face or cries pretty (it’s a wonderful gift tho his face) but I love him for his incredible talent no matter what scene he plays he makes me feel all the emotions he makes feel like this is real, like Aaron is real, he gives this character so much life it’s incredible. I think he loves Aaron even more than we do. Also if you’ve seen him in cruel summer holy moly I totally believed him being that psycho. Just woah. So I love Danny for being so talented and amazing and funny and he’s always just him no masquerade just him (drunk Danny is adorable af btw I will never forget him being drunk with Adam at the soap awards lol) anyways this got longer than it was supposed to be haha but to put it short I love Danny but I guess you knew that already haha 😍

olicity fic rec

Hello friends!

So, I haven’t been reading much olicity fic (as anyone who follows me will know - I’m not watching S5 and have A LOT of feelings about Arrow), but I came across this little gem today and had to make a post.

I love this so much. If olicity were to get back together, I would love to see a scene like this happen. This is so beautiful and lovely and emotional. I was incredibly happy to read it and hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.

Thank you @apinknightmare for this goodness. 

Tides (XOliver and Felicity get stuck on an elevator. They work through some things.WARNING: *Very vague spoilers for episode 5x20 - I don’t think reading this will ruin anything, but…just in case.*


“You did come to the crossroads. I thought you’d abandoned me.”

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Which was your fav moment from the wedding?

Ahhhhh I can’t just pick one I can put it down to three tho haha first of course the wedding vows ahjshjkdahjdhskj I am still crying when I watch it so pure so much love and it was in the garage I mean AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHthats where it started, kinda ;) 

erm the slow dancing kissing shoulder snuggling, so soft so emotional *sobbing* 

and I love the end scene it was sad yeah but Aaron was honest with Robert about how he feels he bottled all this up again but in the end he told him and Robert knew already TELL ME AGAIN THEYRE NOT SOULMATES gosh I need to watch that *CRIES*

So I am having a lazy morning afternoon evening at home *yay me* send me stuff, make me choose, tell me about your thoughts on the current sl, what you want to happen next, robron wishlist go go go ;)

Man it’s been a while since the manga brought me to actual tears and I cry fairly easily… Seriously let All Might be happy for once!

Then Horikoshi had to drop that scene with Uraraka and Tsuyu and make me so happy for them, before continuing with all the ominous atmosphere of the previous chapters and I’m just… 

Don’t play with my feelings like that. There a range of emotions I can handle in a single chapter! 

But being objective here as a creator, I’m seriously proud of him for the work he pours into the manga. It’s one of the greatest struggles to make your audience care and feel for your characters this way. 

Suffice to say, I’m SO excited for what’s gonna happen next! Shit it’s going down for sure…


I think these were two most important scenes in 5.07. Honestly, I don’t understand why these aren’t being talked about more, these scenes show so much emotion and show true sides of these characters with absolutely no words. Mickey comes home drunk after seeing the absolute mess Ian is. Seeing Ian like that made him feel guilty, because he couldn’t fix him. Finding himself alone, he falls to the floor and clings onto the only thing that is familiar to him, Ian. Even if it’s just his Army vest, Mickey just needs something.

All of this and Ian is pacing in is dorm, even the psych ward patients are looking at him like he is insane. He is so lost with all of this, being in an unfamiliar place, his home and family gone, afraid he is turning into Monica.. It shows so much innocence in both characters, it shows how vulnerable they are when their walls that they thought were made of bone and steel are taken away. And when they are taken away from each other. {gif credit}

listening them all in again, “Runnin’ Home To You” is the one song that cames closest to what I wanted from the “musical episode” idea…

the other songs are nice performances… but because of the episode’s premise that this is divorced from the “real world”, the emotions they transmit are artificial and not sincere. they just… have nothing to do with either the flash or supergirl.

“SuperFriends” also works for this reason. There’s not a grand statement in that one other that “ bff4everss!!” but it works because it’s Barry and Kara singing from their hearts.

Showtune are special because of that. They are good songs that work individually, and also that evoke the key turning moments of a larger narrative ( so when you sing them, it should feel like rewatching your favourite iconic scene from a movie again and again ).

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Six movies I can watch anytime (disclaimer: some of these movies are my favorite but not all, some are just movies that I love rewatching bc they make me feel happy :) )

-The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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I literally cry from the opening titles to the last scene I just- I get emotional even talking about that movie, it is everything to me, it is so epic and dramatic and fun and I love the characters and the sONGS and the animation just wow, there will never be a time when I don’t wanna watch it

-Les Miserables

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Idk man I love musicals and I love Les Mis, so I love watching Les Miserables movie

-Pride and Prejudice (2005)

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I’ve got 3 words for ya: THE HAND FLEX

Also yeah I love how it portrays the tension between the two leads as well as the Bennet family dynamics, and the actors are great and it’s accurate to the book but it also takes some liberties that work REALLY WELL and the aesthetics are lovely what else do you need (and again, the frickin hand flex, that should be enough)

-Easy A (or Mean Girls, it’s a tie, but I don’t wanna cheat o_o)

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It’s funny and cute and I’m a slut for everything that has Emma Stone in it so really, I’m always up for watching this.

-Spirited Away

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So so beautiful, and weird and heartwarming and magical and unique and ahhh again I cry

-The Prince of Egypt

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If you don’t think it’s a masterpiece I am heavily judging you. Incredible characters with amazing relationships, magnificent songs, unbelievably stunning animation and a beautiful message about faith and hope, and I say that as a person who doesn’t even really believe in God.

that’s all folks, I just wish the ask game wanted a top 10 bc I have more movies that I watch all the time but ohh well

tagging @maddogsblondebeauty@starkdelinquents, @appalachian-geek-girl, @onfleekbitch, @potterismymockingjay, @queenofmayhem12, @deardobreva and anyone else who wants to do it <3 

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Do you have any writing tips for someone who struggles with writing angst? Also any tips for having a nice steady progression when writing a story?

i feel like i am so bad at giving writing advice, but i’ll tell you what works for me!

when i’m writing angst, it’s all about getting in the head space. i read around a lot (poetry works well for me, but other angsty fanfic is often just as inspiring if i wanna write sad shit), i listen to evocative music (instrumentals especially, and you can try to write the way the music makes you feel without the influence of lyrics), and i try to recreate the feelings i felt during hard-hitting moments in my life. i think personal reflection is key to writing scenes that evoke emotion: next time something particularly emotional happens to you, try to pin to memory the way it feels. the way your body reacts, the way your arms, hands, legs, chest, fingers feel, the weight inside your head, the eloquence of your thoughts and what they focus on, the things you hear and smell and touch and think. it can be useful to write this shit down, for future reference too.

for steady progression … a detailed plan is something that won’t fail you … i usually find electronic plans are better than handwritten stuff, as it’s easier to edit as you go along. try to have an outline of where you want to go, what themes you want to explore, what symbolism and overarching metaphor you want to focus on, before you start writing. make notes by scene, even if you don’t know in what order those scenes might occur: make notes about who appears, why they appear, their individual motivations for that scene, the feeling you want to evoke from your audience, the images you want to use, and the way you want to tie the elements together as something cohesive. it’s always easy to see when a writer has a direction and a plan, because their writing becomes more nuanced and complex, which makes breaking it down to find meaning far more entertaining. 

i imagine steady progression also has much to do with pacing! pacing is a hard thing to master - and i know i struggle with it - and comes with practice and advice from others. try to emulate other writers who have good pacing, because /that’s how you learn/. i think pacing depends strongly on an understanding that the menial is important. some people disagree with this, so it’s up to you to decide, but i think that having details and dialogue that doesn’t necessarily advance the plot is vital to creating a balanced narrative :^)