this scene made my heart cry


Birds in the sky
Carry these words for me.
Life tasted sweet,
It let me live,
It let me breathe.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💘

 I’m so sorry, Angie… For the things I made you do… For leaving you alone to clean up the mess I created… Just,.. For everything.

I saw some really sweet Mercy76 art out there n was instantly hooked. N then I learned about the theory that Jack made Angie kill Gabriel in Switzerland n I was all ;AAAA;  “nooo!! not mercy! my poor sweet angel!!”. N it all resulted in this scene- I really really like there to be a moment when Jack apologieses n Angie n him can hug n cry it out. I mean, that whole period of Overwatch was just awful. But when I realized that Jack n Angie don’t even have any dialouge with each other despite being old team mates n friends it damn well broke my tiny black heart. I dunno whether she can’t forgive him or whether he just never tried to apologies, though I hope it’s the latter…

I want them to make up n be friends again! ;^;  n then they can find for a solution to get Gabe back n redeem for their sins, together.

Oops!...I'm shipping again

I think I’m shipping again

They made me believe, they’re more than just friends

Oh baby, it might seem like bromance

But it doesn’t mean they don’t stand a chance

Cause to see all the subtext that is just so typically me

Oh baby, baby

Oops! I’m shipping again

They played with my heart, got lost in subtext

Oh baby, baby

Oops! I think they’re in love

That they fit like a glove

It’s not that innocent

You see my problem is this

I’m dreaming away

Writing some meta to prove it exists

I cry, watching this scene

Can’t you see they’re in love, what else could that mean

Cause to see all the subtext that is just so typically me

Baby, oh

Oops! I’m shipping again

They played with my heart, got lost in subtext

Oh baby, baby

Oops! I think they’re in love

That they fit like a glove

It’s not that innocent


the four princes who stand with Soo. 

                                                            (and the one who won’t.)

ZNT!SP Commentary 3

The flasbacks continue and my heart is breaking. They are intense.

  • Five looks so scared when the fire breaks out. 
  • I know Lisa’s actress is just standing in for Nineteen, but let me just say I’ll be using this scene for Hisalisa inspiration purposes, regardless.
  • Okay no, but this flasback where Five gets left behind? Right in the feels.
  • Want some Nive feels? Here you go

  • It made me want to cry.
  • You can truly see how much it cost Nine to leave her behind.
  • He kept trying to get to her but Twelve held him back every single time and he has to watch as the people at the institution literally carry her away while she calls to him.
  • God, Nine is such a tortured soul.
  • This next scene runs basically along the same lines of the anime.
  • I thought I heard Twelve say he dreamed about Lisa or something, not sure, probably my shipper heart getting the best of me.
  • He does mention something about her eyes, probably about how he was reminded of the other children at the institution.

  • Mukasa is the best. This guy’s acting as Mukasa was hilarious. The whole scene is giggles and eating.
  • Shibazaki is of course already taking Sphinx seriously after the very first video. No time to waste.
  • Shibazaki’s hair is… unexplicable. Lmao.
Watching Yuri!! On Ice for the second time and...

Realizing that for as much as I love The Kiss <TM> there are some scenes that warm my heart and make me feel for Victuuri even more.  

Like the end of Episode 9, when Victor and Yuuri are reunited at the airport - running toward one another, the embraces, the kiss Victor plants so sweetly on Yuuri’s hand…that was the first time this show made me cry!! 

And when the boys get to Barcelona, and you realize that they’ve pushed their hotel room beds together…such a sweet, unspoken detail that shows how closely they always want to stay.  

My Heart Will Go On (Solangelo Titanic AU)

Disclaimer: I did not proofread that last half because I couldn’t bring myself to reread this. I made the mistake of playing this song on repeat and I can’t stop crying. 

Also, this includes both fact and fictional things. I did research, but I also used scenes from the movie. I tried to make this as accurate as possible, but I’m just a 17 year old with a laptop. 

It’s super lengthy because I had to build it up, add the smut, and make the end as intense as I could without experience of writing action scenes. Sorry. 

ALSO COUNTS AS SMUT REQUEST AND “How you said ‘I love you’” PROMPT NUMBERS 26 (broken as you clutch to me and beg me not to leave) AND 28 (when I am dead). 

April 11, 1912

If he didn’t think about it, Nico could imagine himself sitting in a normal restaurant dining room. The chairs and tables were in perfect order, the afternoon sky allowed a gentle glow from the windows. And as usual, he was surrounded by important people.

Mr. Aster, handsome man that he was, was glowing with pride as he looked around the room. Beside him sat Benjamin Guggenheim, a man almost as rich as Nico from New York. Then there was Mr. Ismay, a pathetically ignorant man that Nico quite enjoyed to hear talk out of sheer entertainment. Eventually, Nico preoccupied himself with watching his moustache bob with his words.

“Would you like to see the plans, Mr. D’Angelo?” Mr. Aster offered. “My wife chides me on never being able to leave the room without the plans.”

Nico smiled and nodded, not really caring, but knowing he had to pretend for his father’s sake. His father had been the business man of the family for the last several decades, and when Nico turned twenty, he passed on the responsibility to him. And his first order of business was aboard the RMS Titanic after boarding from Southampton the day before.

Mr. Andrews spread out his papers along the table, allowing Nico to see intricate plans for each deck of the ship. “Magnifico,” he said under his breath. And it was. Every small detail was planned, and it was real. He was on it now. “This is wonderful, Mr. Andrews. I’m certain my father would agree to sponsor the Titanic’s future voyages. Given that this one goes smoothly.”

“I can assure you it will,” he promised.

“The Titanic’s supremacy will never be challenged. Size means, stability, luxury, and above all strength,” Mr. Ismay said. “God himself could not sink this ship, my friend!” he exclaimed.

Nico raised an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t test Him,” he mumbled.

“I must agree with Mr. D’Angelo,” the ship’s designer said. “No ship is unsinkable. Rest assured, my good man, this voyage will be the best you’ve been on.”

Mr. Ismay and Mr. Andrews began another conversation with Mr. Guggenheim about the mine industry he was to inherit, and Nico again began to wonder at the design of the dining room.

“More champagne, sir?” a waiter offered. Nico waved him away without peeling his eyes from the delicate carvings of the pillars. “More champagne, sir?” he heard the waiter ask one of the businessmen around him. Then again.

“Mr. D’Angelo, what on earth are you looking at?” one of his companions asked.

Nico allowed his gaze to return to the people around him, but he stopped dead at the sight of the waiter. Eyes as blue as the ocean in the morning sunlight looked at him curiously as he was called out by his table, only to dart away and finish serving the man’s drink.

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anonymous asked:

tbh i don't see your sex scenes as porn? they're so emotionally driven and much more than that! you're fic legit made me cry you're so good!!!

Thank you so much! My usual policy is if I can take a sex scene out and the story will still work then a sex scene shouldn’t be there so I’m so glad all the scenes read as emotionally driven rather than just gratuitous porn!

And Yes, this episode kinda broke my heart

-But not only of Viktuuri, but Yuuri on his knees in the middle of the ice.
-JJ falling and everyone cheering for him.
-Phichit in 5th place.
-Otabek’s past.

I know everyone loves Viktor and Yuuri, and that last scene broke my heart into pieces and I’m still crying, but there are so many other things in this episode that made me feel…
You guys know it.

But do people who read the books actually like the Shadowhunters tv show? Because from the perspective of someone who loves the books with all my heart and soul, that tv show sucks and it makes me want to cry. Like occasionally I will see little scenes from the book made into film in gifs and stuff but then I will hear where they are plot wise, realize that they are making this stuff up, and then I can’t bring myself to watch any more.

tw// I believe that in this moment Isak honestly believe that Even was going to hurt or even kill himself. The flashback scenes go from when they were first laying in bed together, and in that scene Even was talking about how lonely it was to think about the infinite universes. It made feel like the only way to escape those thoughts was to die. And in the text Even writes, they are together for the eternity,  meaning that he didn’t believe they were going to be together in this one. But it also quickly shows the other scene of when they’re together in bed, and Even asks “how many Isaks and Evens are laying like this right now?” and how joyful he looked when Isak said an infinite amount. He knew that in every other universe, they’d be happily together

It also shows that in the one of the drawings sleep is the cousin of death, and he has said that he doesn’t like to or can’t sleep. He doesn’t like to think of something horrible like that. It shows very quickly what Isak was looking up on bipolar people that they often are depressed. Isak now knows very well that bipolar people can be depressed and remembering the times where Even relates to death, isn’t a good sign.

The last part shows Even saying his favorite director is the director of Romeo & Juliet, and he said exactly “The main characters have to die, or else the love story won’t be so epic.” He believes in the love-sick movies where the character has to die, and he most likely believed that he was that character. He was directing his own part in his own movie of The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath. Even has also related their love story several times to Romeo and Juliet’s and we all know how tragically that ended.

But in the end, Isak said exactly what Even needed hear… You are not alone. And Even knew then, in their universe and all the other infinite ones, that he’d never feel alone again.

Skam is so beautiful with all of its deep meanings and realistic problems

The music choice for the scene where bellamy screams and cries and breaks my heart, anyway, is super interesting. It is only piano that crescendos noticeable and it makes you kinda uneasy it sets you off kilter as an audience member and hell isn’t that what bellamy is feeling in that moment. He isn’t centered in that moment, his sister, the reason he came down to earth, he thinks is dead. So props to tree adams I think he made a great choice with the music to help enhance our experience. 

if anyone wasn’t to talk more about it let me know, cause I will be crying about this scene for the next week 

I’ve been awake till 3am everyday since friday and everyday I randomly started thinking and crying over some fandom at that time :’D

Friday I cried about D. Gray-Man. Saturday I cried about Pandora Hearts. Sunday I cried about Mystic Messenger (well in fact not about mysme in general but I remembered the secret ends…). I wonder which tears tomorrow will bring

Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 9

The newest episode of ToZ the X, is honestly making me cry and scream! I am wounded, my heart <3

The SorMik in this episode was so real ;-;

Ufotable we bless you for creating a very good scene for Sorey and Mikleo to armatize.




Mikleo, the bae, came at the right moment to save Sorey and the other Seraphim from the blast of the Drake. Ufotable made it so Edna nor Lailah’s armatization was strong enough against the Drake!

Also how they added in our beautiful and meaningful part of the game…

Saying Sorey already knew Mikleo’s true name (we all know the meaning of this). They way they looked at each other and armatized into the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen in my life.





and how they made Mikleo visible while talking to Sorey like they did with Lailah was honestly so beautiful..

The animation was so…so…incredible!

Ufotable took this to the next level of gay with how Sorey and Mikleo looked at each other afterwards…


I am kind of disappointed that Sorey didn’t seem very worry about Mikleo when Lailah told him she sent him off to the ruins and retrieve the sacred bow that Mikleo needed to aid Sorey.

but hey….it was still beautiful. and I could feel their strong bond as I watched this episode….

Ufotable….you did this episode right.

The SorMilk bond was strongly there and not to mention the Luzrov Rulay animation was so beautiful… ;-; I’m crying.

Us of the SorMik fandom bless your souls

Sorry for writing this.. I needed to rant about how beautiful this episode was. Prepare for some edits.