this scene made me ship it a little

i like that one scene from the ember island players where actor katara was like “i’ve always had eyes for you” or something like that to actor zuko and then katara and zuko awkwardly look at each other and shift away. i feel like a lot of people write it off as bryke trying to dissuade watchers from shipping zutara but like honestly??

the look they give each other is not one of disgust. they’re uncomfortable with the statement because guess what? oh shit, when they were in the crystal catacombs they saw each other in a completely new light (obviously not to the extent of being in a relationship but i’ll get to my point). so as a “delusional zutara shipper” i like to think they were more unsure of the prospect of where their relationship might be if the zuko betrayal never happened in the crossroads of destiny, rather than being disgusted at the statement

they were uncomfortable with the line because they probably realised it was lowkey true. that whole crystal catacomb scene when they were talking about their mothers and zuko’s scar and katara’s hate for the fire nation, that is a really significant conversation to have considering they barely even knew each other at that time? they were so quick to accept and trust each other (and if azula hadn’t manipulated zuko into changing his mind, imagine how immense that trust and respect would be at that same time)

so like yeah, they did always have eyes for each other. they always knew they trusted each other. they always felt as if it would be easy to work together. they saw themselves in each other, and were willing to put their past aside to work together. and it was ruined and yet even when they (katara especially) tried to hate the other, they couldn’t shake those thoughts of how quickly they would’ve dropped everything to give the other a chance. they had eyes for what could’ve been

for katara, i’d say she uncomfortably shifted away because she knows this and she’s thought about it a lot. for zuko, he did it because he also knows this and he regrets his decision to give their alliance a shot. because they had eyes for each other, they subconsciously knew they would make the perfect team even without directly knowing it

DUNKIRK (2017)
  • I just saw Dunkirk in 70mm and IMAX and
  • It was the single most amazing cinematic experience of my life
  • As you may have heard, there was very little dialogue throughout the movie which can make a film feel slow or even boring at times, but I was completely captivated
  • But never did I feel that the screen was bogged down with too many lengthy series of quick cuts
  • The angles used in the air were incredible and I’m sure not easily chosen
  • The use of silence in the film was fantastic and their timing impeccable; it was loud and quiet at the same time
  • His score was just too good, as usual (especially the bit where they’re trying to reach the boat in time)
  • Lee Smith is an editorial god
  • Christopher Nolan and the two mentioned above are literally the dream team
  • Can’t believe he wrote that cause, like, it’s easy to imagine something but to write it down in a concise way that doesn’t involve two characters just talking is really difficult let alone in a warzone
  • I commend their use of mostly practical effects and real props
  • There’s a point where it’s night and there’s a bunch of people in a lifeboat with flashlights (or maybe it was fire in the background, I can’t remember) while a guy shivers on the deck of a ship and it reminded me of Titanic
  • Real stories are eerily impressionable, at least in my mind
  • The depiction of what I would call the main characters was very well done
  • Taking fictional characters with a fictional story and having them seamlessly blend into the story of the movie, the story of the Battle of Dunkirk… Well done
  • It’s easy to believe that, despite being created, it may have been someone’s real story, something experienced by a real soldier on that beach
  • The events of the film are harrowing
  • So much emotion delivered in just 147min
  • Tom Hardy’s plane
  • His sacrifice and the way the men cheered for him
  • How they made us think that his landing gear wasn’t going to come out, but it did with the most beautiful colours (great colour scheme all around) of the sun lending its light for his landing down on the beach
  • How his plane became engulfed in flames, burning ablaze on the beach before he stepped into the Germans’ arms
  • It was the first time we see his face
  • But never once do we see the enemy’s face
  • It’s not about the enemy, it was never about winning anything
  • It was about survival and making it home to fight another day and in that itself is a victory
  • This story belongs to the British and although I myself am not a Brit, I have always been fascinated by this particular event in the war
  • (Sidenote: Go watch Atonement or YouTube it’s glorious 5-minute long single shot on the beach at Dunkirk)
  • My mind was basically blown when I discovered this one thing
  • Throughout the film, there’s this theme of “home” and getting there
  • Several civilian fishing boats travel across the channel in hopes of delivering soldiers back to England and like I mentioned, I saw the movie in 70mm
  • ((THANK YOU JESUS for allowing Christopher Nolan and Hoyte van Hoyte to bless us with these beautiful images))
  • At least, most of it was in 70mm
  • I immediately noticed that from time to time it would switch from full screen  70mm to widescreen 35mm. I assumed they were using a different camera for these shots/scenes, but I couldn’t figure out why
  • Then, in the car after the movie it hit me: All of the widescreen shots were of England, of home. You see, the civilian ships coming to rescue them were referred to and represented home so all the shots on the little boat were in done in 35mm as well as the ones at the end of the movie on the train and such
  • The reading of the newspaper was a nice touch made beautiful in a perfect movie
  • The boys on the train
  • The boy on the boat…
  • I could go on—but instead—
  • just do yourself a favour and go see it for yourself
10 Things I Loved About Mass Effect:Andromeda

Warning: Spoilers! And I wrote this on the spur, so there might be grammatical errors.

1.      I enjoyed the story. Yeah, people will say it recycles from the trilogy, but come on, people. Why are you surprised? Bioware recycles their plotlines all the time. It’s pretty much the same in all of their games. A protagonist gains special abilities and leads a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits team to defeat a big threat. And I’m not bothered by that. Sometimes familiarity in your franchise is good, just as long as you do new things to the formula, and I think they do.

What interested me the most was the theme of starting over. A lot of people in the Andromeda Initiative were former criminals or outcasts. The reason they joined was to start a new life, and it’s explored in the main questlines, the loyalty quests, and numerous side quests. I was worried about the game talking about colonization since humans are looking for a new home, but I was pleasantly surprised that the game made it clear that Andromeda is the angara’s home first, and humans and other Milky Way species will have to work with them. Thank god! No Mightey Whitey trope this time!

2.      Ryder as the player character. I honestly never thought I would love Ryder as much as I did when I played the game. Sure, no one will ever replace Commander Shepard, but Ryder isn’t meant to replace the Commander, rather show a different perspective in a new story. Commander Shepard is the hero we want to be while Ryder is more of a relatable character. Ryder has to learn through the entire game how to be a leader while going through the obstacles of their inexperience and youth so people will take them seriously. And it was compelling, uplifting, and at times amusing to see them become a hero in their own right and step out of their father’s shadow.

Also Sara and Scott felt like their own person. In the original trilogy, the player character is pretty much the same no matter what gender. But sometimes the dialogue can be different depending on if you play a male Ryder or a female Ryder. That’s because they are two different people who have had their own experiences and personalities. That really adds to the replay value!

3.      Female aliens everywhere! One of my major issues with the original trilogy was the lack of female Turians, krogans, and salarians. Sure we had asari an all-female race, and female quarians, but it felt weird that we met so many aliens with very few ladies. Not only do we get a female Turian squadmate, we also get plenty of lady alien NPCs gathered everywhere for random quests. We also have Kesh who works at the Nexus. And we get to see female salarians! And they kind of look the same as male salarians except with different voices. Thank god! It would’ve been horrifying to see salarians with boobs. Uh! And I’m pretty sure there were just as many female angara NPCs as there were males.

4.      The romances. Especially the queer ones. One of the things I love about Bioware games are the romance paths. Bonus points if there is a queer option. And as of patch 1.08, this game has the most number of queer romances in any Bioware game. I think my two favorite romance paths are with Sara and Vetra and Jaal and Scott. While representation for the LGBT community is improving in media, there’s no denying we still have a long way to go. And after again the crap year 2016 where we had a huge number of queer women characters die in tv shows, it was so wonderful to have a healthy and happy relationship between two women when I first played the game. And even if it wasn’t added until the patch, the romance between Jaal and Scott is absolutely sweet since we see two men show a lot of love and affection for each other which is rare to see in media.

5.      The Tempest Family. I adore every single character on the Tempest, and they really did feel like a family once you played further into the game. I am a sucker for found families, and to see these people who are trying to find a home ending up finding a home with each other just gives me so many feels!

Since there’s not really a huge crew in the ship like in the original trilogy when Shepard had an army of humans. In Andromeda, we have six squad mates, four additional crew members, and Ryder. And I think it made the family more intimate. It’s like our own little family lives on the Tempest.

Also I liked how there were more quests spread out throughout the game with the squad which I think was lacking in Inquisition. Plus. Movie Night is the best scene ever!

6.      In my opinion, the side quests were fun. I think this was one thing they improved from Inquisition. Inquisition side quests just felt like a bunch of fetch quests that got kind of boring pretty quick, and didn’t really add to the overall story. Some highlights from Andromeda were: Kadara, the angara reincarnation questline, the Turian jailed for murder, the anti-AI group, meeting Zaeed’s son, and those kids sending out a distress signal for a new light for their weed plant. HAHA!

They were compelling in their own right and included cut scenes instead of the Inquisitor going to some location like in Skyrim to do a thing come back to the quest giver saying, “I did the thing.” “Ok, good.”

7.      Unlike in Inquisition, there’s actual payoff for some of the quests you do. I don’t mean to be mean to Inquisition, I still love the game, but remember when we were promised that you had to build your forces up in order to defend against the main threat. Yeah, you built forces to get influence points to gain perks, and that’s it.

In Andromeda, while, yes. It’s not the same level as Mass Effect 2. When you actually complete quests and help out leaders, you can get different results during the final battle. Like, there’s a chance Captain Dunn may not survive.

Also, when you get 100% viability on all the planets, you get a special surprise on Habitat 7- being told that it will one day be habitable because of our efforts. Sure it was a side quest, but it just felt so rewarding!

8.      The climax was actually fulfilling and exciting. Again, something else Inquisition was lacking in. Seriously, when I first played Andromeda, I legit gasped when the archon was taking control of SAM node. The villain was actually living up to his threatening nature!

Just when we think we got everything under control, and are about to find Meridian, the Archon fucks shit up, and our sibling has to step up to save the day. Then we have to gather people we helped out and prepare for a final battle, and Ryder can finally prove themselves as a true Pathfinder and kick the Archon’s ass once and for all. People are saying the ending was as disappointing as ME3’s? Pfft…What are you even talking about?

9.      The angara. Bioware never fails to make me love an entire fictional species. Yeah, it feels a bit off that they pretty much have the same faces and the same 3 voice actors, but I really do love their culture. And I appreciate that they were clearly coded as POC while Andromeda didn’t go through with the whole Mighty Whitey Trope. The game wants you to respect their culture and to respect their home.

I love the angaran people are open about their feelings, I love how their religion believes in reincarnation, I love how we see angaran scientists, soldiers, merchants, mercenaries, and civilians. Also Aya and Hivraal are absolutely gorgeous!

And when Jaal finds out his people were created by the Kett, I was worried it was going to go the Dalish elves route, but Jaal points out that it doesn’t change anything about the angara. They are still their own people. And that was such an uplifting message.

10.  The overall light-hearted tone. I wrote a small post that got a good number of notes. (Probably the biggest number I’ve ever gotten), so to quote: “There was always this sense of hope and optimism about finding a new home. ‘Yeah, things may have gone totally wrong, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make them better’ was the overall message I got.

And really, with so many bad things happening in the world right now and too much of our entertainment supposedly being our escapism being dark for the sake of dark, this was something I think a lot of us needed.”

Mass Effect 3 had its light-hearted moments, and I love it, but man, that game was emotional draining.

It’s a bit discouraging to love something so much and get recommended videos on youtube pointing out the same flaws of that certain game, and why they thought it was a huge disappointment. Do I agree with some of their criticisms? Sure. Does the history behind the production explain the flaws? Oh absolutely.

           But people seem to forget that the original Mass Effect trilogy wasn’t without its flaws. I mean, sure everyone can agree on the Mass Effect 3 ending, but I could make a list of all the issues I have with the other Bioware games including Dragon Age: Inquisition (which despite winning Game of the Year, kind of suffers the same problems Andromeda had).

           So yeah, after the crap year of 2016, I was so excited to get a newly-released game that made me happy. And still makes me happy, and makes me in the mood to play another Ryder.


Victoria and Lord Melbourne being told to stay away from each other  and then of course failing miserably

Some random thoughts

This little scene actually made me cry

Literally me

just kiss already… come on… come on I know you wan to

NOOOO I hate seeing her sad cause it makes me sad

They are so freaking adorable… I can’t

Also Moon and River are shipping them so bad right now and I love it

Marco don’t go


What the heck Marco?

“it kinda smells like Star”

omg the feels

I have said it like a million times but I’ll say it again

Star is just so freaking cute

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Can I share the reason why I ship Molly and Lestrade? When I first watched Sherlock I ended up randomly watching The Sign of Three and l thought that Molly and Lestrade were together and were worried about Sherlock like they were his parents lol - I was surprised when I learned that they weren't together (l wasn't even aware of tjlc or anything at this point)

This is LITERALLY the scene that made me ship them SO HARD. They are SO precious together, OMG <3 I’m so sad that they completely disregarded this little relationship they were building on since ASiB for…destroying Molly’s character completely.

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That pic to me just shows how when Dylan and Hoechlin are in the room, the chemistry and magnetism is so strong that they stare at each other and forget everyone else in the room. To me, it's not just about Stiles and Derek, the 2 characters, but the 2 actors are so in tune that it's addictive to watch them together and the camera shows the sparks... it's like, as the audience we can't look anywhere else but those 2 dorks. Thoughts?

This is so accurate, though. Hoechlin and Dylan have always been drawn to each other –– in little movements and lingering glances even when the scene doesn’t call for it, and those subtle details, their chemistry, are what made the ship what it is in the first place. Sterek wouldn’t exist and wouldn’t be the force it is with any two other actors behind it, because it wasn’t scripted. Sure, the bones of their interactions were, but what brought people to the ship and made them see the potential was how good Dylan and Hoechlin are together, how they interact and play off each other and build the scenes into so much more than they could have been.

Now, that said, the show is absolutely capitalizing off that chemistry. There was no need for the article to make that their headline shot: the three ostensibly main characters of the season in the background, with Derek and Stiles as the main focus, staring at each other. And there was a lot of Sterek in the promo trailer because they knew it would catch viewers’ eyes. It’s not a bad marketing move, but it’s a painfully obvious one. They see Hobrien’s chemistry. They see what it’s given us in Sterek. And they’re using it every chance they can to try and bring attention and ratings to the final season.

What did I do wrong? - Chandler Riggs

Okay so this wasn’t asked for. But I’m hecka bored and I have nothing better to do with my life. This is gonna be a little cute.. imagine I guess? Let me know if this is actually something yall wanna see more of :) Ps. Please keep in mind I’m doing this on my phone and not on a computer, and there’s probs gonna be some spelling/grammar errors. * summary * You work on the set of TWD, playing the role of “Olive”, young girl who was found on her own and quickly become friends with Carl. After a unexpected scene, tension grows. While on set, and off (within the fandom) a ship name is made. But for some reason Chandler doesn’t seem to fond of it. ———- “Carl, please. You can’t go out there. Do you have a death wish?” I grab onto his wrist holding him from moving forward. He takes a breath and looks back at me. “I’m sorry. I have to.” He turns again and starts to walk away. My eyes start to water. “Wait!” I blurt out. What am I doing. Chandler turns to me confused. That wasn’t part of my scrip.We both know that.But nothing happens. He keeps his act up and stares at me. I run up to him and take my hands, holding his face. His face goes stiff as he keeps his eyes on me. Why am I doing this? Why is no one stopping me? Why hasn’t anyone yelled cut??? “Please don’t die.” I say. In that moment, without realizing it. I kiss him. He’s taken aback and pulls away after the kiss. “I won’t.” He says finally walking away. The cameras stop, the lights turn off and the entire room is silent. “Wow. That was… wow.” The director walks over clapping. “Just so you know, we’re keeping that in. Was priceless.” He says patting my shoulder. (2 WEEKS LATER) It’s been 2 weeks since I pulled off that kiss in set. Chandler won’t talk to me unless we’re recording, which I don’t understand. What did I do? I get that what I did was unexpected and uncalled for. But there’s no reason to just completely stop talking to me. The ship name “Carlive” took way not to long ago, practically leaving Chandler speechless. “Just go up to talk to him. He must have a valid reason. Ask him.” I was talking to Melissa. She’s always been my on set mom. “Alright. I just really miss him, his smile… laugh. The way he would look me in the eyes every time we would talk.. now he just acts like I’m invisible. Like nothing.” “Sounds like you’ve fallen Y/N” I sigh knowing she’s right. “Yea..” She smiles taking me in for a hug. “I think I saw him over by makeup” she says pulling away. Standing, I wipe off my pants and make my way to Chandler. I spot him sitting on one of the lounge chairs scrolling through his phone. Taking a deep breath I walk up to him. “Chandler.” Nothing. “Chandler?” Not a word. “Chandler. Come on.” Zip zap, bipiddy bap, would look at that. nothing. I sigh and take a seat in front of him. “You know what? I’m really sick your shit. I don’t know why you won’t talk to me, I don’t know what happened between us. You’re treating me like complete shit and I’m really not enjoing it.” I look at him still scrolling through his phone and that’s when I’ve had it. I take his phone out of his hands and shove it in my pocket. He groans and finally for the first time in 2 weeks, looks at me. “Can’t you explain. I just don’t understand Chandler. After what happened you’ve completely shut me out. What did I do!?” He quickly stands looking me dead in the eyes. “You wanna know what you did to me? You wanna know why I don’t talk or even look at you anymore unless I have to? You wanna know why I hate that fucking ship name so much!?” He’s suddenly got me pinned up against the wall his lips by my neck. My breath cuts short and I freeze. “Because you made me love you.” My eyes widen and I feel his lips ever so lightly touch my neck. “You made me love your eyes” kiss. “Your laugh” kiss. “Your lips” He looks me in the eyes placing his forehead on mine, then slowly kisses my lips. “You made me love all of you and the worst part is I’ll never get you… that’s why.” He pulls away and walks back to the rest of the cast. I let out a sigh and slowly slide down to the ground. “What the hell just happened?” —– OKAY SO YEA. idfk if that was any good. Probs not. IN WHICH CASE U SHOULD GO READ @strugglingfairy s STuFf cuz iTs acTuALlY sO gooD. Oh and this whole like… “What did I do wrong” type thing may or may not be very relevant to me rn cUz GUYS ARE CONFUSIBG YEA? anywhooo let me know if you want a part 2 or something? Idk. Kk love u bYe.

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i think one of the main things that dissapointed me with the last batch of episodes was the lack of action (and voice acting) from the gems. when aquamarine was speaking to the gems before escaping on the ship and pearl makes one jab at her with her spear but nothing else happens. i get that the gems would be a little caught off guard with these gems but i wish they fought some more.

I also felt this way with the scene just before Steven was taken away in the spaceship. The gems were broken apart but considering what was at stake, I wish they at least made one last attempt to grab Steven. If the purpose of the scene was to show that the gems were mortified with Steven being taken to Homeworld, I feel the impact would have been even greater if they fused again (or attacked) and just barely miss the ship before it warps.

(A bit of a nitpick but) I think that the voice acting could have been a little stronger in the last scenes of the final episode. These Homeworld gems have Steven, who has the gem of the one who shattered Pink Diamond and they have no way of finding him, so I would have thought that there would have been more emotion when Garnet/Amethyst/Pearl yelled to him. Connie’s voice acting was pretty good though, the emotion she was conveying was really good.


I have been waiting for this scene to be animated, and this is just AWESOME! I always loved Lizzie, and I hated it when anime fans called her annoying and just cute. She’s one of the top (if not the top) fencers in the Kuroshitsuji universe. She even has a good duel against Charles Grey (my bae!!) in the Akuma Six extra chapter.

I also think the Campania scene is very thought-provoking: it made me ponder over traditional/Victorian gender roles and how Lizzie strives to be both a strong woman and an ideal Victorian wife. It makes me a little sad that she limits herself, even if it is out of her love for Ciel.

Also, I ship these two, even if I love Sebastian and Ciel’s dynamic. CielLizzy is my OTP. Besides, marriage between cousins was customary in Victorian times.


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My Little Pony the Movie Thoughts

I thought overall the film was very, very well done. We’ll start with the cons and then move into the pros


–While Tempest has a great song with “Open Up Your Eyes” some shots in it are just bad like they didn’t know what to do and just awkwardly framed her singing. And I mean awkwardly, since her usual distant gaze doesn’t work so well when shes singing to someone right in front of her

–Storm King is under-utilized and it feels like they’re relying a bit much on you using outside sources to flesh him out

–Fluttershy and AJ also were a bit under-utilized

–We do not see a single royal guard at any point despite, you know, invasion. It felt like they were trying to get around the tendency to make the guards useless by just not having them when this plot is made to have them at least a little involved

–In this version of the animation, with more detail, the ponies’ eyes can look oversized at times


–They build up to Twilight’s breaking point really well. She starts the movie stressed, the invasion makes it worse, and her friends antics and missteps on the adventure make it totally believable when she finally crosses the line and feels she needs to act drastically

–The songs done in the style of the show all are awesome and blow the handful of pop songs out of the water. “Time to be Awesome” and “I’m the Friend You Need” were both great, as was Tempest’s song when she wasn’t awkwardly framed.

–Amazing use of Derpy/Muffins. They could not have done better with the fandom favorite than what they did.

–All the cameos! It’s amazing how many and how well they squeezed them all in. Cheered when I saw Cheese Sandwich!

–Pinkie especially gets to just shine in this movie, showing her highs of being a total delight who befriends people in an instant and yet also her capacity to grate on people and come across as too frivolous. After Twilight, this is Pinkie’s film in my opinion. She is a huge influence and her relationship with Twilight gets good focus.

–Capper and Captain Celaeno and the pirates are all great. The seaponies were pretty good, though Queen Novo could have been more developed.

–The sonic rainboom looks amazing in this animation

–Spike actually gets to use his fire as a weapon. More than once even! He uses it to escape a hold and later teams up with Capper to act as a flamethrower.

–That ending scene made me ship Twilight and Tempest. I don’t even really ship ponies outside of Cheesy Pie but I guess I ship this now too!

–I loved the Storm King’s habit of being annoyed at how cute and pastel Equestia and the ponies are. Like he’s some teenage boy whining about how none of this can be badass because it’s too girly. I loved it. What a character trait!

–Discord’s cameo as a balloon made by Pinkie. Sweet.

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What if space kid was mister B. Hear me out: he builds a space ship in the better camp and it works. He has a real spacesuit instead of what he has now. He floats a little when he walks. And in the scene where max is collecting the eyes he's like: "you're not the real space kid, just a copy he made" and then space kid replies "not even that" and then his suit bursts open and the squirrels come out and run of with an eye. I thought it would work because you can't see the squirrels in the suit


I swear to God, I’m shaking, freaking shaking. I’m too overwhelmed by the 13th episode of Riverdale, also the season’s finale. (Don’t read this if you didn’t watch the last episode) HOW DID EVERYTHING HAPPEN, OMG?! Firstly it was about Jughead and the Southside, then Archie and Veronica, AND Bughead make out like, damn hard, I could practically feel that tension … Why did the Serpents ruin it, why, God, that scene killed me guys, please tell me I’m not the only one. Besides, Betty having an older brother? Fred Andrews getting shot? WHAT THE HELL, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT UNTIL SEASON 2?! HOW, AFTER ALL OF THOSE THINGS?! I really think Riverdale is amazing as a TV show after Archie Comics. I fell in love with how the cast portrayed the characters within minutes. 

Riverdale will be a big success, I honestly think this, ‘cause it has all those special “condiments”: drama, teenagers, love triangles, that deep thing which turns into something really big after a worth waiting … I can’t believe the first season is over already. I think you just figured it out that my favorite moments were the ones between Betty and Jughead. Their story became so true, their bond and feelings. GOALS, TRULY. Veronica and Archie, same, so beautiful, cheeky, mysteryous. I also liked the scene where Archie sang along with Josie and The Pussycats. I didn’t expect things to get that lit in this episode, I mean I know that season finales are rough and full of triggers but THOSE SCENES, OH MY GOD. And how I thought (and really liked) to believe that Bughead love story would be cute, innocent, true and all of those little pretty words out there, they really fit them, especially after both’s personality. And them -BOOOOM- seriously, and that kissing scene broke all of my dreams and expectations. It was the most beautiful scene I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I ship Bughead sincerly, this episode was so … Full. 

Howsoever, that “That’s why I love you, Betty” line made me cry. “Jughead Jones … I love you”. I felt like I was under a freaking spell with the look on their faces, Betty’s eyes, Jughead’s messy hair, his slightly parted lips when he said that to Betty … It was so true, they’re both very good actors, I’m seriously excited about what season 2 of this show will bring. Because obviously, season 1 ended with a big excla-question mark. Yup, you heard me. I am shook, I’m a person who gets easly touched by this kind of things, movies, TV series, all of that. I get really emotional, sorry for bursting like that. ‘Hope I didn’t scare anyone here, hah :))) I felt the need to exteriorize my emotions, otherwise I would have exploded. 

 A huge congrats to the cast and crew of Riverdale for their beautiful work and for the passion they put into every episode of it. I only wish good luck to all of them. 

 *I’ll leave that GIF down there because everyone secretly need it.* 🙂

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When do you start like Cole and Lili. And why?

ok lemme tell you a story.

The main reason why I first started shipping Lili/Cole was because of the chemistry that they have with each other on-screen. In fact the moment that I first saw it was during the scene where Betty looks at Jughead & Archie as they entered Pop’s and the camera focused on him for just a little bit (which was also the same moment that I started shipping Bughead btw) 

Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn

– which made me go “oh shit, it’s happening again – i’m gonna start shipping these two [Betty/Jughead]”.  So that’s when I kinda started following the cast, mainly Lili & Cole ‘cause they played my favs (granted this was during Late Jan/Early Feb so I missed all the interactions they had beforehand). But around the time that they were about to end filming, Lili & Cole were hanging out in their trailers and posting about each other on their insta stories.

Which made me go “these two are hella cute”, so I watched old interviews that they did, and looked up old snaps/stories/pics that they posted with each other and I knew by then that trying to stop myself from shipping them would be fruitless so I just gave in and became trash for the both of them. The End.

Though things may look very dark
Your dream is not in vain
For when do you find the rainbow?
Only after rain

Danse and Rose, art commissioned from @opaldelight

I’ve had this scene in mind for almost two years now, this quiet, two-left-feet little dance of theirs -since at least the original an axiom of reducibility ficlet post. Opal helped me conceptualize what I was seeing there, and her lovely art made it look better than I’d ever imagined it. I can’t thank you enough for how sweet this came out. ❤

It’s been a hell of a journey for these two, and things often looked pretty dark, but in the end I hope they did find those Happy, Happy Times.

Changing ships

A little late but here is a ramble about my thoughts I had for a while.

It’s really weird but ever since my friend made me watch Voltron, I shipped Klance immediately! That “I cradled you in my arms” moment killed me. Every day before going to work and after coming from work, I would always look at Klance in tumblr. Saved it in my favourites.
“These two are super cute! Like that scene where their foreheads were touching, they should just kiss!!”
When Keith teases Lance after getting his Lion back was great!
And when season 2 came, that pool scene was so great! They were even locking arms, OMG!! They need to be canon! Like Korrasami! They are so perfect together! Opposite pieces to a whole!

I shipped Klance wholly while shipping Sheith on the side. I’ve never seen shipping hate. That was until I finished season 2 and was so touched with the Sheith scenes. I went on the Sheith tag more, and saw people posting about fans attacking a VA in social media because of Sheith, a “fictional” ship…calling people pedophiles, and spreading hate. Who has the time to question someone’s morals about a fictional show, where there’s not even a shred of evidence about their age. We’re not even sure if Pidge is as young as she is. I’m 24 but I get mistaken for a minor all the time. I’ve heard that some of the antis were Klance shippers but I didn’t believe them. I believed we can ship what we want and respect others’ ship. But as often as I went to the Sheith tag, artists and authors were sharing the bad comments they get in their question boxes and I’m just…why? If I don’t like something I avoid it. Don’t attack those who are wonderfully contributing to a ship they like for others’ happiness.

Somehow, after that I don’t know when but I came more often to the Sheith tag than Klance. Everyone was very nice and lots of great art was passed around. Then that post where they replaced Shiro with Lance in Sheith scenes, saying “now it’s romantic”, crushed my trust in Klance. It was their moment! Their hug! Why? Just Why?

I re-watched Voltron from season 1 and now…I switched my main ship to Sheith, while shipping Klance on the side. They did have chemistry! My mind just quickly jumped on the Klance wagon because now I remember my friend saying it was the popular ship as we watched it. I still ship it, but not as much as I did when I started the show.

DW has said they already know where they are going with this. If the planned end game is the popular ship from the beginning, then okay. But if they have to change whatever plans they had before Klance became a major hit, just to appease the salty fans…then no. I want them to do what they had decided on when they started this project.

I will accept anything they give me! Those Kallura moments were also unexpected but I loved them soooo much. That’s one of the things I liked about Korrasami! It popped out of nowhere!

Karamel Appreciation Week: Day 7.

I can’t believe that it’s ending already! I chose to write about the two Karamel things™:

•Eyes-Lips Thing™, most people noticed it first in the Comets scene, or in the “Maybe I can have it all” scene, but let me tell you, it was there waaaaaay before, to be exact, in 2x03 when they were arguing in the DEO cell, maybe it was one of the little things that made me ship them, unconsciously? Also I love when they kept doing it in the 2x14 scene when Mon-El talks to Kara in private; it’s something so sweet yet sexy and I love it! 

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•Smiley-Kiss Thing™, my personal fave, which I already mentioned in the physical contact day. It happened only three times, (2x14, 2x16, 2x17) but it makes me so happy whenever they do it, because it means that they’re really happy, so happy they can’t even contain their smiles and giggles while kissing, it’s adorable and it makes my heart burst. ❤ (not my gifs)