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there’s nothing I can do

i’m helpless without you

Made it to the Anything Can Happen in the Woods moment in ep 72 again. It’s the little things this time that are killing me.

The second Vex asks Percy to go for a walk Travis has the most amazing Oh Fuck look and has to pull his shirt over his face.

He and Marisha exchange the most fantastic glance.

Then he looks over to Matt and this asshole changes the music and then he WINKS at him.

I am dead once more and The Scene™ hasn’t even started yet.

Beast You’ve Made of Me: Alternate Ending

So this ending was supposed to be tacked onto the ending we already have.  But it was weaker, and just drew it out from where it really was a very solid place to stop.  So I took it off, with regrets: it had a joke I’d been waiting to make for literally three fics.

So!  Have it here:

With the exception of the black lion, the little craft was faster than anything Shiro had controlled before.

And it was amazing.

At first, Shiro adjusted to the ship, flying in lazy circles around the castle.  Once he had that handled, he started working on some of the additions.

After, he had a new appreciation for why Hunk still flinched when Pidge talked about working on boosters.  It was certainly a ride.

Shiro kind of wanted one on the black lion.

The thought earned him a sulky mental reminder that the lion could go as fast as she pleased already, and he if wasn’t satisfied maybe he should stick to the dinky little craft he was piloting now.

Amused at the open jealousy, Shiro only sent the lion a wave of affection and promised he liked flying that way much more.  It seemed to do the trick, but the presence remained close by in the back of his mind.

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Why I love Maleficent, and Dragon Queen

I ship DQ, OQ, and DOQ and sometimes, as the five DOQ shippers know, we get hate and skepticism as to whether really really like Dragon Queen or are purposely hetting up a queer ship (protip: 2 gals and a guy is still a queer ship).  I thought i’d made a little list.  Yes, there haven’t been many episodes with Maleficent, but her character just intrigues me, deeply. 

Why I like Maleficent:

1. It’s Kristin Bauer.  I’ll get this out of the way: I have a huge crush on Kristin Bauer and I love how she just commands whatever scene she’s in.  She’s gorgeous and wonderful and brings a lot to the character.

2. Maleficent is open.  There are so many characters that put on a brave face, that say things they don’t mean, that hide their lesser instincts.  Maleficent puts it all on display.  It’s THERE.  When Lily came back from New York?  That face of hers was just full of pain and relief and regret all at once.  It killed me.  

3. Maleficent is loyal.  Regina locked her up in dragon form for nearly three decades.  Maleficent doesn’t care.  She’s still loyal to Regina.  When the other QoD doubt Regina, Mal is there to stick up for her (even though, my headcanon says Mal knew Regina was full of it.  Regina was a terrible actress and Mal knows her better than that).

4. Maleficent had the greatest potential for darkness, but she never fully utilized it: We saw her have the darkest heart between Cruella and Ursula, yet we saw Maleficent perform caring, selfless acts too.  But I love the fact that she had such a potential to fall into the abyss of darkness even further.

5. Maleficent loves deeply.  She loved her unicorn enough to give up the Dark Curse to Regina.  She loved Regina enough to take the Dark Curse and keep it from her – for no other reason than she didn’t want Regina to open herself up to a darkness she  could not control.  Maleficent loves her daughter fiercely.  Those moments with Lily in Storybrooke and those moments where she is protecting a yet-to-be-born Lily in the EF show how much she loved, and suffered, and missed her child.

6. Maleficent is a teacher.  I just love that there’s a spellbook out there, that she carefully constructed spells and potions and sought to share them with the world.

7. Maleficent is flawed and human.  She resorts to pain killers in the form of magical curses to take the pain of failure away.  She suffers and tries to find an ability to cope and there’s something so relatable at that.  Since when is a dragon relatable?  Sure she has a blood lust for those who wrong her, and that’s wrong, but…there’s something that makes me want to wrap her up in a blanket and send her to AA.

8. Maleficent is seductive.  This is part Kristin, but the way she moves, the way she looks at other characters, she’s a little temptress.  And it definitely draws you in.

Why I like Dragon Queen:

1. They challenge each other.  We’ve seen glimpses of their relationship.  We’ve seen Regina push Maleficent to get her fire back (I mean literally, but also figuratively).  We’ve seen Maleficent challenging Regina, pushing her to be more.  We’ve seen Maleficent even try to pull her back from the darkness and fail.  Their relationship is dynamic, complicated and interesting.

2. They believe in each other.  i just kinda love that Maleficent was the one to bring Regina over to the rest of the Queens of Darkness.  She was convinced she was evil (or was she?  did she know it was all a lie and just wanted to see her?).  And Regina was so happy when Maleficent switched sides  in Storybrooke.  They are the most adorable mass murdering couple to ever exist.

3. They are both loving mothers.  Maleficent only had an unhatched egg to care for, but she loved Lily fiercely.  When Snow goes to apologize, Maleficent reminds her that the only apology needed is to her daughter.  She loves that daughter fiercely.  Regina and Henry well….there’s nothing I can say other than that’s a big chunk of the show there. 

4. They are emotional, sensitive villains who love deeply.  They are feisty little mass murderers who want to be loved, and seen as worthy of love.  Maleficent is older, and I always assumed she saw a bit of herself in Regina.  And it became scary when it got out of control. But the fact they have such deep feelings make them such an interesting  couple.

5. They forgive one another.  Maleficent forgives Regina for years of locking her up in dragon form and ultimately getting her killed.  Regina forgives Maleficent plotting with Gold - a man who Mal knew manipulated her - almost immediately.   

6. There’s chemistry.  Kristen and Lana play these roles beautifully, and every scene they had together had me mesmerized.

7. They have a  rich history.  There’s so much more I want to know, and so much more I think about.  We saw Regina as a baby queen, first introduced to Maleficent.  We know Regina was studying her spellbook.  We know she fangirled and cheerleaded Maleficent as she enacted revenge on Aurora. We know that they know each other very well, well enough to exploit one another’s  weaknesses. There’s a lot there that you can explore in fanfic. There’s a lot to REGINA that can come out by exploring this relationship - both as a romantic one, and as a friendship one.  I want to know so much about her past and descent into darkness.  

8. They care about one another, deeply.  It’s even every facial expression.  When they reunite in Storybrooke they seem too damn happy to see each other to not care.   We know somewhere down the line, Maleficent had convinced Regina to trade the dark curse for her sleeping curse.  But what was she going to do with the dark curse?  Perhaps she traded it purely to keep Regina from succumbing completely into darkness.  Later, though Maleficent was trying to stop her from enacting the dark curse for her daughter’s sake, I like to think she was also looking out for Regina a little, too.

I probably could say more, but my memory is short, and parts of S4 are now… difficult for me to rewatch.  

But I love this relationship and I think it has potential and a lot of explore.  I think there’s a richness to Regina that could be found in this relationship too.  And no, I don’t think that this is the ONLY relationship that has the potential for growth and depth of character - of course not!  But there’s a reason I like this relationship and want to see more (though if they did it, I’d be fucking holding my breath the entire time worried they would ruin it and devastate me again).  But this ship isn’t about putting others down.  It’s about celebrating a character that I feel has more of a story to tell, whose own story could let me know Regina a little better.


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Hi, so I really like the idea of Lestrolly/mollstrade but I'm finding it difficult to ship because though I can find evidence for lestrade being interested in molly in the show, I'm struggling to see evidence of molly being interested in lestrade. Is there a particular scene you could recommend for me to see that, or even any headcanons of how a scene continued? I really want them both to have a happy ending but I need a bit more to ship it and I hoped you could help what with your url! Thanks😘

Glad you asked. I made you a little presentation and hope that helps!


Thank you for 5k+ followers! pt.2

I can’t believe I reached this number, and since I’m also in the ml fandom lately, I made a double surprise for you!

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of free time OTL study is killing me and I’m also trying to improve my own drawing style and working on cosplays, so this was the best I could do ;; I hope you will appreciate it!

One of my regulars from work FINALLY started watching OPM...

…after me telling him to since January. He’s absolutely in love with it, we talked about it for half an hour today as he raved about how funny it was, and how gorgeous, and how great the characters are.

HOWEVER. I just wanted you all to know that–midway through our conversation, with no prompts from me, TOTALLY ON HIS OWN, he stops, and looks down, and goes:

“Soo…does Genos have, like, a little crush on Saitama?”

I could *not* have been more proud or ecstatic. He said it was the end of the meteor episode that made him wonder.

((I asked him a long time ago how he feels about shipping and he said he’s not really into it; so yes, that scene is JUST AS ROMANTIC for people that aren’t looking for it))

okay cue my sappy goodbye to tvd!

I cannot believe this day is already here. I’m honestly kind of in shock that I just watched the finale of The Vampire Diaries. There was something so amazing and special about it that just kept me hooked, for eight years! The show started when I was twelve years old. I was going through so much at the time, stuff that was very hard for me to deal with. TVD was my escape; a little distraction every week that made me happy. I have never been able to watch a show start to finish and thoroughly enjoy every moment of it. This show is the only one I’ve been able to do that with. Even the most heart breaking and tragic scenes were undeniably amazing. Even when I was triggered by certain moments that reminded me of painful things in my life, I kept watching. Even when my ships were practically torn to shreds and burned, I still loved every episode. And as sappy as it sounds this show helped me learn a lot about relationships and life along the way too. And though there may be a few things I wish they would’ve done differently, I am nothing but grateful for Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. They both created something so magical, beautiful, and powerful. I’m so incredibly proud of them and I look up to them so so much. Of course, I also gotta say I’m so grateful for the incredible cast who brought every character so much life and depth and made them so easy to love. Here’s to the crew and every person behind the scenes who helped make this show mind-blowingly beautiful, mystical, and epic. And here’s to all of us fans who watched every minute. Even through all those tough “why Julie why?!” moments we stuck by this show and made it an amazing journey not only for us, but for everyone who worked on it. We made it worth it for them and that is so important and wonderful. Much love to all the TVD fans out there who may be reading this. Thank you! I’m a rambler I’m surprised you got through this whole thing loool. Today is a hard day for everyone. May we never forget this amazing show and the impact it’s made the passed eight years. And on that note I’ll shut the hell up and end it. ❤️

“I’m so glad you’re my partner in crime”
“As long as you’re my partner in time!”

Max and Chloe give me heartache ;-; Kinda tied between shipping them, and shipping me and Chloe lmaooo ;^)))

But this is one of my fav scenes from the game, seeing them so calm and somewhat carefree for a little while made me happy =3=

Eventually gonna fix the lighting, but I like it ouo Can’t wait to make prints of this piece!! OuO


That’s right. It’s nearly 5am here. I’m casually being assualted by fluff on all sides. I’ve had a fantastic day. Here’s a summary.

“Previously on Grey’s Anatomy”

YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS, sweet baby cheeses, YES. Every week please!

Meredith and…

- Jo: Finally, finally, finally Jo stood up to her boyfriend’s person. Jo is literally Derek in the Twisted Sisters storyline and I really feel for her. I get that Meredith is protecting Alex and that Alex feels the need to show his loyalty to her in return, but it was all getting a little unhealthy. However much I would like Jo to not give a shit about Meredith’s opinion on Jolex’s relationship, I actually think “I am rooting for you to stick” meant the world to her and so that whole scene made me really love both characters.

- Will Thorpe: So, I shipped Merder since day one. But I’m not against Meredith dating again. I know the hardest of the hardcore Merder shippers are literally lighting a fire up their own arseholes about the whole situation (”It’s not even been one season yet”… yeah but in their world it’s been about 2 years by now!) but I think Ellen is playing the role so sweetly and subtly… charming and respectful. But I’m not sure about Willl Thorpe- I don’t trust a man with a jaw that chiselled. I’d rather Riggs!

- Callie and Maggie: Lol. That’s mainly all I have to say. Callie saying “hot” was perfect. Callie and Maggie innuendo-ing the shit out of “ringer” and “vibrate” made me laugh. Out loud.


See this brick Jackson? You do? Oh ok, cool… could you just close your eyes for two seconds? No silly, I promise I won’t throw it at your face. Yes, no, really, I won’t throw it at your face… (It’s at this point in our back and forth that I obviously throw a brick in Jackson’s face for fucking dating the minute after the ink is dry on his divorce.)


“We all hear the dogs, right?” Poor baby is reduced in this show to saying funny one-liners. Legit writers- either give her a storyline or give her a hospital in a foreign country to run. She deserves better. Poor baby.

Alex Karev

Alex and April. I sometimes forget they once kissed. Pah! Anyway, he was great with April, and I love team peds basically ganging up on her. Arizona totally jumped the gun in spilling the beans to Jackson, dick move, but they both clearly have her back and just want the best.


OK, I really enjoyed him being Chief again. Cos let’s face it, that’s what he was today. He was being wise and good and clever and making EVERYONE around him be better at their jobs. Good job Webber… sorry, I mean chief.


All the patients were AMAZING this week. I loved the quads storyline- although the amount they went on about tax made me think of my own which is a bit soul-destroying! I loved the old rich dude and LOVED Rita Moreno! So good, so so good.

Ben and Bailey

Desperately trying to summon up the will to care to be honest…

Amelia and…

Private Practice: For some reason, I saw more PP Amelia in tonight’s episode than I’ve ever seen on Greys. It was SO refreshing. And I have a feeling it had a LOT to do with… 

Riggs: I enjoyed these two WORRYING amounts. I see a lot of chemistry there and I almost died when he called her “Shep”. Amelia has been a tag along in friendship groups since she arrived in Seattle and I seriously hope they make a little side clique, cos they’d blatantly be the cool kids, let’s be honest.

Blake: Everyone called this. Of course Penny was going to be amazing at neuro. It’s Shonda’s predictable “ironic” sense of twisted humour. I really enjoyed the surgery scene, very well acted. I’m gonna miss the Neuro Nerd team a lot though.

Owen: When your OTP is quite literally PUPPY LOVE you know you’re onto a winner. I loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND of their scenes together. The fact that they just sat on a gurney and TALKED made me so fucking super happy. They talked and actually connected. And then he stood up and they HELD HANDS and just walked through the corridors HOLDING HANDS. And then she said she doesn’t like surprises (like @superheroshepherdess always writes). And then they ROLLED AROUND IN PUPPIES. THEY WERE LITERALLY ROLLING AROUND IN THEIR OWN FLUFF. And then THEY MADE OUT. I quite honestly died and went to heaven. So thanks Omelia… thanks for that.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some MAJOR plot-twisting storyline but quite frankly by the end of the episode my mind was only on one thing: Omelia and their future puppy kingdom.

“I honestly cried after the scene where Eugene hugged Abraham, It was adorable, especially since Abe went for the hand shake at first, I think i kinda ship them. It made me so happy to see how excited he was to drive the RV too, you could see how honored he felt after Abe let him drive it for once. I just love Eugene so much, he’s so innocent and funny and i’m so glad he got a little more screen time over the episodes, even though it may hint to his possible death. He needs more appreciation.”


Keenler Week [Day 1] - The Moment I Started To Ship Them

For me, things happened a little differently, because I had never watched The Blacklist before, and then one day I saw this random gifset on Tumblr that caught my attention. It was a gifset from this scene, and I had no idea of who these people were or what was going on, but the way they were looking at each other just made me go CHEMISTRY ALERT, so I had to find out what show that was from and started watching shortly after that, and now here we are in this roller coaster of emotions and heartache and pain, a lot of pain. So then when I started watching for real I probably started shipping them from their first scene together, there was really no coming back from that or any other shipping choice for me.

Very first thoughts reading Chapters 5 and 6.

It’s funny how you always tend to notice something different when you re-read the chapters of any Manga you enjoy. Though with me it isn’t only that, I can never stop myself from going, ‘Oh I remember this scene and these were my first thoughts.’ 

I don’t know whether I’m the only one that goes like that, I really don’t think so. But because it’s raining and I’m stuck in the office, for a little while. I decided to post this chapter and share with you my very first thought. 

The funny thing is, I wasn’t even shipping them this early, I thought that they had potential, so looking back at it made me smile. 

The first time, I read this chapter, I remember thinking that’s a very odd choice of words. “Too bad for you, Orihime is already dead.” Why would he phrase it like that? 

Why too bad for you, why did Kubo chose to phrase the sentence like that? I remember my mind going, he could’ve said something in the lines of, “You’re to late to safe her”, or “That’s unfortunate it seems that she is already dead.

Bear in mind, I wasn’t even a shipper and still I couldn’t help that my mind veered in that direction, it might have to do with me seeing the scene before this one, in which he specifically stated, that; if he (Sora) wanted to kill, Inoue he better kill him (Ichigo) first. 

So, yes I blame this scene here. It does say a lot, that Ichigo whom just a few pages before had stated that he couldn’t give his life for a stranger, and didn’t consider being a Shinigami his job, made a one eighty when Orihime was in danger. (This isn’t the first time we saw it, and it was defiantly not the last time, either)

Moving on to the point of this post and the next scene, which is this one down here. 

“I won’t give her to anyone, especially not to you, Kurosaki Ichigo. I won’t give her to you.”  

Reading this scene here, made me wonder once again. Why, phrase it like that? Why, was it so important for Sora emphasize that he wouldn’t give her to anyone, but most of all not to him. (Ichigo)

Did Sora see something in Ichigo? Did suspect that he may like her back? Did he think that he could really lose Orihime to him? 

These were just a few of the hundred questions I asked myself and the more I thought about it, the more Sora reminded me of a jealous and over protective father. One who refuses to accept that his daughter is grown up and ready to settle down with the man she loves. 

Literary everything Sora said and did reminded me of that silly trope, albeit a bit more extreme and deadly. It doesn’t matter how many times, I re-read it. I always end up, thinking. Was I right? Did Kubo intend it like that? Was I weird for taking the scene like that?

Looking back at this, and the amount of times I re-read the chapter. I can’t say, that I changed my mind, no matter how I try to view this scene. That stupid trope gets into my head and refuses to let go. 

Though it does make me wonder, was I the only insane one that took this scene way out of proportion? Wouldn’t be surprised if I was. 


One a side note, this chapter is one of my favorites in Bleach, it’s not because Ichigo protected Orihime for the first time, not because he showed that he was willing to die for her. (As much as I love, that to) 

No, what I loved and still love most about this chapter is Ichigo’s response, to Sora’s words. the fact that Ichigo didn’t do what most over protective male characters do, he didn’t claim that she was his or all that shit people tend to romanticize, these days. 

To ichigo, Orihime is and always has been her own person, it’s why I ended up loving them together so much. Ichigo would never make her something she isn’t as he cares about her as she is, he wouldn’t want her to change. (Didn’t he say, in not so many words that he liked her caring nature and that it was a good thing?) 

Goodbye, Rookie Blue

Crawling out of my work-induced tumblr hiatus to comment on the official cancellation of Rookie Blue. I’ve had great OTP-ships before. Several ships that made me laugh, cry, and rage when things (ahem, writers/showrunners) kept them apart (looking at you, Bering and Wells!). But never before has a ship so completely captured my heart as much as Gail and Holly. And they had so little time on screen. Holly wasn’t even a main character! And yet, I was smitten from the very beginning. 

I’m so saddened that they did not get their endgame happy ending. I wished for nothing more than to see them together and happy again, if even for only a single scene. Half a scene. Hell, an implied reunion, even. 

I’m not bitter (much), but I wish it had ended differently for Gail. Make no mistake, I still fully believe that, eventually in the post-RB story line, Holly returns or Gail heads to San Fran after the fiasco with Steve and all that shit and they reunite and live happily ever after. IT HAPPENS, OKAY. If we didn’t get to see it on the screen, at least we have the chance to imagine this to be true. Because while I like Frankie okay enough for Gail to have a bit of fun while Holly is out of the picture, I’m no where near believing that they’re interested in more than sex from on another. (Also, I fully support the Crankie Muppet ship I don’t care what anyone says they are perfect for one another!) 

Anyway, this is just to say that, while I’m not surprised in the least by the official announcement that Rookie Blue is off the air for good, I am still deeply saddened that we won’t *officially* get a Gail and Holly reunion. It’s there in my head, but an official, on-screen reunion would have made the blow of the cancellation a bit (read: A LOT) easier. 

I will ALWAYS ship these two amazing characters, and I would not balk at a web series spin-off (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) featuring Gail and Holly (lol a girl can dream!). We’ll always have fanfiction, right? I’m going to *try* and get some more things written. I have about ten half-finished fics sitting in my documents folder (including the next chapter of TSOYV lolololol). Work is INSANE and gradschool is a bitch, so I make zero promises, but Ill try. 

I love this fandom so much. It’s EASILY the least drama-filled one I’ve been a part of (we’ve had our moments, but nowhere NEAR as bad as other fandoms, that’s for damn sure!), and I’m proud of my fellow Gail x Holly shippers. I love you all. Keep shipping, my friends. 💕


TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS SPOILER ALERT? make sure you played ep 3 before reading

(deep breath in and out) 
i treated sasha like a little sister from the beginning tbh, and all those fucking hints….. like, seriously? i couldn’t imagine her in another role (still can’t!!) and i was like “WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS I DON’T WANT TO BE ROMANTIC WITH MY OWN SISTER”. so it was EXTREMELY AWKWARD and disturbing for me.
long story short - i hope, I REALLY HOPE this wasn’t for real. and tftbl doesn’t need such romantic AT ALL. by the way episode was incredible.
shippers - sorry (but no)

damn i needed to speak out