this scene made me cry rivers of tears

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I wonder if people actually cry when they watch death scenes of their favourite characters. I never do. Yeah I feel sad but that's it

I get a little upset or angry most of the times but I never really cry. However, there was one death that legit made me cry a river of tears. I don’t know if anyone watches Jane the virgin but that is the only show that has managed to make me cry and legit feel upset.

Spoiler alert!!!!!

When michael died I just couldn’t hold it in. And now everytime they mention him I legit feel the pain of Jane. Like, the most recent episode even made me tear when he in flash backs. I don’t know why it hurt me so much but I think it was because they had such a bright future. They were in love, happy, had Mateo, a great family. And then.. he died. Out of all the tv shows I’ve watched it’s Michael and Janes love story that I really believed.