this scene made me cry oh my goodness

Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty and the Beast has always been special, longer than I can literally remember (animated version came out when I was like, three, and Mom said I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen). When I was in college, I was cast as Wardrobe (Madame De La Grand Bouche she was known as in the musical). While it certainly wasn’t perfect (I have my pickiness with how a few things were done and left out), there were times during the live-action movie that outdid the animated movie, and it did what goods movies should do: take you elsewhere. It came to a point where I thought, wow, this is an actual thing; my favorite animated movie has come to life…they pulled it off! And, oh my goodness, Evermore and the transformation scene almost made me cry. It was magical and powerful. People can say, oh, it’s just fiction; it’s not important. I say whatever to that. It means something to me.