this scene literally ruins my life

  • Black Fairy: Tomorrow is a very special day for Emma Swan
  • Black Fairy: Tomorrow is the day she dies

just stating the obvious here, but the final scene from ‘the empress of mars’ is such a masterclass (lol) of seduction.

twelve is literally speechless upon seeing missy in the tardis. and she wants  him to take a good look at her at the console - her hands remain on it for the sole purpose of…what? giving twelve ideas about them traveling together. 

and you know that it’s totally working, because of the entire speech about needing to put her back in the vault (which he is obviously addressing to himself as much as to missy).

and then, of course, the whisper: “But Doctor, please tell me…are you alright?” which she ends by giving him a proper once-over while being all up in his personal space. 

(*also the fucking background music??)


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It appears Ed has deleted his Twitter. I'm bummed to see him go but it's probably best for him mentally. People are just gonna rag on him because he's very popular now and not underrated like in 2012 (not bashing, there's nothing wrong with no longer being underrated). I don't watch GoT so I don't understand why people hate his cameo so much. Can you explain, and what are your thoughts on all of this?

I know you sent this last night and Ed’s account is back now, but I’m still going to answer it because I have Things to say about Ed’s Game of Thrones cameo. 

The people who hated it hated it for two reasons. The first reason was simply on principle, because they think they’re standing up for something. This reason is fricking stupid, I don’t mind saying. Please quote me on that: it is fricking stupid. These people don’t like Ed because he’s popular. There will always be people like this. They are ridiculous. Can you imagine disliking anything simply because other people like it? The bizarre thing is these people like to say they dislike popular things because they “have taste” or can “decide for themselves what is good” but what they are actually doing is letting the taste of other people influence whether or not they like something without giving themselves a chance to exercise their own taste and choose for themselves in the first place. They convince themselves something is shitty because they’re not the one who discovered it first. The logic – where is it? If I ever make an ass of myself complaining on the internet about not liking something on principle because it got popular without my help, feel free to put me out of my misery because I never want to live a life full of that much stupid.

So. These people didn’t like Ed’s cameo because they unreasonably hate him for being popular and he was on their favorite show, thereby ruining it. You just have to ignore the fact that their favorite show is literally the most popular show in the world. Otherwise their already ridiculous argument breaks down even further in the telling.

The other reason some people didn’t like Ed’s cameo is because they didn’t understand the purpose of that scene within the episode. It is admittedly longish for a scene in which not a lot of action takes place, but that is the point of the scene. Yes, it’s just three minutes of small talk between a main character and some soldiers she meets along the road, but the scene works to humanize everyone in it. Arya has just brutally murdered several of her enemies and is on the way to murder another one (probably several) when she meets these soldiers, the men loyal to the very people she’s on her way to kill. There aren’t really that many of them and considering her skill, she could probably kill them pretty easily, especially given how vulnerable they are in this moment with their weapons in a pile off to one side and the fact that they don’t think of her as a threat. She’s eyeing their swords because she is obviously considering killing them. But then–! They’re unexpectedly nice to her. The soldiers of her enemies offer her food and wine and a place by their fire, and they’re friendly and polite to her, and they talk to her about their lives, about what they’d be doing if they were home where they want to be instead of off fighting someone else’s war. The scene is about Arya realizing that these guys are just people like her, that they have families and hobbies and hopes, and that it’s not their fault they happen to be on opposite sides of this fight. They show her that they aren’t soulless monsters the way you’d want to believe about your enemies and so she spares them, proving that she hasn’t become soulless either despite what she’s done, and they all share this quiet few minutes of peace and humanity in the middle of their otherwise bloody and brutal lives. 

The complaint from those who don’t get it: it’s boring. It’s three minutes of nothing happening because they just wanted to write an overrated popstar into the show. To this, I say: YOUR FACE IS BORING. And just because you don’t get it, you’re going to come online and act like it’s Ed Sheeran’s fault your mind isn’t analytical enough to understand the themes and nuances of your dragon show? Listen, this scene is brilliant. And touching. And sad and beautiful. It makes you question what it means to fight for something, what the point of it is, whether maybe there’s a better way – like sitting by the fire and singing a song together while drinking blackberry wine and being nice

The people who don’t understand this scene wouldn’t have understood it no matter who played Ed’s part, but I frankly think it was a perfect casting. A guy who is this famous, someone you might expect to hate but who actually has a reputation for being kind to people, playing the part of a soldier in the enemy’s army who is actually kind. Art imitating life! I love it.

Oh, and I guess the third kind of person who bashed Ed’s Game of Thrones appearance is just the usual trolls. 

Here’s the bottom line, though: there is no real, logical reason to hate Ed’s cameo. I’m not saying people aren’t allowed, obviously. If they don’t like him, for whatever bizarre reason they can come up with, then that’s their prerogative. But  the fact is he looked great, sounded great, did as good a job delivering his lines as any of the other people in the scene, and was all around a pleasure to watch – and certainly the opposite of a show ruiner. And this is coming from a huge Game of Thrones fan! There may be other people - both famous and unknown - who could have done as good a job as Ed did in that role, but there is no one who could have done it better

And did I mention how great he sounded? :D

Alllllrighty, all that being said, and to address the other part of your message, I’m not actually convinced the twitter thing had much (if anything) to do with people dissing Ed’s Game of Thrones appearance. In fact, I’ve seen a lot more positive and/or funny feedback about it than negative. I think a lot of people - and the media - are assuming the GoT cameo was related because the two things happened within a day of each other and so the hate has been blown largely out of proportion to be used as a reason. But unless Ed or Stuart or somebody releases some sort of statement about it saying that was the case, I don’t think it’s necessary or productive to link the two things together. I’m content that Ed’s cameo was perfect, and his twitter account is back. :) 

I saw Dead Men Tell No Tales last Friday and I’m still reeling from the Willabeth feels. However, the post-credits scene, which was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life, also outraged upset me because I felt that the appearance of a certain character (that makes literally no sense even if you choose to go along with the dubious logic of the film) was an unnecessary addition that ruined what would otherwise have been an absolutely perfect scene - so I decided to tweak it a little bit.  

Willabeth, one-shot. Contains spoilers for DMTNT, so if you haven’t seen the film, this is your warning.

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ten days of eos 10: day six: favorite scene

listen,,,,, l i s t e n,,,, the “my eyes are up here” scene in akmazian is literally the best thing ever like,, i can quote sections of it I’ve listened to it so many times and the sexual tension is so thick you could cut it with a chainsaw 10/10 ruined my life

SO I have just finished ACOWAR and this is what I have concluded..

(chronologically from my notes)

-Feyre is so badass at being undercover

-long distance relationship feels

-Ianthe is a piece of SHIT

-Dagden and Brannagh are like Desda and Eska from Legend of Korra

-Some similarities between Tamlin/the wall/Hybern early in the book are looking reeeeeeal relevant to some certain *ahem* political things going on in the USA rn


-Eris makes me suspicious considering he is literally named after the goddess of Discord who famously sowed the seeds of the Trojan War

-more invisible hands!?!? *wink wink* hey Manorian i c u

-Feysand being the ultimate relationship in YA/New Adult lit to look up to because C H O I C E  and  E Q U A L I T Y dammit!


-Amren Nesta friendship

-omg could you imagine them and Manon all hanging out.holy mother

-Rhys’s self sacrificing tendencies hurt my heart

-i want to see stuff from Rhys’ perspective while Feyre was undercover

-The library reminds me of the Guggenheim museum and if you disagree you’re wrong

-Rhys is the Mom Friend™

-in ACOMAF i thought the bone carver was just baby Rhys but OMG its their future kid. holy shit

-When it was mentioned that a Fae warrior’s blood ran into a human line.. HMM who could that possibly mean??

-Seraphim interesting interesting

-Elain is PSYCHIC 

-Feyre falls face first into mud when she falls asleep sitting up. DEAD

-”You are selfless, and brave and kind.” p 376 OH INTERESTING RHYSAND ARE YOU DIVERGENT

- “…wear that crown to bed. only the crown.” p. 402

- “You bow to no one” p 402- this made me think of LOTR but alsoooooo of a certain someone who is heir of ash and fire and will bow to no one….

-Helion makes me think of Apollo

-Helion’s thighs

-feminism for all the wives/mates to become HIGH LADIES fuck yeah

- “50 years of Gossip”

-When Tamlin rolls into the meeting

- “The sun was shining when I left you”

-Amren being attached to the blood ruby 

-Amren and Varian


-Azriel attacking Eris

- more with the GENDER EQUALITY PLS (Viviane, yas girl)

- “I shall Consider” remember in EoS…. Remember???

- Helion’s bisexuality

-Helion is LUCIEN’s baby daddy

-Helion’s thighs

-Elazriel !!!

-Bryaxis is bae

-Nesta the witch

-the focus on how being narrow minded is bad!!!! very relevant

-Cassian reminded me of Achilles during the first battle scene

-when nesta detects Cassian’s injuries: Maaaaaaaaates


-a few pages later:


-”I need to-to die for it to be stopped?” 529. NO SARAH NOT AGAIN PLEASE

-crying because the suriel died

-p 552-3, the cauldron looking back at them reminded me a lot of the Palantir and of the Eye of Sauron. loved the LOTR parallels whether or not they were intentional.


-when Elain got kidnapped by the Cauldron i just pictured it skirting up to their camp and her getting in and it driving away like nyooom nyoom

-it was late at night dont judge my sleep deprived brain

-aw Tamlin did something right for once



-i didnt seee that coming but omg it makes so much sense

-Andromache, again a reference to the Iliad (Andromache was the wife of Hector)

-p 600- when they are gonna have the big battle while the Made ones nullify the king’s power over the cauldron- LOTR parallel to when the Rohan and Gondor forces draw out the orcs and the Eye while frodo and sam Do the Thing™

-in short… Feyre is Frodo


-YAY monsters

-When Spring and Autumn show up!!! love that trope

-oh shit more Hybern… theyre all fucked…

-AcCePt!!! Seraphim and MR ARCHERON

-and VASSA

-sidebar, Vassa being the firebird is an interesting parallel to Russian folklore and history. not to mention the Weaver reminds me of Baba Yaga a little bit but ANYWAYS



-Enchanted Cauldron Journeys™ 2.0

-The entire scene between Nesta Cassian and Mr. Hybern King


-ugh yes.

-punt that bitches head like a deflated football!!!!!!

-yeah i said it.

-Amren is….. Satan?

-That was the Lucifer story, right? Are we all in agreement there??

-The cauldron is a big ol womb

-Mother+Cauldron=life, gift of life

-its the universe

-Rhys dying literally ruined my life

-even tho i knew it was gonna happen ( i saw a spoiler by accident)

- “Be happy, Feyre” Tamlin redemption arc?

-Rhys’s first words when he is Rhysurrected™

-Oops dont overcook Amren!!

-Nesta spat on Hybern’s corpse

- “We’re opening the fancy bottles”


-one more time for good measure:

Helion’s thighs

ugh. This book i swear to god


what are you doing to me sarah!??!!??

skam has literally ruined my life. thanks to this tv show i can’t hear the word chili anymore without hearing isak saying “chili, always chili!”. i can’t listen to “take me to church” without thinking about eva and jonas’s breakup-scene. i can’t see a skateboard without thinking about what an amazing skater marlon is. i can’t see someone with red lipstick without thinking “nOORA”. i can’t hear anyone saying “chill” without thinking about isak saying “det er chill”, or hear someone say “kiss” without thinking “i dette minuttet skal vi kysse”. i can’t listen to “baby” without thinking about noora. i can’t hear someone talk about either toast or cardamom without thinking about even and isak making those horrible sandwiches. i can’t talk about romeo and juliet without thinking about even. i can’t live my life anymore because of this show @ julie whAT HAVE YOU DONE    

can we like just talk about this fucking scene because I feel fucking blessed, that my own two eyes will be able to see this full scene with probably some hot ass audio and lines?!?!1! because i feel effen blessed! now lets talk about it shall we?
she is literally sitting in his fucking lap, y'all i feel my pores being cleaner already, idek what to say if that doesn’t ruin me, the kiss surly will because it looks like they are legit EATING each other, which gives me fucking life btw
they are either too drunk, too in love or both because DAYUM son my ass dropped hard
now we all know that shit is about to go down in the next episode, but i am waiting for this one fucking scene ^^^^^ that will ruin my ass forever
i will be sitting there, sipping my tea, probably crying over bughead scenes because duh, and waiting for this ONE FUCKING SCENE
his fucking hands are on her back and in hER HAIR, god is calling my i hear him
i feel like someone just blessed me, like god blessed bughead’s kiss in 1x08, but that’s a lil story for another time
now let’s talk about hOW RONNIE LOOKS HOT AF, SO MINI ARCHIE IS PROBABLY SINGING ‘I believe i can fly’
y'all i’ve been waiting for this since the motherfucking closet scene, and i know its not too long but my fucking ass has never been more ready, i feel #shook
we all know that after this scene there is a scene where archie is laying WITHOUT HIS TOP *cough* i am blessed once again *cough* aND VERONICA LODGE KISSES HIS CHEEK WHILE PROBABLY LAYING ON HIM, wow we need some good song for this scene cause i feel it in my bones that its gonna be fucking lit af
i can imagine myself falling to the ground, my emotions all over place, and them probably having some hot ass sex, while i would probably be screaming 'my smol babies’ even tho nothing in that scene will be small *winks* if you know what i mean
anyway, i feel like i’ve been waiting for this my whole life, thx god

Straight friends

When your straight friends don’t understand the struggle of having to turn any “platonic” female friendship on television into a ship that you will gladly sail on until the boat sinks. Example of conversations I have on the daily with my friends.

Watching Riverdale

Me: Holy shit did you see the moon eyes Ronnie just gave Betty.

Them: She literally just looked at her.

Me: It’s not my fault you don’t see their chemistry.

Later scene:

Me: OMFG kill me now I think I just died and went to heaven did you see that kiss that was like explosive that shit was off the charts, you know have to admit that they are like in love.

Them: It was a kiss nothing more and Ronnie just did it for attention.

Me: we can no longer be friends if you refuse to admit they belong together

Even later scene

(Ronnie and Archie kiss)

Them: (turns to me with smug look on their face)

Me: Don’t even look at me right now your refusal to admit their chemistry did this.

Them: What that doesn’t even make any sense they wrote and shot this way before we watched it.

Me: shut up I don’t want it hear it, you ruined the one good thing I had going for me in my life.

[this is literally just a peek into the conversations we have about every w/w relationship on tv that I watch]

OTP Challenge

Thank you @thecrazyexfangirl for tagging me! 

Rules: List 5 otps from different fandoms and tag 10 people. (These are in no particular order)

1. Victor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsuki (C’mon… they’re literally so perfect for each other and their relationship is so healthy.)

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2. Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell (I love them and I love how it takes literally 64 episodes to completely develop their relationship… like bro these idiots are hopeless)

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3. Rintarou Okabe and Kurisu Makise (These nerds… kissing for “research”… so pure)

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4. Bishamon and Kazuma (After THAT scene… (you know which one I mean) I completely lost it with these two)

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5. Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye (I know it’s supposed to be 5 different fandoms but there’s no way I could only pick one ship. Talk about completely RUINING MY LIFE)

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I’m not sure who’s done this, but I tag @allfullmetal @haganehimura @jouissezduprintemps @qtalphonse @puste–blume @lalikaa @zeldamaniac44 @calithildes @haberhugs and  @gentlegecks (I hope you don’t mind!)

I was just thinking about things I Hate about Mon-El (cuz I’m either thinking about that, supercorp, or the Danvers sisters literally at all times) and one of the scenes that REALLY bugs me is when he tells the entire DEO he and Kara are dating after she explicitly asks him not to

As a lesbian it just doesn’t sit well with me cuz if you think that’s in any way cute or charming like “awww he just is too excited!” I feel unsafe with you because if I asked someone to keep my relationship a secret and they didn’t it could literally ruin my life so like to have someone turn that around and think it’s cute is gross and I hate the writers for doing that and I hate Mon-El thank u n goodnight

You know what earlier I was rewatching some of my fav s1 scenes and honestly like…Vogel im Käfig 2.0 has honestly ruined the old one for me like…? 

We’ve only heard a tiny fraction of the climactic part, and that’s still technically the buildup section and yet…it so friggin bloody good like? DUDE?!? I#m so over the top pissed that the intermission cut off the actual climax of the song because I swear to god that’s literally going to be the most eargasmic thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life ever? like what? holy shit! Judging from the appearance of Vogel during the scarf talk (and the overall history of the track in s1) it’s pretty much guaranteed we’ll get it during the climax of chapter 50 and I just…..


*Someone mentions Korea* Me:

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Mythological Mondays \o/ yes please. One of my favourites is Orpheus & Eurydice, I'd love a retelling of that.

OK here goes, the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, as told by me at 21:46 after three rock cakes and way too little caffeine. If you want to skip an awful retelling of a story about a man who plays John Mayer in Hell, then press J on your keyboard now as this is quite a long post! There’s some salient historical / literary information under the Read More, if you’re so inclined. 


Once upon a time, in a land far far away (Greece. It was Greece) there lived a man named Orpheus. Orpheus was basically Ancient Greece’s answer to John Mayer, only with a moral compass that didn’t just point South. He had a reputation for being able to charm anything – literally anything, living or non-sentient – with nothing but the gift of song. Basically, he was the kind of guy who wandered around and serenaded boulders with Mumford & Sons’ collected hits. If he were alive today, he’d be That Guy who shows up to Youtube gatherings with a ukulele.

I can’t exaggerate this guy’s musical ability. This one time, he played his lyre so beautifully and loudly that it drowned out a bunch of Sirens (the kind with heaving bosoms and razor sharp teeth, not the ones you hear when someone’s cat is stuck up a tree) and saved the lives of his fellow manly sailors. Imagine that you’re at a Beyonce concert, having paid over $500 for the privilege, and you’re just getting into Single Ladies when John Mayer shows up and starts singing so loudly that Beyonce just leaves the stage, and you don’t even mind because John Mayer is singing something about loving you unlike any other and it’s just getting right to the core of your being, man. That’s basically what happened.

Anyway, Orpheus has this hot wife, Eurydice. Like literally every woman in Greek mythology, she is renowned for her beauty. You’d think that, seeing as every Greek myth starts with ‘token woman, renowned for her beauty’, people would make less of a fuss of this kind of thing, but no. Apparently not. Anyway, at the point at which this stories starts, they’ve been married for like an hour, and they’re enjoying wedded bliss, probably because Orpheus hasn’t had a chance to make any kitchen jokes yet and Eurydice hasn’t told him her view on attachment parenting. They’re still newlyweds, and they’re fucking revelling in the delights of holy matrimony, if you catch my drift. After a while, Eurydice, probably saying something like ‘come on, Orpheus, I need to have some space if this marriage is going to work’ goes for a little wander, and makes the fatal mistake of walking in some dangerously long grass, leaving Orpheus to play some solo music.

While Orpheus is lying back, strumming some sweet notes on his lyre, he suddenly hears a scream. He runs to find Eurydice, but by the time he gets there, she’s already dead, having been bitten by a viper. Not surprisingly, Orpheus is a bit upset by this, seeing as he’s only been married to her for a few hours and he hasn’t even had the chance to finish explaining all the ways in which her rights as a woman are about to fade from significance now that she belongs to a man. In a fit of grief and sorrow, Orpheus pulls out his lyre (like seriously, this thing is practically surgically attached to him; I’m starting to think it’s just a euphemism at this point) and starts playing a mournful melody. Probably that one from Titanic, you know, the one when the ship’s going down.

After a few hours, he feels a tap on his manly shoulder, and turns around to see a nymph. She’s all “dude, you’re like really talented, do you have an EP?” and Orpheus is like “look, I’m flattered and everything, but my wife has literally just died. You see the body of that woman there? That’s the corpse of my wife, and if you don’t mind, I’d really like to get back to singing haunting ballads about the finite nature of our corporeal existence. I was just about to get onto Tubthumping” and he turns away. The nymph has a little think, then taps him on the shoulder again and says “no, but really, you’re incredible. I mean, I still think you should look into Youtube’s Partnership programme, but in the meantime, have you considered going to Hades and playing him one of your original songs? Maybe he’d let you have your hot wife back” and Orpheus just does one of his (probably) trademark crooked grins, the kind of smile that’s genetically evolved to appear on debut EPs with titles like ‘For You, I’d Go To Hell And Back (Baby)’ and he says “that is literally the best idea I have ever heard, nothing at all can go wrong with this” and the nymph says “I’m glad you like my idea, can you sign my shirt” and Orpheus is like “nope, this guy has underworlds to visit, or at least one” and off he goes.

(And a nearby boulder just sighs and says to the nymph “I was listening to that, do you mind?” and the nymph goes home and writes self-insert fanfiction)

Orpheus eventually reaches the underworld, where he meets Hades and his predictably hot wife, Persephone. Hades is all “dude, I don’t want to freak you out here, but are you aware that you’re not actually dead?” and Orpheus is like “I am completely aware of that fact, but thank you for the clarification, now tell me – what do you think of Bastille?” and then proceeds to play an absolutely stonking rendition of literally everything in the iTunes top 40.

When Orpheus is finished, Hades wipes away a tear and says “I was particularly impressed with the way you managed to turn Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ into a mournful eulogy” and Orpheus is like “yeah, I’m really sad right now” and Hades is like “I bet that’s really good for your artist’s soul” and Orpheus nods and says “yeah, it is actually surprisingly conducive to creativity, but also my wife is dead and I know she’s here and I’d really like her back if that’s at all possible, Mr Hades, sir” and Hades just shakes his head sadly and says “I have a reputation to maintain, you know. I can’t just let everyone swan out of here when they’ve expired, or I’d have millions of people trying to extend their best before dates, you dig?” and Orpheus is like “yeah, man, I dig, but tell me this – have you heard ‘Hallelujah’ by Jeff Buckley?” and before Hades can protest, Orpheus has started playing the most hauntingly beautiful and tragic song that anyone has ever played, and Hades can feel his dark resolve crumbling away into dust, like the dried remnants of life itself when it reaches the looming doors of his lair, and eventually Hades just cries “stop, please, I’m getting the urge to write poetry about my feelings” and Orpheus stops and so does Hades, and they both just look at each other for a moment.

Then, Persephone is like “look, boys, before this turns into a scene that will probably ruin both your reputations forever, why don’t we agree on a compromise? We can let Orpheus have his hot wife back, but we can implement some sort of condition. Something that’s literally impossible for him to fail, but will at least make it look like you’re not a total pushover. Are we agreed?” and Hades nods gleefully and says “that’s perfect, I knew I kept you here for a reason apart from your flawless cheekbones and the fact that it pisses your mother off no end. Here’s what we’ll do, Orpheus – you can walk out of here right now, and Eurydice will follow, but there’s a catch. You can’t turn around while you’re walking out. Like, at all. Not until the both of you are out of here. That’s very important. You both need to be out of the underworld. The two of you. Each one of you. Not just you, and not just her. The two of you. Les deux. And y’know, that shouldn’t be too hard. It’s literally that easy. Walk out of here and keep facing forwards. I think that should be doable, don’t you?” and Orpheus is like “no shit, Sherlock, I do that every day” and they shake hands and Orpheus makes his way out and Hades just calls out “I really mean it about the turning around thing; if you turn to look at her, she’ll be stuck here forever” and Orpheus just waves his hand, all callused from the lyre, and says “I think I can manage, bro” and walks out.

(And then Hades cries into Persephone’s shoulder for six hours and she has to make him six mugs of hot chocolate and tell him that his blue pallor is very handsome, and yes, of course it’s OK to be in touch with your feelings as a heterosexual male)

As Orpheus is on his way out, he can hear footsteps behind him, and he’s about to turn around when he remembers Hades’ warning. He just shakes his head and thinks to himself ‘nah, not falling for that one!’ and he keeps going, presumably playing the Victory March on his lyre the entire time.

The closer he gets to the surface world, the more anxious he becomes. He starts to wonder things like ‘what if it’s a lie and Eurydice is some sort of night-time creature who can’t survive outside of the underworld and sparkles in the sun’ and ‘what if the footsteps behind me aren’t Eurydice at all, but some other dead guy called Jeff’ and even ‘I’m starting to get cramp in my left hand from the sweet chords’, but instead of doing the sensible thing and just calling out to see who’s behind him, he waits, walking more quickly to just get out of the sunless void of the underworld, and then there’s two steps to go, and then one last victorious note on the lyre and then he’s out.

As soon as he takes his first step on surface soil, Orpheus turns around and looks back at the tunnel he’s just emerged from, and to his relief, he sees Eurydice, about four steps behind him –

- with about four steps to go until she is on the same surface soil as him, her face still shrouded in the deathly evanescence of the unliving, and with one last scream of ceaseless finity, she’s gone, still four steps behind and so many more now, and Orpheus drops his lyre onto the grass and sinks to his knees and says “well, I fucked that up royally, didn’t I?”

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Craig: Ah, sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not really all into the partying drug scene? I used to drink some when I hung around with Kenny and Bebe, but I’ve never really touched a drug in my life. Sorry to ruin your bad-boy impression of me, heh.
Craig: And Clyde in a strip club? I’d pay to see that.

Craig: I think you mean sinnamon bun. I literally say just after admitting to leading the most boring personal life ever.
Craig: But it is about three in the morning. I think it is time to go to bed. Um… thanks for all the questions! It’s always fun talking to you guys.
[Craig is offline]

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Cont. Everyone seems to forget that Mona is the reason Spence nearly died from her insane twin. Also fuck the writers for focusing on Mona's new boytoy, all the other couples comforting each other after SPENCER's TRAUMA & not giving any time for Spencer to be comforted by Toby, AKA her saviour/the love of her life, FUCK that whole episode but especially FUCK all the time they wasted on Mona's insane real life dollhouse! They could've had 1 tiny scene of Spoby reuniting, 1 kiss or even a hug!! :(

I literally have never been more upset in my life over a stupid fictional show than I was on Wednesday morning when I got up. I felt sick after watching that finale.

I can’t even say I hate Marlene and co. because that’s not a strong enough word. I hate that Spoby got crumbs in comparison to what the other ships got. I hate that they forced this stupid plotline, that made no sense anyway, and ruined Spoby scenes. I hate that even after it was done, we couldn’t even see Spoby reunite.

(I’m still way too devastated to talk too much about this, to be honest.)

But yeah, Monas dollhouse was a waste of time. Not as big of one as those God Awful kids who have never taken an acting class in their life in the last scene though. That was beyond cringeworthy. That scene should never have been written.

what "things that go bump in the night" was really about

“look, casey and i are just playing hide-and-go-seek, but you can’t tell dad you saw us because it’ll ruin the game, okay?" ✘ "and the way we see it… you’re a little old for hide-and-seek.