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TID appreciation week 2017

Day 6 - Favorite Scene: The Ball

She looked up at him, lips parted in bewilderment. “Know what?” she said, and Will, with a sigh of something like defeat, kissed her.

He traced slow, glancing butterfly kisses across her mouth, each as measured as the beat of a heart, each saying she was precious, irreplaceable, wanted. Tessa could no longer keep her hands at her sides. She reached to cup the back of his neck, to tangle her fingers in the dark silky waves of his hair, to feel his pulse hammering against her palms.

All the pieces inside her that had felt broken and jagged when se looked at Will these past few weeks began to knit together and heal. She felt light, as if she could float.

“Will,” she whispered against his mouth. She wanted him closer to her so badly, it was like an ache, a painful hot ache that spread out from her stomach to speed her heart and knot her hands in his hair and set her skin to burning. “Will, you need not be so careful. I will not break.”

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But back to the matter at hand.

I’m a wreck. TFP killed me with feels. I AM NOW DEADED.

The video is simplistic. This is THE SCENE (subtly shortened) and interspersed with significant moments to explain how it would always come to this. I am not very clear, am I? Ugh. This is why I edit. It’s easier than writing.

Basically, I tried to illustrate that, yes, obviously, Molly always has been the outrageously overlooked pressure point that would ultimately turn Sherlock into an agonising mess. I kind of knew there would be something of that nature coming our way but, DAMN. I didn’t think the writers would be so in sync with my thoughts on the matter. Why am I even surprised? They wrote the whole thing after all. Come on, Mathilde.

The sound is decent but I would advise headphones and HD to maximise the experience. I hope you will enjoy it. 

Took me ages to finish it, but actually didn’t take any time at all. I knew where I wanted to go but Premiere turned out to be EXTREMELY uncooperative. Every time I would add something on the timeline or make a change, it would take one or two minutes to load so I could have a look. ===> #nightmare. This is the last time I’m using 1080p files. Good quality, yes. But GOD at what cost. If anyone has any advice on the matter, please, feel free to get in touch. I’m presumably not doing it right :D


UPDATE: Thanks to @theleftpill, the problem is officially resolved. Thank you so very very much. You saved my sanity. 


Hurray for Craig Armstrong. One of my favourite film score composers. I’ve used two of his creations. One from Moulin Rouge! and the other from The Great Gatsby. Both beautiful. Moulin Rouge! is my favourite film, as a matter of fact. An actual slap in the face when I was twelve. And I cry at the end. Every time. Not kidding.


Death Scene - Moulin Rouge!
Gatsby’s Death and Portico - The Great Gatsby

Oh, dear. The music from the two death scenes of each movie. I am a cheerful person aren’t I?

Disclaimers: I don’t own the songs or the clips used in this video. This is purely a work of fiction, no profit gained.

u know why i love Supergirl so much? bc i can genuinely look forward to it every week bc i know that it’s gonna give me so many of all kinds of feels, but at the same time i don’t have to be scared that my fave is gonna be killed off for shock value, or that i’m gonna be ambushed by gore or rape scenes. it’s a show that makes you feel things but without triggering you in any way, and it’s honestly my fave show of all time, every other show can just go home

That Malec’s scene at the end of 2x10.

When Alec went outside the institute and still couldn’t find Magnus he was so devasted. You can see him starting to panic really hard. Then fortunately Magnus came and Alec pulled him into his arms so hard. He was so relieved to see him alive and okay. He was panting so hard. It broke my heart. And then he started to talk about how he never was that scared. He said that he was terrified. And the way he said that “Magnus…” I remembered how casts told us that Matthew’s acting will broke our hearts and I thought that it will be in sad way. After Alec’s conversation with Aldertree, that “now I know that shadowhunters can’t be with downwolders” or something like that I started to get worried. Like I was SO worried that he is going to say to Magnus that they can’t be together, no matter what they feel, because he can’t take that non-stop fear. That he is so happy that he is alive and not hurt, but they have to stop their relationship. But then Alec said “I love you” and I don’t think I ever loved some character or scene more. The way Magnus had to take a moment to process that Alec really told him that. That he really felt the same way he did. Their kiss was full of emotions and it was beautiful. But that second hug, that is what killed me for good. They just had to feel each other, know that they are safe. Alec looked like he was about 3 seconds away from crying on Magnus shoulder. 

This scene was one of the best I ever seen on TV, and I still don’ t understand how could be Matt and Harry so amazing and talented actors. They understand their characters so much and literally bring them their soul. 


‘That was an awesome red carpet. Did you do it?’

Skam 4x05 updated opinion

I had time to think about what happened in Skam lol, my last post was a little harsh, I just really can relate to Sana and was a bit out of it after seeing her in pain. This all just touched me more than I thought it could. But I trust Julie has this major plan. Anyways, so here my opinions after having calmed down:

Boy Squad vs Balloon Squad
I still stand with the Mikeal-was-outside and Isak-nagged-him-out-of-prior-shown-interest-to-the-Even-Mikael-relationship-theory. The Balloons saw it as a threat, then went and punched Isak. Just seems reasonable. Also I dont believe that Yousef is gay or whatever, that’s last seasons story, would be way to repetitive. But yes he probably had some bigger influence on the Evenstory. Maybe he was really unaccepting of Even being gay and feels guilty about it, which made him stop being religious. Also now I think that the incident could actually have an effect on the balloon squad. With Yousef bailing on his friends. Also Elias knew about Yousana, and he will know about Sana hurting. That could lead to a conflict. Sidenote: Really want to know why Elias got drunk last week..

Vilde and the Pepsi Max Bitches
It looks really bad still. But I just can’t believe its in Julie’s interest to make Vilde this racist villain, who backstabs her friends for blond and popular bitches. I heard some people say we are underestimating her like in S2 and she has a bigger plan.. Okay her judgmental behavior and snitching to the Pepsi Max Girls doesn’t look all that good, but maybe, just maaaybe there will be a way to explain this?!! Maybe not. I don’t know. We will have to suffer through this annoying Vilde a little longer. But I would love to see her be part in taking down the Pepsi Max hoes. That could make up for it…a little.

I tried to put myself into her shoes by now. Sana really had a few chances to tell her about Yousef, he had been a topic in their conversations a few times. She was hurt about William, felt betrayed by Sana and kissed this hot Turkish dude. Fine. Still find it bad that Noora never asked about Sana’s feelings.
Also that teaser.. (why is S4 so much about Noora ffs) It made me really nervous. It’s obviously Noora- her lips, her skin, her hand, her hair. She is biting down on a to the metaphorical carrot, representing Yousana. *Eskilds voice* DRAMA!

The more I think about that clip, the more pain I feel for this fictional character. It was just blow after blow for Sana. She really doesn’t deserve this, we can all agree that we just want Sana to be happy.
I have no idea where the second part of the season is headed. Maybe Sana will silently cut her social robes and confine even deeper into herself until she breaks? Or she will go all out and try revenge? Will she send an Email to William from Noora’s Account? Will she try to take down Pepsi Max? Will she call out her friends? Will she confront Yousef? Maybe all of the above will happen. Its all open at this point. I just want her to not get hurt anymore. That clip was just too much. Lets this be the lowest point and lets hope things will keep going up from now on.. please.

As we all know, Yousef was acting really OOC. First he’s smiling coming into the Bar, but once he looked at Even and then Sana he seemed sort of pissed. Then he ignored Sana throughout the night, until he calls her to break up a fight between 9 guys while touching her quiet intimately and his hand lingering on her neck/back, even though Yousef always respected Sana’s boundaries. Then he doesn’t even go to help his friends. And lastly he kisses Sana’s best friend.
So I’ve read alot of theories, but none make perfect sense to me personally. It seems there isn’t one reason for all this, there must have been multiple factors leading to this. Most people seem to think, that this scenario is reasonable: He was upset about Sana supposedly setting them up with Even and hiding that. Also being hurt, cause he believed she only invited them for that and not out of personal interest in Yousef. That anger made him not respect Sana’s boundries and touch her (a little rude?). He didn’t help his friends because Noora stopped him on his way (although: Bros before hoes. She would still be there after the fight to comfort). Noora being upset about Williams new GF tried her luck with Yousef and in the process innocently told him about what Sana had said to her, like him being immature and only playing with Norwegian girls. So he was even more upset and that made him kiss Noora back. But he didn’t seem that into it, cause he still likes Sana.
Personally I think (and I don’t know if anyone has said it already) Noora might have mentioned one more thing.. Also remember Julie never introduces characters if they don’t have a future influence.. so Noora might have mentioned Sana and her being in Grønland and meeting those muslim guys, that one dude and Jonas 2.0, who did seem to flirt with Sana. So Yousef thought she betrayed him first with her dating someone else and did what he did. If you look at it from this perspective, it was just blow after blow for him as well that night. Soo yeah, kind of feel bad for him too if that was the case. Sidenote: Imagine a jealous Yousef seeing Sana with Jonas 2.0, that would be an interesting scene.
Regarding the other theories. Like explained before, I don’t think he is gay and I dont believe Noora was his love interest all along, since he supposedly only actively connected to Sana after meeting the girls? (Kill me please) Digging way to deep here guys, cause how could we possibly misread the flower picking, the basketball playing, the shy looks, the smiling, the deep conversations, the speechlessness, the heart emoji, the alt for deg, the carrot pealing… Oh man, Julie better have this damn masterplan. She probably does too, and part of it is people like me going crazy about what this all could possibly mean. It will all end well but it might not be what we hoped for in the beginning of the season. And that also unsettles me.

Honorable Mentions:
- Evak singing was cute af
- The Boy Squad is back finally
- Sana looked so damn beautiful, still not over it
- Chris and Sana’s friendship and throwback was cuuute
- Vilde’s weird blinking when Magnus kissed her..
- I think I own that exact shirt Noora was wearing lol (H&M everybody, it’s actually a bodysuit)
- Balloon Squad looked on fleek as always
- Eskild is back finally
- The fight scene was actually really cool (New Level is a great work out song btw)

Sorry for the length. Just trying to get through this Pause while getting my shots of Skam (Skam - not even once). Thanks to all the people writing beautiful fanfics, much appreciated. How are you guys holding up?

It kinda kills me how attentive and caring RDJ is with Chris Evans because Chris has some serious anxiety issues and Robert was the one who encouraged him to be Cap when he wasn’t sure (which he is now happy to say was the best decision he’s ever made in his life), Robert goes out of his way to make sure Chris feels comfortable, he even goes so far as to help with Chris’ unofficial physical therapy when he hurt his arm shooting the helicopter scene–he kind of really takes care of him in a big way 

And that whole “asking about allergies before inviting fellow actors to dinner”. I mean, wow! 

RDJ in general seems to take care of people a lot, he’s been in the industry from childhood and knows how to play a crowd but obviously with actors who didn’t have as much excessive exposure to the media, he helps them out, really does his best to be generous. And he’s so affectionate, he likes to kiss and hug and generally be all over the people he likes, he doesn’t feel the need to dial down that open physical affection, it’s honestly wonderful to see him interacting with people the way he does


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Sure, it wasn’t necessarily the most relatable relationship, nor was it the most ideal of them all, but it certainly was the best you’ve ever been in. 

This is all excluding your constantly active sex life, gifts that overflowed in your arms, and food that could buy off whole restaurant franchises, it didn’t quite matter that he not only was associated with gangs but ran them like - straight up illegal - businesses as well. 

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12x19 Was Spectacular

I have a lot of thoughts about this episode. I thought it was spectacularly written and directed, and frankly enjoyed every minute of it. We had a lot of insight into situations we had wondered about and callbacks to previous things that have happened on the show and left a lasting impression.

  • The opening scene was VERY grim and shocking, it left me feeling kind of queasy and I understand why some would need trigger warnings but WOW that was a spectacular scene.

  • Interesting that the Nephilim saved Kelly. I’m starting to believe that it might not be inherently evil, though I’m still suspicious.

  • Really loved that there was a Gadreel shoutout in the episode

  • The way Dean looked up at Castiel when Cas came back to the bunker had me wanting to knock myself out (as a rabid Destiel shipper)

  • Sam is REALLY smart (as others have mentioned) and I was proud of my smol bean for making the grace extraction connection.

  • I was ecstatic that we got a TFW mention, I didn’t realize how much I had been wanting that again.

  • The fact that there was a Dean & Castiel scene without anyone else overjoyed me as usually there’s other people involved in Deancas scenes.

  • Holy shit I could talk ALL day about the Mixtape scene but I’m just going to leave it at “You give Mixtapes to the people you’re in love with” and also that John & Mary fell in love over LedZepp.

  • Really liked that Kelly started to warm up to Cas. Their little bonding moment in the hotel where they talked and Castiel was honest with her about how he feels was heartbreakingly good.

  • The fact that the Colt is gone kind of hurt just as bad as when they’ve killed off loved characters. It HURT.

  • Loved the fight scene and how Dean & Sam showed up in the nick of time as Dagon was about to kill Cas.

  • The way Cas tossed the keys into the front seat is my fuckin kink.

  • Dean saying Cas can’t think straight had me laughing because of my own OTP theories.

  • Cas getting powered up with gold eyes wrecked my ovaries.

  • Seriously though I am SO glad that Cas is finally powered up again and want to see if he has any new powers that he didn’t before with his original grace.

  • Interested in the connection between the Nephilim and Cas. I think it could be interesting to watch it play out but has to be done correctly as I would hate to see him reduced to an “angelic babysitter” quite literally.

  • I like that there’s hope that Kelly might not die. I didn’t like her at first but after this episode, I hope she delivers safely and is able to lead a decent life.

  • I wept at how softly Cas touched Dean to heal him.

Seriously this whole episode was great and the last 60 seconds completely got me shook. I can’t wait til next week’s episode now.
Our Expiration Date - Spaceless_Sea - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
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“Excuse me, I had these first,” Yuuri tried to be polite but you could hear the annoyed edge to his voice. He looked up and furrowed his eyebrows as the man continued to try to pull the medicine from his grip.

“I am an athlete, I need to have these on me at all times. Especially in a time like this,” The voice came out smooth in a Russian accent but spoke perfect english, but a sense of narcissism lined his voice.

inspired by @doodle-booty!!

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I KNOW, RIGHT?!!! I LOVE HIM!!! Tho I can’t say I have mixed feelings myself, even after that totally merciless beating he dished out. He wanted to let Krazy-8 go until Hector said something.

We saw what Hector did to the twins in Breaking Bad, we can only wonder what he’s done to Nacho in the past to keep him in line. I think him threatening Nacho’s family is new, if he’s bringing it up just now (THANKS KRAZY-8!!!). But now that he is, he’s totally dead.

And that SEWING MACHINE SCENE had my family SCREAMING because we’re all big fans of Nacho. But tbh it kind of reminded me of the scene in Always Sunny where half the gang throws darts at Dennis’s hand to make him flinch, but one goes through his palm and he feels nothing

Nacho’s business with the Salamancas is killing his feelings.

I’m also surprised Nacho took that extra bag of drugs for Hector. Based on his recap, it sounds like he did it on his own?? Maybe he’s just going the extra mile to remain inconspicuous.[EDIT: then again, Hector may have told him to take it, he seemed like he was waiting to hear about Gus’s reaction]

I’m so glad this show is giving him so much depth, he’s 100% my favorite character, Michael Mando’s performance as this character is PERFECT and I can’t wait for him to work with Mike next week!!!!

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For the Hanzo x Widowmaker thing, how about they're battling it out, each really good snipers, and it ends with them out of ammo in close quaters. Kinda like that scene from Mr. and Mrs. Smith where it just evolves into passionate sex.

I’m actually really captivated by their dynamics. Both being snipers and their parallelism of ‘killing’ a loved one. I love Widowmaker’s seemingly impish and flirty romantic style matched with Hanzo’s stoic and brooding nature. I feel like they would understand each other a lot, and be able to feel free with each other, but idk man, this ship is kind of slaying me.

Just take this away from me, doll. please.

The Hunt

Venomous Arrow. Fluff. Slight Violence.

The arrow whistles past her ear as she jerk back against the wall. Her lips set into something like a smile as she rolls to the next open doorway. Her sights already trained on his stained skin through her scope. She pulls the trigger, but he’s half way out of the window.

Pulling back into cover, she reloads her sniper, the thrill of the hunt making her eager. They’ve been attacking each other since the little Overwatch team swooped in on her assignment. Reaper is somewhere, taking care of the others. For now, the archer is hers.

The hunt is reaching its climax, and she knows this is her last clip. She’ll make it count.

Rushing back to the over doorway, she takes a leap off the edge. Grappling hook shooting out and hooking onto a building as she swoops towards a lower structure’s rooftop. An arrow pieces through the night air, cutting the rope. At the sudden free fall, she braces her legs out, catching herself before rolling safely on her designated place.

Too slow, archer.

She knows the building he’s hiding in is connected to this one. With a backward glance, she slips behind cover. Setting in place her trap that will draw the unsuspecting man soon enough.

Dropping her renewed grappling hook against the ledge, she drapes down. Feet planted firmly against the side of the wall as her body stands perpendicularly. She waits, activating her recon visor, her head turning to catch the red outlined body of the archer slipping out the doors and to the opposite side of the building she hangs from. Smart. She didn’t think he’d scale up its side, instead guessing he’d go through the building to get to the door.

She doesn’t hear the sound of his feet touch ground as he makes it to the roof. Smart and silent.

Switching her gun to assault, she allows her grapping hook to drag her up. The angle shooting her up, over the cover and right onto the surprised Hanzo Shimada. His head looking over his shoulder up at her as her feet kick into his back, sending him reeling forward as she recoils back and lands on the ground. Her ambushed didn’t faze him enough, as he hits the ground but twists his gracefully body and comes up on one knee. Letting loose an arrow that almost pieces Widowmaker’s throat if she didn’t throw herself out of the way. She comes back up, finger pulling the trigger. The shots echoing on the rooftop as he ducks behind cover. Her finger releases the trigger, knowing she just has two bullets left in her clip.

As his pale gold ribbon trails through the wind, Hanzo comes up running around the opposite side of the cover. He fires an arrow, aiming for her eye. Her eyes widen as his rash and reckless charge surprises her.

She rolls forward, the arrow nearly pressing against her hair as she dodges it. He moves to meet her head on, the one clothed arm reaching back for another arrow. She meets him with the barrel of the gun pointed at his skull, finger settled on the trigger.

Hanzo’s fingers grasp at empty air. Widowmaker’s finger presses against the cool metal of the trigger, but doesn’t move.

He realizes his helplessness with wide brown eyes, before his brow narrows. His hands coming to rest by his side. Gloved hand curled into a fist while his tattooed arrow clasp his bow against his hip.

“Why do you not shoot?” He questions, smoky voice laced with an accent. Intense gaze focused on her, and the tip of her assault rifle.

The same question plagues her mind, but now it echoes in his voice. Deep and gruff and thick. She feels something inside of her shift. Warmth pooling in the center of her cold body as her eyes flicker for one moment to the tattoo that encases his muscles.

They’ve fought before. They’ve shot bullets and arrows at each other countless times. Yet, when she fights him, she never aims to kill him. She knows he does the same, because he had a clear shot in one mission set in Ilios, and he didn’t take it.

He let her live, as she lets him.

And she doesn’t understand why she does this. Is it just because her minds finds the glowering man interesting? Finds the dragon tattoo pretty on his skin? That he’s a brother to Genji, and somehow involved with how he became a cyborg?

Is he just a puzzle for her frozen mind to figure out, or does she wish to know the man that handles the bow so artfully, yet doesn’t kill her as he should.

“I’m out of ammo.”

Lowering the gun, she lets it rest against her lower torso. Lips settling into a faint grin as her brow raises slightly. His eyes narrows at the slightest of her movements.

“And I don’t hunt recherché prey.” Her voice light but holding its edge.

His startled expression is almost enough to make her laugh, but the way he turns his head slightly, as if to hide, intrigues her further.

“Is this a game to you?” He demands, eyes darting back to her face before turning his head. On his cheeks is the faints trace of pink.

Her eyebrow twitches as she takes in his flustered behavior at her flirting. Her eyes lighting in the slightest manner as this teasing revelation.

“I don’t play games,” She saunters slowly towards him, and he steps back once before holding his ground. His gaze unsettled at her passive approach. The archer is still cautious of the spider.


She finds her head tilting slightly down at him, taking in the gray strands of hair at his temple that spike outwards. The golden ribbon that flutters across his back. She leans closer, and finds he smells of cloves and sandalwood. Rich and intense. His disconcerted gaze locked on her but his body refuses to move.

“I fight battles. Do you not know that by now, archer?” Her tone soft, alluring. Tempting him to lean closer.

“Yet,” He breathes back, brow narrow as he refocuses, “You do not fight me.”

Her brow arches, eyes brushing over the strong cheekbones his face possesses. “You’re not a battle, you’re an entire war. I’m not going to win you in just one day.”

His eyes widen at the smallest fraction, his irises a carob brown that stay pure throughout the entire eye. No overlapping shades. No spots or dots of hues. One true color that looks back at her.

Then she catches the faintest hint of blood flooding his cheeks. She admires it for one moment the color over his elegantly sculpted cheekbones. Taking it to the mind, pressing it against the inside of her skull. Hoping that she’ll be able to brand it to her memories without fear of lost.

A pushed breath slips out of his lungs. “Lacroix-san, you…” He tries again. “I’m not…”

She laughs, the sure, stoic man is fumbling under her heavy gaze. The noise rising from her chest and trickling out of her mouth. He stares at her, eyes watching her lips. She takes note of the warm spreading across her lungs.

“Am I scaring you, archer? Do you fear my favor for elegant things? Perhaps I should—”

Her words are cut off by rough lips pressed against her, eyes caught on Hanzo’s knitted brow and trembling eyelids. The slight brush of hair that traces his upper lip. Cloves and sandalwood invading her senses as beams of warms penetrate her mouth. She finds for one moment, she wants him. She wants his kiss. She wants his touch. She feels something for the interesting archer.

Then his taste is gone, and she’s still caged by his form. Unable to blink, her eyes watch him slowly lift his eyelids. Gazing upwards at her, shifting his bow in his hands. His brow drawn, but his eyes softly resting on her.

“I do not fear you,” He says, then turns. Escaping the rooftop, he leaves her stunned by his kiss.

The archer she had just barely wrapped around her finger, leaves her speechless. Cloves resting on the tip of her tongue. The hunt finished, but with him claiming victory.

Très jolis archer, she thinks.

(Très jolis — Very beautiful)

This is a call out post to @tenoko1 for her Destiel fic, The One with the Fanfic Competition:

First of all, how dare you. That scene with Cas crying on Dean’s shoulder in the bunker’s kitchen at 5am killed me.

I’m not caught up yet, but when I do oh I will have words with you! This fic is too good for me to be having all these kinds of feels at 3 o'clock in morning


You just feel bad for the dead in your wake. I don’t feel anything.

If that were true, you would have killed me by now. 

The Envelope: What do Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara think of director Todd Haynes' favorite 'Carol' scenes?


In production, this was the first time they did kiss. We shot it before the sex scene. And both actresses will make note of the fact that I didn’t say “cut” for a long time. [Laughs] And they kept going. I was sort of enthralled watching. It was the first time Cate and Rooney made out in front of me. And I couldn’t say “cut.” I didn’t want to put them in an awkward position. I think I ultimately did.


We just called out: “Is that enough? Can we go now?”


Perv! [Laughing] It was one of the first scenes we shot together. We didn’t know each other very well. It was our first real interaction. It wasn’t awkward, but it was kind of embarrassing because we had to make out and we were giggly and he wouldn’t yell cut because, I think, everything was still new and exciting.

Representation matters so much in media. There is this one scene in Jane the Virgin I don’t even remember the episode but there was a gay couple and they were pushing their stroller and it was the littlest scene and so insignificant to the main plot of the series but it sticks with me. That scene made me cry. That scene literally made me so happy. They went out of their way to just add a gay couple as background characters and it made me feel so good. Just seeing them so normal in society and nobody questioning it was so special to me. This kind of stuff matters. Just imagine if that little scene still sticks with me, about 4-5 months after viewing it, what a main gay character means to us. Representation matters for minorities. We notice it, we remember it, we appreciate it. Don’t forget us. Don’t erase us. Don’t kill off every single one of our characters and say it doesn’t matter it shouldn’t be a big deal. Because it is a big deal because representation matters.

1. Omg give Patty the fucking tape. Don’t enrage me Ellen, you’re half of my pairing.
2. Wow Artie Boy, how does it feel being fucked by Patty Hewes? And not in the fun way.
3. Okay Ellen I’m pissed at you.
4. How am I going to be able to continue with this ship now?
5. Tell me this gets gay again because this finale of season 1 is dulling the shine on my Lawbians.
6. Why would Patty be that devastated about a child?
7. Okay this dock scene is kind of gay again. But Ellen needs to get over it.
8. Go on a gaycation together.
9. Oh shit she did try to kill her.
13. Still gay tho…

Holy shit chapter 21 was so good what the I don’t even know how I feel about Sang Woo like he’s an asshole but he was actually nice to Bum for once??? Even though he kind of kicked him out of the way but he actually forgave him. The bathing scene was so sad too, Bum is trying his best but Sang Woo opening up more to him. What the actual fuck don’t make me like Sang Woo he’s a piece of trash but he seemed so sweet damn you Koogi in this chapter. I was kind of on edge throughout most of it, I was just waiting for Sang Woo to just…snap and become excessively cruel to Bum as usual out of nowhere. But he really didn’t go too far???? Like how long is this Sang Woo going to last????



Day 13 - The Watch

This episode is basically just JAMMF porn as far as I can tell.

I don’t really pay much attention to the plot, some bad men arrive, including the dodgy Horrocks, and a mean looking Douglas Henshall (as Taran McQuarrie) is their leader. Jenny goes into labour, Claire realises she may never give Jamie a baby (cue buckets of overflowing emotion), Jamie and Ian become embroiled in a dodgy plot, and at the episode’s end we discover that Jamie has been recaptured by the Redcoats. Cue end titles…

But tbh I don’t really care, I’m just here for the JAMMF appreciation this episode rewards us with. It’s clear that Sam Heughan knew he wasn’t going to feature in Episode 14, so he just had to go and ramp up the JAMMF-OSITY* here so that we’d all miss the bejesus out of him when that episode aired.

Because, people, we get both sexy as a bad ass JAMMF (1), (2), (3), (4) & (5) and tender, romantic, doomed hero JAMMF (6), (7), (8) & (9) in The Watch. I’m pretty sure ovaries were exploding left right and centre when this episode first aired, and subsequent viewings haven’t helped matters.

From the opening scene, we’ve got smirking I’m too hot to be murdered Jamie (1) and let’s be honest, it just mounts up from there. I’m not entirely certain if cocky confessing to a killing JAMMF (2), (3), isn’t my most favourite of all the JAMMFs, but DAMN, if that isn’t the hottest thing I ever saw. I mean, I’m sure eating bread has never engendered such feelings of lust before in such a large proportion of the population. I think at one point in this episode Jamie tells Ian that they’re probably going straight to hell, well, oh god, Jamie, I’m going straight there with you. After watching that scene, my mind was just a gutter of epic proportions, which was not then helped by curls for days Jamie (4) and lastly soaking wet Jamie (5). Does the man have no compassion? ( Clearly not )

And of course, just to make matters worse, we then get to witness tender, passionate husband Jamie, too : the way he deals with Claire’s possible infertility, is so gentle, sympathetic and loving (6), (7). He endeavours to make her feel better, hiding his own devastation at the news. And their parting kiss, as he leaves on the doomed raid, is possibly one of the hottest of the series. And those nods to each other, (8) silently expressing all they cannot say. He’s also lit like some kind of Renaissance Angel in this scene, (9) which just adds to the doomed romantic hero vibe. And the slow-mo as he leaves. Just kill me now with feels, why don’t you?

So, to summarise, JAMMF is a BAMF and I really enjoyed this episode.

Gif Sources include henricavyll, jamiexclaire, sikapanele, and tourist-in-a-waking world

*it’s clearly a thing, I haven’t just invented it - in future years, they’ll be teaching it at University. Mark me.