this scene kind of kills me in the feels

u know why i love Supergirl so much? bc i can genuinely look forward to it every week bc i know that it’s gonna give me so many of all kinds of feels, but at the same time i don’t have to be scared that my fave is gonna be killed off for shock value, or that i’m gonna be ambushed by gore or rape scenes. it’s a show that makes you feel things but without triggering you in any way, and it’s honestly my fave show of all time, every other show can just go home


You just feel bad for the dead in your wake. I don’t feel anything.

If that were true, you would have killed me by now. 

My thoughts on 7x11(WARNING FOR SPOILERS): 

Okay it’s been a really fucking emotional night to say the least and my eyes are getting watery every 3 seconds but i kinda wanna get this off my chest.

During the whole episode i was just waiting for the sad part to hit me and kill my heart, it was way too ‘’happy’’ and playful and i was just like well where is the sad part?? Doesn’t mean i didn’t enjoy every single scene they had. I love watching them and even though this storyline killed me i loved every second they got on screen, Noel’s acting is always amazing and i feel blessed whenever he’s in any kind of scene or show. 

Now, i did notice they made Mickey a little bit more tough and rude than usual and maybe that’s just because different writers wrote the episodes, i mean the Mickey in episode 10 was the sweetest little baby ever and the Mickey in episode 11 was strong and not as sentimental (not until the star gazing scene and of course the end) but i enjoyed every single second of it. 

When the ending came and Mickey was about to cross the border i was terrified, my stomach was tied up into a knot and i was really nervous and anxious and i felt like that was going to be it, i thought that was the end of Mikhailo Aleksandr Milkovich, i thought he was going to die. I saw many people saying that they wished Mickey had died in this episode and i can’t understand how they would want something like that, i get that Mickey dying would mean never waiting for another season or episode of shameless and expecting to see his face but wouldn’t that hurt a million times more? knowing that he had a terrible death and that was the end of the character we all root for? i think that would’ve been devastating, a lot more devastating than this ending. 

When he finally made it through the border i was crying my eyes out and the only thing that i felt was relief, i was happy, i was happy that he wasn’t dead, i was happy that he didn’t get shot, i was happy that he was on the other side and he would have a new life. Yeah not the life he wanted, not the life he had imagined with the love of his life but he wasn’t behind bars anymore, he was free and he had money and he was going to be okay because he’s Mickey fucking Milkovich and he’s the strongest character in that stupid show. 

I felt nothing but happiness for a few minutes thinking about all of that, i felt nothing but happiness seeing Ian’s face, the way he was breaking when Mickey was crossing the border and how he smiled when he finally made it. Ian wasn’t thinking about not ever seeing him again, he was thinking that he made it, he was probably thinking that Mickey was finally free. 

Ian did give them a chance, he did go with him even if it lasted a couple days, he gave Mickey those moments, he told him that he loved him yeah it was rushed and not the way i would’ve wanted it but he said it, those words came out of his mouth. He gave him all the money he had to make sure he could start a new life, to make sure he was safe. He didn’t go with him but he helped him get there, they got to kiss again, they got to make love again, they got to spend more nights together, they gave each other that.

Now, i hate Ian’s decision as much as all of you do, i hate this storyline because the whole breaking out of prison thing was unnecessary and painful and things could’ve been so much better for everyone but they decided the worst and i’m really heartbroken about it. 

It started to sink in after a few minutes and i started crying again because of a few tweets about how Mickey was completely lonely now, how the only thing that he wanted was to go to the beach with his boyfriend, how he never fucking gets a happy ending, i started thinking about so many things and i was a mess. Right now i’m still a mess and im torn between the happy thought that Mickey is safe and he will go to the beach for the first time and the sad thought that he will probably look at the fucking ocean and think about the love of his life. 

I’ve been reading the interviews and what Noel said is giving me hope, this time he wants to come back, he said he’d be back in a heartbeat, he has hope for Mickey, he has hope for Mickey and Ian, he thinks they can be together, he thinks Mickey can do anything, he thinks the writers could somehow sneak him back in the country and make things work. Now, i know it’s hard to think about the writers ever doing something nice for him even more after this whole storyline but he has hope and he’s the only one who makes the ratings blow up and he’s the only one people want so i have a stupid hopeful feeling that maybe they will negotiate season 8 and will write something unrealistic and will bring him back because we all know Mickey will never love anyone the way he loves Ian and we also know Ian won’t either. They have to be endgame, that’s what we want, that’s what the actors want, that’s what even some of the writers want. So yeah i’ll be really stupid and i’ll be hopeful to see Mickey in season 8 hoping once again that they don’t fuck him up even more even though we all know they probably would do the same thing all over again. 

Anyway i don’t even know if someone’s gonna read this but if you do thank u and maybe i made typos or messed up while writing this but im really emotional right now and i just wanted to talk about it 

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The Philinda was strong in last night's episode! I can't believe how close to becoming as 'us' they were. If it hadn't worked out with Andrew, they were going to be it! Now I'm getting Philinda feels. Imagine Cousin's heartbreak when it DID work out between May and Andrew, when he heard they were getting married. Or her guilt for falling for Andrew. Their friendship probably got shakey. But then they got through it & became the best of friends. And now, they were close to becoming as us again!

Hi Anon!

I totally enjoyed the Philinda last night.  Loved the backstory!

Okay….so no one kill me…please….but….I kind of took that last scene with Philinda and the “if it doesn’t work out with Andrew thing” as Coulson being in the Framework.   

I know I’m sorry!

But with May, Radcliffe took her back to Bahrain and changed that one little thing.  Radcliffe could have done the same thing with Coulson.  Took him back to that moment, tweaked it, so in the Framework Coulson starts the Romantic relationship way back when they were young.  This is the start of his happily ever after.  He’s letting him go back and get a do over, do it how he wanted too from the beginning.

This also confirmed that the feelings have been there for a LONG time.  We just have to see what happens when they both come out of the Framework.  What they do with that experience and the new memories they got while inside….we have to wait and see!

It kinda kills me how attentive and caring RDJ is with Chris Evans because Chris has some serious anxiety issues and Robert was the one who encouraged him to be Cap when he wasn’t sure (which he is now happy to say was the best decision he’s ever made in his life), Robert goes out of his way to make sure Chris feels comfortable, he even goes so far as to help with Chris’ unofficial physical therapy when he hurt his arm shooting the helicopter scene–he kind of really takes care of him in a big way 

And that whole “asking about allergies before inviting fellow actors to dinner”. I mean, wow! 

RDJ in general seems to take care of people a lot, he’s been in the industry from childhood and knows how to play a crowd but obviously with actors who didn’t have as much excessive exposure to the media, he helps them out, really does his best to be generous. And he’s so affectionate, he likes to kiss and hug and generally be all over the people he likes, he doesn’t feel the need to dial down that open physical affection, it’s honestly wonderful to see him interacting with people the way he does

What kills me about this scene is that she didn’t want to leave.
This girl has been thrown on her ass several times, kicked and punched so many times during that fight but she still dragged herself to Clarke’s room just to be with her for a little bit. I mean ok I get Clarke, she’s still kind of mad, but look at her. Everything on her face says ‘please let me stay a bit longer.’
I sit here, crying my eyes out thinking about how lonely Lexa must be, all the time. The real human contact she gets is literally only with Clarke, with the others she’s mostly only the commander, and she’s looking for more.
Lexa makes me oh so weak.

call him by his name – a parivan fic

a/n: this is a one shot i had thought of during school and i finally got time to post it online. and also, this is based on the movie – kind of. i may get some facts wrong but it’s just for the sake of this drabble. I’m so sorry if this is crappy but i hope you like it.

summary: cassie just likes his name. That’s all.

Ben Parish.

She likes his name – she always has. It rolls out of her mouth comfortably and the name always seems to bring a smile to her face. She also likes the fact that she’s the only one who can get away with calling him Ben instead of Zombie. She likes feeling special – it’s silly but she likes having the privilege to call him that. Besides, she can’t really bring herself to call him Zombie. She can never see him as one.

(She will always see him as Ben Parish – her first love. Her first crush. He’s gonna be the father of her kids some day – after all these ‘saving the world’ thing is finished, anyway)

She also likes the fact that he’s the only one beside her brother who calls her Cassie. She loves the way Ben says her name – she likes it when he pronounces it as Cassiopeia. It’s just a fucking turn on to be honest.

There’s a question tugging in the bottom of her heart, though.

Why is she the only one who he lets to call him Ben Parish? It doesn’t make sense. Ben gets all upset if Ringer or Teacup or even Sam calls him that. He doesn’t like it, but always seems okay when she says it.

(She’s thinking too much into his name oH MY GOD.)

“Cassie?” all her thoughts dissolves into the air. She blinks, turning her head to see him plopping down beside her inside the jeep. She smiles at him – thinking about why they seem to be awake at the same time and always manages to do this everytime.

“Oh hey, you’re awake,” she says. He gives her a smile.

“Yep. Like always,” he says, moving closer to her. Her heart flutters when he accidentally touches her shoulder. “So what are you thinking about this time?”

“Nothing,” she replies sheepishly.

“Cassie Sullivan – I may have not known you that well but I know that there’s always SOMETHING going on in your brain. Seriously, Cass, you can tell me about it,” Cassie couldn’t stop the blush that’s creeping up to her cheeks right now. It was true what Ben had said. This isn’t the first time Ben had caught her thinking.

“Seriously, Ben, I’m not thinking about anything important,” she presses again.

“I still want you to hit me up with whatever you’re thinking,” Ben says. “Come on, Cass, please?” He turns to her and gives her the best puppy eyes look he could muster. She always gets weak when he does that.

“Screw you Ben,” he grins at her because he knows she’s finally giving in. “Okay, fine, I was just thinking about your name.”

“My name?” Ben repeats. She nods shyly because it’s such a stupid thing to think about. “What’s wrong with your name?”

“Nothing.” I love your name. Your name’s perfect. “I was just wondering why I’m the only one who gets to call you Ben Parish and why you don’t want anyone else to call you that,” Cassie couldn’t bring herself to meet Ben’s eyes because she knows he’s grinning at her right now – having the biggest smile on his face because it’s Ben. No matter how much times Ben claims the old guy is dead – Ben Parish will always be the same boy he was a few months ago. “Okay, don’t say anything. I know it’s dumb.”

Ben laughs at her. “It’s not,” he says between laughs. “Cassie, I swear to you, it’s not dumb.”

“Then why are you laughing?” Cassie looks up, looking confused. He’s looking at her like she’s a genius (she doesn’t get it), and his mouth is smiling his thousand watt smile.

“Because,” Ben continues. “Because it’s such a Cassie Sullivan thing to think about.”

Cassie looks down again, punching him quietly in the shoulder. “Oh my god, shut up. Go back to sleep.” But instead, Ben scoots closer to her – their knees touching now as he looks up at the jeep’s ceiling. “Ben…?”

“I let you call me Ben – because.” Cassie waits for him to continue. “I don’t know, I guess. When I first saw you in the Airbase – I flipped. I thought I was completely alone - when I first come, I was alone. I knew no one – but then you came,” he explains quietly. “You remind me of my old life – the Ben I was before. I keep telling myself he’s dead – but he’s not. You’re the only one here who knows me when I was Ben Parish and I want you to think of me as him as sick as that sounds – the Ben who doesn’t kill, the Ben who’s biggest problem is not winning a football match and having an A+ at school.” He turns to look at her in the eyes. Those brown eyes that never fails to melt Cassie. “That’s why I still call you Cassie,” Ben smiles at her softly. “I wanna remember you as Cassie,” he touches her cheek softly, caressing it with his soft hand. “I’m being stupid.” He softly chuckles at himself.

Feeling a surge of braveness, Cassie takes the hand that was holding his cheek and squeezes it tight. “It’s not,” Cassie grins at him. “It’s such a Ben Parish thing to say.” Ben laughs at her – Cassie swears the sound just became one of her favorite sounds in the world – and grabs her by the shoulders to hug her.

Cassie laughs too – her arms wrapping theirselves around Ben’s torso as she leans into Ben a little bit more. He’s warm and Cassie doesn’t want to let go. Which is fine because she doesn’t think Ben has any plans to move. He hugs her tighter (by the way he’s hugging her she doesn’t think it’s even possible anymore).

“Cassie?” Cassie doesn’t lift her head when he says her name. She’s too comfortable on his shoulder right now. “Promise me you’ll still call me Ben after everything that will happen. Promise me that everything will be okay after this.” He sounds like a child and Cassie almost laughs.

“I promise,” Cassie says softly, and even though she can’t see him she knows he’s smiling right now. Not one of his thousand watt smile – but one of his genuine smile that she loves seeing so much.

They pull away a couple of minutes later – their eyes locked in almost immediately. She doesn’t know if they’re just too caught up in the moment or what but suddenly someone’s leaning in and suddenly they’re both leaning in to each other just like there’s a magnetic force between them. His lips find hers first, capturing them in his own. Cassie closes her eyes immediately, kissing him back. Their lips moved in perfect rhythm. It’s not rushed or anything – it’s just how Cassie had imagined the kiss to be. It’s perfect.

Before the kiss had gotten too intense, they both pull away, resting their foreheads agains each other giggling like little kids. “I promise,” Cassie repeats. “Everything is going to be okay.”


a/n: the ending?1/229323?? Im honestly shocked I didn’t think it would turn out this way. Anyways, I hope you liked it!

The cabin scene in that last gifset

I reblogged makes me want to cry. It kills me every time because of just how stupidly in love Robert kind of is and how he is just affectionately playing with Aaron’s hair and how sweet and flirty he was and how happy he was that he was going to get to spend time with Aaron and has NO IDEA the jig is up buddy or a CLUE as to what is about go down and every time I feel this actual ache for him in my heart just a little. 

Danny and Ryan were incredible in those scenes. I mean I was THERE with Aaron and his rage and self-disgust. I WAS THERE. I GOT YA, BABE. 

BUT GOD HELP ME RYAN MADE ME FEEL HORRIBLE FOR ROBERT.  I MEAN LEGIT HORRIBLE. Just that heartbreak when Aaron lied and said he never loved him. The realization that this person that he showed himself to found him to be disgusting. 

IT WAS FANTASTIC. OMG. I am a horrible angst loving person, you guys. 

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What do you think about the death of Winter ? I was much more disturbed by that than James and Zilpha having sex. Do you think James killed her or is he being framed ?


Thanks for the ask, mysterious friend! Apologies in advance for the long-winded answer; unnecessary verbosity is kind of a specialty of mine.

From a purely personal standpoint, this turn of events hit me hard. I really liked Winter and was intrigued by the quiet, vulnerable bond she seemed to share with James; something almost father-daughter-esque, all those quiet moonlit scenes on the water. She seemed to look up to and feel a kinship with him, and he treated her with … as much or more gentleness as he’s treated anybody with. Maybe this sounds bizarre, but I hope her role isn’t over (hey, in a show like this, nothing’s stopping them from having her haunt James in some way), because I was looking forward to seeing their relationship develop.

As to your question, though … I’m torn. Looking at Winter’s body, it does appear that her belly has been ripped into, reminiscent of how the Malay assassin was found (though not as severe). James also warned that he wasn’t “fit to be near her” right now, though whether that was simply because he was drunk and angry or because he knew himself capable of something like this, I couldn’t say. We also just saw James try to strangle Zilpha while trapped in visions of Salish, so we know that he’s capable of unwittingly attacking people he wouldn’t otherwise hurt. Flickers of Salish immediately preceded his blackout / Winter’s death, and he was still near her body in the morning, so…

However — the EIC is certainly not above killing a child or framing James. Since James’s reputation as a cannibal and a killer is well known (especially along the Wapping docks), a smart assassin would tear into Winter’s belly to make it look as though it were him. Perhaps James simply passed out drunk, and an EIC agent saw an opportunity to ruin him.

So … Could James have killed her? Absolutely. It even seems likely. Could he have been framed? Absolutely. Shows love twists. Overall, I’m undecided at this point.


I thought that was your car out front, either that or someone’s on their way to the airport. I’m gonna ask you some questions, Boyd. If I feel you ain’t being truthful, we’re gonna get in my car, but it won’t be to go to the airport. Well, I’m glad to hear you say that. Suggests you’re here on some kind of marshal business. Lot of the guys I knew in prison were there ‘cause they’d walked in and found their girls with another man… in a non-business context. 

Representation matters so much in media. There is this one scene in Jane the Virgin I don’t even remember the episode but there was a gay couple and they were pushing their stroller and it was the littlest scene and so insignificant to the main plot of the series but it sticks with me. That scene made me cry. That scene literally made me so happy. They went out of their way to just add a gay couple as background characters and it made me feel so good. Just seeing them so normal in society and nobody questioning it was so special to me. This kind of stuff matters. Just imagine if that little scene still sticks with me, about 4-5 months after viewing it, what a main gay character means to us. Representation matters for minorities. We notice it, we remember it, we appreciate it. Don’t forget us. Don’t erase us. Don’t kill off every single one of our characters and say it doesn’t matter it shouldn’t be a big deal. Because it is a big deal because representation matters.

What have I done


I mean what is this

Can they just get married already

and then this happened in the future


Look at this cuteness

External image

such fab

such god damn

In conclusion, they are made for each other so enjoy some cute gifs of them:

External image



About Future Arc episode 9

It´s a bit late, but I want to say some thought about this deadly episode. Just my own opinion, so please don´t judge me too hard.

1. NG code of Yukizome is bullshit.

What kind of super convenient NG code is that? Like, is there any chance that she will be willing to let herself dead just to kill her “Kyosuke”? That makes me think: Might Yukizome actually secretly hate Munakata to the core?

2. What Sakakura try to say before being stabbed isn´t a confession.

Firstly, people don´t try to confess their feeling at a random time after your rival aka best friend was killed and your lover is being weird. I have tried to picture Sakakura saying “Actually, I love you.“ to Munakata and that scene is clearly awkward. It would be different if he was dying (like Sonosuke), but that time, there was… how do I say… not enough despair. Maybe because of the lack of emotional music. Unlike the scene of Sonosuke/Andou or Kuzuryuu/Pekoyama, I can´t feel any love, or loving despair from that scene.

It´s more likely that Sakakura was trying to say: “Actually, I think what you are doing is wrong“. Munakata knew that and got rid of Sakakura right away before he became an obstacle. That´s why he said “You know why.“ to Sakakura.

3. Tengan´s message might be to Mitarai instead of Naegi.

“I entrust the hope of the world to you“ means “I entrust Makoto Naegi to you, Mitarai.“ Sure, I know he is acting suspicious, but exactly that makes my doubt on him weaker.

4. From the survivor list, Andou´s death can only be caused by Munakata. Or Andou herself. One thing kept bugging me: If the attacker is one of the living character, how can they be so clean? There is no trace of blood on anyone´s clothes. Unless the victim received some kind of drug and killed themselves in the fist of despair.

Kyosuke Munakata is clearly not the mastermind. He might help them with the building and stuff, but he is not them. Munakata didn´t know anything about NG code of everyone else. One thing for sure is that he despaired after knowing the truth from Tengan (a little bit like Komaeda)

Also, I assume that every victim were killed while being conscious. Just typical Monokuma

5. Those people killed by NG code might not be dead yet. Those who violated NG code were first seen with a disgusting purple left face, but changed to normal after a while (Sonosuke). I doubt Andou was that skillful to hide that face. Kirigiri´s left face also didn´t change much (minus blood coming from her eye).

They might actually be temporary dead, and will come back alive after a certain amount of time. This is Danganronpa, where memory removing is a thing, so a drug for temporary death (*cough* Romeo and Juliet *cough*) can be existed, too.

Btw, I used to think “Let the corpse touch the ground“ was the attacker´s NG code, but then there is Andou´s corpse, so…


I read Overgrowth by @leviticusarts and wanted to explore Frisk a little, and I think, for all their kindness, they are scared. They wanted to get out with everyone. AND I’m a terrible person…this is based on the fic Wish.

I just…thanks a lot @underfart-snas for killing us all with your AU.

[Considering how important they both were in the series,] I don’t feel like we got to know Lacie or Alyss/White Alice very well at all. [They seem loving, caring and tragic in later scenes, but in earlier portrayals they are also incredibly violent, cruel and sadistic (killing those men, taking Break’s eye, dancing in blood, etc.). It feels as though we were supposed to forget all about those earlier scenes and see them as these lovely kind girls/women, but the contrast is just so jarring…]  
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Quick(?) Thought on Faith
  • SPOILERS FOR FAITH!!!!!!!!! And also warning for my incoherent sorrowful ramblings
  • 1) How did I survive?
  • 2)I didn't Outlander and Caitriona Balfe killed me and I know reside on some other plane of sadness and tissues
  • 3) I thought little Bree was cute before my heart was shattered
  • 4) now i feel nothing but depressed feels
  • 5)i.e. the worst kind of feels
  • 6)Even tho I was prepared, the where's my baby scene still slayed me. LIKE SLAYED.
  • 7)and no amount of Mother Hildegard saying "i'm here" will help
  • 9)"My sins are all I have left"...that's a great line and Cait delivered it so well
  • 11)I was really surprised they kept the Master Raymond scene. I thought they would cut it, but it actually worked
  • 16) MY poor sweet fergus. tbh i thought they showed a little too much of it
  • 17)"i'll add it to the list of the things I have already lost in Paris"
  • 19)Claire's dress is so beautiful
  • 20)Louis: do you want an orange before i steal your virtue?
  • 21)Claire: Sure, wouldn't want to get scurvy
  • 22)holy shit, that room is so cool, i want my bedroom to look like that
  • 23)minus the creepy guys in masks, the poison, and snake
  • 24)I mean the comte could stay if he wants...
  • 25)the crystal effect was really cool, can i just go and raid Outlander's inventory?
  • 26)Ok, i kinda felt bad when the comte died, like i know i shouldnt, he's bad...but that face tho
  • 27)king scene wasn't so bad, I couldn't stop looking at Claire's white stockings
  • 28)Jamie walking up the steps to Claire
  • 29)Outlander writers: Oh, did you forget how painful this episode is? Let me remind you
  • 30)oh how kind
  • 31)ok I can't figure out if i like the beard or not
  • 32)the ticking clock was very powerful
  • 33)do ye hate me for it and those flashbacks
  • 34)I need a fucking drink
  • 35)she had copper hair...please make this pain stop
  • 36)Claire singing to her daughter for the first and final just not ok
  • 37)Louise saying she's an is time, my dear
  • 39)Claire saying it's her fault, no my child no
  • 40)Jamie saying he wants to do something before they go home...i dont have a heart at this point, so how do i feel all this pain?
  • 43)and the last sight of them as the camera pulls away, showing claire and jamie clutching each other
  • 44) just wow. literally heartbreaking and heart wrenching perfection. bravo

That little beat after “About what leather conditioner and eyeliner?” where Hook tries not to react to her kind of being an ass about his offer to reach out to Henry fucking kills me.

It obviously hurts him a great deal, he looks like she physically struck him for a second, but he doesn’t let himself react and instead sincerely opens up to her.

These are the little moments early in their relationship where she hurts him with carelessness about his feelings that I think about during the “I never abandoned you” scene in the middlemist field.