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So yesterday I posted this manip and encouraged people to come up with their own ideas for a possible story behind the scene. So many of you wrote in (both publicly and in private) and I had such a blast reading all the cool ideas you came up with. :D

But there was one pitch that really stuck out to me:

“In the time period, magic is completely forbidden. Cinderella, the last of her kind, is caught using magic to resurrect a dead mouse. She is apprehended and sentenced to death in the presence of the prince, but, rather than allowing all magic to die out with her, she transfers her powers over to the prince. They wont be allowed to kill him, after all” - Secretly-a-geekynerd

So now I have this whole story in my head about this mage who had to sacrifice her powers in order to survives, and a prince who all of a sudden is filled with magic that he cannot control. So in order for the prince not to accidentally kill himself with this new power, he is forced to work together with the mage. 

But the mage was a healer and volunteers in the poorer villages to help the sick and injured when nobody else could help. So she manages to convince the prince to help her travel the land, and on this journey he will learn the truth about this country, his citizens, magic and true friendship. 

((In the shot above I imagine the the prince finally having conjured forth a type of healing spell. The mage is delighted because this means that they will now be able to save the life of a sick child.)) 

PS: The reason why the prince now has blue hair is because I like the idea of magic affecting hair and eye colors. It is also the reason why it has been so easy to always spot magic users whenever they are born.


You were working as an extra on the set of Divergent. It was all very new to you, but it was so much fun. You loved watching the actors do their scenes, even if they had to do them 10 times. 

You had been on set for about a week and were starting to get to know some of the crew. They were setting up for a very intense scene when the director called over to you. “Y/N! How would you like to get into hair and makeup?” You were speechless. “I have a special role for you today.” Butterflies started building in your stomach.

They didn’t stop when you entered the makeup trailer, Jai was sitting there finishing up. You held your breath as you sat down next to him.“Hey, I’m Jai.” He said giving you that sparkling smile.

You nod and tell him your name. They director come running in. “Perfect, you both are here. Jai this is Y/N, she is going to be playing the hostage in today scene. Unfortunately kid,” he says looking at you. “You are going to die.”

The first few takes go well. You die like you are supposed to. But after a while Jai starts loosen up and crack jokes. In fact, he’s being kinda of flirty.

When the director is satisfied with the take, he calls for lunch.

“Really good job today.” Jai says, “Sorry I had to kill you so many times. And such a beauty too.” He winks, “Why don’t you come to lunch with me. I’d love to talk a bit more.” 

“I’d like that.”

“Then maybe next time, I can take you to dinner.” You couldn’t stop blushing. Was this really happening?

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‘That was an awesome red carpet. Did you do it?’


Daryl’s family recognizing his grief over Beth


Hurt me. 

I can take it.


When I first met Mr. Gates and he asked me my name I feared the man I was about to create. I feared that someone born of such dark things would consume me were I not careful. And I was determined only to wear him for a while and then dispose of him when his purpose was complete. And I thought of that story. Am I ready to let him go?