this scene killed me so i had to gif it


CASI ANGELES MEME (in cooperation with @ginnyhermione)
22 of 70 scenes ★ 4x108 “la explicación”

Crazy no? That we’re all here so happy, in harmony…yeah, that’s true…but well we were mature enough, everyone would have said we would be killing each other right now. And yeah with everything we went through in the future, we learned something no? Yes. Yes, that’s true. Well and there? When is tero and Luquita’s little one coming? Noo, stop gordy! I had 3 already, please, give me a break!


When I first met Mr. Gates and he asked me my name I feared the man I was about to create. I feared that someone born of such dark things would consume me were I not careful. And I was determined only to wear him for a while and then dispose of him when his purpose was complete. And I thought of that story. Am I ready to let him go?


Hurt me. 

I can take it.