this scene killed everything


When Jon asked Melisandre to not resurrect him, because he would come back into a world, where Sansa is no longer alive, where she killed herself, because he failed her.

↳ “I am ordering you not to bring me back.“


i still can’t believe they just Killed him like that


“I’m sorry I didn’t find a way to spare you from what happened Under the Mountain,” Rhys said with equal quiet. “From dying. From wanting to die.” I began to shake my head, but he said, “I have two kinds of nightmares: the ones where I’m again Amarantha’s whore or my friends areAnd the ones where I hear your neck snap and see the light leave your eyes.”

Rhys literally has nightmares about Feyre dying and I am officially not okay.


Stranger Things Seven Day Challenge:

Day Four - Favorite Song(s) from the Soundtrack


Nice To Meet You Too.

12:17 a.m.

Seychelle left Tobias alone as she went around asking for a ride home (thanks to Augie). After an hour of no sign of Seychelle, Tobias began to sober up by the pool. 

- “Tobias, right?”
- “…”
- “I saw Augie’s twitter. You and Seychelle can crash at my place if you guys can’t find a ride.”
- “Eurhh, nah, It’s cool. Neither Seychelle or I are down to drive any where else but home, tonight.”
- “Where’s there to drive to when you’re already there?”
- “Mm..? I’m sorry but, who are you again?”
- “Pffbbt, I’m Maxine but, people call me ‘Max’. Funny how you’d walk into someone’s house without knowing who it belongs to.”


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Wynonna Earp S3 Theory #1
  • On what Waverly is and why Bobo lied (and potentially falsified DNA results, who knows) and if Dolls & Jeremy are involved and BBD and lots of other stuff.
  • There's no mistaking the very obvious cinematic choices in that end sequence within Mama Earp's voice layover speech during the demon portion of when she talks about men vs. demons vs. Clootie/Balthasar and it's a (deceptively, I think) sweet shot of Dolls walking up to Wave & Jeremy with coffee.
  • Clearly, it's already been established that Black Badge did /something/ to Dolls to make him the 'demon' he is, whatever that may be.
  • There was clear point in making the connection that Bobo can bend/manipulate metal and that Jeremy has metal inside his body. Also there were so many references to the importance of metal while everyone was discussing Peacemaker, metal plates, metal bullets...
  • Metal is a theme, clearly.
  • Waverly being fire Peacemaker? Yes, it was making a point about Earpness but perhaps not entirely? More hints on the importance of metal?
  • If Bobo can bend metal, Jeremy has metal in his body and it was implied that has /something/ to do with his recruitment to Black Badge and Waverly handled Peacemaker (special kind of metal, as it would seem and it immediately afterword tried to burn her.)
  • Side-note: Why did Peacemaker try to burn Waverly if she's not a Revenant? Even if it allowed her to use it at a particular moment of duress under the orders and permission of the heir?
  • I think there's a clear line between Bobo's relationship with Waverly (and /especially/ the comment about 'Never said she's my daughter, she's my kin'), Bobo's abilities to manipulate metal, Waverly's ability to use Peacemaker in this episode under Wy's instruction even though it tried to burn her immediately afterwards as well as Jeremy's obviously important comments on the metal in his body being a factor for his BBD recruitment.
  • ALSO: I'm editing this right now, but something else just occurred to me that I'm not sure at all why I missed. Mikshun was having Waverly collect metal and it was going to try to use it to infuse /into Waverly's body/. Could it have /only/ done that in Waverly's body? Would it have attempted that in Wy's? Mikshun did make the comment when Waverly took it back, 'No /we'll/ be together forever possibly denoting that would've have been possible with Wy. Would it only have been possible because whatever Waves is has a correlation to metal? 'I'm starting to think yes.
  • Also, an idea about the comment and wording and possible meaning of 'kin': Bobo clearly cares about Waverly, he even said so straight up in this episode, but that was never really much of a surprise to me. What /was/ a surprise to me was how insanely quickly (as in barely thirty seconds) Jeremy was willing and even eager to help Waverly at the possible risk of death and definite risk of career suicide was odd. Sure, the Earp sisters are charming as all hell and everyone loves them, but /that/ was ridiculous even without Jeremy being a logical person and we all know it.
  • Also, what about Waves' reaction towards Jeremy? That might have been even weirder. Sure, she was in a tight spot, but she told him /the entire story/. She didn't even give an abridged version, she just spilled the whole thing to someone she knew /nothing/ about and asked for help no sane person had any reason to give. Waverly's smarter than that, and to be honest, so is Jeremy.
  • So what if it wasn't entirely conscious? What if Jeremy is also a part of whatever this 'kin' is that may or may not have something to do with metal weapons/abilities/affinities, etc. and he and Waves' immediate reaction to each other was instinctual (and probably subconscious) trust and familiarity? Because it seemed like it to me, and without something underlying like that, it didn't make a damn lick of sense.
  • And Bobo could sense the metal in Jeremy, right? They were talking for a pretty long time before anyone made a move, Bobo could've killed him two seconds flat. But he didn't.
  • Also kin, whatever that means?
  • If so, who is the Master of this 'kin' that Bobo was probably referring to? Balthasar, someone else?
  • Is Dolls involved? Was there some kind of plot hatched by BBD to create whatever beings Jeremy & Wave (and possibly Bobo) might naturally be and it failed?
  • Was Jeremy recruited for the use of his body and possibly his entire genetic makeup in general?
  • Am I asking too many questions?
  • (Probably.)
  • Please hit me with your questions, or expansions on mine. Seriously, all the theories guys, I'd love them. Let's get Waverly Earp kinda determined in breaking this research down, somebody get some popcorn. ;)
Haven't seen this mentioned yet...

Was I the only one that noticed that all though dany was shook quite a bit by Jon not wanting to let go of her hand + the intensity of the moment at the end when she does begin to pull away she doesn’t do it fully at the last second her fingers linger still just within his grasp…

notice after the monumental look they share and she tells him to get some rest her hand is still by her side and she doesn’t place it back in her lap until right before she gets up to leave all flustered may i add… (unlike the first time she pulled away and placed right on her lap quick) it speaks volumes to her feelings

Soo much love, soo much sentiment, soo much EVERYTHING!!