this scene just came on and i had to screencap it


This is one of my favorite scenes in Dragonball. It was most likely put in for the humor and to show where chichi learned her mastery of running a household fit for someone like goku, Who wouldn’t have the time to and keep the earth safe. With the role reversal here, it both breaks the traditional character of Chichi but also stays entirely true and I thought it was a charming thought because Chichi just wants to take care of Goku no matter what. I love this couple. Remember that time Chichi gave a list to Goku to go shopping with, but because she had some foresight, she drew animals for him to look at instead of making him read the words? Well, it both helped Goku out and ensured that the right groceries came home…but it’s still sweet that she put in that effort. it shows she understands him on that level and yet, doesn’t try to change him. And that’s really the message of a good relationship, isn’t it?

I followed @cozymochi ‘s chichi pretty closely because he’s just adorable and designed so well ;A; 

Also, please enjoy this variation.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)