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Six episodes later, we find out that they were both wrong.


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the daenerys fan challenge // favourite quote » “She played at being a queen, yet sometimes she still felt like a scared little girl.”


DAREDEVIL | S2 | Karen Page moments 18/50

Why do you always do this? Why do you put Matt in the driver’s seat when you can do this yourself?

Matt and I are partners for a reason. 

There’s some things that I’m better at, and there’s things that he’s better at.


Brienne was on her feet as well. “Your Grace, give me but a moment to don my mail. You should not be without protection.”

King Renly smiled. “If I am not safe in the heart of Lord Caswell’s castle, with my own host around me, one sword will make no matter … not even your sword, Brienne. Sit and eat. If I have need of you, I’ll send for you.”

His words seemed to strike the girl harder than any blow she had taken that afternoon. “As you will, Your Grace.” Brienne sat, eyes downcast.