this scene is very hard to colour

There was a serious lack of Bones in St:ID. Please have some Jim wandering off AMA and having to be retrieved  in the ONE YEAR POST DEATH THAT THE FILM GLOSSED OVER. (I’m having some very random st:id feels rn)


Every time they clasp hands in greeting no one can tell if they’re weirdly enthusiastic or just trying very hard to break the other’s wrist. Kuroo always makes it a point to lean down with all his weight, but Daichi is always very well braced so he never budges. 

Feed the Movie. Starring and Written by Troian Bellisario. OMG. I don’t want anyone to think I’m really biased throughout the post due to my love for Troian as I wanted my opinion on this movie to be honest due to its nature, however I didn’t expect anything less from Troian. I have tried to avoid spoilers here too so sorry if I drop some - I’m a tad excited!!

- Troian and Tom (Felton) work so well together, it’s evident that these two have a connection / strong chemistry from the get go and they portray the sibling bond well
- The colour theme is very subtle and seems to be based on pastel colours which is so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing
- Ben Winchell portrays the loving and caring friend well and it is clear that his character also has great chemistry with Troian’s character (Olivia) and I particularly loved their scenes together as their bond is clearly strong, especially within the sex scene as it is clear that he cares for her stability more so than making love with her
- Some of the scenes were very hard hitting towards the end of the movie but were perfectly carried out in order to avoid controversy
- The scenes at the dinner table with Olivia’s parents made me extremely uncomfortable knowing that Troian must’ve experienced situations like this which I’ll get onto in a bit but it was difficult to put myself into her shoes due to the awkward manner
- I found myself a bit confused at some moments in the movie because I was unsure if Tom Felton’s character (Matt) had actually died and was just tormenting Olivia or if he was still alive to her idk but as the movie went on it became obvious that Matt was the voice controlling Olivia and her mental stability
- I was slightly worried that I would see Olivia as Spencer Hastings and that would take away from the sentimental value of the movie but I found myself relating Olivia more too Troian’s role in the 2010 movie Consent, which may be due to the overlaying of both movies considering the theme of incest
- I have just watched To the Bone on Netflix staring Lily Collins and although I thoroughly enjoyed it and has some similarities to Feed as both central characters follow the theme of anorexia, I was more touched by the portrayal within Feed which may have to do with my emotional attachment to Troian but the writing of Feed helped to show the profession of an eating disorder in more depth in my opinion
- I was slightly worried that I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy the movie truthfully and I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the content in depth but I was wrong, I was incredibly touched by Troian’s portrayal of Olivia from the start and I felt fully captivated within the story. As the movie went on and the story became more structured, I felt deep sympathy for Olivia as I could see glimpses of Troian’s life within her and it was heartbreaking to realise that Olivia’s eating disorder is based on Troian’s struggles and I think it was extremely brave of her to share her story in this manner when she knows that the media may be ready to belittle her and her movie. The way in which the narrative is told has been beautifully written, directed and portrayed by all of the cast as it addresses obscure themes that may bring up controversy within the media. The hospital scenes especially spoke to me as it was difficult to believe that an actress whom I have followed and admired for years has been through these situations and the intensity of them especially made them hard hitting
- We drastically see Olivia change towards the end of the movie due to way that an eating disorder and grief has controlled her life and it is clear that Troian put a lot of herself into portraying this
- The very last scene is really heartfelt and touching, however I thought that the last shot was quite abrupt - maybe allowing for another film as it didn’t seem like the end?
- Troian’s writing of this story is beautiful and I think the girl has done extremely well and should be immensely proud of herself for telling her story in the way that she did as I’m sure this movie will allow other young and old people alike to address disorders such as anorexia and anxiety and not consider them to be taboo, and hopefully allow them to have the courage to reach out for help

I’m so so so proud of Troian for all the hard work, time and effort she has put into this story. I think it just might be one of the most beautiful and powerful movies that has come out since The Fault in our Stars… what do you think?

An Unexpected Surprise

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Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 5.2K

Summary: Saddened at the idea of having to spend Christmas alone, you return to your apartment to find an unexpected surprise in the form of your very cute, sexy and adorable boyfriend Namjoon. 

Snowflakes floated gracefully down to the pavement as you walked through the bustling city streets. Lights were strung up all around you, twinkling beautifully in a whole spectrum of colours and the gorgeous scent of mulled wine and cinnamon lingered in the air. Everything about the place was simply magical, children wearing thick coats and knitted scarves weaved in and out of market stalls laughing gleefully as their parents chased behind them, the whole atmosphere of the place was just…good.

And yet despite the magnificence of everything, you found it hard to smile, you found it challenging to even care enough the admire the scene taking place all around you. Because for the first time in years you would be spending Christmas alone. The very thought of this made the vibrant reds and greens seem duller, the delicious scents made you feel nauseous and all the hanging lights gave you a painful headache.

You dragged your feet against the pavement until finally you reached the entrance to your apartment building. With numb fingers, you pulled out your key and turned it in the lock of the main entrance. Reluctantly, you wandered into the building, the warmth from inside instantly hitting your body and thawing your frozen skin.

The lobby area was quiet, painfully so, most of the residents had gone to see their family and loved ones over the holidays leaving the hallways deserted and silent, it was almost eerie. Your parents had gone to visit some friends of theirs in another country and despite their invitation for you to join them you hadn’t wanted to intrude on their gathering so you’d assured them you would spend the Christmas with your boyfriend Namjoon. At the time you hadn’t been lying, you really had thought the two of you would be able to spend Christmas together, but sadly he’d ended up having to work right the way through until New Year’s Eve.

You’d understood of course, work came first. Namjoon was the heir to a highly prestigious company, his father being the manager of it, you knew that if he wanted to take over one day, he couldn’t afford to take much time off. He had to show that he was determined, dependable and focused, and so, when he’d announced with a sullen face that he couldn’t be with you on Christmas, you’d simply nodded, even managing a small smile.

It was just one Christmas after all. Sure, the sheer feeling of isolation was going to be pretty miserable but…it was just one Christmas.

You traipsed through to the elevator, pressing the correct button to get to your floor, the Christmas music playing on the speakers cruelly mocking you with its sickly sweet melody, one that left a bitter taste in your mouth. You supposed you should feel grateful, to spend your Christmas in such a luxurious apartment, something that was all thanks to Namjoon and his hard work, but it was hard to see the value of expensive items  when you had no one to share them with.

You worked hard too of course, but working as a waitress didn’t exactly bring in the same paycheck as the ridiculous amounts of money your boyfriend made. Nonetheless, you would insist on buying most things for yourself as much as he wanted to spoil you, you never let him buy you clothes or technology or other kinds luxurious presents, the only exceptions being your birthday or Christmas.

When you reached the door of your apartment, you pulled out another key from the key ring and turned it in the lock in one smooth action, you pulled the handle down so the door swung open. In the darkness, you stumbled towards the light switches and flicked them on individually until the room was thoroughly illuminated, , your books were still scattered across the coffee table and a small Christmas tree stood pathetically by the couch. You had half a mind to take it down right now and pretend that Christmas wasn’t happening.

Just as you were about to collapse on the couch you heard a strange clattering noise coming from the kitchen. The first time, you decided to simply ignore it, you couldn’t muster the energy to go and check the source of the noise. However, after a few seconds the noise occurred again, over and over, becoming more and more impossible to ignore.

You weren’t scared for some reason, as you moved towards the kitchen, not even considering the possibility that someone could have broken in, perhaps you were just too blue to care. But as you swung the door open you were met with a sight you certainly had not expected.

Your boyfriend was standing amongst a heap of pots and pans, something was steaming in the corner and the plates were piled a mile high in the sink, the oven was on, the microwave was on, the kettle was on, just about everything was on and the room had a rather odd smell to it, like a mixture of hundreds of different varieties of food. 

Yet despite the disastrous surroundings, a feeling of blissful joy ran through your veins at the sight of him and without even a second thought, you found your feet moving and your body throwing itself into his unexpecting one.

“Y/N! You’re home” he exclaimed happily once he was over the initial shock of basically being tackled into a hug. His skin was so warm against your cold cheek and  you gripped him even more tightly. Your body must have still been quite cold because you felt him shiver, but he made no complaint as he wrapped his long arms around you.

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Commander 2017 - A Guide - Draconic Domination

For what it’s worth, although I conceptually enjoyed Feline Ferocity, Draconic Domination has been my favourite of the decks released in Commander 2017. Somewhere between the balancing act that is a 5 colour deck, and the raw power that is Dragons, I felt at home. I may have just been happy to find a place for all the Dragons I picked up from Khan’s Block. Which in and of itself is one of the incredible things this deck did; allow variety and offer accessibility to Dragon Tribal EDH. But, don’t get me wrong, dragons have always had support. Just not on this level. Scion of the Ur-Dragon was a powerful combo deck that could win exceptionally quickly. But was often very expensive to build and played out the same way. 

At the latest, Turn 5 play Scion. Turn 6 put two instances of its ability on the stack. First instance resolves; turn into Moltensteel Dragon. In response to the second, pump 6+ times. Then, turn into Skithiryx and attack for 10+ with infect.

And sure, that wasn’t the only way to build the deck, but it was by far the best. Outside of Scion, you’re left with either Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund, or Zirilan of the Claw for your commander. The first offering corner case advantage, and haste. While the second can be crazy, but only gives access to one colour. 

Draconic Domination include 5 new Legendary Creatures, 3 of which are 5 colour Dragons. The others are simply powerful cards in their own right who care about what a Dragon deck has to offer. And even putting that aside, each can be a powerful Commander in their own right. 

The Ur-Dragon

A title no more befitting of a God, the Ur-Dragon stands as the primordial force from which all Dragons across the multi-verse stem from. A creature that has lived since the dawn of time; such a Legendary Creature must reflect that power. And without a doubt it does. A 9 mana 10/10 with the ability to have it’s influence echo through the multi-verse. It doesn’t need to exist with other Dragons for them to feel it’s power. And when it does arrive, and strike, it can pull it’s kin through the Blind Eternities to fight by its side.

The Ur-Dragon is powerful. It’s ridiculous, and so much fun. Once this card lands on the field, the game will only push closer to its end. Not only due to it’s size, but due to how much card advantage it creates. In fact, this creature oozes card advantage. First, The Ur-Dragon’s Eminence ability reduces the cost of Dragon Spells by 1 generic mana. This affects lots of things, even spells with Changeling. But most importantly it reduces the effective cost of (nearly) your entire deck by {1}. This deck cares about Dragons above all else, and that reduction in cost is incredible. It doesn’t affect itself, however, so either way you will be paying 9. But having access to Savage Ventmaw a turn early, can help rectify that problem. 

Even at 9 mana, the Ur-Dragon is a 10/10 with flying. Which will go a long way to close out games. However, some may criticise it a little. Wizards have said that, when designing a card, for each additional colour of mana in a Mana Cost they treat that spell’s power level as though it cost 1 generic more. So a 9 mana creature in 5 colours is effectively a 14 mana creature. So where is that difference made up?

I’m just gonna read off the ability, because it speaks well for itself. “Whenever one or more Dragons you control attack, draw that many cards.” Yeah, so remember what I said about Card Advantage? Even just drawing a single card when attacking is a nice touch. But with a myriad of cheap dragons you’ve just cast, this is even better. But wait, there is more. It follows that up with “…then you may put a permanent card from your hand onto the battlefield”. Couple things. 1) Ur-Dragon doesn’t have to attack. So this can trigger the turn it comes into play without it having haste. 2) It can be the only attacker, and you still get to draw a card and put a permanent into play. Which will 3) probably be another Dragon which can attack next turn. 

I feel like the theme of this deck is simple. Lots of Dragons, lots of mana, lots of card draw and just go ham. And, honestly, for a 9 mana, 5 colour dragon, I’d expect this to be the Timmy-est Legendary Creature imaginable. And it hits that nail on the head. If you are a Timmy player, or are trying to get someone into the game who is, this is where to start. The Ur-Dragon is a big girl who does big things.

O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami

O-Kagachi feels like the least pro-active of the Legendary Creatures from Draconic Domination. In terms of strength as a Legendary Creature, this card feels off. But that may simply be due to how unusual a card it is. Off the top of my head, the prospect of a 5 colour pillow fort deck seems prosperous. What O-Kagachi does above all else is present the threat of an Utter End every turn. As well as the threat of a 6/6 with flying and trample. Due to the way the ability triggers on O-Kagachi, the deck would be inherently reactive. You don’t want to pose a threat, and your opponents don’t want to be viewed as a threat by you. So they will hold off attacking, to avoid dealing with O-Kagachi’s wrath. 

So you then use this position to develop a board state that is aggressively non-threatening. Once you finally have enough presence to win, you do quickly, and without ramification because you just spent all this time building up an impenetrable board state.

Additionally, you can take a different approach by using cards like Alluring Siren and Bident of Thassa to force an opponent to attack you. This kind of deck may take some tuning, but I can certainly see it working. Very much like an atypical 5 colour control deck. The ability will trigger if you’re attacked, regardless of whether they deal damage. This means that white spells that exile attacking creatures will be very powerful. However also cards like Maze of Ith will function even better. So a control deck is absolutely a viable option.

I still stand by that it does the least pro-active stuff of all the creatures. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just means that the kind of game it plays will be one of careful choices and politics. Which is incredibly appealing to a lot of people, so I hope it sees play.

Ramos, Dragon Engine

As a colourless artifact Dragon that gives access to all 5 colours, Ramos breaks the mould in a great many ways. Coming down as a 4/4 for 6 with flying, it won’t stay so small for long. As when you cast a spell, it gets a +1/+1 counter for each colour of that spell. Additionally, once you’ve hit 5 or more counters, you can opt to remove 5 and to add 2 mana of each colour to your mana pool. This may only be done once per turn, but it can be done every turn. Additionally, there is no limit to how often the first ability triggers, meaning you can double the number of counters on Ramos if you play your spells right.

Ramos is a strange creature for a lot of reasons, but each seems self explanatory. It will quickly grow as the game goes on, and because it doesn’t require any colours to cast, it doesn’t restrict you to playing every colour in it’s colour identity. In fact, Ramos has no costs that require colour mana to activate. It simply gives coloured mana. As a result, you aren’t forced to play all 5 colours to see the full benefit of Ramos. Granted, more colours help resolve the weaknesses each individual colour faces, but they aren’t necessary. Romas may very well find a home as the leader of a 4 colour Storm deck. Even without Green in it, as it will get bigger with each spell, and then produce 10 mana for free. Throw in some cheap mana filters, copy abilities and lots and lots of cantrips, you absolutely could storm out.

Another deck I would love to try, that I feel goes perfectly with Ramos, is the Charm Control deck. It’s a 5 colour deck that runs nothing but Charms and Modal cards. With each having no generic mana in their mana cost, Ramos would get counters at an incredibly efficient rate. It might not be the best deck in the world. But I hear it’s made a bit of a scene in Highlander. Perhaps it could translate to EDH.

Additionally, a hard control deck that wins off Door to Nothingness could be very goofy. As one activation of Ramos’ second ability would produce enough mana to wipe someone off the earth. Just a mono blue, or blue / white hard control shell, with space for Ramos at the top, and DtN at the bottom. I think it could perform well.

Which leads into the power of Ramos. Although it does give you access to 5 colours, he lends no obligation to run 5 colours. So don’t limit yourself, and go hard in one. Then use the mana he provides as exactly what it is: mana. In mono blue a creature that creates 2 blue and 8 colourless mana is great. Which is effectively what Ramos is. So to begin building with Ramos, begin at a strategy that you believe either +1/+1 counters will benefit from, or oodles of mana, or both, can go from there. 1, 2, 3 or 4 colours. Go 5 if you want. But either way, colour is no longer so restricting a factor.

Taigam, Ojutai Master

Here we find Taigam, as he appears in the Dragons of Tarkir timeline. Standing opposed to Taigam, Sidisi’s Hand, as he would appear in Khans of Tarkir. He supports not only Dragons, but all instants and sorceries, by preventing them from being countered. His second ability grants all instants and sorceries you cast from your hand rebound. Which, I don’t know about you, is insane. Narset was crazy because she got things out for free. But she was limited by the chance to whiff and lack of complete control in those 4 cards she exiled. But Taigam goes one step by doubling any number of spells, from your hand. Now, granted. He does need to attack to make this happen. However, there are so many spells that will help him survive combat, it almost doesn’t matter.

I believe this is the place to start. An instant and sorcery heavy deck that aims to go crazy with rebound, and protect Taigam. Blue/White spells. All of this, then, is only further reinforced by Taigam making instants and sorcery spells you cast uncounterable. Just casual throw out a Time Stretch, because you love playing the game, and suddenly you have 4 extra turns. Or a Brave the Elements to ensure that Taigaim will be largely unimpeded when he attacks this turn and next. 

Wasitora, Nekoru Queen

Wasitora has really been a noodle stratcher in terms of the kind of decks she wants to lead. For all intents and purposes, she is amazing. A 5/4 for 5 with two kinds of evasion and an ability that really cares about dealing combat damage. What’s more, the abilities themselves are incredible. Either forcing the defending player to sacrifice a creature, or giving you a 3/3 with flying. She is absolutely amazing. However, she lacks an underlying theme to really tie her together. Which leads me to say the best strategy is just to JUND ‘EM OUT. 

Which I guess is as fitting as anything, really. A bad beats Jund EDH deck will absolutely adore her. Aggressively midrange with cards that maybe even care about Cats and Dragons. A little bit of ramp from green, burn from red and spot removal from black to maximise the impact of the early turns, before dropping huge creatures turn 5 and on. Very few non-creature spells with CMC over 5, and a very tight list of bonkers beaters and she will feel right at home. 

The deck will likely be where the magic happens, and she functions less as a leader, and more of a consistent threat. Something that will always happen, and will always be in your hand. Which is exactly what Jund Beats wants.

Commander 2017 has offered EDH players everything that they’ve asked for in the last couple of years. Not only tribal support, but access to colours unseen before. Additionally, powerful new cards that care about those tribes, and ways to play with the Legendary Creatures printed that are different in ways both staggering and nuanced ways. 

Draconic Dominance is no exception, and in many ways is the most evident of it. Each new Legendary Creature printed cares about Dragons in their own way, without being defined by it. They work to better The Ur-Dragon’s deck, but on their own have unique strengths. Each can find their own power, and come together to create something exceptional.

This also wraps up my analyses of the Commander 2017 Preconstructed EDH decks. I hope to do more stuff like this in the future. It wasn’t perfect. I made a couple little mistakes. But I hope that, with each new article, I get a bit better at it! Next week, I’m going to spend it breaking down a real deck I built from my collection at home using the 8x8 theory. The hope is that it’s a practical example and shows the interesting stuff you’ll find when pushing to fill a package. I can’t wait for you to see it!

—Max, @commandtower-solring-go


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 1st Anniversary Appreciation Week

↳ Day 6:   Your Favourite Underrated Moment:

So: I told you that I killed people

Soo: Then tell me why you killed them.
Did you… do it for fun?

So: Go!… Go!

Soo: This is that kind of place isn’t it?
You have to wield a sword at a very young age.
You have to kill others if you want to live.
What can you do?
It’s not a crime to want to live.
You probably won’t be forgiven.
Still, I understand you.
How you’re feeling right now… it must be so miserable
I think I can relate

anonymous asked:

Would you consider doing a tutorial of how you did this post: /post/149277883738? It was awesome!

hey, thank you so much! and sure. (here’s a link to the post for reference)

so basically, although the three different sections (”lawful”, “neutral”, and “chaotic”) have different colourings, the process was essentially the same for each gif. to get the “gradient” look across the gifset, i just made the “lawful” gifs cyan-coloured, the “chaotic” gifs magenta-coloured and the “neutral” ones are half and half. 

let’s use these ones as examples:

aaand the rest under the cut 

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Wow here it is! I know I’ve been very dead for the past several months but I hope everyone following homestuck liked eoa6, it was like a dream to get to work on and everyone worked super hard and it came out SO GOOD!!! 

I’m very proud with how it turned out!!! :’)

So here’s a few of the scenes I worked on (lined + colours) and super love still (and if you want here’s a little album of all the parts I worked on)


Why are you going that far to obey the law when that law can neither judge a criminal nor protect people?

The law doesn’t protect people. People protect the law. People have always detested evil and sought out a righteous way of living. Their feelings… the accumulation of those people’s feelings are the law. They’re neither the provisions nor the system. People have prayed for a better world throughout time. In order those prayers to continue to hold meaning, we have to try our best to protect it to the very end. We can’t just give up on it.

shinkane week  day 1: optimism and realism


The books spend pages upon pages of describing how these two gravitate toward one another. We’re not talking about instant friendship, but from the first moment they have any real contact they get linked by more than their past (Wille) and more than their present (The Circle). It’s done with subtle little details in the books, both through inner voices and by descriptions of their subconcious behaviour which in the end paints a picture of them as highly compatible.

The movie doesn’t have the luxuary of spending that much time with them and inner voices seldom translate well on screen. However there are other ways of saying the same thing, for example by using visual cues to promote a certain feeling in you as you watch it. This scene and the setting was one of those and it worked so darn well. 

Linnéa’s apartment is 100% Linnéa, it’s as telling as any inner monologue. It’s that mix of soft and hard, kitsch and fun, but a very loud consistent personal style too. So to then transplant Vanessa into this- this extension of Linnéa, and have Vanessa fit, dress her up in the faint pink and turquoise that are decorative themes found through the entire room helps to create that sense of Vanessa belonging in that space. What’s more, Linnéa is literally surrounded by pink and turquiose pillows, she’s framed by the same colour theme that is embodied on Vanessa. They fit. And even though they might not realise it at that point, but Vanessa belongs in Linnéa’s space. The movie might not have used any words to say it, but it comes across as loud and clear as in the books.

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I never played the game so when was implied Komaeda's hair wasn't white? I really thought that was his natural hair color so now im curious thanks

When I made the post, there seemed to be an agreed on idea that Komaeda’s pinkish highlights on his tips were a sign that his hair used to be a different colour, likely some shade of brown.

I’m actually kind of ashamed of myself for getting caught up in it now, because literally a few weeks ago I actually,in my design notes, (because every time I figure I’m gonna draw a character a lot I make a shorthand guide for myself) wrote down “Komaeda’s hair is actually not a gradient/ seems to be more of a shading technique” (with a frowny face next to it because adding the gradient was my favourite part of drawing him. I actually don’t do it as much or as often/harsh now.)

because if we look at detail portraits from the game like this one:

and this one

Naw it’s white.

and if we want anime screenshots:

what would be the gradient area is the exact same tone as the cell shaded area, so it’s probably to add depth, and in game it’s to contrast with his huge green jacket and pale white face. (His hair was also shorter while at Hope’s Peak and his eyes are clearer/more green but that’s a side thing to talk about later)

Mind you, I purposefully chose images from 3 different eras of his life to see how/if things progressed.

THEN AGAIN, There’s aso a lot of official art where it’s interpreted as a gradient. 

Seriously in DR:AE It’s not all that consistent:

(Some of those are DEFINITE gradients, some are straight up white. The main ones that are gradients are also taken from the same scene)

and yknow what just going through his image gallery on the DR wiki has exhausted me because sometimes there’s a gradient in DR3 and sometimes there’s not. It changes depending on the lighting and whoever’s job it was to do colour that day. Don’t worry his vest is inconsistent too I noticed that while watching. (Making anime is actually super hard and things like this happen)

(The bottom half of his head here is very obviously pink)

(also I love this scene so here’s a screenshot)

(the ends are also tinted in the shower scene)

If we were to try to rationalise it in universe, you could just say he has a reddish undertone, which a lot of people have (Most people just don’t have white hair haha) The images from this post (x) also seem to hint that it’s an undertone or general artistic decision to shade Komaeda’s hair with reds, but since I don’t know how official those actually are.

Basically what I’m saying here is that while a headcanon around the undertone and occasional gradient could exist because on some level the text supports it, but anything that relies on it being true doesn’t have the strongest legs to stand on if you wanted to pick a real fight. It’s one of those things where a fandom would have to divide into branches over, and based on those decisions come up with something equally valid.


(He has to be in Elementary School or younger in this pic, just based on timeline)

It’s been white/white based for a long time, if not always. Which isn’t unusual in that of itself because Peko has been grey since she was a baby. And also has red eyes. We’d have to know how common snow white hair is in-universe.

oh and also it was deep grey in DR:AE for his model so

I’m sure what happened was that whoever was in charge of the character models for his sprite sheet weren’t clear when it was translated to other mediums EXACTLY what was up with the pink hair, because different mediums disagree.


Speaking of speculation, though, I’d like to add an important note: Nagito’s avatar in dr2 is made from his own memories of what he was like before he entered hope’s peak academy, which is why I mentioned that his hair was longer and his eyes were more dead. and that there are more detail shots of his hair being entirely white in-game than in the anime. If he has a gradient while at Hope’s Peak, but his avatar doesn’t, then Nagito’s hair was more likely pure white BEFORE Hope’s Peak. 

Take of that what you wil, it would require yet another post, www.

I am actually exhausted.