this scene is the shit

Okay so this is incredibly random but I just remembered this one scene from this one gay book series about these two macho manly men FBI agents right and there was a scene where they got captured and they were making up plans to escape and one of them was like “we could use these uh, lil plastic bits at the end of our shoelaces? I have no idea what they’re called”
And I was like ‘LMAO they’re called aglets and the reason I know that is that there was an entire episode of phineas and ferb about the word’ so I continued reading and the other dude was like “they’re called aglets”
And the first dude was like “how the fuck do you know what they’re called”
And the second dude was like “there was a whole episode of phineas and ferb about the word”
And it’s still one of the greatest experiences I’ve had reading in my whole life

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i cannot believe some of yall genuinely think that lotor is going to get a zuko style redemption arc as if it has not been made crystal fucking clear that literally everything lotor does is for his own personal gain and his own personal gain alone. everything he has done has been to forward his position and power. he carefully plans and calculates every single thing he does so that he will always benefit from the outcome. lotor fucking invented the definition of a snake and yall think that him wanting to talk with the rebellion means that hes on their side? no. he wants something from them, its beyond obvious that he wants something from them, and yall think hes going for fucking redemption.


he just fucking stops in the middle of his speech about games to show yugi his flexed bicep for some fucking reason and then continues without any explanation. what the fuck is going on here