this scene is so so so so important


Men always think in terms of fight or flight. In fact the most common instinct in the face of this kind of threat is to freeze. If she didn’t fight, if she didn’t scream, if she was silent and numb, it’s because she was petrified. If she went with him quietly, it’s because she was afraid for her life. And not just her life. Yours, and Nancy’s, and the baby’s.

Gillian Anderson as Stella Gibson, The Fall (S03E01)

okay but the andreil shower scene is so important to me its so sweet and intimate and well thought out and it doesnt read like a sex scene they literally get off on turning each other on they care about each other so much this scene means everything to me because theyre so soft with each other and andrew trusts neil so much and he was so ready to destroy the fucking world for neil okay i love them so much there are multiple analyses on this scene because it shows so much character development and as we all know im a slut for character development and well written characters and i love them so much this fucking scene is e v e r y t h i n g to me

okay so i’ve only watched the first 3 eps of luke cage but here r my thoughts:

IT’S SO GOOD!!! i love the music, it makes the fight scenes really interesting and aaah i love it, also misty knight is  so fucking cool??? like she’s just amazing…. her power is the coolest thing tbh…. also luke! i  love luke so much!! he’s such an amazing character!!! i rly like that scene w/ him and connie at the end of episode 3, it’s v sweet.

 luke cage is such an amazing, important show i cant w8 to watch more!!!!

K: Aomine-kun punched Haizaki-kun?
M: Ah, but it was for saving Ki-chan so he had no choice and..
K: Won't it be bad if the word get out?
M: ...yeah

(Kuroko and Momoi ch.174)