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Katara giving her words of wisdom to Korra and Tenzin before they depart on their journeys.


So unless you have more insults for me, Dr. Stark, I’m a little busy now making porridge. 
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thoughts about mind-control and crypt scenes

Dean in the ‘reverse crypt scene’ is very different to Cas in the original -

When Cas was beating on Dean he was really completely lacking control of his body and struggling to maintain control of his mind, what he was doing was not at all what he wanted to do, his actions were NOT HIS OWN.

Dean… was… different… 

I see it as Dean being under the influence of a drug (as the Mark has been compared to all season), but despite that his actions WERE HIS OWN, at least to a larger extent than Cas’ were. 

Meaning, as I understand it, there was a part of Dean that WANTED TO PHYSICALLY HURT CAS, due to being angry at Cas for working behind his back. Which is in keeping with Dean’s character imo - he’s continually been shown to express his anger towards Sam with physical violence, for example, what with the number of punches they’ve exchanged over the course of the show when Dean was unhappy with Sam’s behaviour, or if he hasn’t physically harmed Sam himself Dean has destroyed a fair bit of near by furniture instead as a means to sate his violent urges. Ofc the Mark built on that anger and desire for violence, increasing Dean’s rage and bloodlust to far beyond the few punches he perhaps might have been satisfied with without the Mark’s influence, but as I understand it the base desire for violence very much came FROM DEAN and NOT THE MARK. Unlike with Cas, where the act of physically harming Dean came from Naomi and Cas himself had no desire/urge for it at all.

So, the Mark isn’t ‘mind-control’ as I understand it, is what I’m trying to say, I guess. 

It doesn’t take responsibility away from Dean. At least not completely.

“While I love BH6, the flight scene always makes me feel annoyed, almost mad. That’s because it’s so similar to the flight scene in How To Train Your Dragon, which will always be my favourite movie, no matter what. Some parts of the BH6 flight scene are almost frame for frame identical to HTTYD, and it makes me uncomfortable. It doesn’t help that not only do Tuffnut and Fred have the same voice actor, but their personalities and looks are so alike.”

anonymous asked:

but the source of the mind control & the mark are different, doesn't the mark feed off anger? naomi just wanted cas to kill dean to protect herself or the angels i cant remember tbh. i feel the part of cas that held back & dean not killing cas are somewhat similar but also different. dean's fighting something thats been on him for the whole season + progressed throughout, how long was naomi mind controlling cas + she only had 1 goal? idk it seems dean is maybe 10% there but it hurt like hell

Yes, the sources are different and the whole situations are different. There are slight similarities, but the emotions to the scene are different, because Dean is doing the work. He punched and threw Cas around like a rag doll. Like he was nothing. The mark is there of course, but Dean is there too. He wanted to kill him. You could see that. 

So just… the crypt and this scene are similar, but very different emotionally and mentally in both cases. 

As I just saw with this post though, it made me feel a bit better. But then again, Idk whether or not we’re looking too much into this just to make us feel better that Dean wanted to kill him. 

the-munchkin-knight asked:

#TRMDPressure tonight was really pressure. gah. iyak lang ako ng iyak dito dahil sa mga pinagdadaanan ni Jade. ;A; AT ANG SARAP SAPAKIN NI DADA LIKE URGHHHH

Indeed, yesterday’s episode was tear fest for me. Medyo nafeel ko rin kasi ung drama and pressure sa family in Jade because it reminds me of mine. And the fact na di kayang ng dad ni Jade na i-accept kung ano ung nararamdaman ni Jade is straight to the home talaga. You really can relate so much with the characters at some scenes because there are so many similarities. Tagusan sa buto ung sakit. Talagang may box of tissue ako na katabi kagabi.

Mas lalo ako nagkaroon ng urge na sampalin ung Dada ni Jade ngaung #TRMDTruth, napaka-asshole kasi. Tas tong si David rin. Hahayaan na lang ba niya na si Jade ung sumalo ng lahat ng bad na nangyayari. Siya naman din kasi may kahating fault with the whole engagement party. David didn’t even let Jade answer his wedding proposal properly, he just shoved the ring. Although Jade also has a fault for tiptoeing around him, medyo manhid or oblivious lang talaga tong si David sa nararamdaman ng ibang tao unless certain events make him realize that what he wants doesn’t go with what other people want.

withdignityandcoffee replied to your post: my friend sent me a text saying how lu…

Oh my GOD don’t do this to my heart


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But didn't Scully mention Amy being his best friend in an episode once? I think this was when they were both in the running for union rep. I remember that scene because Melissa Fumero and Dirk Blocker's (Hitchcock) faces where so similar in their reaction, it was hilarious. Maybe that spoiler points to Amy leaving? Also, just wanted to throw this in and stir the pot of simmering theories.

i think i just slapped myself in the face oh my god???? this is great this is great theories are amazing and right now my favorites have got to be either amy or hitchcock

which is something i never thought i’d say in any context but here we are

buried-garden asked:

You know what I despise about Leda? When she finds something she seems to like she drags it into the ground and becomes obsessive with it. I also hate how similar our tastes are. I'm terrifed of being called a copy cat.

I’m sure no one will call you a copy cat! Everyone in the alternative scene looks somewhat similar in a sense, so it’s definitely not a big deal :-) 

+ Madi

My question is: Are we ever going to find out what exactly Felix saw in the gateway? Or get any hints at all as to what’s made this character such a glorious asshole? The glimpse we got of Locus’ past self and what contributed to his present state of mind in “Locus of Control” was one of my favorite scenes in the whole series, so I would love to see something similar to explain Felix. 

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