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ONE’s life lessons: relationships with others

I love finding parallels in ONE’s ongoing works! Especially when both Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man’s webcomic update with such similar scenes, it becomes so apparent he’s using both mediums (a shonen manga and seinen webcomic respectively) as different ways to explore the same core themes.

We know both stories are emotionally driven, showing us the consequences of living with suppressed emotions and unhealthily internalizing them (Opm), and how to constructively channel them externally (Mob). And meanwhile, how the possession and pursuit of ultimate, raw power by itself is ultimately meaningless.

But here, the theme is on the importance of human relationships – with friends, family and others, and how having them (or rejecting them) contributes to our emotional quality of life. Things like power, fame, money, etc can be a means to bring short-term happiness, but in the long run, meaningful relationships with others are the things that really matter.  

Warning for spoiler images below.

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Star Trek Beyond

I had the chance to watch Star Trek Beyond last night and I have to say that it does not let down at all for anyone who is a Trekkie. A lot of people were worried that when Justin Lin was hired to direct the film that he would make it feel like the Fast and Furious films, since he has directed the last 3 films, but he actually made this movie look and feel like an episode of TNG and the 60′s series but with a modern take to it. I feel like this was the first film they’ve really delve into each of the characters core and essence, this is really felt with Karl Urban, Zachery Quinto, and Chirs Pine as they have plenty of scenes together where their chemistry is so similar to Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley. This translates to the screen so well as the film feels like a throwback, its the Star Trek film that actually feels like a Star Trek film instead of an action adventure set in space with plenty of lens flares, don’t get me wrong the first two films were great but there was some kind of nostalgia that came over me while watching this movie. The film has plenty of humor and action with a spectacular performance by Idris Elba, that man has such a swag about him, even with a bunch of make up on, that he came off as frightening and menacing while just delivering an all out great performance. Since Benedict  Cummberbatch pretty much stole the show in the last film it’s only right that another brit like Elba steals the show in this film. One of the things that I really liked about this film was the dynamic between Spock and McCoy, they have a kind of relationship that you see in a buddy cop movie, its like one guy is the serious by the book partner and the other guy is the wise cracking joyful one, they had so many great scenes together that just blended so well with the film. Chris Pine really sold it this time as Captain Kirk, in this film we kind of delve a little deeper into his character and see a side of Kirk that we never experienced before, in it he acts like a Captain for once instead of a revenge driven man or a guy just being cocky. He has grown and matured which is nice to see and I felt like there was just a little bit of Shatner’s Kirk there in terms of character and bravado. The other reason that this film feels like a throwback is also the nods that are given to the old series, which is pretty touching. All in all this was a great addition to the Star Trek series and I do hope they keep making these films with heart  cause it was very present in this outing.

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Do you remember a fic where Jemma was spit out the monolith and agents were pointing guns at her for precautions but Fitz was there and he assured her she would be okay and they wouldn't hurt her (sorry that's all I remember :/)

This sounds so familiar!  A similar scene happens in saxyad18′s Potential Limitations, but it doesn’t happen when she comes out of the monolith.  Fandom?  Can you help us identify this?