this scene is so similar

AJ in 3x05

I really like AJ as of right now. He seems like a really nice kid who has had to go through so much… It’s extremely hard to watch someone you love forget who you are due to their old age and personally I am going through something similar at the moment so those scenes made me cry. Also the fact that they addressed that he’s not only just a person in the foster care system but he’s a person of color in the foster care system. People expect him to get involved with gangs, crime, drugs, etc. and they judge and treat him according to their expectations. I really think AJ stands for a lot of important, current issues and I’m glad The Fosters brought his character into the show. He’s definitely very important.


Katara giving her words of wisdom to Korra and Tenzin before they depart on their journeys.


oh, on the starship enterprise
there’s someone who’s in satan’s guise
whose devil ears and devil eyes
could rip your heart from you. 

oh, girls in space be wary
be wary, be wary
girls in space be wary
we know not what he’ll do!

Beauty and the Mouse ch.1

So here is chapter one of my multi-chapter becommissar fic. The first chapter is pretty much setting the scene so it is going to be quite similar to the meeting in the movie. I don’t have a beta so any mistakes are mine, feel free to let me know if you see any. Also, Kommissar is called Luisa in this, as most people on this site seem to be comfortable with that name and it didn’t want a new name to be jarring for anyone.

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Do you know how the spn bts are seperated? The show is produced in Vancourver/Canada right? are the writers and showrunners also in Canada or in the US? Do the actors talk to the showrunners on daily basis when filming etc?

I think the writers are in LA or at least that would be their base of operations, and pop culture informs me LA is full of TV writers. I don’t know too much about it but it does sound like they don’t helicopter-parent their scripts if they’re not in Vancouver. About the only instances I can think of about showrunner / actor interaction is the comment about Misha getting that note from Jeremy about 9x06, and Jensen arranging a meeting about 10x05 or whatever he did, but while it sounds really uncommon for the actors to question up the food chain, honestly have no idea how common it is for notes to come down to them.

I dunno, I don’t reserve much space in my brain for remembering this stuff. :P Someone else might know more?

Man, though, the opening scene of Show Boat just has to be one of, if not the best scenes in musical theatre history.

I mean, geez it’s good.
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Somebody wanted to know what I was talking about when I squealed that blatterburystreet drew a scene that was very similar to my fic, so here is the fic in question. Hope you enjoy, and I’m sorry I totally forgot who asked! :( Also go see her art IT IS LIFE CHANGING.


Yukino Yukinoshita EP 1 & 12 Parallels | Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru. Zoku. // Oregairu S2 | Codex Journalism 

“Why did the feeling I get from both of these scenes, feel…so similar? ;_; I know it does not seem like a parallel at all in terms of quite frankly anything, like even in terms of ideal significance rather, I do not know, just bare with me, I just felt the need to point it out for some reason, I seriously felt an unprecedented familiarity…but, this was not a good feeling to reminisce about…it must be the uneasiness of the atmosphere, Yukinon had when returning </3.” 

Character: Yukino Yukinoshita // Yukinon ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Anime: Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru. Zoku. // Oregairu S2 (EP 12 just aired recently!!!) (Only 1 EP remains ;_; !!!

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ooh, looks like they are doing a bit of intentional symmetry, with s1 and s6 having very similar shots of Thomas scouting around the House with drinks tray.... maybe they will open s6 with that, like s1! [lets hope that Thomas isn't stuck where he started by the end of the series though :( ]

I actually thought that they used a scene from season 1 for a second because it looked so similar. XD I guess Rob is back to season 1 and 3 hotness level, too. :P And yeah, I hope there’s be some big improvement in Thomas’ situation and hopefully a good deal of happiness. *fingers crossed* :)

kinda wanna turn my lil apartment into an inhouse venue cause i dunno where the music scene similar to me is so i might as well create one

Okay but I just realised the Bella initiation scene is so similar to the scene in School Of Rock when all the kids take an oath all confused and stuff

another gifset another episode of ‘how am i ever going to figure out a coloring for these four different scenes so that they look similar enough’

642 Things To Write About:The escape of the prisons

Note: empiresofwater has this awesome bunch of prompts writing with her book 642 Things To Write About,as I was busy writing for Phandera’s character introduction. This one stood out for me,as yesterday I was watching Disney’s Aladdin at the friends’ house which is awesome (This is my childhood) and I thought of that scene from Aladdin where Jafar as an old man swaying Al to get the lamp. So I did a similar homage of that scene where I kinda let Drago get to easily swayed-in being pissed off of Auberon being his crazy self expect the prisoner is an angry sorcerer from hell (Hell I was looping Arabian Nights while doing this)

Prompt: What a character holding a blue object is thinking right now. 

Drago sulking at the crevices of the prison,seems that Auberon always bring the ruckus in the party,seems having a fling with the King Eston’s daughter is such a bad idea. He swore to himself in Latin on dealing with Auberon’s bullshit,as he seen Auberon happily trying to win over the guard to let him out with his dramatic pleading,with the guard unfazed by his drama.Drago is tempted to strangle Auberon right now for causing that mess,there he saw a stranger fiddling a blue jewel with his eyes beady,his eyes concentrated on its powers “You want to escape from that smelly hellhole,young one” 

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Do you do GIFs? I would love to see a comparison/parallels gif set of Leia and Shimi

Hi! So, uh, I had a look through the movies yesterday and I couldn’t really find any Shmi/Leia parallels… So, if you had any ideas about similar scenes or what not, I’d be happy to hear them & turn them into a gifset for you, otherwise I’m afraid I don’t think I’ll be able to make one. I’m going on holiday in a couple of days, so if you do have suggestions, be sure to send them in asap, ‘cause I won’t have photoshop with me after that & I’m going to be busy the next couple of days getting things ready.

Or if anyone else thinks they can make a Leia/Shmi parallel gifset, then just send me a link & I’ll reblog it here so my anon can see it.


Jurassic Park & The 100 Comparison 

This is probably only going to be the only comparison of the two I make lol. I noticed how similar these two scenes were so I did this side-by-side. 

(Also Lexa, Clarke and Lincoln use the same hunting method as the velociraptor squad in the first movie)

Bowling for Columbine (2002)

Bowling for Columbine (2002)
5 / 5

“Bowling for Columbine” is no less relevant now than when it was made in 2002. Sure some might call its form of skewered documenting to be flawed, but it’s a sharp satire that is funny, thought provoking and very smart. This isn’t only a film that talks about gun control and the massacre at Columbine high school. It also talks about poverty, the nature of youth’s dissatisfaction with the world around them, and attempts to answer why the United States is the scene of so many gun-related crimes. What makes the United States similar and different from other countries; how does fear and the media, racism in the U.S. and what lessons can we learn from the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School, as well as the ensuing reactions by the people it affected?

This isn’t a documentary like others. If you are not familiar with director Michael Moore you will be shocked to see how much of an agenda is being pushed here. The views are biased from the start, some of the ways the interviews are conducted are very flawed (for example the ambush interview with Charlton Heston) and there is some controversy over a scene in which the director obtains a gun as part of a deal for opening a bank account. Regardless of all of the details, that’s shocking stuff nonetheless. For these reasons it’s important to sit down with the movie and take some time afterwards to discuss it and ask yourself questions about the ideas and images you just saw. In fact I don’t think enough people have seen this movie despite the large amount of attention that it received when it was initially released. The fact is that we’re still seeing the NRA sticking their fingers in their ears as if nothing was wrong with the world and no one appears to be actually looking at what’s between the lines today.

If you think this is going to be dry and full of finger-wagging, think again. This, on top be being very emotional and education is also a very funny film. It’s got an excellent animated segment towards the middle that’s full of big laughs, some genuinely moving or even shocking footage. It’s hard to imagine someone that will get no reaction whatsoever out of this film. It asks a lot of important questions and in my book, “Bowling for Columbine” is essential viewing, even if you don’t like movies. (On DVD, December 15, 2012)

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helloooooo! would you take a look at the film adaptation i did of Maximum Ride? it's on my blog- i'd really love a fans-eye-view ;) it's the argument above the restaurant between Fang and Max in 'Angel'!

Very nice! But if you want to stand out, try doing scenes other people haven’t done before. For instance, Piera Forde has already done that scene, so the two look very similar. Look through her stuff and see if you can’t find a scene she hasn’t done. :)