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Yuri was Victor’s last hope

When I first watched the episode, I never quite understood what prompted Victor to hug Yuri after announcing his return to skating.

It felt like it had come out of no where, but when I rewatched the scene, I began to form a theory.

We know that Victor is unhappy about Yuuri retiring, but they had agreed to form their own separate decisions after the GPF. Victor decided to return to skating professionally but when he told Yuuri, he didn’t look excited or particularly happy at the prospect.

Maybe he was hoping that being a part of the competition would entice Yuuri to not retire, but that plan didn’t seem to work so he decided to go on his next plan. Yuuri wanted to retire after winning gold, so who is Yuuri’s biggest competition?

Time to light a fire in Yuri.

Victor didn’t have to announce his return to Yakov right before Yuri’s FS. He could have waited after, especially since they need to be ready to head into the rink, but Victor intercepted them specifically so that Yuri would hear the news too.

Yakov is of course surprised but Yuri’s reaction?

He honestly doesn’t give a fuck about Victor returning. Yuuri is the one he’s interested in, the one he’s been interested in the entire series (which delves a little into a slightly different meta so I’ll leave that alone) so when he hears the news, he’s floored.

I feel like Victor’s reaction to Yuri’s expression is really telling in this situation. Notice how the lighting suddenly darkened just for this shot of his face and how his hair is covering his eyes, something that many people have pointed to indicate when Victor is guarded or hiding something.

That’s the look of a man who laid a trap and Yuri fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Otabek’s monologue is great (which is kind of amazing since he was only introduced two episodes ago?? ) and it goes hand in hand with this scene. Victor wants Yuuri to keep skating, to keep going. Yuri competing his heart out and keeping Yuuri from winning first place is the VIctor’s last hope of keeping Yuuri on the ice.

That is to say, I don’t think Victor really wanted Yuuri to lose, but there might have been a part of him that hoped that if Yuuri didn’t win gold, maybe he wouldn’t retire.

tl:dr Victor hugging Yuri is him placing his trust on his successor to win and keep Yuuri from gold and retirement.

Yūri Ep7 gifset process

A little process overview of the Yūri gifset I made:

1) Find the scene you wanna edit. bless this face

2) THE MOST TIME CONSUMING PART: masking out the background. After Effects has a roto tool you can use that auto generates a mask.  SAVES A TON OF TIME, but you still gotta go through each frame to make sure it caught everything (hair is a pain lemme tell you..) You can see me using the roto brush to fix up the mask (right side) in two of the frames, which translates to the actual gif (left side). You can also use Photoshop to mask manually through each frame with the lasso tools but… that’s gonna take way too long especially if the scene has a lot of movement LOL

Result with the background gone (some minor errors later effects will fix):

3) Add your effects, adjustments, and text

And now you have a precious Yūri looking for some praise:

Be sure to check out the full gifset here!

YOI Screenshots


So I took a lot of few (69 to be exact) screenshots of that scene where they skate “Stay close to me” so beautifully together 

I may have exaggerated a bit on the amount this are only some of the screenshots I took but hey I gotta survive till season 2 okay?!? So feel free to use them to survive too :D

But really every time I took a screenshot of Yuri and Victor looking to each other while skating my heart just melted and I just awwwwwwkfjhzdjfvbhzdgbflnsjdhb


Favourite Acting Scenes – Isak and Even meet in the schoolyard (9.10 part 4)

Also known as that post in which I make use of my English lit degree to overanalyse everything.

So here it comes: the scene, in which everything is laid bare and has been episodes in the making. You get the script, but as far as you can see, there is only one line for one of you. That means that the rest of the scene hinges upon you, the actor, your eyes, your body movements, your energy. Throughout the series, you’ve had moments in which moments of quietness were needed, but none as long as this one. To really make it work, it’s all about you and your fellow actor. As mentioned in @softnorwegianslovely post  the trust has been established: you know what you’re both comfortable with and what you can do without breaking the scene. You can challenge each other, and you have each other’s back; so you can make this as intense as possible. We as an audience have to keep in mind; it could be that the music was played during the filming of this scene, but it’s not the only sound they would’ve heard. 

So how is it possible that this scene feels so particularly intense, even when you disregard the music? I think that one of the reasons that makes you feel it so deeply is because of its use of the five senses in order to focus on feeling. Feeling that you’re not alone is so different from knowing that you’re not alone.

Regardless of whether Even was really going to take that final step or not, Isak is scared out of his mind after receiving that text message. As a person who has the tendency to assume the worst, as evidenced by his inability to see that people aren’t always mad at him for stuff he does, for Isak to see that bench to be empty has to be the most horrible feeling in the world. You feel that his heart just sinks right into his stomach; until he remembers Even’s ridiculous towel dispenser flirting move – maybe he’s to be found there. And then, as if the stars aligned for just that moment, Even is there.

The tiniest hint of a smile is found in Tarjei’s mouth and eyes, and he makes the relief feel tangible; Even is shocked into a motionless state, his depression clearly has taken a heavy toll on him with his red-rimmed eyes. But still, they walk towards each other. Both in different mind-sets; Even terrified and maybe unable to comprehend what’s going to happen here, while Isak is slowly taking in the fact that Even’s still here. They keep looking at each other.

Now, the first time I saw this scene I was confused as to what Isak was doing here; he’s not kissing his cheeks but seems to be ‘nosing’ them. But rewatching it a few times, one edit with regular street sounds in particular, made me realise that Isak slowly wants to make sure that Even physically and emotionally feels that he’s not alone. And even for himself, this is the case: Isak needs to feel Even is there, he isn’t gone yet again, he’s right there. We need to see this in close-up.

So first are touch and smell; cheeks upon cheeks, noses upon noses as they are so fond of doing. Can you feel me, Even? How close we are to each other? There’s no space between us. And when he’s sure Even feels him – because Even leans into him in small increments, brushing his nose ever so slowly over his cheek – then he moves on to touch and sight and hearing. His hands make sure Even looks up, into his eyes. Can you see me, Even? I’m still here. See me here so close to you.

And then he mentions a few of the most wonderful words you can hear in this universe and all the parallel ones.

You’re not alone.

What a beautiful reaction from Henrik here: he listens, takes it in, and closes his eyes as if it’s too good to be true. Ever so slowly, they move on to touch and taste. Isak takes the initiative, kisses Even very carefully and only twice. I’d like to kiss you so much more. If you’ll let me. But that’s all they need for this moment. Then there’s the eye contact again; Isak already almost falling against Even, seeing his face and those wonderful eyes again. Until now they’ve only given the barest touches to each other, but now that’s not enough anymore.

Tarjei and Henrik’s amazing chemistry, trust and ability to show the feelings and emotions behind this scene without saying anything made this such a special scene. Lesser actors would not have been able to convey such intensity in a scene without dialogue.

So Isak envelops Even into his arms, and Even reaches around him to tightly hug him back. And isn’t that one of the most wonderful feelings in the world? When you’re completely surrounded by someone’s smell, and touch them by taking them in your arms, and hear their breath pushing out in relief? Now you not only know you’re not alone, but you can actually feel it.

What a Helga Natt indeed.

Previous parts: here.

I’m so happy and surprised at the same time.
This animation will be the longest I’ve been made in my whole life.

For the moment, Underverse 0.3 intro has 7 minutes, and Underswap!Sans doesn’t even appear yet. Even if I animate everyday for several hours I couldn’t release it on this month because the soundtracks take time too. So, maybe I could post a sneak peek of UVS 0.3 beggining or something like that (Rushers started invading Youtube again XD) But I’ll do this because I want to explain that this is my first long animation, and the scenes are more hard to do this time. Also I could promote XTale Comic, so people who haven’t read it can understand a little what will happen on this part and  the next ones.

Ok, I have to go to finish those dialogues animations ^^
See you soon!!



I know a lot of you guys have been sending messages to me, I’m sorry I don’t reply so fast sometimes, I appreciate them all I’m just super bad at replying and think way too long on how I should reply…

again, thanks for everyone’s patience with me, I hope another update is good enough for this wait

I’ll try to post the next one this week as well…. try…

but just so everyone knows, I’m in the process of drawing like the last huge scene so it’s coming along ;)

Part 79

Start from Beginning


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hey! i translated a small part of one of the stories in the most recent TG novel “quest”! it’s the part with touka and nishiki in the story called “tension.”

it didn’t seem to me that this had been done already, though i didn’t do a lot of searching. additionally, i’m pretty uncertain about a lot of parts in my translation (esp. dialogue), and, i welcome any corrections or tips. for the most part, i just did this for my own japanese practice/enjoyment and also bc i adore touka, and am just sharing in case anyone is interested :)

hope you all are having a good day~

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And so frustration and anger finally reach the point of overflow.

This is the first of possibly many solo version posts, mainly due to it’s length. Any time a segment from one side is so large that the other version segment won’t fit into the post, it’ll get it’s own solo post. So sorry for the Bailey fans, but you’ll get to see her next time!

It also feels fitting that the longest story post thus far is when Gladion enters the picture. To be honest, I’m a little excited and nervous at the same time about this one, because of how serious it at the end. But this is where the character development for Hector starts, and where we get to see more of his overall internal thoughts that he’s been having throughout the past several comics.

Remember all the scenes where Hector was snapping at people and being overall angry and upset? Part of the reason he’s been acting that way is explained by him here.

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Komaeda and Hinata in DR2.5

Before you ask, yes. This is a sequel to That Post, where I waste my time on a university thesis-worthy essay trying to convince you why the Danganronpa 2.5 OVA both brought a decent conclusion to Komaeda as a character, and showcased Komaeda and Hinata as perfect for each other. Am I looking too deep into everything? Possibly. Do I regret it? Nope.

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anonymous asked:

A request to all Olicity blogs: after that post-non-Olicity sex scene, I believe all Olicity blogs should re-blog 3x20 gifs to help expunge that from our memory banks. Please. Maybe a few drabbles to help, too, dear wonderful fic writer? Or a Blood Hands tease? (see what I did there?)

Sneaky anon! I won’t be giving anything Blood Hands away, but… 

I can insist we all think about Oliver leaving hickeys on Felicity’s neck. 

It’s not a conscious thought on his part, he doesn’t actively go out of his way to do it (at first), he just likes tasting her, teasing her, hearing her gasps when he drags his tongue over pulse point and the way she quakes when he sucks on her skin, the groan she gives him when he drags his teeth over the now sensitive spot. It was all so innocent at first, with Felicity chastising him from the bathroom as she covered it with makeup, but as he apologized and went into the bathroom to watch her remove any visible mark of his from her body, he realizes he doesn’t want her to. He wants to see those marks and he wants everyone to see them, too. It’s a primal need to mark her, a way to show the world that she is his and only his. He ignores the need for a while, making sure he only gives her hickeys on places she can cover, but that doesn’t last long. The little thrill he gets when he sees her first thing in the morning - her hair tangled from his hands and sleep, her lips swollen from his kisses, small burns from his beard decorating her chin and complete satisfaction filling her gorgeous, heavy-lidded eyes, all topped off with a deep, dark hickey on her neck… oh, it’s addicting. And he keeps doing it and despite herself, despite how goddamn annoying it is at how much makeup she keeps having to put on and that she is not having to invest in more scarves than she ever thought she’d need, she never stops him. Because she likes wearing his mark.

And then let’s talk about Felicity’s marks on him, the scratches that start on his back and shoulders and slowly migrate to his neck and biceps, or when she bites him as she comes, using him to muffle her cries of pleasure because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other at the restaurant and Oliver has her shoved up against the wall in the ladies restroom, or small kisses that she drops here and there with specific lipstick, knowing she’s leaving small imprints of her lips that he won’t see unless he looks in a mirror… small imprints that she knows he won’t remove, because that thrill it gives her is exactly the same one he feels whenever he marks her.

Or… something like that.

Or maybe talk about how much passion can be conveyed in a few seconds, in a single kiss, in a moment where they are connected as they ever will be, where there is nothing left between them but each other and their love. 

It’s so damn beautiful.

Or we can talk about his gorgeous smile! Look how happy and content and beautiful he is here. This is a man who is completely and totally himself, who has let his walls down completely and knows right down to the very marrow in his bones that he is accepted and loved for exactly who he is.

Or what about this content moment? Yes, there were underlying bad things brewing, but holy god, look how content he is there. Oliver’s home is Felicity. His shelter is Felicity. The light in his life was sparked by Felicity.

And how can anyone forget about her face when she realized that Oliver remembered the color of the pen she was chewing on? The most inconsequential detail of ever and Oliver remembers it, and he’s so incredibly confident about that knowledge, because he memorized everything about her before he knew how important she was going to be to him. It shows that while she’s been fairly obvious about her attraction to him, she wasn’t the only one who has been there since the very, very beginning.

And what about 4x06, an episode of pure gold, when Oliver showed her how much he wanted to be there for her, how open he was to everything she was and is, and how Felicity conquered her fears for their love, because while they can very well get lost in each other, it’s only in each other that they found out who they truly are.

They have loved each other since they first met…


That is how you OTP.

I like how this post went from pure animal need to look how much they love each other. All this proves is that Olicity is capable of all of it and that is damn amazing.

It means that they have the highest highs…

And the lowest lows…

Because that’s how great passion works

And in the end the will make it, because…

and the world is born anew.

A/N: So basically I was writing a whole thing about this headcanon (started it shortly before i even posted the headcanon) but then @sasusake also had to grow inspired and write her own little thing about it and it was so PERFECT that I couldn’t write that part over. I wanted to just write my own little thing to relate to her own. AND HERE WE ARE. So the first scene is entirely me, but that second one is entirely @sasusake. :’) HAPPY HOLIDAYs GUYS.

Rated K.



It wasn’t something he ever thought he would care about.

New Years. The time of cheer and celebration, of well-wishes and new starts, where families long grown apart came together to love and cherish one another in the spirit of a new beginning.

A time that did not belong to a teenage, orphaned boy brimming with rage, consumed by the darkness of his past and set out on the path of revenge.

Sasuke had never cared about the holidays. Even when Team Seven had made themselves a second family, for the brief moment he’d allowed them to be, the time of New Years had never quite brought him any meaning. They’d only reminded him of a past he could never have again, one that always had his throat tightening up: his mother’s gentle smile flashing through Sakura’s soft, sun-bright grin as she handed him his end-of-year present, Itachi’s kind chuckle resonating within Naruto’s bright laughter as he stuck their homemade shimekazari to the entrance of their sensei’s household, the touch of his father’s hand fused with Kakashi’s as he ruffled his hair while they watched the first sunrise of a new period.

This was the first year since the massacre of his clan where the season had ever brought him a sense of peace.

Oof,” Sakura exclaimed, as she moved to sit at his side. Her hand cupped the positively gorgeous swell of her belly, and she smiled, rubbing softly. “She sure is getting heavier to carry these days,” she said, throwing him a teasing glance.

The sight of those crinkling eyes almost had him smiling, too. The pregnancy really made her glow, today, he couldn’t help but to think. His wife was so beautiful like this.

“You all right?” he asked, shifting his lone hand over her own to cradle the weight of their child. He felt his eyes soften as his wife giggled and leaned against his bad shoulder, the prettiest grin to her lips.

“Oh, I’m perfect. Everything’s absolutely perfect.”

His mouth tugged at the corner a little, thumb caressing the skin of her hand. Chest warm, he leaned over and pressed a kiss to her hair. “Hm. Good,” he murmured, contented with himself.

(this was the life he never imagined he could have, filled with so much bliss and hope and love—something that seemed so unattainable, once.)

Thin fingers reached to intertwine with his own, still pressing lovingly to her rounded stomach, and he sighed, long and quiet. His eyes slipped closed with the serenity of the moment.

“It’s almost midnight,” Sakura murmured, then, her smile transparent in her voice. He let his eyes flutter open once more just to see it. “The fireworks will start soon, won’t they? Maybe we should start heading out there.”

Humming, Sasuke merely nodded, before letting his gaze fall to her ankles, observing how puffy they were. “Can you walk there by yourself?” he asked, honest in his query. After all, they had walked quite the distance today.

His wife, however, seemed quite surprised instead, brows shooting up high. Then, as she noticed where his eyes were set, she burst into laughter. “I’m fine, I swear! Anata, if you worry about me now, I wonder how intolerable you’ll be when we’ll be trying to last for the first sunrise.”

Sasuke made a small huff in response, lips quirking lightly again, before moving his hand swiftly to tap two fingers to her forehead. “Just trying to make sure my wife is comfortable, that’s all,” he said, his tone bordering on playful.

Sakura only smiled wider at that, green eyes gleaming so devotedly at him. It made his heart skip a beat, sometimes, when he saw how deeply this woman really loved him.

(—and how happy he made her.)

“Come on,” he mumbled, letting his fingers fall away softly. Pushing himself to his feet, he turned to face her once more, and extended a hand. “Let’s get going.”

Shaking her head at him, his wife simply grinned and accepted his offered help, allowing him pull her safely to her feet as she cupped the swell of her stomach and patted it gently, breathing out another soft exclamation at the weight. Sasuke found himself smiling faintly at the sight, reaching for the thick blanket he’d kept near the makeshift bench for precisely this moment, throwing it over his bad shoulder as he touched his hand to Sakura’s back and started their trek towards the sloped hill overlooking the small village.

“Hey, Sasuke-kun,” his wife called as they finally settled on the grass, wrapped in a wholesome warmth and watching the town scintillating with life.


“When the fireworks are done,” she started, smiling softly—but never looking away from the gleaming lights, “we’ll be heading out to that temple we saw coming in, right? To offer our prayers and wishes for the new year?”

His features softened. He moved to press his lips to her hair lingeringly. “If you’re not too tired…” he murmured.

She turned at him then, and smiled near blindingly, her green, green eyes a thousand times more lovely than the twinkling view below them.

(gods, he hoped their child would end up with eyes as beautiful as hers.)

“Of course I’m not too tired. We took a nap this afternoon just to keep up with the tradition like everyone else, remember?”

“Right,” he said, smiling faintly once more. “We’ll head there after the fireworks, then.”

As if on cue, the sound of one taking off tore through the air, capturing their attentions; with wonderment, their gazes shifted towards the dark sky, catching the path of a shimmering trail, before it disappeared for a split moment and exploded in glittery embers, making Sakura gasp. She leaned against him in her delight, one hand drifting lovingly over her pregnant belly, while the other sought out his own. Sasuke couldn’t help but to sigh at this, lacing their fingers together as the show of colorful sparkling bursts continued, commemorating the start of something new.



The sunrise slowly greets them, in beautiful shades of orange and pink that spill across the sky, awakening the world to a new year. What residual warmth it lends to the chilly air reminds Sasuke that, in just a few months, he’ll get to feel the breath of his child for the first time. This year, his clan will begin anew. He wonders, fondly, if the child’s hair will be as pink as its mother’s; as pink as the light that breaks through the scattered white clouds; as pink as the lips smiling sweetly at him.

“What are you thinking about, Sasuke-kun?”

He looks down at her belly, visible just beneath her cloak, and imagines their child to be warm and safe – and happy? He hopes so. Sakura makes him feel happy, and warm, and safe.

(She keeps him safe from his demons. Safe from himself.)

“I’m grateful,” he says. He rests his hand on her belly and watches her eyes wrinkle with joy and her cheeks blossom. She glows – more than the rising sun, more than the bursting sky, she glows with life – and he counts his blessings one by one; the image forever branded into his memory.

“Hmm… You’re taking a picture.” Sakura holds one hand up to his face, runs it across his chin. Her thumb traces the edge of his lips just as he leans in for a kiss, two smiles becoming one. Their child flutters against his palm; flutters inside his chest, inside his very soul, this product of their love and ode to his salvation.

He promises, before the sun and the mountains and the temples, before the sky and the trees and the clouds; he promises he’ll always protect them, and cherish the feelings connected in their hearts.

To the people saying that we should stop complaining about Sleepy Hollow killing off Abbie because Nicole Beharie “wanted to leave”:

Nicole Beharie wanted to leave because the people behind the scenes treated her like crap. For god’s sake, the official twitter for Sleepy Hollow didn’t even follow Nicole Beharie’s account. They forgot to invite her to the recording of the audio commentary for the show she is supposed to be the co-lead on. No wonder she wanted to leave! Plus, they promised her a lead role in a network television show, one part of a dual-protagonist team, and then sidelined her. Constantly. For their male lead and his stories and relationships.

All this in spite of the fact that Abbie Mills and her partnership with Ichabod Crane was the reason why people were watching. Abbie was the audience connection, the “normal person” tossed into the supernatural weirdness of the plot. People weren’t connecting with Ichabod Crane’s fish-out-of-water story, or his time-spanning Purgatory marriage, or his demon son – you can’t relate to Ichabod Crane, not really, but you could relate to Abbie Mills.

And the show ignored all of this, ignored the wonderful character and the gifted actor that had fallen into their weirdo supernatural show, for absolutely no reason besides shortsightedness and an unwillingness to bend to the natural progression of the story.

But the fact that they killed Abbie off – didn’t trap her in Purgatory or Pandora’s Box but absolutely, with great finality, said “Abbie Mills is dead” – in a sci-fi/fantasy show like Sleepy Hollow? That’s the most ridiculous part of this. They closed the loopholes that this genre takes advantage of constantly, and they did that because they flat-out did not care about Abbie Mills.

So yeah, Nicole Beharie wanted to leave. Of course she did. Why would she stick around a job where she was clearly undervalued, when she could go on to do so much more?

BrainDead DVD Special Features Masterpost

I have finished uploading all the special features from the BrainDead Season 1 DVDs so I wanted to make a masterpost with all the special feature videos and links to my original tumblr posts.

BrainDead Season 1 Gag Reel

Strange Bedfellows: The Characters Of Braindead

Robert & Michelle King as well as some of the cast talk about the characters in BrainDead.

Trickle-Down Invasion: The Story of BrainDead

Robert & Michelle talk about some of the decisions in making BrainDead

The Third Party: The Politics of Braindead

Robert & Michelle talk about the politics and some of the directions and choices in making Braindead.

BrainDead Season 1 Deleted Scenes

Disc 1
1. The Insanity Principle: How Extremism in Politics is Threatening Democracy in the 21st Century
2. Playing Politics: Living Life in the Shadow of the Budget Shutdown - A Critique
Disc 2
5. Back to Work: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Congress and How it Gets Things Done (And Often Doesn’t)
7. The Power of Euphemism: How Torture Became a Matter of Debate in American Politics
Disc 3
8. The Path to War Part One: The Gathering Political Storm
9. Taking on Water: How Leaks in D.C. are Discovered and Patched
10. The Path to War Part Two: The Impact of Propaganda on Congressional War Votes
Disc 4
11. Six Points on the New Congressional Budget: The False Dichotomy of Austerity vs. Expansionary Policies
13. The End of All We Hold Dear: What Happens When Democracies Fail: A Brief Synopsis

*Note: these are all of the deleted scenes included on the DVDs, there were not deleted scenes for every single episode.

“Oh! Well in that case, I can't really blame her.”

That post was long enough, so here’s a part two, of sorts. I just spilled a bunch of words everywhere about Viz’s dub of Episode 96, and if you haven’t read that post yet, I’d encourage doing that first.

As I mention there, I specifically watched that episode to screen it for Holligay. I thought an even better case could be made by the actual dialogue in the episode itself. So I transcribed all the pertinent scenes for her, and since I already have that done, I figured why not share it here as well?

Under the cut, then, is all the Viz dub dialogue for the shitty scenes in Episode 96 (and a little bit of commentary in places about the changes).

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Part of the problem I have with the MCU writing out Pepper the way it did, and the fact that Jane will likely go a similar way (and also Betty, long ignored) is they don’t set up these relationships as like… normal people dating.

Tony doesn’t meet Pepper, decide she’s hot, date her for a bit, and then they don’t work out. She works for him for ten years, he promotes her to run his entire g-d company because she’s the only one he trusts to do that when he’s dying. They save each other’s life. Pepper stops a freaking supervillain. Like, I’m not making a judgement on whether they’d last as a couple of w/e , but the universe sets them up as Epic Central Couple and then, like… writes Pepper out off screen in a short scene???

And the same with Jane. She’s not some woman Thor runs into and fancies. She’s set up as someone he risked his life for, who he became a better person because of, who he pined for for two goddamn years, who then saved the universe with SCIENCE. It’s not a small, casual, understated relationship and if they wanted that they should have written her differently. And if they wanted to end Thor and Jane, they had a perfectly good opportunity in Thor 2 but instead they reinforced the relationship. So instead we’re probably going to get a random offscreen breakup for a character that should by rights be a huge part of the universe???

(And tbh I’ve only seen the Hulk once and it was a long time ago but Betty was still an epic central character and the closest we get to a mention is her dad existing in civil war. lol what.)

Like, if they wanted these characters to not be big parts of the story they could have done that from the word go. I’m not saying I would have wanted those movies. i would not. but in the existing films they set these women up as incredibly important, not just to the guys, but to the MCU itself. And like suckers we bought into it. And then… nothing? 


Hey everyone! To celebrate our most beloved TV mom, I decided to start a Lorelai Gilmore Appreciation Week. From March 06 to March 12 you can post anything you want (graphics, gifs, videos, etc! go wild) as long as it’s about Lorelai and it fits the theme. Don’t forget to use the tag #lgaw17 in the first five tags so everyone can see your creation! 

Here are the daily themes:

  • day 1, 03/06: favorite season
  • day 2, 03/07: favorite relationship
  • day 3, 03/08: favorite tropes or traits
  • day 4, 03/09: favorite scene(s)
  • day 5, 03/10: favorite looks
  • day 6, 03/11: favorite quote(s)
  • day 7, 03/12: free choice

I hope you guys can be a part of it! Shoot me a message if you have any questions, and have fun! ♥️️


So 2016 has seen a lot go on in this fandom, and the beginning of the year was not great for Robron. They started off the year estranged. But through strength and devotion these two got through the most difficult of times. 

Aarons strength of dealing with his childhood abuse complete with unwavering support from Robert saw them reunite. The addition of Liv caused a few moments  but after dealing with the misunderstandings they have become a lovely family unit. They have survived all that was thrown at them, SSW included, giving us amazing scenes, an engagement and a wedding to plan.

Who’d have thought, this time last year we would be where we are now, looking forward to a wedding and owning their own home? Amazing progress.

So as we say goodbye to 2016 I want to say thankyou to all my followers and fellow robroners for all the re-blogs/notes on my blog & all the vidders, giffers, artists and fic writers for their amazing work. I have loved being a part of this fandom this year, sharing in the love and angst (mostly angst lbr), reading the thoughts and opinions of others and I’m looking forward to 2017 even more. 

Love to you all x


reunion falls- sock opera (part 3) (part 1) (part 2) (part 4)

welp. as usual, this took a totally unfair amount of time to finish. im sorry this part is pretty much just a shot-for-shot redo of the original scene with the dialogue rewritten (excluding “SORRY KID….” i couldnt bring myself to replace that line, it was too good!) but, yknow. possessed mabel! yay, finally!

next time we’re gonna start diverging from canon a bit more, and also probably the quality is gonna go down so i have some chance of finishing this behemoth of a project before school starts back up

its the little things ♡

*sings a whole new worlddd* lol ill shush now but really aww such a sweet flashback

alsjdlfas idk why but this scene caught my attention as well because i could just picture victor leaning in and stealing a kiss or two or three?? ;3

ahhh just so delicate and pure and i love it

this as well im like awww hes using victor as support so cutely 

lol when yuuri got like pouty x3 hes like come on victor lets have some fun

like so pure

so sweet


aww he wants to prepare hehe

besides me hehe

aww serious victor not taking the hint haha

one of my most favorite parts though was this 

he notices and takes care of yuuri so much my heartt cant even begin to describe how much i love that alsdfjl

bonus hehe even now he was like uhh what just happened? lol

Everyone has been talking about this scene but there’s one underrated part of it I’d like to touch on. A lot of focus has gone into the fact that Yuuri has realized that he loves Victor but he also made another huge revelation at the same time.

Yuuri realized that he is not fighting alone and that there are others around him who support and love him. And this is so huge! The others are wondering what took him so long to figure it out but for him, as someone who has been fighting through low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression, seeing that people outside himself love him just for him and want to support him as a person is a really really hard thing to do.

Even just as recent as a few months ago, as he mentioned on the beach, Yuuri was still doubting that people could be there just to support him. But now he’s been able to look outside of himself and see that others are there for him and not just because he’s a skater or because have pity on him or just because he’s from Hasetsu (as he was saying in episode 1). Yuuri has had probably the biggest revelation of the series so far and it is thanks to Victor coming, shaking up his world, and getting him to open his eyes to the world around him. I’m so proud of Yuuri and how far he’s come and I can’t wait to see how much further he’ll go.