this scene is so dark :((((

anonymous asked:

how do you edit your photos? they always look so good!

Thank you so much! I’ve been playing around with how I edit photos, so I’m glad they’re turning out nice. :) First of all, I use GIMP to edit pictures. Here’s what I usually do:

  1. I go to “Colors” on the menu to adjust the brightness and contrast. I usually set brightness higher than contrast, and the difference between the two is about ten. So in dark scenes I set brightness to 40 and contrast to 30, in brighter scenes I set brightness to 30 and contrast to 20, and so on.
  2. I then duplicate the layer (on the layers toolbox, right click the base layer and click “duplicate layer”), select the duplicated layer, and play with the curves (on the menu bar, go to “Colors” then “Curves”). I followed this tutorial for setting curves to match Instagram filters. That tutorial is for photoshop but you can set curves the same in GIMP. Make sure to save the presets for curves, or else it’s going to take forever each time you edit pics! I usually use the preset for Hudson, X-Pro II, or Amaro.
  3. Once I finish playing with curves, I set the opacity for the duplicated layer to somewhere between 60-80. I just play around with the opacity until it looks good, tbh. I think flatten the image and export it

Sometimes, I do one of the following:

  • Once I finish with the curves, I add another layer. I then use the gradient fill tool to add a gradient on top of it from black to white. I set that layer to “soft light” using the little arrow above the opacity bar on the layers toolbox. I mess with the opacity if necessary. I use this technique for images like this one, in order to make the focus of the image “pop.” I flatten the image before exporting.
  • Sometimes for scenery photos I add a tilt shift, though I use a gaussian blur to achieve that technique.
  • I’ve played around with vignettes as well, though I can’t seem to get this technique right.

I hope this helped! Thanks for the ask. :)