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Why do they always say shit like "if you really wanted representation you'd be blogging about xyz character in xyz show"? Like thats not the point...I thought representation was happening in my favourite show?? Why is that so hard for them to grasp? Also I've seen a lot of tjlcers squeeing over Bill but I'm not actually into Dr. Who. Of course there are shows with gay content but its almost like...I'm not just blindly searching for gay content (realise that doesn't fit with their narrative tho!)

Ya got me. I’ve gone over this issue before a while back in response to - surprise!!! - a tjlcshsfjslajf post. It’s a huge problem in Hollywood (and even in queer communities as seen in the Sherlock fandom) that All Queers are supposed to jump up and smother themselves in every single piece of representation we can find. If one gay ship doesn’t pan out, we have to immediately abandon ship and move onto the next, we’re not allowed to express our disappointment, otherwise we’re a disgrace to LGBT+ fans everywhere. (??)(dont quote me on that)

And guess what? I am/we are already consuming lots of other media that includes queer characters, and we always have been. And we like Sherlock for other reasons too - I started watching just for the cinematography, in fact. If TJLC didn’t exist, I’d still be watching for the cinematography. It’s a good show, gay or not. 


This was about 10pm in May just after a day of patchy, moody showers. I don’t think I’ve ever been so fascinated by such wondrous sight ever. I don’t think I can properly describe the feeling that this scene gave to me but I’m going to try. The air was warm and the breeze playfully fluttered around my face and about my hair. The light drizzle of rain was invigorating and my skin was dewy with droplets, almost luminous in the pinkish light. Every time I took a deep breath, and I mean a deep breath, as in filling your lungs completely, of the fresh, clear and crisp air, I almost felt like I was in some sort of book description or something, like I felt radiant, and I imagined my eyes to be sparkling with wonder…I don’t know, it sounds weird but that’s the closest I can come to what I felt. As we crossed canals around The Nine Streets I felt like I couldn’t get enough. I kept twirling around, trying to soak in everything at once. The clouds just wouldn’t stay still! Every time they moved, a more beautiful scene morphed out of the former. The colours bloomed and transformed from cool blues to soft pinks until they formed this scene in the picture. Rosy-fingered, flocculent clouds floated softly in front of a crisp, pure blue, tinged with a faint goldish-yellow. The canal below was streaked with colour and glowed softly, winking at me from below. The whole scene was simply magical. There was some sort of heavenly, ethereal beauty that just refused to be captured on camera. 

TVD 8x16-Play Crack The Sky

This is the end. The show that literally took over my life for the better part of five years…is over. The ship whom I have been trying so desperately to say goodbye to for the past two years, finally got the closure they deserved. And yet I’m still not ready to say goodbye. But for the sake on my insanity and my emotional well-being, I sure as hell am going to try. So, for me what this finale episode boils down to, are two things. Damon and Stefan, and Damon and Elena. So, let’s start with the latter, shall we?

“Hold on, I still want you.” - Delena

Look, I’m not going to sit here and try to write all this meta on Delena for the finale episode because there really isn’t much to go on. The Katherine fake out, I should have seen coming. I mean, it didn’t make sense to me that they would spoil it in the promos. But I guess I was just hoping that they wouldn’t go there. And I have to say that yes, the episode wasn’t exactly what I wanted. But, it was what I expected. And you guys know me, I’m not one to dwell on everything that we didn’t get, or could have been done better. So, you should know the next thing that I’m going to say. And that’s for the little Delena we got, it was beautiful. And I accept it. The reunion scene simply being a kiss without words exchanged, I think was perfect. The song really saying anything and everything that needed to be said for them. Because if you really think about, the essential journey for Delena ended back in 6x22. The rest was just subsidiary. I mean, I’m not saying that Elena waking and Damon reuniting with her wasn’t important… it was. But I think that what we got was enough. Elena woke up. She got to see Bonnie, Caroline, Alaric. She got to meet Josie and Lizzy. She got to see her brother, Jer, again. She got to marry Damon and live the human life she always wanted with the man that she fell so deeply in love with. Maybe they didn’t show it. Maybe some of you are even disappointed that they didn’t. But think about it this way… we saw everything else. We saw Elena meet Damon….twice. We saw Damon fall in love with her. We saw Elena struggle with her feelings for him. We saw Damon giving her the space she needed to figure out what it all means. We saw her choose him. We saw her lose him. We saw her forget him. We saw her fall in love with him all over again. We saw her remember him again. We saw him chose a human life with her.  We saw them promise themselves to each other. We saw the most significant moments of their relationship. Elena’s vampirism being are essential part of that. Because even though their human lives hold the same amount of significance. Their lives as vampires is the foundation of their relationship. If it wasn’t for vampirism Damon would have never met her. And Elena? She may have never found the strength in herself to let Stefan go and admit her true feeling for Damon. This is “The Vampire Diaries” after all. So it makes sense to me that the writers didn’t dwell on Damon and Elena’s life as humans. Rather, they give us just a gist of it. Showing us that their long happy life together would eventually lead to them finding peace in the afterlife. Which, lets face it, deep down in our heart of hearts, that’s all any of us ever wanted for these characters.

“Tonight I saw a side of Damon that I hadn’t seen in a while. The older brother I looked up to.” - Stefan

Redemption. That’s why Stefan did what he did. Ever since he turned human again, he dedicated his time trying to make up for all the wrong that he had done has a vampire, even willing to let Caroline go to do it. Redemption is what he wanted more than anything. So, he goes against his brother’s wishes and gives up his life. It wasn’t because he loved his brother. It wasn’t because he wanted Elena to have the life with Damon that they have been patiently waiting for. Yes, those things may have inspired him to and even gave him the courage to sacrifice his life to save his brother. But the main reason he did it was for redemption. And if the situation were reversed, Damon would have done the same thing. And he was ready to do it. Despite the hope of ever seeing Elena again. Despite the fact that he thought he would never find peace. He was ready to sacrifice everything. For his little brother. And that’s what, above all else, made Stefan truly see the man that Damon has become. The man that was worth sacrificing everything for. The man that was worthy of getting everything he always wanted. So he made a decision. A decision that like so many years ago was so very, very selfish of him, forcing him to choose vampirism because he couldn’t bare the thought of living an eternity without his big brother. But this time, his decision is probably the most selfless thing is has ever done. Forcing the cure to vampirism on him and sacrificing his life with Caroline. So that Damon can live out his human life with Elena. And that decision was influenced by Damon himself. Watching him over the years make the tough decisions that goes against other people’s wishes. Realizing that he has been the better man and the big brother that he needed every step of the way. And that was his journey. Finding that human part of his brother that has always been there. Which Damon an shown him time and time again but just couldn’t let himself see. Because he would let all the bad and all the guilt overshadow it. But in the end it was his desire for redemption that finally let him see it. So, Stefan dies and finds Elena in the hallways where they first met before he finds peace. Not only to say goodbye but because he needed to tell Elena that he finally sees what she sees. The human part of Damon that Elena has always seen but has yet to met. And of course, he needed for her to pass along a message to Caroline. That in which he is finally able to let go and find peace.

“I know this is what you want
A funeral keeps both of us apart
You know that you are not alone
Need you like water in my lungs
This is the end.”


fan fiction is an actual blessing, the majority of fanfic writers have a deep understanding of the characters and develop them organically and they give them purpose, they write scenes that are touching and simply beautiful and have little to no plot holes, the same can’t be said of the actual writers of the actual show who are more often than not rather sexist as they kill strong female characters for the sake of man pain, they have characters ooc because why not? plot holes exists everywhere, we should appreciate fanfic writers because most of them aren’t a mess like the writers of the show.


Call the Midwife, once again, has excelled itself. A wonderfully written finale, allowing all characters to have their moment.

Sister Evangelina’s passing was handled delicately and beautifully. Sister Monica Joan’s tributes throughout the episode framed the death and enhanced the emotions of the watching public.

Shelagh and Patrick’s realisation with the Thalidomide was realistically done, the heartbreak and terror seen on their faces so very plainly, hoping for it not to be true.

Trixie and her acceptance of herself was enriching, allowing her to grow beyond her past relationships and become her own woman. Her comforting of Sister Mary Cynthia during the funeral procession was beautiful and highlighted their unbreakable bond.

Barbara, through encouraging Sister Evangelina in her very last act as a midwife, allowed us to see how very important she is in the lives of both the midwives and the nuns of Nonnatus.

Nurse Crane showed her stoic manner once again, comforting the midwives of Nonnatus and dealing with the Thalidomide cases so tenderly and powerfully at the same time.

Sister Julienne with her touching breakdown over Sister Evangelina, and then her heartfelt discussion with Ruby Cottingham. Such a commanding presence from someone with such an open heart.

Patsy and Delia being a couple. Patsy and Delia being alive. Patsy and Delia going to Paris. Patsy being the perfect strong girlfriend against Mrs Busby. Patsy being unflappable in the Thalidomide crisis. Delia in the veil. Delia altering the wedding dress. Delia wanting to become a midwife. Wow. Just wow.

The nuns of Nonnatus cleansing Sister Evangelina’s body, the one final act they could perform for their dearly beloved Sister.

The stairway scene with the touching breakdown of the Nonnatus midwives. Barbara was an emotional wreck, with Nurse Crane comforting the youngest of their throng. Trixie staring into nothing with her cigarette keeping her pinned to reality. Patsy’s look of disbelief and the reaching for Trixie’s cigarette for comfort. Delia, wilting against the bannister through the exhaustion of grief.

The scene I particularly loved, however, was the one with Trixie and Sergeant Noakes at Sister Evangelina’s coffin. Not two people we often see together, but the emotion that they built in such a simple but beautiful scene was something to behold. I loved it. Simply loved it.

Well done to all those involved with Call the Midwife. A perfectly executed series finale. Bravo!

In case you haven’t heard, YOI swept Crunchyroll’s Anime Awards.

I’m proud of everything the staff and writers have accomplished. Honestly, there were several categories I thought other anime should’ve won (most notably being “best animation” simply because of YOI’s frequent inconsistencies despite other scenes being beautiful), but I’m not going to look at it negatively at all. 

Everyone involved with the creation of each nominee (and other anime not nominated) did a fantastic job, and that’s something that should be celebrated.

The winner of Best Anime will be announced on January 28th. Until then (and so you don’t have to go to their annoying website), here are the winners in each category:

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Abbie’s facial expression in that scene is simply beautiful. She’s a naturally guarded person,and those who love her know and accept this about her. There was this sheen to her eyes, and it was like just then it hit her. That fear she has, her fear is that she loses the people that she loves. Her fear is that she’s left alone. She has Crane who finds a way to pledge his devotion to her and his reverence for her whenever he can. Now more than ever, because he probably knows just how bad it was that he left her and he’s trying to let her know that he doesn’t plan on doing it again. But she almost lost him anyway.

That was the face of a woman who is coming to grips to just how much she values and needs this person in her life. That was the face of a woman who can’t lose anyone else. That was the fact that broke me. It’s the season of fear and the season of secrets and I love how both have been utilized in every single one of the characters.

In that scene, you could visibly see how afraid Abbie is of losing Crane, and also, because she’s so guarded, you can tell that’s one of the biggest secrets that she’s harboring right now. Realization and then resignation because she’s not willing to share that part with him just yet, or at all.  Because when you’re the type of person who spent your entire life not relying on others, realizing that you actually need another person is nothing short of terrifying. All of that was displayed on Nicole’s face and it was beautiful.

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Absolutely loved the finale last night. The last scene between Bellamy and Clarke + the music was simply beautiful. Now, I know we are getting a season 3 (I couldn't survive if it ended like that!), but unfortunately despite the amazing writing and wonderful characters you guys give us, we need to get the ratings up! Any tips on how we can voice our love for The 100 and fight for a season 4?

I so appreciate that fans want to help. Really, you guys are amazing. 

It’s such a tough question. In terms of live ratings, it’s just a matter of getting people with Nielsen boxes to watch the show. I don’t know how you do that. Sadly, a lot of people don’t even realize our little show exists. We hear all the time, “Wow, I’ve never heard of it but this show is really good!” Which is great, we love it when people dig the show, but we seem to really fly under the radar. 

For those of you without Nielsen boxes, legitimate digital outlets do count every view. So watching the show on The CW’s site, on Hulu, on Netflix, or buying it on iTunes are all ways for you to make your support known. The CW is very wise in that digital viewership is taken into account.

International viewers: if you can watch it live when it airs in your home countries, that helps, too. International performance is also taken into account by The CW. Beauty and the Beast does very well outside of the US and that’s often touted as part of why it continues to be renewed (as it did just recently for season 4, congrats to them!).

At the end of the day, we’re just really pleased that we can make a show you all love enough to want to help. So thank you. We’ll keep making the best show we can and hope it continues for as long as people want to watch it.

My review of episode 5x17

I really, really can’t wrap my mind around how wonderfully perfect this episode was… the acting, the writing, the directing choices… it all contributed to an amazing result, in which “amazing” is an understatement.

We start with a couples therapy scenes, another priceless one, after the unforgettable scene we got in 5x01. The dynamics between Steve and Danny in this scene make what happens later in the episode even more meaningful. The therapist is just great and I’d love to see her… that voice reminds me of President Nina Tassler but maybe that would be too good to be true!

Then we get to meet Mr Pickles and the episode gets even better! He’s one of the most adorable cats I’ve ever seen and the whole argument Steve and Danny have over cats and dogs is one of the funniest and most perfectly fitting their personalities ever!

And then Steve fixing the broken porcelain cat just to avoid doing the homework the therapist gave them… and it actually surprised me, in a good way, of course, that Danny was so willing to do that kind of work on themselves and their relationship… his determination surely led them and will keep leading them to beautiful results.

And Danny’s insomnia comes in handy when he recognizes the voice he heard on an infomercial and Jon Lovitz’s character, perfectly acted in all his weirdness and creepiness, gets introduced.

Steve, looking at the half naked girl and… the only thing he notices is that “that cereal looks good”… oh God, I love him so much! He really has eyes only for his Danno… and for free food! So he gets hungry and eats something… and I must admit I thought he was way more tidy than that! But Danny puts him in his place right away ;-)

And then the Ruth character gets introduced and she really is one of those characters that you simply can’t forget and go straight to the heart, and believe me I’m not just talking about her adorable “just so you know I fully support gay marriage” line… I’ll tell more about her later… Cloris Leachman did such a wonderful job giving life to this great character!

Oh, and Danny? I wish you would have gone with the gay thing… to keep your cover, of course ;-)

The whole dinner scene was priceless… Steve is a gigantic control freak and eats like an animal… how can I find that so sexy? Oh, yes. Alex O’Loughlin.  And yes, Steve is such a guardian type… and I love everything about him. And so does Danny… we got another I love you. That makes me incredibly happy… everytime I hear them saying I love you to each other my heart jumps of happiness in my chest!

Ricky Schiff… OMG, I didn’t get half the things he said, but it was hilarious to see him unwittingly getting himself in so much trouble!

The whole Ruth/Jerry interaction was beyond adorable, I don’t even have words to express how adorable it was… it was so heartbreaking, touching, too see how lonely Ruth felt… I just wanted to hug her tightly, and tell her she’s not alone… not now that she met her new friends… and maybe also that “silver fox”, why not? ;-) And Jerry is incredibly sweet and sensitive, I’m getting more and more in love with this character!

And then the scene where Danny is doing the test and asks Steve what he’s passionate about… and I was like screaming at the screen: “You! He’s passionate about you!” I loved the way Danny got frustrated when he realized Steve was hiding the true reason why he didn’t play the guitar anymore from him… but, as much frustrated as he was, Danny managed to be patient, in such a sweet way, and allowed Steve to open up to Danny at the right time…

The scene on the couch is simply wonderful, one of the most beautiful of the whole series! Steve starting to read the book, while trying not to get caught by Danny while doing that! Danny, once again frustrated at Steve stoically avoiding to talk about his feelings (and really, how meaningful is, in the light of this, that Steve was the first one between them to say I love you to the other in 4x19?). Then Steve starts to open himself up to Danny (and Daniel Dae Kim’s directing choices made this moment that much more wonderful, seriously!)… he tells Danny about that talent show in tenth grade… seeing him, both in the past and present day, so sweet, vulnerable, exposed… made me love him even more, if possible… and I’m sure it had the same effect on Danny… I imagine how Danny felt realizing that Steve was finally really opening up to him… The sweet smile on Steve’s face when he said “I just did”… melted my heart!

Oh, and as a Springsteen fan, how could I not love Max Weinberg guest starring again? Oh please, Max, next time bring Bruce along with you!

When Steve and Danny were fighting over Mr Pickles getting out and Danny said “let’s do aggressive-aggressive. You want that? How do you want to do it?” … well, let’s just say I’m not going to delve on that, because I want to keep this review PG rated ;-)

The Ohana ending scene was beyond amazing and when Danny arrived it got even better… Grover and Kono teasing Steve over how married he and Danny are… and then Danny giving Steve the guitar he bought for him, Steve’s reaction to that gift… Danny wanted to give Steve the chance to play that song he never got to play, to rediscover that passion for music… how sweet is that? How thoughtful? How full of love?

And then, Steve surprising Danny and us all by letting Danny drive… but, hey, he stills controls the radio ;-) God, I love them so much… and I love Alex, Scott, Daniel, the whole cast, Peter Lenkov, the writers for giving us this… my heart is full of happiness right now, and I can’t stop smiling. Thank you, so much, from the bottom of my heart.

Let’s talk about Eyewitness and the symbolism of water.

During my umpteenth rewatch of this show, I can’t help but notice the repetitive allusions to water on this show. So many scenes feature large bodies of water in the background. Many scene transitions are simply long, beautiful panning shots of bodies of water, still or moving. I love the symbolism of it and how it’s used throughout the show. Classically, water has been used to symbolize life, cleansing, and freedom. We definitely see that on the show, and more. It’s also used to symbolize the struggles of our characters. 

During the opening scene of the show, the very first lyrics we hear: When the water starts to rise. Our very first look at Tivoli, and we see the Hudson River in the backdrop. As we meet Helen and see Philip filming Lukas on the bike, we hear vocalizations of I can swim, I can swim, I can swim on repeat over and over. It’s such a great opening sequence for this show. I love these lyrics because it’s a clear metaphor for the intense shit storm that’s about to hit this town and the characters, while also giving us hints of the strength in these people that we know nothing about. 

We get so many beautiful shots of (what I assume to be) the Hudson River. Sometimes the waters are violent and rushing, other times it’s calm and soothing, clearly representative of what’s happening in the story. Rivers are constantly moving bodies of water. I see this especially in Philip and Helen. Philip is trying to move on to this ‘new’ life despite his mother remaining stagnant, struggling with drug addiction back home in the city. Just as Helen is struggling to move on with her life with Gabe in Tivoli, despite being tethered to and hanging onto the tragedy that happened in Buffalo. 

Multiple times on this show, water has been shown to be a calming presence. Or a distraction from the troubles of life. Whenever Helen or Gabe face an emotional crisis, they take the boat out on the water. “I want to move.” Just like a river moves. Kamilah goes swimming after Sita’s death. “Can’t hear the real world under there.” Philip’s unexplained apprehension of water aside, we also see him use water as a means of escape. “No one could get to me. No one could touch me. I was safe […] It made me forget how bad things were.” Sita kills herself by jumping in the river. Lukas throws the murder weapon into a pond.

Water cleanses and generally symbolizes life and freedom. But we also see it used as a symbol of how these characters handle difficult life scenarios. The only person who hasn’t been shown to use water as a means of escape is Ryan Kane. He seems to prefer using Murder Music as a way of calming himself. Well, it’s pretty clear to me why he’s the bad guy on the show. 

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omg your breakdown of Yuri confronting victor at the end of ep. 10 is so wonderful. I'm been trying to figure out what was happening there, and sort of struggling over the meaning of it and trying to justify what was happening, because in a lot of ways it sounds both uncaring, and deeply caring, and i couldn't figure out why. i wanted to love the scene simply because it felt beautiful, but couldn't. reading your breakdown made me cry a bit and i'm so grateful for the understanding you gave me.

Yeah same haha at first I had a hard time trying to understand why would they add that scene after everything that’s been happening, of course it’s just my interpretation, but it’s what I got from it at the end. And that’s something I love about yoi, you can watch and re-watch an episode a thousand times and you’re always able to give it your own meaning.

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Top 5 fics?

Oh God. Shit. Um. OK. In no order… (I limited this to Larry fics, and I used the author’s Tumblr name when different from their AO3 name; you’re killing me, folks.)

1) @icanhazzalou’s (“historically accurate Titanic AU with a happy ending,” Paint the Sky with Stars

On 10 April 1912, Harry Styles boards the finest ship the world has ever seen. Still grieving the death of their mother, he and his sister are being sent to America to live with a callous uncle who cares more about his business connections than family. Harry prepares himself for a long, disappointing voyage alone in his stateroom.

Louis Tomlinson has borrowed and saved, and finally has enough to purchase a Third Class ticket to America. With all of his belongings in a single ruck sack, he boards the Titanic filled with hope for a brighter future. Never one to sit still, he can’t resist exploring the massive ship, and soon goes sneaking into First Class in a stolen steward’s uniform. […]

Why I love it: The story is compelling, the writing is fantastic, and this is so well researched. There are end notes with pictures and links for everything in the fic. She matched up characters with people who were on the Titanic and the attention to detail is evident. Fact-checking a fic sucks, and it’s also such a sign of care from an author in my opinion. Finally, the sex scenes are absolutely perfect for the time period and tone, and written in such a realistic, respectful way. Stayed up all night to read this in one sitting.

2) @a-writerwrites’ A/B/O fic through the wire

“Mate. He’s like. I don’t know how to describe it.” Liam’s voice was on edge, a tremble in it that indicated he was either very nervous or extremely excited; unsure of what to do next. It was probably both.

All Harry could think about was LouisLouisLouis. He needed him so badly his body ached with it. His skin was crawling and his entire body felt explosive, ready to ignite at the slightest touch.

“Ok. Li? This is what you are going to do…” Louis took a deep breath, the intake of air audible through the wire, as he prepared to guide Liam through what was probably going to be the strangest, most erotic, and possibly most awkward experience of his life.

Why I love it: I’ve never read A/B/O before and haven’t since, but this was hot as hell. I have re-read it far more times than I’ll admit. The internal conflict for each of the three characters (Louis, Harry, and Liam) was woven into the story well and the tension between Liam/Harry, Louis/Harry, and Louis/Liam (especially) was palpable. There’s some perfectly timed comedic relief, and the ending is emotionally satisfying and left me happy for all three of them. I really want a follow-up.

3) @blackwayfarers’ Leeds Festival fic take me to the riot

Louis can feel the morning stiffness fade away as the excitement in his gut starts to get him wild and rowdy, this short trip up to Leeds Fest reminding him that it can’t possibly get better than this: a bottle of vodka in his bag, a boy by his side, a tent over his shoulders, and the promise of a truly glorious disaster he has been craving for months.

Why I love it: I wrote in my comment on the fic: “This whole piece is full of raw, fuzzy, live wire flush of first-love emotions. Spectacular.” And it is. It’s a friends-to-lovers Leeds fic with poetic writing, whole passages of which I copied into my writer’s journal, and realistic emotions that keep you on edge. The first-time sex scene is realistic and honors the boys. This fic is simply beautiful.

4) @myownsparknow’s then-and-now fic Different Light (You Make Me Feel Beautiful)

A slice of Xfactor lust, followed by a slice of fall 2014 love.
2010 – teenagers have awkward, messy, selfish sex sometimes
2014 – Inspired by the lovely answer Harry gave to Giuliana Rancic when she asked him what his afterparty plans were (AMA ceremony 2013). Louis and Harry having “a quiet one” lodged in my brain for better or worse.
Or, the one where Harry wrecks Louis in 2010 and Louis wrecks Harry in 2014.

Why I love it: Ahhhhh what to say about this fic?

“Harry finally grasps that he is being wooed.”

This fic is about the shift in a relationship over time, the growth, the trust, the ability to read and understand each other. The author packed so much emotion into only 3500 words and it’s this immensely soothing read that makes you want to roll over and press your hand to your chest in satisfaction. Also, her description of an orgasm is unique and poetic and really shows her ability as a writer. This is a fic I think of again and again when I think of the type of sex scene I want to read more of–and write myself.

5) @storiesaboutwolves’ five times fic let’s free fall and see where we land

Five important moments when Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson kissed, in five different versions of their lives.

Why I love it: I really enjoy AU fics and this one approaches kisses from five different times periods, five different ways. It’s like an AU-lover’s dream. Some kisses are hopeful, others are a bit wistful. I enjoyed the author’s perspective on kissing, and the note it ended on. This is also one of the few five times fics I’ve read in the fandom, so it sticks with me for that reason.

Bonus: What does this say about me as a reader? Apparently I want internal conflict and human emotions; I also greatly appreciate a fresh perspective on The Sex Scene.

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Honestly my favorite part of the episode was as soon as Paige realized Walter was breaking she immediately left the others and went to him. She knows he needs her, and it was her he needed most in that moment. Just beautiful 😢

Yes. That was a very touching scene! The way Paige reads Walter is just simply beautiful, and she knows when to be there for him even if he doesn’t know he needs her. As she hugged him, he, at first, was hesitant, but then he just breaks, and that scene, where Walter just leans into Paige as he cries is absolutely gut-wrenchingly beautiful. :’3