this scene is shot so awkwardly

Time to spy on the creepy puppeteer!

The gang clusters around the tiny window in the door. Poor ol’ Velma can’t even stick her head in!

In the closeup, though, they apparently have all the space in the world.

…and Shaggy is getting a piggyback ride, by the looks of it.

…and in the reverse shot, Shaggy’s down off Freddy, everyone has space to see inside… and Freddy’s got his arm awkwardly going behind Daphne?

Man, who knew a simple creepy-puppeteer-spying scene could have so much subtext!

So my friend and I made a drinking game for Until Dawn playthroughs.

Drink every time:

  1. Emily says something bitchy. 
  2. You “don’t move.”
  3. The Youtuber talks over something important.
  4. Jess references boning Mike.
  5. A Dr. Hill cut scene happens.
  6. Mike says “fuck”/start drinking and don’t stop until he’s done cursing. 
  7. Ashley and Chris awkwardly flirt with each other.
  8. A totem is found.
  9. Josh hints at his revenge prank. 
  10. And take a shot every time they say “until dawn." 

Happy drinking!