this scene is shot so awkwardly

I Hate Loving You

Request: “Hey there! Could you do a Newt x Reader where they are roommates and at first it’s kind of a love/hate thing but then they fall in love - though they don’t admit it. Then one night the reader brings home a date (because shes trying to move on because she thinks Newt won’t ever want her) and Newt gets jealous and scares him off. Then they finally admit their feelings? Thanks!! X”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1469

Warnings: implied smut

“Newt!” You called out, gripping an empty milk carton in hand. “Newt come here!”

You heard a tussle from the bathroom, and a couple mumbled curses, followed by the rapid slapping of bare feet on tiles.

“Newt, what have I told you abou-“ You paused, suddenly becoming flustered as the shirtless man emerged, his expression anxious. Your eyes lingered around his heaving torso, his toned abdominal muscles contorting gently with his breathing. You chanced a glance down at the towel wrapped around his lower half, your eyes widening in embarrassment as Newt smirked bashfully.

“You were saying?” He uttered gently.

“Just… try not to drink all the milk next time.” You spoke with your eyes cast downward, fingers awkwardly tapping on the marble bench top.

He chuckled, running a freckled hand through his wet locks.

“I’ll do so when you stop eating all of my caramel sweets.”

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The Official Yuri!!! on Ice Drinking Game!!!

So I decided to fill that void by creating the *first Official YOI Drinking Game  because I was bored and needed something to occupy my time till we get season 2 info! **Guaranteed to get you as shitfaced as Yuuri at the banquet before the first episode is even over!!!

Required Materials:

  1. Season 1 of Yuri!!! on Ice
  2. A safe place to get drunk (pls drink responsibly)
  3. Cups
  4. Shot glasses
  5. Your alcoholic beverage(s) of choice. Best results when your shots are stronger than the drink in your cup but the same drink can be used for both.
  6. At least one other friend to get wasted with you. The more the merrier!
  7. Buckets/Bins just in case things get messy.

*I think this is the first I haven’t seen any yet.

**Warning: This drinking game is not for the faint of heart, stomach or liver. You have been warned. 

The Game:

Originally posted by vvictor

Sip when: 

  • ‘Born to make history’ is sung in the theme song. Take a shot if you find yourself singing along at any point. 
  • Victor does something flirty. Take a shot if it’s with Yuuri. 
  • Every time Yuuri is anxious, self conscious or lacks self confidence (basically whenever he’s vulnerable/depressed). 
  • Yurio talks shit/ is angry. 
  • Yakov flips shit/ is angry. 
  • Lilia acts like a bitch. 
  • Stammi Vicino plays. Take a shot if you find yourself singing along at any point. 
  • Katsudon/Pork cutlet bowls are mentioned/ shown (yes this does include when Yurio calls Yuuri pork cutlet bowl). 
  • Someone calls Yuuri pig/piggy.
  • Maccachin does something cute. 
  • Whenever Victor is naked. Take a shot if his bare ass is shown. 
  • Someone says ‘huh’. Take a shot if it’s Yurio. 
  • Someone says 'vkusno’, 'davai’, or 'gamba’. 

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The Forgotten Cover™️

2 people seem to remember this but honestly there’s so much to talk about?

- The shots of daehyun standing awkwardly in front of empty seats, flipping between smiling and looking 0.2 seconds away from crying

- The fact that he has a mic in these shots but never actually sings

- The shaky cam oH THE SHAKY CAM

-  TERF bangs

- The studio instrumental awkwardly cutting to Daehyun’s live vocals

- The dramatic colour transition to tilted shots of dae’s timbs

- The other singer not being named or included in the opening scenes

- Cuts? Every? 2? Seconds?

Awkward as ‘hell’

Pairing: Grant Gustin x reader / Supernatural - The Flash crossover
Anon requests:

- HEEEY! So, I was reading your imagines and you asked us to send you something if we would want to read a oneshot about the reader and Grant filming the French mistake (not just an imagine), so, on behalf of everyone (I know them all, no worries), I’d like to say we would really love an oneshot! :) ❤️❤️❤️
- You should definitely write an imagine with the reader and grant in the French mistake
Based on this: Filming the French Mistake with Grant Gustin and the Supernatural Cast (Part of the text is at the start of this one shot)
Words: 389 + 1555
Warnings: awkwardness, some smut, unprotected sex

I know the Imagine ended with them preparing to shoot a sex-scene, but I didn’t involve that in here. Also is Grant not shy of PDA…

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Wanna Bet?

Request: “Hi, I love your writing! I was wondering if you could write a Credence one shot where the reader and him live with Tina and Queenie and Newt low key (high key) ships them and is always trying to get them alone together but Tina’s always worried to leave them alone cause they’re still teenagers. This is really specific I’m sorry but I just thought it’d be something cute/funny to read. Thank you!”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader 

Word Count: 1353

Warnings: None

The Goldsteins had bestowed a great sense of guest-friendship upon you in your circumstances, providing tender hospitality for both you and a young man named Credence. He had been under their roof ever since Newt found him again, slowly becoming accustomed to the way normal witches and wizards lived. You were also granted a room from the loveable sisters due to the nature of your short stay; practicing to be an Auror under the supervision of Tina. She had insisted on it, since you two were to work hard long hours, and you were quite the promising investigator. Newt was also staying in the cosy apartment for the holidays, sharing a room with Credence.

You had grown quite fond of the timid young man. He was awfully nervous around you at first, but once he discovered your kind, forgiving nature that was similar to Tina’s, he slowly became more comfortable. The two of you had become inseparable, you dragging Credence around New York City on your free days. Tina had come to see you both as her kind-of adopted children, although Newt scolded that thought, reminding her that you were both only a few years younger than her. Nevertheless, she kept a watchful eye on you, afraid that you were rushing into things too quickly.

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So my friend and I made a drinking game for Until Dawn playthroughs.

Drink every time:

  1. Emily says something bitchy. 
  2. You “don’t move.”
  3. The Youtuber talks over something important.
  4. Jess references boning Mike.
  5. A Dr. Hill cut scene happens.
  6. Mike says “fuck”/start drinking and don’t stop until he’s done cursing. 
  7. Ashley and Chris awkwardly flirt with each other.
  8. A totem is found.
  9. Josh hints at his revenge prank. 
  10. And take a shot every time they say “until dawn." 

Happy drinking!

Time to spy on the creepy puppeteer!

The gang clusters around the tiny window in the door. Poor ol’ Velma can’t even stick her head in!

In the closeup, though, they apparently have all the space in the world.

…and Shaggy is getting a piggyback ride, by the looks of it.

…and in the reverse shot, Shaggy’s down off Freddy, everyone has space to see inside… and Freddy’s got his arm awkwardly going behind Daphne?

Man, who knew a simple creepy-puppeteer-spying scene could have so much subtext!

Awkward Encounters 

Description: When two asexuals have to film a sex scene together and instead of being all sexy they tell shitty dad jokes and laugh their asses off. 

Tags: Asexual!Phil; Asexual!Dan; Hipster!Phil; Pastel!Dan

A/N: That post from yesterday applied to this. Suprise!

The mirror and fluorescent lights set up all around me are not helping my self esteem one bit.

The director is spewing some nonsense about camera angles and interns running late with that coffee.

I couldn’t bring myself to listen. Too infatuated with my new appearance to notice anything else.

One of the hairdresser did my hair with lavender chalk, switching it from all it’s brown/black glory and turning it soft purple. My eyebrows were filled with a light brown pen and sharpened more at the corners than usual.

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Challenge~ Fairy tail AU

Write Lucy with a trait that you have never seen anybody do before

This is the same Natsu and Lucy from my Gruvia fic yeah

Perfume? Check.

Lipstick? Check.

Adorable dress that Juvia totally picked out for me? Double check.

Shoes that make my hips look wide enough to take out a continent? Triple check.

In a word, I looked fabulous.

And with all due purpose, too.

Yesterday afternoon, at exactly 2:55 PM, my best friend Natsu peeked down his pants and must’ve noticed that he had grown some balls, and finally asked me out on a date.

What took you so long doesn’t even begin to describe my predicament, but no matter, all that waiting and stewing finally came to an end.

Just one more thing to grab…

I reached past my dresser and yanked the small pouch off of my small vanity, clutching it tightly in my hand.

I would be totally screwed if I were to forget this vital bag.

With one last glance in the mirror, I teased my hair that was mildly curly with my hands and blew my reflection a kiss for good luck, which it dutifully returned.

I hurried out my door, purse in hand and hope in heart before bounding past my dad.

“Lucy! Where are you going?” He asked gruffly, tapping his pen on the side of the kitchen table as he sifted through piles of paperwork.

“Going out with Natsu,” I answered as breezily as possible.

“Yeah ok. Did you remember your-”

“Of course I did!” I interjected quickly.

“Alright. Don’t stay out too late.” Are his last words to me before I slam the door in pure excitement and adrenaline.

I was going on a date with Natsu.

And not a damn thing was going to go wrong, I was going to make sure of that.


I turned immediately at the sound of my name, the distinct voice of Natsu running playful shivers down my spine.

I waved to him from my front door step and he honked the horn on his old blue truck, who he had nicknamed Happy after being so happy that he finally got a truck.

He may not be the most vibrant crayon in the box, but he’s my crayon dammit.

“You actually showed up…” He said, his dark eyes sparkling as if it were a feat in itself.

“Course I did, idiot.” I said, bounding up to Happy and ruffling his rose colored hair affectionately.

“Get in, we’re going to be late!” He said, tapping his invisible watch and kicking open the door adjacent to him.

“I still can’t believe you were cliché enough to not tell me where we’re going.” I tittered, smacking Happy’s door shut and setting my purse down next to me so that I could buckle my seatbelt.

Natsu had this adorable habit of freaking out whenever I forgot to do this.

“Well you know by now how much I hate restaurants so…” He pointed out. Natsu hated how restaurants ‘put a limit on how much you can eat’. I swear, he has the metabolism of a six year old.

“I didn’t eat, so you’d better still be providing me with food!” I jeered, poking his thinly toned shoulder.

“Of course I am, do I look like an idiot to you?” He asked with an adorable grin.

“I’m not going to answer that.”

“Because you love me?” He asked, almost hopefully. I’d never said the words, but I knew in my heart that they were true.

“Sadly.” I said bluntly.

His smile is almost blinding, and it distracts me so well that I don’t even notice we’ve pulled into his driveway.

I gave him an annoyed look. “You made me get all dressed up to eat hot pockets at your house?”

He laughed. “Not quite.”

As he got out, my eyes flitted across the house for anything that might catch my attention.

“Is that…Gray’s car?” I asked incredulously, pointing to the silvery car parked a few houses down.

“Ah…maybe.” Natsu replied a bit shallowly. He opened up my door and lifted me out, very gentlemen-like, which is very un-Natsu-like.

“Why is Gray here?” I asked, letting a teensy bit of my disappointment seep into my voice. I could not deny that I had been hoping to be alone with Natsu tonight.

Not like that! Pervert…

“You’ll see,” He said secretively, pulling my hand up to his mouth so that he could rest his lips on my knuckles.

He could be so romantic when he wanted too, it was hypnotizing. It felt like we had always been this way, like it had always been me and Natsu, together.

I guess that’s just one thing I love about him.

He dragged me up to his door and pulled me through his house with impressive speed, he was certainly eager to get me to the backyard.

And with good reason too, because the second I saw what he had done I couldn’t help but gasp.

“Oh! Natsu…” I breathed out in awe of the display before me.

A thin white canopy had been pitched, like a serene little restaurant of our own. It was lit up by subtle candles that flickered and gleamed like stars, and a lone table and two metal rimmed chairs sat in the center of it all, the prize in the carnival game.

“Do you like it?”

Do I like it? Does he even have to ask?

“I…Natsu, I love it! How did you even…” I couldn’t even get to finish my sentence, he gently pulled me past the back door so that the cool night air caressed my bare cheeks.

“Beautiful,” he whispered softly, causing icy shivers to nip at my spine.

“How did you do all this?” I asked, the words finally escaping my throat after a few moments of stunned silence.

“Ah, me an’ dad threw it together a couple of weeks ago. Things like this are important, you know.” He said, as if it were no big deal as he scratched the back of his neck.

He pulled out my chair for me and I couldn’t stop the potent blush from reaching my cheeks. He caught it and smiled, positively loving his effect on me.

“Natsu this is…” I took a quick second to look around at the scene he had painted for us, “amazing.”

“An amazing view, for an amazing girl.” He said with a cheesy grin.

“I don’t know whether to hurt you for that, or to hug you.”

He only moved his eyebrows up and down suggestively before taking a seat for himself, and expectantly looking around him.

“Just, go!”

Suddenly Gray stumbled in on the scene, looking almost like he had been shoved by someone. And If I had to guess, it would be Juvia.

“Ah…can I take your order?” He asked awkwardly, holding a plastic clipboard.

I heard a sharp whisper from around the corner and Gray shot an annoyed look right back at the corner.

I resisted the urge to burst out laughing, it was quite obvious that Gray had been put up to this, assisting Natsu on a date and dressed in a fancy tux.

“We basically have pizza…” Natsu whispered from across the small table. I giggled, it was so typical of Natsu to pick a mainstream delicious food for a first date.

“Alright, then I would love some pizza.” I said, my grin hardly containable.

“And I would love two pizzas,” Natsu ordered, giving Gray a quick point.

“Right. Okay guys, assuming Gajeel hasn’t accidentally set the food on fire, it should be here in like, thirty seconds.” Gray explained, scribbling a few unrecognizable words on his clipboard.

“You will refer to me as sir.” Natsu teased.

Gray gritted his teeth, and was about to give Natsu a piece of his mind but I saw a quick flash of blue and Gray was gone.

My smile refused to fade, it was almost like Natsu had rounded up half my friends to get help on our date.

“Just…how long have you been planning this?” I wondered aloud.

“Eh…let’s just say a few days. That makes me sound less cowardly.” Natsu admitted openly.

“Ow! Fuck!

“Gray! Sh!”

“I can’t fucking help it Juvia, the damn pizza lit my hand on fire!

“Don’t be such a baby! Get out there!”

Gray reluctantly shuffled in holding a semi rusty pan of pizza which was quite obviously home cooked, but it still looked so tantalizingly delicious I couldn’t help but inhale deeply.

“How many calories do you think are in a slice of pizza?” I asked to no one in particular as Gray hesitantly set the pan on the table.

“Hm…I’d say, 225, 250, give or take.” Natsu said, a bit muffled seeing as he had already eaten a slice of pizza.

“Okay,” I clicked it into my phone before putting it away again.

“You better grab some before I eat it all Luce,” Natsu suggested after plopping three more pieces onto his plate.

I laughed before grabbing two slices, doing the caloric math in my head.

This should be about 500 calories, I had three hundred for breakfast and 400 for lunch, and I went for a run at three…oh but I had that snack too…hmm…

“Stop thinking so hard, it’s making my brain hurt.” Natsu moaned, rubbing his head like he was actually in pain.

“…Did you already eat four pieces?”

“Yes.” He answered without hesitation.

“Fatass!” I heard someone shout from inside the house, followed by a small crash.

“How many people are here?” I listened to myself ask in disbelief.

“Uh, Gray, Juvia, Erza, Jellal, Levy, and Gajeel. Dad had work and Lisanna went on vacation, but she helped us pitch the tent,” Natsu gave the metal pole a good whack with his fist to prove its sturdiness.

“Jellal! Where the hell’d you put the ice pack!?”

“Gajeel has it!”


“Oh my god, I can’t believe you managed to get them all under the same room without any explosions.” I said in admiration.

“Well, I mean Gray did burn his hand…and I guess Gajeel has an ice pack, so we definitely aren’t without casualties…but it’s all worth it.” He ended with a smile and I couldn’t help but smile back.

We talked for the remainder of the date, our conversation was probably one of my favorite things about our relationship. It just sort of…flowed…

The yelling from inside the house had died down too, only an occasional yelp or squawk, and sometimes a curse word or two.

Words couldn’t even begin  to describe how happy I was, after nearly three months of waiting, and making it abundantly clear I liked him, he actually asked me out and I was having a great time.

But all good things must come to an end.

“Oh! Shit! Gajeel, move!”

“Oi! Watch it pip squeak!”

Levy shot out of the house with a watch in her hand.

“Lucy! It’s ten thirty!

What is she talking abou- ah shit.

My gut reaction was to reach for my purse, and I noticed that it wasn’t there.

“Natsu! My purse, I-I left it in the car!” I started to stand up to go retrieve it, but Natsu was already gone.

Levy rushed up to me, her face a mixture of worried and nervous.

“Are you feeling all right? Is your temperature high? I’m so sorry, I completely lost track of time-”

“Levy, it’s fine, I feel fine.” I reassured my best friend carefully.

Did I feel fine? I was a little dizzy, but that’s a common side effect…

Natsu already had the small bag pulled out of my purse and was thrusting it at me hurriedly.

I fumbled with the finger prick, my silver medical bracelet lightly jangling in alarm. I definitely felt sick, was I too low? No, I just ate pizza, I was probably too high, and I needed to get some insulin…

I smudged the dot of blood that had welled on my finger onto the testing strip, nervously awaiting the results.


“Lucy! Ah-oh my god, we need to get you to a hospital!” Levy cried.

“No, no, no, no, I’m fine, I just need to inject my insulin, I’m fine, I swear.” I confirmed, my hands shaking wildly. This can’t be happening; I don’t feel that sick, do I?

“Lucy! If you don’t balance out, you could end up in the ICU, please let me take you!” Levy begged as I grabbed my insulin injection.

“No, it’s fine, I’m fine, I swear, I’ve got this all under control,” I mumbled, sticking the needle in my thigh.

Gross. I hate injections.

“It’s fine, I already feel…better…” I stumbled over my words, the ground swaying closer and closer to me.

“Oh my god, Lucy!”


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Thanks to everyone who woke me with Tumblr messages and flailing/screaming snapchats. I love this fandom you are all so precious and thirsty.


First off, there’s some kind of flashback to the Lexus in the beginning, and I really love the title page:

Doumeki sprawled out and almost desolate, his tie being undone. Nice foreshadowing for the rest of the chapter.

If you all remember how The Rimming ended, to me it seems that Yashiro fell asleep in the back of the car (who can blame him after Doumeki’s tongue did that awesome thing) and Doumeki is bringing him to (probably) his place. Yashiro briefly wakes up and he’s being carried bridal style up the stairs in the rain. UM, Doumeki is so dashing and this kind of hurt/comfort thing is lovely to me. Notice that Yashiro wakes up, feels/knows that Doumeki has him and he’s safe, then promptly passes out on Doumeki’s shoulder again. Can I fucking live?

I’m just gonna say that this is my guess as to how the rest of chapter goes, based on what Doumeki is wearing…or not wearing thankyoulord.

Now this is where last night’s spoiler page comes in (you can see it on the reverse page above.) Doumeki puts Yashiro to bed, reaches out to touch his hair (omfg we’ve come full circle) and then has a crisis out on the porch. Our poor son Doumeki is probably feeling guilt/shame/blaming himself just like he did in chapter 16 since Yashiro dismissed him at the end of The Rimming. At this point, Doumeki probably feels like he took advantage of Yashiro, and he’s just like his father, and all that nonsense is spinning in his brain again. Since he’s wet/sweaty/upset, he takes a shower. Yashiro gets a phone call and wakes up (you can see him talking on the phone on the reverse page, at least I think that’s a phone in his hand on the upper right of the page.)

I don’t know what he’s thinking but once he gets up he’s not capable of rational thought anymore because Yoneda Kou gave us a gift today:

Remember this day, it will be a Saezuru World Holiday. Can I point out that Doumeki is so tall that he has to bend under the doorframe to get out. I am sweating. Apparently, so is Yashiro:


YASHIRO. CAN’T EVEN. Remember…Doumeki is his type so his brain is probably leaking through his ears. Doumeki drying his hair with a towel all non-chalant? This issue needs to be bundled with batteries. Also Doumeki wears white boxer briefs *stuffs tissues in nose*

Then I we have the spoon-feeding scene, (because Doumeki is in a t-shirt and casual pants after getting dressed.) Like I said before, Doumeki is being very caring toward Yashiro, because he feels like he violated his boss, and Yashiro is probably not used to a sexy hunk of man being so nice to him, so he tries to be awkwardly nice and make Doumeki eat too, and then there’s a blowjob. 

When was the last time Yashiro tried to blow Doumeki? In the movie theater in chapter 7 right before he was shot and Doumeki pushed him away. Why? Because at the end of chapter 4 he was getting squirmy and when he was telling Yashiro about his first time in chapter 5, he started to feel something. He knew that if Yashiro blew him in the movie theater that he would get hard and that would cause the end of their relationship. Even now, he doesn’t look terribly happy about unzipping his pants, for various reasons. Our Poor Son probably still thinks that after all they’ve been through, Yashiro still may fire him if he gets an erection. That is so not true and Yashiro needs to make Doumeki believe that.

My guess is that there will be some hardness at the end of this chapter and I hope Yashiro looks on it with pleasant surprise and the two of them finally go for a ride. It’s been five years now please let them fuck or even kiss I am dying of thirst here.

EDIT: According to @maneleleina AND @things-all-love the blowjob happened first and then they stop and one of them says (according to @maneleleina‘s friend) “IT IS CONFIRMED Doumeki said “”We’ve waited so long…do you want to have sex?””””my friend translated it for me………. Crying”

And an anon confirmed it too:  “Yashiro said “Since we have this opportunity, should we have sex?” I’m guessing that’s where the chapter ends!”

GUYS. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? ARE THEY REALLY GOING TO HAVE SEX?  Can someone confirm who’s speaking? It’s said informally so it’s Yashiro, thanks to everyone!


Tonight, I met Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy and Bryan Fuller.
Bryan Fuller was amazing. We (I’m the one in the hat, with my friend Eleanor) were awkwardly standing just to the side of the set as they filmed outside in downtown Toronto. After we watched a shot with Hugh, Bryan, who’d noticed us, brought him over, saying, “I think they’re too nervous to say hi.” Hugh shook our hands, I asked him about shooting in Toronto, we took a picture. It was amazing. After he went back, they did a scene with Mads and we watched him adoringly from afar. That was the last scene at that location so they began to pack up and Eleanor and I were about to leave. Before we could Bryan, once again, brought Mads over to us for a picture and a hello and took a picture. There was also a hilarious man working on set in a truck who made a joke about them “getting hungry” and everyone was simply lovely. A fantastic experience and I respect Bryan Fuller SO much. It took me a moment to realize who he was because he made such a point of talking to us and introducing us to the stars, I thought he must just be working on set until I recognized him. Know when you watch Hannibal that these people are truly wonderful, laid-back and care so much about their fan base. They really do.


Sick by 倉橋トモ (Kurahashi Tomo)

This was in the new release section of the bookstore and it definitely caught my eye (the cover design and the art) so I bought it on a whim.

The book is released by bamboo comics Qpa collection so it has pretty graphic NSFW scenes lol ahhh but the story is really nice!! The entire book is about the two on the cover so there are no one shots inside.

Not gonna lie, I love teasing couples stories so I REALLY ENJOYED THIS HAHAHA…. The art is really nice too! I didn’t find any weird parts that felt awkwardly drawn.

I also took off the cover sleeve and took photos of the inside cover because I thought the design was super nice too. It’s very sleek. *____*

I’ve yet to look up this artist online, but I hope to see more from them soon!

Brett Talbot ➢ More Than Friends

It was a normal day, as normal as it could get for a group of supernatural creatures anyway. You spent most of it with your friends, hanging out and discussing the latest psychotic murder who had walked into town to kill you all. Nothing unusual. 

As you sat on the couch in the McCall house, Brett was right beside you with one arm around your shoulder while his fingers casual played with a strand of your hair. Every now and then he would nuzzle his nose into your neck and place chaste kisses to your cheek and forehead. His proximity to you wasn’t anything new. Whenever you were around he always found himself glued to your hip and vice versa.

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