this scene is priceless


“So, whilst the others were careening, a number of us were inland by a spring.
The sun climbs up over the top of the trees in just a way that it shines off the pool lighting up all around us. In that moment, a bird lands on the water massive, snow-white beast, big as a boar. To this day, I’ve never seen anything like it. Between the sun and the size of it, it just felt meaningful. The answer to a question I did not yet know how to ask. I told him that there were men in the east who would have seen in that bird the darkest of all omens, bringer of death. But then, there are other men near Clifton my my mother’s home who would’ve called it a sign of great fortune, an indication from the heavens that someone up there favored our endeavor together.”


Because he just can’t believe Yuuri can’t remember…

And something I assume was the fact that Victor already knew Yuuri was too drunk to remember most of the things that happened that night.

But he is actually surprised about it.

He’s like… “Wait what…”

“Don’t tell me… you actually don’t remember…”

“not even a single thing… nothing…”

He doesn’t even

remember talking with him.

Which means…

….he obviously doesn’t remember this either.

And that actually explains a lot of things.

Why Victor came and said this with so much confidence.

Because he already knew that’s what Yuuri wantend.

And we know now why Victor was actually surprised to see the other boy…

….acting so distant.

Poor Victor ಥ‿ಥ he actually went to Hasetsu thinking the other boy remembered.

That night was definitely the moment he started falling for the other, and Yuuri can’t even remember he talked with him.


#That one where Octavia and Clarke are interested in each other and go swimming.