this scene is one of my favorites for so many different reasons

Rolled through the credits and now here is my list of reasons why ya boi and I are actually dating:

(SM Postgame spoilers)

  • He wanted to give me his favorite TM but he was too nervous so he made his mom do it for him.
  • He told his mom about me
  • She knew what I looked like, so he told her that too.
  • I climbed into his bed while his mom was there and she didn’t think it was strange at all. I am practically a part of the family.
  • He asked me to meet him on the beach on a moonlit night which like I don’t really watch many romantic movies but if I did I’m pretty sure I would’ve seen this scene before.
  • When we were alone on the beach he referred to himself as “your boy,” which has a totally different connotation when he’s addressing one person instead of a crowd.
  • When I beat him he gave me the item that he received for winning his first pokemon battle, which means he was holding onto this thing for years until he decided I was the one who should have it.

I love Blake’s expressions in this scene. You can totally tell she’s never been embraced with so much love before. Blake isn’t use to love freely given. She grew up in a tough world; in an abusive environment. Yang shows Blake such a different side of life. That you don’t have to lose yourself when you’re trying to find the answers you’re looking for. Summer did an extraordinary job with raising her to love and appreciate people, especially those dear to her.

Yang is afraid of loss. She maybe into partying and having fun but she’s actually a very deep character. Which always seems to come out with Ruby and Blake. Yang is one badass heartfelt person.

This is one of the many reasons why Yang is my absolute favorite. May have a total crush on Blake but Yang is my main.

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite WA scene?

Ahh this is so hard, there are so many amazing scenes that I love for different reasons. 

This might be cheating but I’m going with my two favorite scenes because I can’t choose one over the other. 

-the confession scene in 2x20. It kills me every single time I watch it. I love Iris’ vulnerability and I love Barry’s smile when he realizes what she’s telling him. And the way they step towards each other. It’s such a beautiful scene. 

-And of course the second porch scene at the end of 2x23. From Iris being super supportive and telling Barry she loves him to the kiss that is so sweet and heartbreaking (and pretty to look at it). It’s wonderfully angsty and I can’t get enough of it. 

Although I will say that the bed scene in 3x10 deserves an honorable mention. 

I’m going to stop before I start listing more….

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