this scene is one of my fave from season 3

I asked Jeremy Shada at London MCM on Sunday about Keith and Lance scenes in Season 3 and he said (the abridged version because I didn’t record the conversation): “The first half especially is centered around them as they try and deal with Shiro being gone and moving forward from that”. I’m assuming that means that Shiro’s comeback’ll be midseason (idk, hopefully) but at least it looks like they’ll get some more screentime than Season 2! I should’ve asked about whether Season 3 had the Lance character arc but tbh I was a little starstruck b/c Lance is my fave and Jeremy’s one of my heroes

I’ll probably do a big post with literally everything that happened with moi meeting him because it was an amazing day that i’m gonna carry on gushing about

Edit: The big post where I gush about Jeremy is up :’)


funniest dair moments

Moar Jaime and Brienne cause….cause…my heart…;w;

This scene was my fave just cause of their expressions and I felt (and I think most people did) that Jaime was not only talking bout Oathkeeper here *wink* *wink*

Also because people keep talking about BriennexTormund and it is annoying. The pairing is funny and interesting, but it is literally just one party is sexually aroused and disturbing the other…>3>

I doubt anything will happen with Brienne and Jaime this season, but I am hoping for at least soooome little bitty recognition from the two. Like maybe Jaime or Brienne mentions the other one?

edit: Sooo I dunno why this is happening but the background messes up if you enlarge it…

Day 5 Favourite Zude Era

One Again Lizzy has somehow read my mind about my fave Zude Era.

That said I think if you go through both Season 2 and then my personal favourite Season 3 you can see the progress that they have made.

In season two it was more scheming and hiding the relationship from anyone and Zero trying to blow Jude off as just some guy and Zero not doing relationships but hanging around at Jude’s apartment and buying your agent a car yeh Zero had it BAD for Jude.

In the S2 Finale in the lockeroom scene we see Zero/Gideon’s walls come down a little when he reveals his name to the one person he cares about.

But my fave Zude Era is S3 after 3.04 they are very much there for each other and You would lie for me in Run and Gun speaks volumes of how these guys love each other.

Here’s some cute Caps of Zude in S3 aka my Fave Zude Era

Look at the Rainbow on Jude’s Chest it only really shows up in Screencaps heh

manmarziiyan  asked:

Hi! So I remember a while back that you said that the dargah scene in IPKKND is what made u fall in love with the show but what are ur fave Arshi/non Arshi moments BEFORE the shaadi????

HI!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this question! And I wanted to get it perfect, so I took a long ass time getting back to you, and I’m sorry! 

So I’m gonna go by Season throughout my favorite scenes pre (forced) marriage track!!! I’m gonna TRY limiting myself to 3 scenes per season, otherwise this will be a ridiculously long post!

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