this scene is one of my fave from season 3


MCU Ladies Week

[Day 3-Favourite Scene]-Melinda May in Wake Up

It is ridiculously hard for me to choose my favourite scene with a Marvel lady, even if I were to focus specifically on my fave, Melinda May. And so, instead I chose one of my favourite episodes of this season, Wake Up. In this episode, Melinda May battles Aida within her mind, thinking that she is escaping from Radcliffe and Aida. It is only once she beats Aida, that she realises this is a simulation, later called the Framework. What I loved about this episode (apart from the focus on May), was her absolute motivation towards the end, even when all hope seemed lost. May managed to find hope even in this moment, this was no failure on her part. In fact, May took courage when Aida reveals that she has fought her again and again, May getting closer each time. Because to May, this shows that her escape is progressing, and gives her hope that she will eventually find her way out of the simulation. I love May because she never gives up and always fights, and this episode in particular this season emphasises exactly who she is. I also absolutely love Aida and enjoyed the fighting scenes between her and May throughout this episode.