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Hrllo. I was wondering why Natsu had a sort of troubled expression when Lucy was crying while hugging him. And I noticed yonkou posted only 41 pages. Wasn't it supposed to be 48?

The manga stream translation is out and that has 48 pages.

Natsu never knows what to do with an emotional Lucy. He’s always like a deer in headlights, with Erza or Gray he usually starts a fight or makes a passing quip but with Lucy he doesn’t want to hurt her and doesn’t know how to placate her. 

Natsu’s response is very similar to the scene where Lucy is telling Natsu off for leaving her and essentially hurting her.

This is one of my favourite nalu scenes, Natsu is insulting Gray for leaving Juvia and Lucy, my girl doesn’t put up with that, she basically responded with a ‘Bitch, oh no you didn’t! Your ass is sleeping on the sofa’ vibe. And Juvia knows ;) 

Natsu, once again, doesn’t give her a proper response and deflects the conversation (he’s too chicken sh*t lmao).  Natsu isn’t good with voicing intimate emotions, voicing his intent to kick ass is no problem. Telling Lucy he loves her, that’s an entirely different matter. Look at what happened after Igneel died, rather than talking about it with his friends and being emotionally vulnerable with Lucy he chose to run away. And he runs away in this scenario too. 

Natsu isn’t stupid he knows Lucy and I believe him saying “We’ll always be together” is his way of placating her. He knows she’s a hapless romantic and saying things like that will turn her into a puddle of gooey mush lol 

And she did, look at that blush, she went from livid to putty in his hands in seconds. 


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favourite ability: no longer human (人間失格)

“Death at the claws of a mad predator does possess a certain appeal… but sadly you cannot kill me. My power allows me to nullify the gifts wielded by others merely by touching them.”