this scene is just very important to me

Have just watched the latest Berserk episode. I must say it was even okay, if you overlook the staple low-level animation (poor Ricky, what have they done to you? :( ), but ultimately revealed another big flaw of the newest anime so far: namely, it rushes through the plot so fast that it leaves very little time to really connect with the characters and get to know them on a deeper, more intimate level.

On the one hand I was positively surprised they didn’t cut out Godo’s speech, but on the other it made me realise just how important it is to devote some time to build up things properly and develop the background, because it is the background of the scene that gives it its impact. Guts’ return to Godo’s hut and the subsequent lecture is one of my favourite moments in the manga, I literally cannot read it without tearing up (I’m an emotional being, so what?), but here, it didn’t really do anything to me, it was just there and it passed and I barely even remember it by now (which is unfortunately a common thing with this new anime :/).

I could blame the execution, but in this particular episode they decided to take scenes straight from the manga. The thing is, though, the manga devoted whole arcs beforehand to develop Guts’ character, give you insight into his personality, both good and bad aspects, his fears and hopes. So when Godo calls him out, it has substance, because you know it is an important pitstop in the longer journey, you have seen all that lead to this moment, so when it comes (and when Guts takes that speech to heart and resolves to rethink his priorities) it has one hell of an impact. 

The anime sadly did no such thing, and I know it’s the different medium that comes with tighter time constraints so it’s natural they cut things out, but I think it still could be done better, heck, even the movies managed to paint the general gist of the story and characters pretty well despite omitting quite much, and the anime being episodic has more room to pace things out. Maybe if they didn’t lump the whole thinned Black Swordsman “arc” to the first episode (like the ‘97 anime, now that I think about it), but made it the focus of a first season (or half a season, whatever) it could give enough space to connect with characters first before going to purely character-driven scenes (unless they got canceled before they got that far…).

Because right now the ‘16 anime Guts isn’t really for me the same Guts I know. In the span of the first 3 episodes they didn’t really managed to build a character that would be more than your staple “tough guy on a revenge quest” (and yes, they do show flashbacks, but again, the overall pacing is so rushed and messy that I think they only have still some sort of impact because I knew these characters beforehand, I can’t imagine going into this as my first Berserk experience), it’s almost as if they assumed the viewer already knows and likes him well enough that no effort in this regard is necessary.

So, to sum up, it could have been a genuinely good episode, if it came later and they didn’t rush things so much beforehand (and levelled up the animation, for goodness sake, they had some scenes in this episode that really weren’t atrocious looking - the hellhound was pretty neat, for instance; so I believe they could do that if they tried, but so far it’s more an exception than a rule). 

Also, do we really have to go through that… ekhem… “defnitely-not-hot apostle action” scene again? It’s the third time in the span of four episodes, and the only one that didn’t have it was the one with the Rape Horse™ to make up for it. Come on…

Many A True Nerd starters
  • "Oh, _____ it gets much worse yet."
  • "We've brought you supplies! Mainly Bullets."
  • "No, no, no! Don't set her down! Do not set her down! This is a terrible time to be setting her down!"
  • "Do you want a coconut? Here, I've got a coconut. This will be your new son."
  • "Oh! You can just smash through everything!"
  • "I may have starter too many fires already."
  • "'How important is it to have Erotic or Love scenes'? It's a film about a bakery! ... Very Important."
  • "I want none of these 30 people to blow that thing up."
  • "There is nothing less intimidating than a fat bloke with nipple tassles."
  • "My milk! Gave me a sign! And it said tomorrow you will do something to change your fate! My milk! My milk did that!"
  • "I can't look away from smoke, smoke is not something you can look away from!"
  • "You utter Gibbon"
  • "Captain _____ will always protect you!"
  • "Never charge the man with the Shotgun."
  • "YES! This is the perfect strategy!"
  • "What's so great about a butterfly in a bucket? What does that tell you about the human condition? Are we the butterfly and is Capitalism the bucket?"
  • "Okay, I don't want to be insensitive right now, but, the best thing you can do is stamp on her head until it's mush."
  • "Killed a Dolphin!? Who in the name of God kills a dolphin!?"
  • "How is this going to not go wrong!?"
  • "You killed Santa!? It's Christmas!"
  • "Boooo! Cows!"
  • "Blimey heck! Oh, that's a train!"
“Why? Should I Go See It?”
I am seven years old and I am standing in the shade of our playground out in the school yard, holding a fat, rainbow colored pen. You know…
By Erin Deer

“She isn’t a princess. She isn’t a prop. She isn’t a love interest. She is the main character, in a movie with no other “greater” male main characters. She’s being a bad ass action hero, saving the day not for the happy ending kiss, but for herself and her friends and the world. But most importantly… and this is so, so very, very incredibly important: You can’t see her boobs while she does it.

Wait, let me repeat this: she’s a main character, an action hero, AND there’s no sexy impossible back bending moves in the scene that show off a tight catsuit or cleavage or the silhouette of her toned butt.

She is not leaping all over the screen just to fuel all the fanboy’s fantasies later at home. She is not wearing sexy make up and she does not even have long hair that blows in the wind, still curled, after she defeats the bad guys. Kate McKinnon’s character saves the world in a dirty, baggy MTA jumpsuit.”

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this is dumb but like. I love Yugiri, first of all, but also thank you for like??? including lady friends!! who are important at all times but I love to see them in reader inserts and it just makes me feel warm and good inside idk it's a little weird but I love friendship and I love reader inserts having relationships besides the love interest and thank you a lot


Yugiri is a very very very important lady friend and I’m so glad that you like her and approve of her being in there. I was a bit scared of adding her at first because I know if you read a reader insert you kind of just want one thing which is the character interaction with an existing character, not an OC, right?

But she was just such a key part to the plot and literally the catalyst in my head. The scene that I teased has changed a little bit now, but it’s still Yugiri giving Genji a piece of her mind and its what sets everything in motion. It was like the first scene that I wrote for this fic.

AAAAAAAA SO I’M SO HAPPY AT LEAST ONE PERSON APPROVES OF HER. She’s literally AAA+ friend to you, don’t worry!

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What are your thoughts on sex?

i personally like sex! atm i don’t think of myself as demi/asexual and im okay with that!! i enjoy it more so because i just like/love intimacy and i see sex as very intimate but as ive gotten older ive realized and made it a priority to me to only have sex with ppl that im comfortable with like you can have hook ups and still lay ground rules or still talk about what you do and don’t like with that word!! you can be intimate with someone without having to /know/ them intimately you feel me? in this p*rn i saw the actors before they started were talkin about sexual freedom i believe and they were sayin that even with scenes or just random hook ups it’s important to communicate and make the other person feel what they’re saying is important as well as what you like!!! i think it’s supposed to be enjoyable and fun and you should be able to talk about it before and during!! like it’s okay to be sexual and to enjoy sex and to have sex with ppl you don’t know!! just be safe and communicate even if you never see them again!! imo!!

ok so uhm it’s been. 3 days since my mother got me a very important gift for my efforts in school since i got one the highest final grades i’ve ever received and it’s a camera…and holy shit… ok… this thing is so cool i can’t even explain

i saw that it had many effects/scene settings and one of them was “moon”

i’m just gonna post the photos on my photography blog like…holy shit my dudes i could capture the moon in its true beauty i cried i just. cried when i saw the result


Is there a specific message you convey for each illustration you do?
LISA CZECH: It depends what the illustration is for, I guess! Generally, in most things I do, I try to convey the message that 1. Women’s lives are important, and 2. We’re all a little mutant and monstrous sometimes. I hope I convey a nuanced point of view, as things are not usually ever just black and white.

[The punk scene was] the first place where I started to meet people who built their lives around doing what they love. Even if that meant getting by with very little, it seemed more appealing to me than dredging my life away.

Lisa Czech’s Illustrations Explore Punk, Feminism, & Inner Demons

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Hey I just read some things about the manga called Liar Game or whatever it's called and I already have an otp for it obviously you already know what I'm talking about but can you tell me if they're canon? The Two leads and I love that the male lead is a genius please tell me there is an anime to this.

ASDFAGHSJD I’M SO SORRY BUT THE TWO LEADS IN LIAR GAME AREN’T CANON! T__T (I was hoping for it but it’s understandable much since the manga isn’t tagged as Romance)

Although it’s very obvious that throughout the manga they become important to each other, and even the bad guys try to test their bond by separating them. There’s even scenes where the bad guys anticipate Akiyama and Nao (the leads) fighting. But it turns out they don’t fight. Even Akiyama was surprised like “You’re not mad at me?” and she just smiles “Nope!” (And then the Liar Game agency got disappointed lmao)

There were even scenes of the main rival (who really hates the leads), targeting Nao because he thinks that making her suffer would hurt the genius Akiyama more. So even the bad guy realizes how important Nao is to Akiyama lmao :”)

It’s not clear if they like each other romantically, but damn their moments got me and @magerain squealing like crazy asdfagshjdkasd <33

The manga started in 2005 and completed last year. There’s no anime and I don’t think there will be one, but who knows? I think there’s a character in particular that’s quite “controversial” so it would be difficult to adapt in an anime though. 

If there is an anime, who knows maybe Madhouse might animate it. Madhouse has already animated One Outs, a psychological sports manga from Kaitani Shinobu (the same author as Liar Game). One Outs also has a genius MC (and he’s scary af).

There is however already a drama adaptation (both Japanese and Korean adaptations) and they completely changed the said controversial character I was talking about.

Anyways, even if the characters don’t become canon, its still so worth reading all the way! ^0^

hi! i was wondering if i could have a matchup for fire emblem fates. i’m an entp personality type, which means i often find myself debating things and butting heads with people. it’s all in good fun and for the sake of arguing, though. i love to sing and have been in a lot of shows and plan to study voice performance in college. i just love music in general. i am outgoing and never back down from confrontation. i am also fiercely protective of the people i care about. i do have a sense of humor, though and like to make people laugh. im not very good at showing affection. I could argue with someone forever but as soon as someone flirts with me I’m gone. i am good in social scenes but alone time is still very important to me. i like to read and write.

im female, 5'6" with brown hair and brown eyes.

thank you!

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I think you’d pair well with Azama! If you’re up for a good debate he’s totally your guy. Intelligent and self-assured he is able to keep up with you and make such little conflicts enjoyable to both of you. He can be a bit harsh, but being an ENTP I wouldn’t expect you to be too easily offended, and you may be able to take what he says and find some interest in it. This is a quality Azama would respect, and along with your intelligence I think he’d find you respectable and would like being around you. Azama would also like that you could make him laugh. He would totally use your inability to show affection against you though, so in the midst of debates, arguments or what have you he might pull you in for a sudden kiss, hug, or other affection to get you blushing. He’d find it rather adorable. You seem to have a fairly dominant personality, strong in your convictions, and I think Azama would be able to deal with this in a balanced way. Most of the time he’d be easy going enough to go along with you, but if he felt the need to stand up either for himself or for your own good he wouldn’t have trouble doing so.  The two of you both like your quiet time and are able to respect that need, which helps things remain smooth. Azama would find your more creative pursuits rather cute as well, for lack of a better word.

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The majority of the fanservice in Code Geass happened in either silly scenes or at least neutral ones (camera angleS during standard combat), not the most important. Either way, the show was always very aware of its over-the-top nature and embraced it. I can’t agree with your claim that the fanservice scenes in Gurren Lagann ever "enhanced" anything. Geass did have a superficially crazy story, but it still makes a lot of sense when viewed in proper perspective. Agree to disagree, I guess.

It’s been years since I’ve seen it so there is a possibility that I’d agree with you if I rewatched it. 

Like I said it wasn’t a terrible anime for me. Just an anime with terrible moments. The main reason why I took such a stance against it was the fact that a lot of people thought Code Geass was one of the best anime ever and it just isn’t even close to that status.

Overall I think I gave Code Geass a 6/10? Maybe 7/10?

Which under MAL meant that it was either good or okay

alright I’ve just realized that bellarke does not interact like at all in the go home or make a home verse (except for one of the end scenes in ppb where Murphy is like “I am really jealous + mad about This Whole Thing but I don’t understand how feelings work so I’m just going to yell and leave!”) and bellarke is a Very Important Relationship to me personally (not really as a romantic pairing though) so here’s some META! /bonus material

Clarke is experimenting with this thing where she spends about 60% of her time in Polis as both an ambassador and with the official title of Wanheda but with the other 40% of her time at the dropship. She does take a backseat role in leadership here, I think, mainly because like, the drop ship is her ‘fun’ job and being Wanheda is her 'real’ job. Kane and her mom are also living at the drop ship as like, two of the adults who survived through ALIE’S takeover of Arkadia.

Some side meta about Kane: Kane did this thing where he was like “bellamy is gone but I am still a Dad so hey Murphy come be my surrogate son for a while” and Murphy was like “I am only interested in this relationship if it gets me free food”, which it did for awhile and then Kane got tired of bribery. Kane is the only person that Murphy lets take care of him when he’s injured though, so there is that. (This is entirely because Jackson is in the CoL.) Anyhow now that Bellamy is back, Kane has abandoned Murphy as a project.

(Kane is still a character because at 'the end’ of the series, the show’s two most 'revolutionary/visionary’ leaders will be in power, Lexa and Kane.)

Clarke is still With Lexa at the moment, and while that relationship has its own set of communication issues and weird problems, Clarke is never forced to forgive Bellamy for the 300 like she is in the show. She can afford to be mad at Bellamy because they’re not both leaders at the drop ship.

Anyhow! They’re still pretty civil to each other, and Clarke will be instrumental in A.L.I.E’s takedown, so they’ll have to 'learn’ to work together again. They’re civil to each other in the way that Murphy is civil to Clarke in that it is way easier to carpool to Polis than it is to go alone.

So when Bellamy’s team gets banged up on missions or hunting trips, he’ll send them to Clarke, but he’ll probably wait for Kane or Dr. Griffin himself.

Also, about 130 people live @ the drop ship (the Delinquents + misc. family members + misc. youth).

Will Murphy and Clarke ever repair their relationship? find out more in never quite free!!!

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You can choose to try and shoot the blade itself, but I'm not sure how much of an effect that has on the relationship.

Yeah - that is true I forgot about that but - it’s more the existence of the option at all bugging me I guess? Making him choose between Ashley and Josh I get, make him decide between two different kinds of love and which is more important. I guess it just rubs me the wrong way, it’s hard to put into words why.

I know very few people that actually did shoot ashley, it’s just .. weird I guess. I feel like a trap whatever scenario like that could have been far more suited towards jess and em - or Mike and Jess. yeah I know that defeats what josh was going for they just - idk I guess chris and Ashley just feel out of place in the scene