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What truly amazes me is after these 10 episodes I went back to the skam website and found out that these are the two most hearted clips on the site. Way ahead any of the iconic evak scenes.

And i think this really is a testament to the ability of julie and the rest of the crew behind skam that they’re able to drive home these messages that really resonates with a lot of people. 

The coming out scene was the turning point for me when skam became more than just a TV show to me. And the O Helga Natt clip then cemented skam as a body of work that will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

These two clips are the embodiment of alt er love and du er ikke alene, and the number of hearts there are evidence of that. 

Holy shit words can’t even describe that scene. Like I could watch that scene over and over again in pure awe. Well not for the first time because I was internally screaming but now I’m watching it in awe. Stiles has come so far. It’s just truly amazing to see this boy finally confident in front of the girl he’s had a crush on for so long. And her face. HER FACE. H E R F A C E. she loved it. She loved everything about it. She loves him. Simply said.

@hippano has arrived!! Andrew was given a copy of her “Pride” final scene illustration after “Hamlet” last night and he absolutely loved it. I asked my friend if she could get a photo of him with it and, thanks to that thoughtful and generous man himself, she got more! Quite aside from the fact that he was truly delighted and very impressed with the picture, apparently he was chuffed to bits to find that it was actually for him to keep (as my friend said, “As if we were just gonna show him this amazing picture of the film he’s so incredibly proud of and then take it home again, leaving that adorable man empty-handed). 

So much did he love it, in fact, that he insisted on signing something for Hippano herself, wanting to know her name so he could sign it to her personally. So a “Hamlet” programme will be winging its way to Canada pretty soon. 

I’ve been told the back cover of the programme is missing though. So pleased was Andrew with his wee gift that he signed the back cover to my friend - again, personally, even though he was just quickly signing his name to most stuff and then moving along to the next person. 

Luckily, the kid she took to see “Hamlet” had the light set right and got great side view pics as Andrew looked into the lens that didn’t seem to be functioning so well. 

Yay! for Hippano, Yay! for folks who give gifts to a thoroughly exhausted actor who’s always so generous with his time, and Yay! for Andrew himself, for continuing to be such an amazing and beautiful person. 

Oh, and Gertrude fell into Ophelia’s grave but that’s a whole other story. 

Things to think about if you’re about to give up on streaming.

- Think about our wonderful leader, Yongguk. He didn’t even sleep on his vacation just so he could write songs for this album. He has been struggling with a panic disorder and yet he still cared more about making these songs. This amazing man spent so much of his time working on this masterpiece of an album for us. 

- Think about our handsome visual, Himchan. This beautiful man got so immersed in his role that he and Jongup accidentally kissed whilst filming a scene. You can see that he was truly dedicated to his role and if that isn’t great acting, then I don’t know what is. And he did this for us.

- Think about our talented lead vocalist, Daehyun. He has talked about his stage phobia and yet he still manages to give us the most amazing and beautiful vocals on each and every stage and album. You can see that this boy cares for every single ‘baby’ and he wants to give us the best songs we could ever listen to. He does all of this for us.

- Think about our clever lead vocalist, Youngjae. Let’s take a long moment to appreciate the fact that this boy can make anyone smile. Even if he isn’t your bias or whatever, you have to admit that our hyperactive Youngjae can make us all laugh and smile - no matter what. You can clearly see that he loves us babyz. He does so much for us.

- Think about our shy main dancer, Jongup. His performance in skydive still has everyone crying and those who say they’re not are just lying. Jongup went from being our quiet dancer to a knife-wielding gang member! Do you know how hard it was for him to act like that? He did that for us.

- Think about our dance machine maknae, Zelo. Have you seen some of the amazing choreography used for each of B.A.P’s songs? Well our adorable boy Junhong helps choreograph so many of the beautiful dances that they perform. He works so hard to make sure that we get to see some of the most wonderful dances be performed. He does this for us.

This perfect group work so hard for us. So, let’s do something for them.

Still shocked about Even's line

I’ve never seen a tv series or movie have one line change the narrative and the depths of every action and scene we come to know, like Even’s did. With one line Even made the audience and Isak go back and reflect on every moment and smash any insecurity Isak has ever had about Even’s intent and feelings. I’m rewatching for a third time since the reveal and there are just so many things you pick up on and it’s truly amazing. You can see it in Even’s eyes even more now and if he liked Isak before meeting him…Even’s smile when they kiss for the first time…it was adorable pre-reveal, but now…oh god it just so much more behind it now. The line wasn’t huge twist to change the story, it was a simple confession to a boy he loves and that one beat all the twist and reveals in the world.


Yeah, yeah, the airport scene was gorgeous and all, yes, but can we pLEASE talk about how supportive Yurio was in this episode? Like for a second there, he didn’t care about if Yuuri beat him or not, he just knew that Yuuri needed the encouragement and support that he didn’t have and he was willing to give it to him. And I don’t know about you but I think that is pretty amazing because we all have seen how Yurio feels about/ acts toward Yuuri, but he knew that right then, that wasn’t important. It truly does take a lot of maturity and respect to put your own feelings aside for a bit and just do something for someone else, not because you want to, but because you know they need it.


Person of Interest - 2x22.

One of those amazing scenes that show what a truly decent and beautiful human being John Reese is. Forget the good looks, the hair and the badasserie. This is truly why I love him and what makes him one of the best fictional characters ever.

Here, basically, John just learned that Ordos happened because of Harold. Ordos, where he lost everything. His job, his partner, his illusions about his mission, and of course, Jessica. All because of Harold. Harold, of course, feels guilty, and apologizes. We would all expect John to be at least a tiny bit angry. At least hurt. He has every right to. He lost *everything* because of that laptop in Ordos. But instead of expressing any anger or pain, what does John do? He just makes a little face, and then, then, he smiles! And he reassures Harold. Because that’s what John does. He is the man who needs all the hugs in the world, but he’ll give you one instead.

Aidan and Eleanor

I just wanted to post a blog about these two and how incredible they are at portraying Ross and Demelza. As I watched them last night I felt at one point I needed a hug, just now going through my tumblr dash, I was teary looking at the GIFS and reading the comments.
They have managed to achieve something quite amazing. They are wholly convincing in every scene and I and most people reading this totally believed in Ross and Demelza’s depth of love for each, their affection and regard. Yes they had their moments and then it all fell apart.
I knew Aidan and Eleanor were amazing, with tangible on screen chemistry, but it is now really, that you truly appreciate how off the scale awesome they are in their scenes.
I am truly upset as I see this couple, who I know deep down love each other so much, tear the heart out of each other. It hurts to watch and is painful. They are fictional I tell myself and there in lies they key. With their incredible and believable acting, you totally buy into their relationship, rooting for them, willing Ross to say the right thing and to find each other again.
It is very rare, if not unique to have two actors who connect so well, they bring out such emotion and feeling in the viewers. To have the ability to get spot on such contrasting scenes as the stocking scene and the tea cup scene, is not ordinary, far from it, it is extraordinary.

Thank You Darren

You truly were born to play the role of Hedwig and before you finish the tour today, I just wanted to say thank you.  You truly shine like the brightest star on that stage and I feel priveledged to have experienced the gift of your Hedwig both in NYC and San Fran.   No matter what is happening behind the scenes, always remember you are uniquely talented.   There is no one else like you  and you have a bright, amazing future in front of you that will only shine even brighter when you find freedom.

I hope that now that this tour is over, you have some peace in your life for a short while. 

GUYS I DON’T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND HOW HAPPY THOSE PROMO PHOTOS FOR 2X10 OF MAGNUS LUKE AND RAPHAEL MAKE ME. These characters are so incredibly amazing and deserve so much better than how they’ve been treated by others because some people feel that just because they’re downworlders that they don’t have to listen to them but these 3 are some of the most amazing, truly caring beings and I’m beyond elated that they’re getting more scenes, not to mention SCENES TOGETHER

it is truly amazing to me how excited squers are for the princess emma scenes solely because she’s wearing makeup. 

I was looking through the Emma tag and there are so many of them pointing out how great it is that it’s just Emma and Regina and Emma looks so much better because she’s wearing makeup and she’s not with Hook. “She doesn’t look tired or sick anymore!”

It is AMAZING to me that a community that is supposed to love and uphold two central women on a show can be so incredibly misogynistic. Ship swan queen all you want, make edits and fics and speculate your eyes out, but is this how you really like Emma best? Cursed, not herself, and most importantly wearing makeup? That’s the big takeaway? She’s happy now and you can tell because her lips are red? 

In canon, Emma is happy. She has a family and that includes both Regina and Hook whether any of us like that or not. But Emma’s choice to not wear makeup does not factor into her overall arc and her happiness. 

Like shiitttttt. Wtf. 

i honestly truly cannot believe there are people who think it’s something praise worthy that oliver kicked laurel when she was down, blamed her for being an addict, and told her it was unfair for her to be an addict around him- and this is, let me remind you all, after he started fucking her sister again. people truly think oliver did the Honest and Brave thing by calling laurel a pathetic addict, and it’s just so amazing to me how many people on this website say “i’m here for the ladies!!!” or other trite bullshit but when push comes to shove, really love to show their true colors in the most ableist ways possible. anyone who supports oliver in that disgusting piece of shit scene can unfollow me and walk off a cliff, i don’t have time for ableists. thanks

25 Days of Outlander, Day 8 - Favourite Master Raymond Scene

I have to choose the first moment that we meet Master Raymond, from Episode 2.02, Not in Scotland Anymore, because Dominique Pinon made him everything I had ever hoped he would be, and far more. He captured his warmth, his otherworldliness, and his absolute ‘frogness’. 

And the setting - well, Jon Gary Steele created something truly wonderful, the apothecary shop was spectacular, including that alligator hanging from the rafters! You can watch and rewatch this scene over and over,  and just let your eyes travel across the screen taking in all the amazing props that fill up the shelves.

And of course, I as ‘Master Seamstress’ ( thanks for that, @kalendraashtar) can’t talk about Master Raymond, and not wax lyrical over his costume. It is an absolute masterpiece of design by Terry Dresbach. 

Obviously,  I couldn’t resist having a go at recreating such an amazing coat, but how was I to find a doll that could represent Raymond? Well that’s where my brain thought laterally, and FrogMaster Raymond was born!

It probably is the most delicate intricate embroidery work I have ever done, and I look back now and wonder how I managed it….

And lastly, this scene also features Claire in that glorious tribute to Christian Dior, another costuming triumph by Terry D.

Just so many reasons to love this scene. 

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I love the video you just posted so much! It's truly amazing to see that she still seems to care about Isak so much :) <3 Thank you for that!

yay, i’m happy you liked it :) 💝  eva does still care about isak, and isak still cares about eva, it was so obvious in that scene :) 

here’s a happy screencap for you:

from that scene :) this right here warms my heart, look at how they’re smiling at each other, such sincere smiles. happy and glad to be talking to each other, at last, happy to see how their dear friend is doing well. i’m not saying they immediately became the closest friends right after, but what a great great start that was. and over three months later now, i’d like to think that these two are really good friends again, and that they’re even more open and honest with each other. it’s friday night right now, maybe they’re at the same party, having a fantastic time 💝 

#ThankYouBones Week - Day 1

12 episodes/seasons of your choosing

  1. The Skull in the Desert (S1) - That scene with Angela in the desert where she finally realizes where Dani is a truly touching, moving scene.
  2. Aliens in a Spaceship (S2) - Absolutely one of my favorite episodes of this show. The “it’s been a privilege” line and Booth thanking God for saving all of them are stands out.
  3. Season 4, just season 4. So many amazing episodes in that season. 
  4. I’m also gonna go ahead and say season 5 as a whole too. Lots of great stuff happened in that season and lots of great episodes. 
  5. The Twist in the Plot (S8) - Booth’s video to Christine is just beautiful and moving and gods I love it so much.
  6. The Movie in the Making (S11)- Mockumentary (sort of)! Plus, I love the things the characters say at the end of it. Just, so fitting with who they all are.
  7. The Change in the Game (S6) - Double whammy of Booth and Brennan becoming canon and also Michael Vincent being born. And gods, I love Hodgins and Angela telling each other those things they say especially “Every time you take my hand I feel your whole life vibrating with mine.”
  8. The Patriot in Purgatory (S8) - A moving episode about September 11 and plus, we get to see multiple interns in the same episode!
  9. The Woman in White (S9) - Booth and Brennan get married and also, we get to see multiple interns in the same episode! 
  10. The Resurrection in the Remains (S11) - A sanctioned crossover event with a show that I was a fan of (at the time)? Heck yes. And they did it so perfectly without compromising the show’s non-supernaturalness. 
  11. The Prisoner in the Pipe (S7) - Christine is born! It’s very lovely!
  12. The Ghost in the Machine (S8) - The story was uniquely told and it was very touching. 

honestly i truly don’t care about a single ship on pll (but to be fair i never did i care about the mystery) but like jason dilaurentis would actually treat aria right and like just being real here when have we ever seen ezra be as sweet to aria as jason is? like i have NEVER seen the chemistry between ezria (literally the only scenes they do they’re either “overcoming something” or they’re fighting or they’re doing it, like never just being a normal couple) and like honestly jason is amazing screw all y'all i’ll eat dinner by candlelight in a power outage with jason if you don’t want him let me have him and his beautiful hair

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People being all kinds of stupid on my TL. Harry just won Spoiler TV's best performer & stupid Directioners couldn't let him have this. He deserves so much praise & love. Also, I had to unfollow a popular account that begins with a C bc this person is so pressed their straight white fave isn't getting enough attention like Malec. This acct loves Sebastian, I should've known. *bangs head on keyboard* Btw, have you seen the new SH snaps? Are they filming a club scene? Is Harry going to dance? 😱

Hello Harry loving nonnie, ready to answer this .I know seriously it’s so gross. Harry just won something he truly deserves, some recognition, and us his fans wanted him to know we appreciate him. Of course no one but their precious basic white boy could do anything special and get a moment of glory. Nope only their harry is amazing. It’s so childish. And you’re so right OUR Harry deserves everything good in this world. 

As for following accounts, including popular ones, I hear you. It’s been happening to me too. Oh well at least we get to interact with like minded people.

I saw them, and if Harry dances as Magnus my life would be made. I mean I became a Harry fan years ago through his dancing so this would be super epic for me. 

Keep loving Harry 😉


Please don’t think bad of my Shuu baby! Don’t hate him for nothing- people don’t understand this scene unless they’ve readed the manga. Otherwise this just looks pretty dumb with Tsukiyama just appearing when they didn’t even meet AT ALL in the whole season! Tbh it pisses me off- because they truly had such an amazing relationship in the manga- My friend who roleplays as a Tsukiyama got like messages asking “Why did you choose to rp Tsukiyama when he’s such an lame character?” Ffffuuck you- READ THE MANGA FOR GOD SAKES PLEASE ! DON’T HATE MY BABY WHEN THERE’S NO REASON QAQ - #ShuuProtectionSquadftw