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Late Late Show

Summary: At the launch of your new series Riverdale, you and Cole’s relationship has finally become public after KJ leaked a photo of you two out of character onto Twitter. In addition to dating him, your character is Jughead’s love interest, and so you have an interview with James Cordon.

Word Count: 1141

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“Everyone please welcome, one of the newest stars of the CW’s hit Riverdale, (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!”

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Guys how depressing is it how young Azula was?

see I watched Avatar before I turned fourteen, so I never realized just how YOUNG fourteen is. Now I realize how fucked UP it is for a fourteen year old girl to be manipulating, threatening, and killing people.

Like she’s this brilliant little political strategist, she’s blackmailing and lying to people and starting coups and she’s powerful and talented…

But she’s also really, really fucked up, like, remember when you were fourteen?

You were just a kid, really, you just started high school, you had acne and you said painfully embarrassing things and watched anime.

What was Azula doing?

Well argue that she’s evil, but she wasn’t born like that.

She was made that way.

Unlike Zuko, her personality took their father’s bullshit the OPPOSITE way.

She became what daddy wanted and that made her want his approval more than anything and guess what that brought her?

Misery and mental instability and the inability to connect to others.

Now Zuko’s character development is the greatest development ever written.

But hers is damn close because they HIT THE SAME POINT but Zuko hit it and realized oh shit…my dad sucks.

And Azula hit it and thought I need to become better. I need to become perfect. I’m the problem not daddy.

But she could never be perfect, you see, the world doesn’t go according to your plans, and your father doesn’t love you and won’t, because he’s using you as a pawn and your BROTHER realized this before you.

Your brother decided he wouldn’t be your father’s tool anymore.

I think one of the greatest scenes was when Azula was mangling her own hair.

Like that scene where she imagines her mother…

Earlier she had said “my own mother thought I was a monster” and then looked solemn…but light heartedly brushing it off by saying “she was right of course.”

But that always seemed to me like a quick cover.

Like me when I say “so I’m complete scum…how’s your day?”

You laugh off the things that hurt most.

Maybe she thought her mother hated her because she acted like her father.

Maybe she grew to resent her mother because she loved Zuko more for his compassion and the fact that they were probably more alike than she and her father.

It’s kinda common, actually, for a parent to be more fond of the child that more closely resembles them, it’s an ego thing.

Maybe she subconsciously knew that her father was more like her, but that he doesn’t truly love ANYONE cuz he’s an ass, and she told herself that his approval was enough.

But she didn’t get AFFECTION from him like Zuko got from their mother.

So in that scene where she sees her mother being affectionate but mocking as she tells her she looks lovely, maybe that’s all of her insecurities come back to haunt her.

It’s just.

Avatar is amazing.

Azula being 14 and THIS FUCKED UP.

Like incredible, you will never hate a villain more than Ozai.

He fucked up nations and fucked up his own family, and by all rights Aang should’ve killed him, like you wanted that to happen…but then he doesn’t.

And you realize Aang is a damn monk and all of these people, even if they can’t be saved, deserve compassion.

Azula, I believe, was saved. Zuko had more compassion for her, as he always did, than she ever had for him, but in a way, it’s really not her fault.

sometimes i get emo about tarjei because what a talented boy but also? you have to be really open minded and sensitive and mature and compassionate to not only take on a role like isak’s but also bring it to life the way he did and it’s truly special to see a teenage boy with pretty much no experience achieve that? and like, we don’t KNOW the guy which is good and please pleaseeee let him stay a private person because that’s obviously what he wants but even with not knowing much about him, i allow myself to assume that he’s a really good person and a talented person because of the work he’s done on skam and i just!! i hope all his wishes come true and honestly it’d be lovely for him to have a long and successful career as an on-screen actor and for him to be known internationally for his talent but tbh if he wants a smaller career and if he wants to experiment some more with theatre or behind the scenes or anything really then that’s amazing too and i’m sure he’ll be fantastic at it and i just hope he gets to keep doing what he loves because i think he truly truly deserves it 

Logan (2017) Review

No actor has had a longer career playing a comic book character than Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. He debuted in the first X-Men movie back in 2000 and played the character for 17 years. Along the way, the movies he starred in were hit or miss, but he always did justice to the character. However, the last movie, Logan, is nothing less of a masterpiece.

I’m almost sad it took so long to make a great film about this character. The X-Men Origins thing was atrocious, The Wolverine was a slight improvement but had big problems in the third act and now Logan is really good. This is the best movie so far that truly defines who this character is. James Mangold, the director, created this amazing western tone for the film that works excellent with the character.

Also, being rated R, the action scenes are truly wonderful. We finally get to see Wolverine chop people up with those claws in a very brutal manner. This is no CGI-fest, it’s down to earth and gritty. Legs and arms are flying around, and heads are decapitated. And we finally get to see that berserker rage of his that was promised to us years ago. This is just a testament that Hugh Jackam and Mangold really understand and respect both the character and the fans. I have feeling there was little studio interference with this one.

The movie also introduces new characters like Laura a.k.a. X-23, a fan favorite. Dafne Keen does a really good job considering what kind of violent stuff goes down in this movie and she is truly a revelation. We are talking about an 11-year-old girl who is extremely violent yet sensible, and it really works. Boyd Holbrook plays the really charismatic villain Donald Pierce, a reaver who works for the company who wants Laura. Stephen Merchant also brings a great addition to the movie as the mutant Caliban, who helps out Logan with Xavier. Also, one of the most underrated actors out there, Richard E. Grant, is in this movie in another villain role, and even though he does a great job, I felt he was a little wasted.

But the true chemistry that stands out in this one is the one between Logan and Professor Xavier. The father-son relationship is explored on so many layers and brings lots of emotion and heartbreak. Xavier is now old and sick, has some sort of dementia and Logan does all he can to take care of him. More backstory of what happened will be explored in the film but I won’t give too much away here. It’s really something you have to see.

Logan is one of the best superhero movies out there, mainly because it’s not a superhero movie! It’s just a character’s journey done in a gritty, real manner. Logan is basically Unforgiven with a mutant twist, and, even though it has some very tiny problems, it’s a truly amazing experience and it deserves a 9 out of 10. Go see this one!

So I just Saw Wonder Woman

And it was the perfect marriage of my two favorite genres, the superhero movie and the war movie. So I’m going to nerd out for a minute.

- Diana kicks so much ass in this movie, she is unquestionably the star and her fight scenes are so cool. Just beautifully choreographed and stunning.

- The sound design on this movie is really good, every time the Wonder Woman theme played I got chills. And there is one moment where the German general touches Dr. Poison’s face implants and it makes the sound that ceramic makes and it was such a small detail but it stuck out to me.

- Steve Trevor is perfect. I have nothing else to say I’m just in love with him.

- The side characters all had very small roles but they were so memorable. Like I got enough of what I wanted from all of them and I really liked them. They all had a moment, the Amazons, Etta, Steve’s squad, but they never took over the movie for me nor were they superfluous.

- Diana deserves to be happy and I love her so much.

On note of some of the War stuff that I loved so so much:

- They use grenades correctly!!!!!!!!!!
• Which is so huge they never do that in moves but when they actually want to use bombs they use bombs and not grenades that just happen to explode fire and not shrapnel.

- The bunkers were so cool and the no mans land scene was amazing!!! It looked so perfect.
• I had moment when they took over a village that this worked perfectly as a war movie, like it fit with say Band of Brothers. The way it was filmed was so fitting.

- I truly believe that this was a war fought with normal people trying their best that just happened to have a superhero dropped into it.

- This movie really understands WW1. Like the way people felt and acted about and in the war. The environment, the weapons, the politics, and, most importantly, the changing understanding of war. It felt like it respected the conflict.

- Which, as much as I love that movie and I do, is something captain America the first avenger didn’t do. It got the comic book part, but not the actual war. It understood the cheesy, obvious aspects of WWII, punching nazis and fighting for good and freedom, but the larger conflict the larger moral lessons and feeling of that war was left unexplored. Which is not something I begrudge. They made a superhero movie for my favorite marvel hero which I loved. But Wonder Woman actually made a war movie. And I love and respect that so much. 

 - CONCLUSION: WONDER WOMAN is so great. It’s spectacular and I love it and I’m gonna see it a thousand more times. It’s the kind of movie I can watch over and over again and if this is DC going forward I want to see more! Go see Wonder Woman!!!

Can I just say that I love Shiro? Like Takashi Shirogane is the only adult in a group of kids who were sent to space to save the universe. Not only that, but he’s faced extreme trauma for a year up to this space travel. So first of all, it’s gotta be hard. I mean, he went through a major hard thing, but he can’t, he won’t put that pressure on the kids.

Shiro immediately takes the leadership role, despite being the most out-of-practice when it comes to space flight. But he’s the natural leader of the group. He’s the oldest, the most mature, the one they lean on.

But that’s also an immense pressure. Like Shiro tries as much as he can to protect the other kids. Is he perfect at it? Hell no. He’s young too. Not prepared to be one of the sole caretakers of a group of kids. It’s pretty undeniable that he has shown a bit of favoritism towards Keith and Pidge, but I think it’s subconscious and just because he has prior relationships with them and he’s gravitating towards the familiar. I think once he realizes it or someone points it out to him, he would be pretty horrified by the realization, but he’s just a young guy.

You just gotta love him. As much as we joke about it, he truly is a Space Dad. How many 20-somethings do you know that could hang out with kids all day and not absolutely lose it? There’s no other word for it besides paternal. And I really love this flip on the trope. Shiro is an amazing fighter, can even be vicious. He’s gone through severe trauma, he’s maintaining his grief, he’s rough around the edges, and yet he’s so soft when dealing with the kids.

What really gets me is in the once scene in Episode 5 where Lance is unconscious and Shiro is carrying him through the castle. He knows Lance is injured and it’s easy to tell how much he cares by his nervous chatter. But what really really gets me is that Shiro is tired, he’s panting and sweating, he knows the castle has been breached but he’s so careful with Lance. And when he sees Sendak in the castle, he makes his way over to the side. And he lays Lance down, but he’s so so gentle with his head. Like, he sets Lance’s head down separately. And he’s in no hurry, either. He knows he’s about to fight for both their lives, but at that moment, taking care of Lance is a priority for him, and I think that’s really telling of his character. 

Shiro is not perfect, and he is so so young to be a caretaker, but that’s exactly what he is. And I’m so grateful that we have a physically strong and imposing male character who takes that role.

@hippano has arrived!! Andrew was given a copy of her “Pride” final scene illustration after “Hamlet” last night and he absolutely loved it. I asked my friend if she could get a photo of him with it and, thanks to that thoughtful and generous man himself, she got more! Quite aside from the fact that he was truly delighted and very impressed with the picture, apparently he was chuffed to bits to find that it was actually for him to keep (as my friend said, “As if we were just gonna show him this amazing picture of the film he’s so incredibly proud of and then take it home again, leaving that adorable man empty-handed). 

So much did he love it, in fact, that he insisted on signing something for Hippano herself, wanting to know her name so he could sign it to her personally. So a “Hamlet” programme will be winging its way to Canada pretty soon. 

I’ve been told the back cover of the programme is missing though. So pleased was Andrew with his wee gift that he signed the back cover to my friend - again, personally, even though he was just quickly signing his name to most stuff and then moving along to the next person. 

Luckily, the kid she took to see “Hamlet” had the light set right and got great side view pics as Andrew looked into the lens that didn’t seem to be functioning so well. 

Yay! for Hippano, Yay! for folks who give gifts to a thoroughly exhausted actor who’s always so generous with his time, and Yay! for Andrew himself, for continuing to be such an amazing and beautiful person. 

Oh, and Gertrude fell into Ophelia’s grave but that’s a whole other story. 

my tribute to the wonderful and legendary jasper jordan

(Disclaimer: English isn’t my mother tongue, so I already apologize for any mistakes)
Jasper Jordan deserves - or rather now - deserved better. 

And you might agree - you might be sad about the fact that Jasper died or you might be unaffected - hell, I’ve read enough comments about people wanting Jasper to die, because they thought he’s annoying. Annoying. Fuck - that’s just - actually that’s messed up. But this isn’t about the people that have hated or still hate on Jasper, this tribute is dedicated to this wonderful fictional character I learned to love and appreciate. 

We got to know Jasper as this funny, dorky guy in S1 - people loved him for being positive, for being funny, for being naive, but brave at the same time. People loved him in S1, because he was easy to love. Because positive, funny people are easy to love - you seem them smile and they make you smile - and what’s there not to love? 

S2 Jasper - yeah, he was inspiring, wasn’t he? He was so fucking brave, he stood up for himself, for his friends in Mount Weather, he took the lead, because Clarke or Bellamy weren’t there - and he was motivating everyone else. S2 Jasper was inspiring people to do something, S2 Jasper was brave and fierce and - and he fell in love with this wonderful girl named Maya - and then everything went downhill from there. Everyone in Mount Weather died, Maya died - and Jasper - Jasper felt so safe in Mount Weather, he felt at peace, safe - ‘till he didn’t. 

Because while we got to know Jasper as this funny, dorky guy in S1 - people tend to forget what actually happened to him in S1. This boy is 16 years old and he was kidnapped by grounders and speared - he almost died. His friends died - and there was danger everywhere - but Jasper continued to be strong, continued to be this funny, dorky guy that people easily loved. He almost died again later, when Murphy threatened to kill him - so Jasper was constantly in danger, he was constantly on the edge of death, but people tend to forget that, because in S2 everything seems to be okay with Jasper - right? Because it didn’t affect him at all - and that’s where people are so wrong. 

Jasper suffered from PTSD - and this is canon - end of discussion. And his portray of PTSD was so real and raw and it’s actually sad that people only view it as annoying. Jasper didn’t suddenly “get depressed”, because of a girl “he just met”. I’ve read this so so many times and I can’t believe people can misinterpret a character and their storyline so heavily. This 16 year old boy went through so much, daily, they were basically at war  - he was on the edge of death - daily - at the age of 16 !!! - and if that’s not fucking traumatizing. But - I think what really affected him was that he thought Mount Weather would be safe. That they could be at peace and safe - that they could eat as much chocolate cake as they want and he could flirt with this cute girl from across the room - but as it turns out - he was never safe. The people in Mount Weather betrayed them and in the end his own people betrayed Jasper - or at least that’s how Jasper felt. And as Jasper said, they went to earth to see if it’s survivable - and from what he’s seen - it’s not. 

We’re at S3 now - and when I look back, I’ve always loved Jasper, but you know what, if I’m being honest - I really fell in love with Jasper in S3. And that’s pretty ironic, because people hated on Jasper constantly at that point. And why? Because he couldn’t deal with what happened and tried to cope with alcohol? Because he felt betrayed by his closest friends? Because the girl he fell in love with died in his arms and he couldn’t do anything about it? Because this sixteen year old boy suffered from so much trauma and never really experienced safety on earth? Because he suffers from a real and valid mental illness - PTSD? Because all I’ve read - all these arguments are “Jasper should just get over it”, “they all went through something traumatic” - but that’s the thing - Jasper isn’t everyone else. And you should never expect everyone to deal with their trauma the same way you do. You should never expect someone, who went through hell, to just get over it - and you should never expect Jasper to just get over it, because there are people on the show that went through something similar and are not as affected as Jasper was. 

And you might say that S3 Jasper is just “a drunken idiot”, annoying, broken, useless - I don’t care what ugly word you want to throw at him - but you know what? Jasper protected Raven, he actually saved her. Jasper - the apparently annoying, useless mess that you wanted dead - saved and rescued Raven. Jasper was a hero. 

And it’s funny, because people call Jasper selfish, self-absorbed and annoying - and I could never see that. Jasper is one of the most caring and loving people on the show and if you want to disagree - fine - but we saw Jasper, while he was positive and dorky - and he helped people, cared about them and showed bravery - and we saw Jasper, while he felt broken and while he drank himself to unconciousness - and he still cared about people, saved Raven, tried to comfort Octavia after Lincoln died or Monty after his mum died - but so many people still had the nerve to call him selfish. Because he can’t just suck it up or act like he’s fine? Because he’s not like every other character? 

But while you view him as an annoying character and hate him for acting like this - I just love him more. And just as Devon said - you shouldn’t hate on Jasper, because he’s hard to deal with right now - you should love him for that - you should want to help him, try to show empathy, try to understand him and everything he’s been through. 

Because while Jasper might be a fictional character - PTSD and depression are still valid and real mental illnesses. And some people might identify with Jasper - and seeing him - this representation - might help them. There might be many Jaspers out there - and the fact that people have the nerve to call him annoying, because he can’t cope with everything the way the other characters did - well that’s beyond fucked up. 

But you know what? I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry if you can’t love a character like Jasper, if you can’t see his complexity and the beauty of this character and the importance of his storyline. I don’t need to see perfect and well-collected characters on TV - I don’t need to see characters that always do what’s right and I don’t need to see characters that never make mistakes. Because that’s not realistic. It wouldn’t portray the reality. 

Jasper is a good person, he has a big heart, he’s selfless, brave, loving, passionate, open-minded and he cherishes freedom more than any other character. Jasper is someone, who wouldn’t force his opinion onto you - and he wouldn’t judge you for yours. Jasper doubts himself and he’s insecure, he blames himself for not being able to just act fine - and yes, Jasper is suicidal and he suffers from PTSD - and Jasper will probably die tonight - but Jasper isn’t his mental illness and Jasper will always be more than his death, Jasper will always be more than annoying and Jasper will always be more than this dorky, funny guy in S1 that everyone apparently misses. 

Jasper deserves better. Jasper deserved better. And we deserved to see him getting better, we deserved to see him overcome this - we deserved to see him smiling, him being close, best friends with Monty again - Jasper Jordan is maybe 17 years old now and he deserved so much more than that - and I really hoped we would’ve seen more of his journey, because his storyline, his arc could’ve been truly meaningful - but the writers apparently don’t agree. 

But you know what - Jasper Jordan is legendary and amazing nevertheless - he’ll always be a hero and a great character in my view. 

And at this point I also wanted to thank Devon for portraying Jasper - thank you for getting Jasper, for really trying to understand him and thank you for giving 100% every. single. time. - even when you just had limited screen time or too short scenes. Jasper will always be alive in our hearts, because you portrayed him so beautifully and because you tried to truly understand him in a way unfortunately many viewers couldn’t. 

And he might’ve not survived, but that’s not what he wanted - because Jasper wanted to live - and he always will - in our hearts. :)

Jasper Jordan is a legend. See you on the other side, my friend.

time lapses/jumps v continuity errors

it’s come to my attention that some of y’all tend to confuse one for the other,,, which saddens me bc skam is literally all about time lapses/jumps; it’s one of the things that makes it!!! so special!!

the time jumps in skam are meant to show you exactly that – a time jump from one cut to another. it’s a very, very small cut that could mask as a continuity error, but taken in the context it’s actually presented to us (a time jump) it has a huge impact on the scene if you keep an eye out for one

thank you @stardefiant for being a bae and helping catch some of these

anyway ahem

an example of an actual continuity error:

even’s arm in this shot is obviously around emma

but when the shot pans out, even’s arm is back at his side:

we know this is a continuity error because this scene is dialogue-heavy and meant to transition smoothly. no time has actually lapsed between even’s greeting and emma’s excited greeting in return, so there is no reason why his arm shouldn’t have stayed around emma. silly skam editors. 

now, here’s a (very obvious) example of a time jump:

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Andreil Fanfiction Recommendation Masterpost - aka fanfics I’ve enjoyed big time (an on-going list)

Most probably no one really cares, but I’ve thought it would be nice if I’ve made a post of the fics I’ve read so far (I’m not really a big fanfic reader myself to be honest and I’ve only started to read andreil fics recently so the list isn’t long), because I most probably loved them to bits or had parts I’ve thought were marvellous and I want others to read them as well.
Again, my recommendation might not mean much, but hey, I’m still doing it.
Obviously, I’m going to edit the list whenever I finish something and enjoyed it a lot. Also, I would be more than happy to receive recommendations. :)
(Also, if you read something, pleeeasssseeee, give them kudos AND comments, because they deserve it so much!)

List of Andreil fics you definitely must read:

Lessons in Cartography by crazy_like_a 
It starts after The King’s Men and deals with Andrew and Neil’s relationship and personal development thorough. I think it’s wonderful and honestly, sometimes I kind of forget I’m not reading the canon book but a fanfiction.
(It also has lots of nsfw scenes and honestly, I love the way the author makes Neil and Andrew take slow steps in this area and experimenting what can and cannot be done. It’s wonderful.)

The Cartographer and the World by crazy_like_a 
It’s the sequel for Lessons in Cartography and it is just the same amazing. (It’s still on-going.)

The Unkindness of Ravens by crazy_like_a 
“After Kevin publicly announces his intention to play for the Foxes, Riko sends Nathaniel Wesninski to convince him to return to the Nest. Unfortunately for Riko, Nathaniel has other plans.”
It is heavy and triggering but truly brilliant in my opinion.

Creatures We Find in the Forest by crazy_like_a
Everything is more or less the same, BUT, imagine Andrew being a vampire (and so is Riko while we are at it).
Let’s just say I LOVE this author’s works, okay.
Also, if I’ve said TUOR is triggering, now here, Evermore part truly is. I cried.

Monster by NightMuse
“A look inside Andrew’s head throughout The King’s Men.”
I loved to read this fic (it’s still on-going, hopefully it’s going return from war soon), I personally love reading fics from Andrew’s point of view, I doubt I’m alone with being curious what is going on in Andrew’s head. But this one is truly amazing, I think?

Better Than a Grave or a Hearse by iaquilam
Andrew POV and again, Raven Neil but his attitude problems remain the same, waking Andrew’s curiosity.
Apparently, what I’ve enjoyed the most about this fic is that certain scene when Neil disappears. I’ve always wanted to read that scene from Andrew’s POV because I just need to know what he thinks and how he feels (he does feel, idc what anyone says). What I think, the scene in this fic could be even canon, I feel it’s pretty close to how it happened or how he felt and I just love it.

light fires at night (to push back the void) by inthesea 
OH MY GOD and Andrew POV. Is that enough of a description?
This story is beautiful. And it’s not only fluff and softness, it does not cast aside the dark parts, trying to erase them. And it’s all good. Because they learn to live with it, together, as they get closer and closer.
And, I’ve cried so much at the ending you have no idea. (also do not be confused by ‘3 chapters’, it’s super long.)

Do it Right

Imagine fall in love with your work affair, that happens to be Jerome Valeska

Coffee and metal were the fragrances of that house. I felt the urgency to get up from the bed when I heard the footsteps coming from the bathroom. That young but already feared ginger man entered the room and held my pulse to keep me quiet, so he could kiss me a good morning.
It was fine last week, last month, last year, but now, when his cold lips found mine in a gentle kiss, the old butterflies was all over my stomach again. I did not let him touch me more than this and made my way to the kitchen.
I sat in the kitchen sink and waited for the coffee pass. My mind was full of Jerome’s weird behavior last night when he called me, not a drop of alcohol in his blood. I hugged myself and looked around. The times I was inside that apartment everything was blurred, the light always turned off. But this morning I could see how organized it was. Almost maniacally neat.
I heard a high whistle coming from the door and saw Jerome watching me, his face amused. I was, somehow, without words, his smile growing even more.

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spoilers: wonder woman

okay so i saw wonder woman late last night and i was a fucking Mess afterwards, but now that it’s the morning i will try and write out all my thoughts in a comprehensible way so i can try and convey how truly amazing, powerful, and heartbreaking this movie is and how much it means to me.

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Dreamer- Jasper Cullen x Reader

Request: Can you do one with jasper from twilight where your new to town and Edward can read your mind so he sees all the daydreaming you do and Alice draws what you see, they tell their family about you and you end up being Jaspers mate or something?!? The reader has the ability to think of any nature related element and project it for themselves or others to see. The reader is also an immortal human.

A/N: Basically I got this amazing request a while ago and I’m sorry I haven’t posted it sooner I just needed time to get it right :) The incredible Tumblr user @itssssxxlillian came up with this idea and this power and it’s just so creative I’m absolutely wowed by it!! If you want a sort of visual of the inspiration for the readers abilities, please check out this video! :) Enjoy!

Grab your popcorn and fuzzy socks my friends, this is a long one! 

Words: 1,913

Warnings: Minimal swearing 

You were starting over again. A new town, a new place, a new school. You felt like your whole life was you starting over. It was the same story too. You moved to a new school for your last year of high school because you loved the state and your parents were kind enough to send you there even though they lived a couple states away. Everyone reacted the same way too. Usually envious, wishing their family would let them go where they wanted for high school. You would smile and agree that you were lucky except you never felt that way because the story was a cover. There was no loving family waiting for you to return home when the school year ended, it was just you. You weren’t really even a senior, the truth was you’d been repeating 12th grade for years. The truth was you’d been using this story for as long as you could remember, the truth was you’d lost count of your age because you weren’t just any other teen. You were immortal, and here you were, starting over again.

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OITNB Season 5 Thoughts

Good Things

  • Vauseman: what can I even say? Of course 5x12 was the best episode of the season in my biased opinion. Love, love, loved the flashbacks. Larry totally would have a tattoo of the Kool Aid man. The drunk phone call from the bathroom was fantastic acting by Taylor as usual and the proposal was perfect with Alex and her sarcastic questions. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s hoping they both live next season so I can enjoy even more gross domesticity.  
  • Nicky & Lorna: Natasha Lyonne/Nicky are so great I think she definitely upgraded to my top 3 favorite characters. The two of them got a little lost midway through the season, but they made up for it with moments like Nicky calling Vinny and the scene in the cafeteria from 5x06. My heart hurts.
  • Gloria: Amazing acting by Selenis Levya this season. I really felt for her when fucking Maria stole the hostages.
  • Red and Flores singing Hot Cheetos and Takis made me laugh for about 5 minutes. 
  • Flaritza’s beauty vids/calling them Flaritza. 
  • Piscatella died.
  • Danielle Brooks stepped up her game. 
  • No She Who Must Not Be Named. 
  • Not gonna lie I really enjoyed the strip tease from “Litchfield’s Got Talent”
  • I think Alison is a great and underrated character.  
  • Leanne and Angie burning the files sets up a really interesting conflict for next season. 
  • Love that LP directed 5x10. 

Bad Tingz

  • I love a good sad show, but right now the worst thing about this show is that the tone is overly depressing and dramatic. I can only really think of one thing that happened this season that made me truly happy and that was the proposal.
  • Too many characters. 
  • Maria: wtf girl. I almost sympathized with her. Can’t believe what she did to Gloria. Literally just walked out with the hostages and had 0 plan and fucked everyone over. 
  • The Boo and Pennsatucky storylines were disappointing compared to last season. 
  • Most of the flashbacks were bad and unrelated. 
  • The Suzanne scenes at the end are very one-note. Uzo is amazing as always, they just seemed a little too frantic and repetitive and I found myself wanting to skip over them in spite of myself. 
  • I’m not a fan of the ending. It feels lazy to me. They basically just put all the important characters together and threatened them to provoke anxiety for next season. 
  • My biggest question is: What are they even going to do next season??? Where can you go once you go PRISON RIOT? I really don’t like that each season is trying to top the next in terms of drama. Personally, I’m putting in my vote for a chill season with lots more Vauseman. Here’s to hoping. 

reasons why the musketeers episode 2x04 “emilie” is iconic and unforgettable:

- mushroom joan of arc

- when u foreshadow the entire rest of the show in one episode like damn???? Damn,

- dr lemay doing the 17th century version of “I’m gonna science the shit outta this” and testing food for intense hallucinogenics by straight up drinking it himself and recording what happens the next morning like “phew that was a wild night but yeah fam that’s definitely hardcore drugs in there”

- aramis being like I am obviously not this baby’s dad I don’t care but also are u protecting him night and day there should be dOUBLE the GUARD herE, AM I THE ONLY PERSON WHO CARES ABOUT THE FUTURE OF FRANCE,

- emilie of duras, beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure,

- “alright aramis, since you’re the expert on God, YOU can go talk to the crazy lady”

- constance giving anne sex advice bless her heart as tho she’s had more than one (1) Good experience in her whole life, little does she know anne has also had one (1) Good experience so really constances words of wisdom are not like,,, Unknown,,,,

- “I have a gift for you” “a small principality WOULD be nice”

- “you show such devotion to a Spanish queen! I wonder if you would show the same devotion to me!” EMILIE …. HOMEGIRL …. U DONT KNOW THE HALF OF IT …..

- tfw anne is highkey standing on her tippy toes that whole scene in the tent so she can actually reach high enough to kiss bae

- athos helping emilie thru Withdrawal Symptoms like that was a Good. That was a Good.

- aramis + religion in general is just always so ….. Pure …. Like okay fine I’m not crying that’s good that’s okay

- anne: “constance our lives r in ur hands now no pressure girl uwu k love u byeee”

- constances expression when she witnessed the Treason™ …. Truly. … Iconic ….

- the Way in which dartagnan delivered his line when he looked at perales and was like “…….. Stay close.” in such a ,,,, Way like amazing. “……… Stay close” wow

- can’t believe the musketeers all sat around the breakfast table with dad before school and made bad jokes that caused already grumpy aramis to give attitude and get grounded for it by dad,

- annamis being like Automatic Comforting Mum & Dad Mode when constance wakes up from her nightmare like if u can’t parent ur real baby together might as well parent everyone else

- can u believe anne of austria is the bravest woman on this earth … Just straight up walked into a camp fulla ppl who hate the spanish … stone cold…. “I’m here to talk peace” …. MAN

- constance being like UH IM CONSTANCE AND THIS IS MY FRIEND …. ANNE

- like??? I love them

- high quality “character A is threatened and character B jumps to their feet, physically gets between character A and threat looking like they’re ready to kill a man” trope content right there

- Your visions are from soup, not God,

Sense8 Season 2

So I just finished the second season of Sense8, meaning I waited until 2am my time to watch it and then binged it all in one sitting. And shit. Lemme tell you. That was just the best season of television I have ever seen in my entire life. I’m going to keep this as spoiler free as possible for those still watching or who haven’t been able to yet but oh my god.

First, the Sensates who didn’t get a lot of screetime in the first season are now the stars of the show. Capheus (who is played amazingly by Toby Onwumere btw), Sun, Kala. All of them are given such wonderfully fleshed out stories without compromising the other storylines already in place. The Wachowskis also just made this entire world their sandbox with the direction they took with other clusters, what it means to be a Sensate, and BPO. Any small details in the first season are never forgotten, and multiple references to past character interactions are made as all of the characters and their support networks work together flawlessly to execute some of the best scenes. The sharing between the cluster is amazing and so well executed and has truly become an artform now that the cluster has control of their abilities to share and help one another. All of my questions are answered from the first season while even more are brought up by the lore that has been created for this world that contains people like the Sensates. It tackles such important issues for many of us head-on and without fear, and the show is not afraid to get political and parallel itself to what this reality is experiencing now. It is heartfelt, heartbreaking, emotional, action-packed, and everything I needed and never realized I needed from the second season, and my only regret is that I have to wait now for the next one to experience even more of what the Wachowskis and the Cluster have to offer.

Also, if anyone wants to inbox me so we can gush about this season, please do. I’m dying over here without anyone to talk about this season with, and you can be sure there are rewatches in my future.

Sophia Walker Appreciation Post

Because I feel like Sophia just doesn’t get the love she truly deserves in this fandom

And I mean…

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She’s absolutely gorgeous

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but also adorkable 

and just 


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with Annie as Dean!Perry (aka mother knows beeesssssttttt) 

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with Elise as Laura tiny gay ball of rage Hollis

and oh my god


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(vampire sisters who judge together stay together)

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*cries forever* 

From her first scene…

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to her last… 

(only of this season tho THANK LOPHII)

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…Sophia Walker as Matska Belmonde captured my heart and made Season 2 enjoyable even when Hollstein was in the ruts. Her sass as Mattie and simply amazing acting could always make an otherwise angsty or exposition-y episode wonderful and my week brighter

In summary

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(i do Sophia I DOOOOO)