this scene is just the cutest omg

Reactions To the Dragon Maid Finale Coming To You From The Afterlife Because I’m Fucking Dead

*Spoilers for Ep 13 Below!!*


No one deserved emotional mayhem on this level but I also thoroughly enjoyed it.

-Why the fuck did they have to put the cutest opening scenes in just before they fucking ripped my heart out fuck.  

-The flowers =my everything?? JUST FINISH ME OFF WHY DON’T YOU

-Kanna and Saikawa are so sweet throughout this entire thing omg 。゚(*´□`)゚。

-Kobayshi’s just chilling enjoying a day off finally and feeling peaceful and then they had to twist that fucking knife fuck

-I tried and failed to hold it together when Kobayashi hears that Tohru left.  Just the way she pauses and doesn’t know what to do and her lil sad face and you can just *tell*  this has absolutely GUTTED her that shit took three years off my lifespan.

-My big gay baby ass cried p much the entire montage when Tohru isn’t there that’s one of the most devastating scenes I’ve witnessed in any medium in a long damn while and is like real-life familiar to me a bit and just.  Holy.  Shit.

-But like props yo Kobayashi’s single mom-ing it up she’s gonna get shit done whatever way she has to

-But it still killed me because holy shit she has takeout because she works late af and doesn’t have time to cook for them

-THE MUG SHE DROPS that hurt me why would they do this to me she’s rushing so much to get ready and get Kanna up

-Taught Kanna to use the rice cooker because she won’t be home

-Kanna has to stay at Saikawa’s because mom’s working OUCH

-And Kanna misses her dragon mom I’m crying

- The way the house is so messy oh no Kobayashi you poor depressed lesbian I feel u bb been there, done that, bought that t-shirt

-Takiya is the real MVP lookin out for his fellow queer bestie, noticin’ something’s wrong, u go A+ bestie

-The way she runs when Tohru comes back omfg


-Like damn Kobayashi woke the fuck up and told off Tohru’s big bad dragon dad U GO BB

-Also what the fuck did he do to her face or whatever??

-Tohru’s face when he does that shit to Kobayashi.  Is.  PRIME.  I literally screamed OH SHIIIIIIIIT IT’S. ABOUT. TO. GO. DOWN.

-Tiny dragon daughter flying her mom to the other dimension to go get back her dragon mom my heart ❤❤❤

-Kanna’s the other real MVP she’s taking care of her mom, giving her the down low on dragon politics, telling her where Tohru is, flying her around.

-Kanna is the prettiest dragon look at those lil feathery angel wings angel dragon daughter ☆~☆~☆~☆

-And then Kobayashi’s measured conflict resolution is life and the way she talks about difference was cool af and just quintessentially her.  Diplomatic as fuck.

-The way Tohru like tackles her added the three years back onto my life plus one and gave me clear skin and watered my crops and paid off my student loans and bestowed upon me the most voluminous hair yo.




-Has she like called them?  Warned them at all?  I hope not I hope she just turns the fuck up and goes “Sup motherfuckers, haven’t seen you in a year.  You have a daughter in law and a granddaughter now you will love them as I do.  Don’t ask about the tail.  Or do.  Depends on whether it’ll give you an aneurism or not.”

-I both want to fic it and see it in-ep animated I’ve heard second season is a thing or is that wrong?  

-I’ll watch this episode over and over for the next 20 years.

-And fic it

-And cosplay it

-And protect it

Favourite “pages” of Doukyuusei

I decided to share with you one of my most memorable pages from the doukyuusei series manga :) I absolutely love the whole manga nonetheless I consider some of pages my favourite because of that memorable situation happening there…

This post will be long I believe…


I love this page the most in first Doukyuusei manga…and I love situation here a little bit more than in a movie (I just didn’t say that righ now xD –> favourite scene in movie also) …I particularly like this one because of the Kusakabe reaction on drunk Sajou :) The whole situation is SO SERIOUS but drunk sajou made it THE CUTEST :D <3

I don’t know but this page is that one that I remebered the most. Maybe because Kusakabe mentioned dumb xD Here we see the different side of Kusakabe when he’s not with Sajou…like he’s thinking of that kind of stuff too..and asking sensei for advice..and mentionig the yaoi books that his sister reads,,all that in one page :P


The whole page is filled with Sajou’s LOVE YOU…To see Sajou so in love is so precious. He never openly show it..but his is mind is exploding…

Just that situation…lying on bed…kusakabe just took shower…relaxed…kusakabe telling sajou the sweetest things :D <3

Don’t ask me..that scene is in my mind everytime when I think about Sajou being home alone xD I liked the smooth development situation…lying..making eye contact…slowly progressing to the kiss…KISS :*

I was Kusakabe here…I wanted to hug Sajou so badly… so glad Kusakabe did :) feeling glad…soo glad

Sajou my precious baby :’(

I had heart attack at this one…Sajou being so sexy and seductive :P <3 

My feeling are set on this one!!! This is the one when I get butterflies everytime I read it …IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL…sajou justt ahhh…and kusakabe tearing up :’( <3 <3

Occupation to Beloved

yes yes i know…the very first page of the manga…BUT C’MON…THE SAJOU’S FACE…MADE MY DAY AND NIGHT XD and sweetest Kusakabe surprising sajou :) 

Are there needed any words? Just cute Sajou sneaking in bed to Kusakabe and making my heart ache..:) <3

This page is just so precious to me…HUGGING each other…kusakabe caressing sajou’s cheak…making eye contact…kiss on eyelid..blushing faces :) <3 making love …I’m melting….

Sexy Sajou…..

I love the playful Kusakabe haha…this always make me laugh :D one of the cutest scenes :D 

This my kind of enjoying life…coffee time..My ideal relationship would be drinking coffee like that :D <3 after taking bath :) 

Kusakabe comforting Sajou…saying he loves him..holding him in his arms…kissing him on the check…:’( :’( <3 <3 where is my kusakabe? xD 

YES KUSAKABE…YOU CAN MAKE HIM HAPPY…AND EVERYONE ELSE..omg..<3 <3  :’( :’( don’t mind me..just crying in the corner…where is my kusakabe? i know i said that already but….


We know that if one of our siblings found our yaoi books…IT WOULDN’T END WELL FOR THEM !!!!! XD :) thanks for reading…sooo longgg post omg 

Many Times Kim Nam Gil Proved He’s The Cutest Actor

It’s time to adore Kim Nam Gil, the fluffy actor behind Heo Im - an oriental doctor from Joseon who time travels to the modern Seoul in the latest TVN drama Live Up To Your Name. 

Though Kim Nam Gil is famous for his dark image and revenge themed works, the actor is actually really positive and adorable in real life. He is known to live up the atmosphere in the filming set with his cuteness. Let’s see how many times Kim Nam Gil proved that he’s really the cutest actor in the industry. 

He’s acting like a puppy. 

He practices his giggly-gooeyness. 

He’s spinnin in glee. 

I am supposed to be cool but omg this height is crazy!

Fame scares him a little bit. 

He’s happy with his bike. 

Rollin on a shopping cart is also happiness for him. 

He is cute being topless. 

He is cute in dapper suit.

He is even cuter in traditional costume. 

Hug scene makes him want to run and hide… 

Don’t mind me, I just want to tap hearts on V Live. 

The female lead feels like grabbing his collar. 

Though sometimes he gets to protect it… 

He cringed in panic after acting cool. 

He makes weird faces. 

He enjoys his ice cream. 

At first he complained at the weird little heart gesture.   

but he mastered it fast and is proud of it. 

Acting a romantic scene makes him flustered sometimes. 

A simple kiss scene drives him crazy. 

Even hotter kiss scene weakens his knees. 

However, he still has so much fun at filming set.  

He annoys his co-stars with his jokes during interview. 

No no. It’s a misunderstanding. 

Coz he actually steals their hearts with his aegyo. 

No doubt. Kim Nam Gil is the cutest actor in dramaland.

Uta no Prince Sama Maji LOVE LIVE 6th Stage - 05/27/2017

OMG. OMG. OMG. I have still not completely absorbed the fact that I was there - that my dream of attending Maji Love Live concert has finally come true on this fateful day. *cries a river*

This is a fan report - which is basically my feelings put into words. And warning: as in my previous seiyuu event reports (Bungo Stray Dogs, High Speed), this is looooooong. ^_^ Plus, I used the seiyuu’s nicknames for convenience.


Shinomiya Natsuki - Taniyama Kishou (Kiiyan)

Ichinose Tokiya - Miyano Mamoru (Mamo)

Aijima Cecil - Toriumi Kousuke (Tori-san)

Jinguji Ren - Suwabe Junichi (SuwaJun)

Ittoki Otoya - Terashima Takuma (Terashii)

Kurusu Syo - Shimono Hiro (Shimono)

Hijirikawa Masato - Suzumura Kenichi (SuzuKen)


Kotobuki Reiji - Morikubo Showtaro (Morikubo-san)

Kurosaki Ranmaru - Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Tatsun)

Mikaze Ai - Shouta Aoi (Shoutan)

Camus - Maeno Tomoaki (Maenu)


Hyuga Yamato - Kimura Ryohei (KimuRyo)

Otori Eiji - Uchida Yuuma (Uchida-kun)

Amakusa Shion - Yamashita Daiki (Daiki-kun)

Kiryuin Van - Takahashi Hidenori (Takahashi-san)

Otori Eiichi - Midorikawa Hikaru (Midorikawa-san)

Mikado Nagi - Yonaga Tsubasa (Wingu)

Sumeragi Kira - Ono Daisuke (OnoD)

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smolgay-bean  asked:

Hey my guy got any hcs for when the paladins discover that their s/o is ticklish :D????

I am one of the powerful few who can turn my ticklishness off muhaha so I am usually on the other side of this spectrum, doing the tickling


-He is actually ticklish himself so he doesnt usually try to tickle people cause he knows how annoying it can be 

-That being said, when he does find out he thinks that their laugh is the cutest thing and his mind … changes slightly 

-Cause then he has no qualms about surprise attacking them when they are alone, mostly because he wants to hear their laugh but also because he doesn’t want anyone else to know about them being ticklish. He sees it as his own little secret 

-But ohhhh boy when s/o finds out hes ticklish? Its done. Like Shiro never feels safe again. He is exposed and is determined to remain hyper vigilant for the rest of his days around them. He just hates the feeling so much and is the type to start swinging if he thinks an attempt is trying to be made just out of reflex 


-He has never been the type to be super interested if people are ticklish or not. He just really couldn’t care less and doesn’t want to get that physically close with most people anyway  

-So its not even him who finds out s/o is ticklish, Lance is the one who was playing around and ambushed them and immediately got decked in the face from their knee jerk reaction 

-Keith found this extremely hilarious but also kind of dangerous because what if he accidentally tickled them. That was some seriously fast reflexes and it kind of scares him 

-So he actually does his best to avoid tickling s/o and has a total new appreciation and understanding when people say that they don’t like to be tickled. Hes not ticklish himself so he doesn’t know what it feels like but if thats the reaction it really cant be any fun 


-She is notorious for tickling people. If you are ticklish any where on your body this girl is going to find it and use it at any given opportunity 

-This stems from always being tickled as kid, she hated it and in order to extract her revenge she became a ninja at tickling other people. So she would find out very early on if s/o was ticklish and take full advantage, she might let up a little bit because of their relationship but old habits die hard 

-This only fuels s/o to want to tickle her back but oh man was that a bad choice. This girl has gone to the extremes to not be ticklish any more, she has developed the skills to turn off the reaction at any given moment 

-As soon as she feels an attack coming she goes stone cold and just stares at them until they finally remove their hands and she just quirks an eyebrow and asks if they are done now 


-This boy, my son, was that annoying punk in high school who would come up to everyone and ask if they were ticklish and no matter what the response was would tackle them in an attempt to tickle them 

-He is ticklish as well but fully accepts this about himself and is ecstatic to discover that s/o is also ticklish. He feels its something that bonds them in this dorkish way 

-There is a full out tickle war. Straight up with points and plans of attack and sabotage missions. It spans through out the whole castle and has even found its way onto several planets when out on less dangerous missions 

-Lance tends to lose quite a bit, he has racked up a decent amount of points but he gets distracted easily by s/o. All they have to do is kiss him or flash him a cute smile and he is made into an easy target. Not that he really minds, he just likes having fun with them 


-He discovers this by a playful tickle fight, some cutsey scene where he pretended to be angry and went to tickle them. He didn’t even know that there were ticklish at that point but omg does he think its adorable 

-Seriously he thinks it is just about the cutest thing ever. The way they squeal slightly and smile as they laugh and try to squirm away from him is just everything to him 

-He never uses it as maliciously as his friends, he doesn’t want to torture s/o after all, but he uses it whenever he wants to cheer them up. He would be the dork who called himself the tickle monster. Or more accurately the ‘Hunkasaurus Tickleraptor’ cause seriously hes a dweeb 

-He also loves to get tickled back. There is nothing he loves more than having s/o get all close to him even if it is an attempt at some pay back. Each time they do he doesn’t try to stop them and instead laughs and pulls them into a tight hug 

efflorescentjared replied to your post: “I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet but Steve looks like he’s the cutest…”

to be completely fair to you sister, Lynda Carter WAS on the Steve Harvey Show a couple of years ago, so there’s the tiniest bit of basis for some Wonder Woman/Steve Harvey lovin. Also, could you imagine Wonder Woman on Family Feud? It would be awesome

omg what did you just unleash into my life

anonymous asked:

write short descriptions of your favourite mutuals/friends and then tag them (but not next to their descriptions) and try to make them guess which one is theirs!

i did two parts bc i did a lot of ppl! ppl are tagged in alphabetical order dfjskfn also i hope y'all can guess your number 🚶🚶🚶


@01bri @1aju @1oveful @2blushy @chanilovehours @doyoung @fruittxt @himlo @jenolees @junghwasgf

01 - omg we were JUST talking today… we always hit each other up for drama its p funny sjdfksldj i love hearing them talk just in general. they have a lot of good energy and it makes me happy that they like me enough to like. willingly hit me up i think thats really cute and i love that… also theyre always going to concerts and i think thats really cute i hope they hve a really good time :( they always have my back n i love talking to them !! angel 

02 - my sweetheart!!! they’re really the funniest we used to talk ALL the time before school started :( i miss them a lot but honestly i love when they spam me with notifs :’) jsdfkjsd i remember when we first met n we talked about divergent and the bts visual novel it was HONESTLY really iconic… they’re a year under me but honestly it feels like we’ve known each other for a while !! they have a lot of love in their heart and their love for a certain few ppl (starting w t) is so sweet :( i love how we both procrastinate and stay up until like 2 for everything anyway ily and i miss u! 

03 -  omg.. i feel like they’re my younger sister… i really don’t deserve such a ray of sunshine! whenever i’m down they always send me the sweetest asks and messages and once they even told me abt their day out of nowhere i just thought that was really cute :( they’re ALWAYS cheering me on and it is really really sweet !! they make me rlly happy nsdfkjsd even just seeing their asks that start with “GIRL!!!” yea :’) they’re the brightest star w the cutest personality

04. we talked for like four hours about grapes once and that’s how we became friends… uhh i love them a LOT !!! they are really so kind and supportive and we get along really well?? they have a callout list for me kjdfdsf honestly we have a lot of inside jokes and it’s really cute. they changed my opinion abt taureans (U SHOULD KNOW WHO U ARE BY NOW .. ) and i just love how we can talk about anythin????? also your sleep schedule is SUPER screwed up but its chill bc that means we can talk more ndfkjsdkf i love you angel !! 

05. i will LITERALLY never forget the time i was feeling like absolute SHIT and they took the time to write out like an ESSAY for me and it’s saved and screenshotted and immortalized forever in my heart it really meant a lot for someone to like. take the time out to do that for me and im so grateful…we don’t even post the same content anymore but they always interact w my posts and check up on me and send me asks… i love them a lot lot lot! on my old blog they’d send me the cutest asks too im grateful and lucky to have them in my life :’) 

06. they know who they are !! my one n only!! we talk every single day and somehow they don’t get sick of me which is a feat in of itself. super creative and caring and empathetic and strong and selfless and just? a really good person. they have the biggest heart and the most love to give. they’re also really hard on themselves :( my biggest cheerleader n the love of my life.. if you haven’t figured out who you are yet i’ll send jeno over to talk some sense into you (*tell you he loves you)

07. soooo soft :( everything about them is soft!! they hav a lot of love for a certain bunny boy and they’re always always tagging ppl in things i think it’s so unbelievably kind. they’re always spreading kindness and joy and is such a ray of sunshine!! i really really lov them a lot ! 

08. o man where do i start?? they’re really full of a lot of love… they’re always love posting abt their best friend and that really makes me so happy that they have such a positive good person in their life… anyway we always send each other cute asks periodically to check on each other & we’re always helping each other out when we go through emo moods… anyway they’re applying to college at the same time i am and i remember stressing out abt it with them but i KNOW we’ll both be fine i lovve them :’)

09. seriously a big source of support for me even if we don’t talk on the daily!! they always have really good advice to give and even when like. No Advice Can Be Given they’re always lending an listening ear. they’re really cute i love how mature they are !! besides giving rlly insightful n thoughtful advice.. uh they’re just a rockstar! they’re a little bit younger than me but they always try their best and help others out and it’s really admirable. plus they said they love making playlists and i just thought that was the cutest thing :/

10. we haven’t had a lot of conversations together but theyre really just the sweetest :( ever :( i was going through a hard time n they sent me so many sweet asks and messages. its always nice to know there are ppl who care abt u and this person is just SO caring in general!! they’re always tagging ppl in sweet things and doing their best and it is much appreciated !! much like their name they rlly are. the best and the brightest <3



@kimjunnoodle @lazy-gudetama @pastelunnie @rapgodkth @rosehyuck @snowedjin @taehn @taeilsgrl @taeyyongs

11. UGH another sweetheart … they’re always sending me the sweetest long asks checking up on me and they’re always interacting n communicating and talking abt stuff they’re passionate abt it i really love it ?????? i miss talking to them !! they would send me the cutest dog pictures :( i always see them around spreading love and happiness and warmth .. they have a lot of love and compassion in their heart. i always look forward to their asks and replies!!

12.  my EVERYTHING!!!! i saw their selfies like yesterday n they rlly knocked my socks off imagine being so pretty!!!! they are really an icon it was so cute talking to them abt our wedding :/ they’re a lot of fun they go from super soft to super funny and like, theyre either loveposting or talking about furries i think its the funniest thing ever. anyway they’re a total sweetheart n the best hyuck stan so yeah ! i love love

13. omg …. they’re SO considerate they’re always tagging me in those “associate ur mutuals with” posts and it’s honestly really cute ??? they have my kidneys and my left lung and my Whole heart :( the biggest sweetest tae stan ! super sweet and lovely and funny !!! we don’t talk a lot but i’m always cheering them on behind the scenes!! they always interact w my not funny stupid posts and hype me up theyre just. really great to be with and im grateful to b mutuals 

14. i’ve known you the longest!!!!!!!! i have all ur jk fics saved omg :( you’re the sweetest bean and i love talking to you.. even tho we don’t talk on the regular anymore it’s always so sweet hearing from you and i love how we always update each other when smthing important happens in our lives!!!! i love watching the videos u send ur voice is rlly the cutest n i remember the first tme i heard it i started crying anyway i still have your christmas card saved and i love you a whole freaking lot im still waiting to go on a date with u :( my tall gf

15. UH we literally talk and just. gush over how cute girls are …. jsfdasdf we ALWAYS tell each other beef no matter what sfjdsk they really have such a caring n chill personality. we think alike so it’s really nice telling them abt things i need help with because i always get a good second perspective on it… they’re always here to listen to me (even late at night when they have work the next day)… they’re a bit like my older sister i trust them a lot !! i really love how they always update me on things even tho i SUCK ass at messaging so :) anyway i love them a lot (move to california sooner!) 

16. one of the funniest most down to earth ppl i’ve ever met. memes are iconic and every single conversation we have i always manage to laugh bc their comedic timing is amazing and yea they’re just an all around great person. they’re my movie buddy and we can also really talk abt anything??? like we’re super comfortable around each other which is super cool n i’m grateful. we can talk for hours n hours … and yeah .. they’re also super sweet and always support me through everything! we have a lot of inside joke its cute & i’m glad i met this person i really am :’)

17. hdfsfn.. really. they really own my heart.. honestly i couldn’t have asked for a better mutual???????? they are Top Tier quality one of kind…they have like thousands upon thousands of followers and they always always promo me … im so undeserving of their love… AND AND THEY ALWAYS SEND ME ASKS …. even when like. im being annoying and ask stupid questions no one wants to answer they always write out a whole paragraph and it makes my WHOLE world ten times over im so grateful for them … i have the strawberry emoji on like all of their asks bc i want to keep all of them thats how much i appreciate the time n effort they show me … wrow… the cutest and best ever i love them a LOT! 

18. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they’re so motherly to me …. they’re always looking out for me and making sure i’m doing ok and i think that’s just the sweetest best thing ever :( they’re really sweet n pretty AND funny i always love seein their posts… they’re one of my few exo mutuals and i LOVE IT ! I LOVE THEM! they are sosososo soft their tags for their man are really the cutest too… they’re one of those mutuals who switch from loveposting to toesucking and it’s the best and funniest i love them! once i was sick n they sent me like two asks making sure i was ok and . wrow. i couldnt have asked for anyone better

19.  mMmMmMm i remember i thought they hated me and then it turns out they didn’t and i was SO relieved bc they’re so sweet and funny and :( just a really great person. they did a lil astrology analysis for me and it was so spot on i’d trust them with my life and my savings and my posterity…. uhhh they have a heart of gold they’re always looking out for others and trying their best n it’s really admirable. they also have such a good sense of humor!! a treasured mutual who owns my heart :( 

anonymous asked:

If you're up for it, @ some of the people you consider your closest friends on here and write them a little paragraph to brighten up their day! 🌞

ok so I’ve had this ask for a loooooooooooong time and I just had the time and the words to actually answer this; I’m going to try to be as genuine as I can.
in no particular order: 

- @parkejimins nat is an angel and by that I mean she really sends you messages with lots of pink hearts and sweet words and she checks up on you and she reblogs your stuff and she’s my jimin, if u know jimin then you know her. I love you so much <333333

- @jiminstiddybress / @zjoy : joy’s voice ?????????????? if you’re mad and sad and angry and frustrated ask her to send you an audio of her talking and you just cry because she has the smallest, softest, purest, kindest voice and I’m crying now thinking abt it. also she makes you the cutest edits and overall she’s the loveliest <33333

- @cherriamour : sereena is a very beautiful person inside and out (follow her ig she’s just mindblowing) and I hope and pray she becomes a successful writer and she touches souls and hearts in every small corner in this world. also she loves jungkook in the most beautiful and pure way sometimes I just go through her twitter and her blog and just hold back my tears because she’s everything

- @teduabts : THATS MY GIRL ENIDA I love you sis so much, you try your best every day and I’m so proud of you and the beautiful woman you grow into every day even though you’re a leo I would die a thousand deaths for you I love you little one <3

- @1cutae : small tiny amina you’re the loveliest, I cant stop thinking abt your lil pinky its the cutest omg. hope your years in college went well overall and I hope and pray the best for you I love you <33

- @sunriseblves : love you elena, and I love you even more when we talk abt the ghibli movies and vmin :((( I’m tearing up just thinking abt the scene in spirited away where they’re falling and the little teardrops wow :((((((((( ok so I cant wait to visit Portugal and for us to meet up and u can show me all the good places 

- @foryoubybts : MISS HEATHER kjfnkdsjfn I really cant wait to fly over England and listen to you talk in your accent kjndkjsnfkjdsn idk why I was thinking abt it also yea I love how you have fun and laugh even through hard and ugli times I love your positivity <33

- @tsarkoshei : EMILYYYYYYYYYYYYYY the one girl that visits places I want to visit myself one day and that posts the loveliest pics and lets me live through them !!! also your love for clément is endearing omg :(( love you and I hope you you have fun during your 20s (I sound like I’m 45 but its ok)

- @virjin : mayté the loveliest, the one that made me just love and love and love and pour my love onto mr seokjin wow you’re inspirational, also don’t lose your positivity and softness <33 I adore you

- @avgustea : ana !!!!!!!! how long have we been knowing each other concretely jknfkjsnd that’s a bunch of years right ????? kjdnfk wow !!!!!!!!! anyway dont remind me of how I was what I used to blog abt and all that big I’m trying to repress kjnfdkjdn also thank u for staying and even becoming a yoongi stand Yas Queen <333 love you 

- @sheis : I cant NOT talk abt Kassidy the queen of dark pics in hotels, planes and all that. my inspiration every day, also you’re the cutest really and so sweet and nice and :((( you’re my daughter idk if I ever told u but u are <333

- @jimin : uhhhhhhhh maylen ??????? queen of canon urls or however you guys call them ??????? anyway on twitter ur much more fun jvbjdnfkjsdn no seriously shes so lovely and endearing she zooms on jimins tooth and nose and pinky like I love waking up to that <33333 love u

- @baklavangel : KRIS BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICH I love you Iove you I love you I love you I love you I love you soooooooooooooooo much wow we both would love to have lots and lots of kids and we both cant stand men at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you’re so relatable all the time and your inspirational corny pseudo nihilist posts ????????? I love them I love you I missed you and miss u every day when we dont talk

- @hiverum : I love you sis, I’m not gonna say everything here because I wouldn’t have the place and time and enough characters and because its between us and us alone and just know that I love you and think about you all the time and I hope and pray only the best for you. I’m here for you.

edit: I’m gonna update this for every new person or old person I talk to for the first time or retalk to <33

Self Rec Challenge

“Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.”

Tagged by this meme-skeletor-loving- @banana-ghoul

Gosh, see I’m really not much of a writer, and I have much to learn still. It’s a good thing I made enough fics to list all five! n_n

Yes. I write fics.

1. A Sweet Voice

  • My first ever multi-chapter fic which was based off the Kura and Amane shorts. As it expanded, it created an interesting story to tell and I really wanted to interpret Amane. (Plus her with Bakura is just cute as hell) Also, I like to create worlds, and making stuff how the Afterlife works was amazing to make!

2. Marik in Wonderland

  • 2nd multi-chapter, but these are really shorts. Again, this was created due to doodles I’ve made, but as I stopped to think, and actually make connections from Alice to YGO, there were elements that just play off each other so well! Also, my first time writing YGOTAS Marik as the focus of a story. He is really hard to write! But really fun!

3. Odd Creature

  • THIS WAS THE FIRST FIC I’VE DONE! And has LOTS of tense problems but it doesn’t really cut from the reading. Deathshipping. That’s all there is. Ryou is just the most fun to write because his character can act all sweet and innocent WHILE being observant, planning his actions, and really showing assertiveness to the Ring.

4. Bakura’s Deleted Confession Scene

  •  Thiefshipping Behind The Camera. Basically, how these two are when they’re not shooting another episode of YGOTAS or Evil Council. 

5. The Thief King and I

  • Look. I. Just. Like. This. Headcanon. Okay??? While, I’m still embarrassed by the poem I wrote in the morning, it caused to make this fic. Plus, omg! Marik finding out about TKB is just the best thing ever, if not the cutest. Okay??? AAAAAH!

Now, I tag:

@frigidloki​ (Yes. YOU)



Hello Tumblr peeps!!!

I’ve purposefully stayed off here cause I just knew y'all were losing y'alls minds which is to be expected! I lost minds then came back down and saw I overreacted.

1st thing first THAT JAPRIET SCENE WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER and Jackson in stalker mode was hilarious “Mommy is definitely avoiding daddy” I love it i want more!

Okay and now to that beautiful scene! Omg first thing let’s clap it up for Sarah *throws her all the Emmys and golden globes and whatever else*👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 That scene was so beautiful! Whatever my feelings for Krista the cousin lover (something i tweeted) that scene was beautifully written and acted out! It was the most mature conversation they’ve ever had. And i maybe in the 1% but i believe Jackson did the write thing by 1. Just sitting and listening and 2. Not telling her to stay. I feel like japril never listen to each other and talk at each other. TONIGHT April expressed her feelings and Jackson actually sat and listened and heard her it was so beautiful omg the hand hold at the end gave me so much hope. Hello it’s “breakdown the house” what do you do after.. build a new foundation and start rebuilding! 😏💜

I just really love Kala/Wolfgang. Something about them feels so very real. It’s a type of love that actually connects. They’re not falling in love by batting their eyes and smiling over a fancy dinner. They’re falling in love by singing obnoxious songs together, showing up naked at a wedding, making a bomb out of household items, and speaking harsh truths instead of telling small lies to impress the other. 

I feel so close to their love.

anonymous asked:

hey, i was wondering, do you have any recommendations for good boys love mangas?? you seem to know a lot of them, so i was wondering if you had any favs you'd suggest


hmm i know i have a list somewhere lemme find itttt

haha im sry i just copied and pasted this but here u go!!!

here are the “light” one where htey dont rly do that much

  • KURAYAMI NI STORBE OMG- THIS IS MY FAVORITE BL  anything by hayakawa nojiko is gorgeous ok just read all of them. her art is great and eherpaneling is jurgh alsobss. and this one is dumb high school boys so mhhhm yes my favorite
  • seven days- this ones a classic and it has absolutely GORGEOUS art
  • slow starter- the art is rough, but i love it, and damh the chaaracters are so freaking cute and it has the cutest confession scene ive ever read. the general atmosphere is rly sweet and nice too
  • blue sky complex- same mangaka as slow starter and this one is also rly slow and sweet. ch 4 is amazing tera is the cutest lil shit and im just dying for ch5 cause im p sure they get together ajdn just gyyaaaa!!!
  • konya mo nemurai- k this one is super cute and also has fantasy and demons!!! who doesnt love those. p much anything by this mangaka is super cute rly ^u^
  • Saiyaku wa Boku o Suki Sugiru-  k the beauty of this one iS IT HAS A SIMPLE PLOT THAT ACTUALLY RLY RLY INTERSTING. adn the art and characters are super sweet too. like they dont get togeth right away its super gradual and jus t mhmmmm they havent even gotten toghether lmao but is so cute
  • aitsu no daihonmei- k this one is rly crackish and funny and the art is ok, nothing special. the couple get together rly quick, but its still ongoing so its just about the antics they have with their friends and what not, it has a lo t of wtf moments tho LOLOL but its pretty popular cause damn the main couple is just the cutest thing ever ok you will see

here are the hot ones 

  • honto yajuu- sry you probably already read this one, but they couple is super cute , but one of them is alos super horny lols so they do it all the time and dammnn you can see the mangaka gets better at drawing those scenes as it goes on. cause its like.. 5? volumes and still ongoing hell yes
  • rutta to kodoma-  hah idk if this rly count its more a sweet story, but hey htey do it like every chot and its rly rly sexy ok. it stayrs of rly iffy but i rly loved how it developed and they totally are heads over heels for each other its adorbs
  • JUNKO’S WORKS (esp. konbini-kun, recipe no ouji-sama)- her art is gorgeous and the stories are generally rly cute but damnn the sexy scenes are rly hot ok
  • junketsu drop-  the art is rly unique and damn that denial is beautiful and wants me bang my head at the same time
  • hana wa saku ka-  god this is one of my faves ok its rly slow but the build up is great and its so sweet when they finaly get to gether its totally consensual even tho theres a 20 year age gap lmao
  • hana no mizo shiro- its takarai riihito so gorgeous art ofc!!! and the story is rly angst but rly sweet and absolutely consensual no doubt whatsoever =u=


  • me: okay, brain, listen... I have like, twenty(20) WIP sketches and I haven't finished even one. I keep starting new drawing before finishing the previos one because of too many ideas. Could you PLEASE stop generating new drawing ideas for just one day?
  • brain: okay (:
  • me: phew I am glad you understa-

benobiwan  asked:

Hey! Fanfic recommendation! The Silent Song is the cutest and one of the best fics I've read in a long time. It's by Eirian Erisdar

YESSSS!!! Omg I love Silent Song!! yes yes YESSSSS!!! Mute!Obi-Wan is just kljflsdkjf hnnnghhh <33 

The scene where he’s at the garden in Naboo playing his flute and the Force is listening to him is so memorable


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OMG, I just watched a bootleg of 2014 les mis and it was so good. Ramin singing and his acting were amazing. He was the cutest with little Cosette and his death scene made me cry the most out of any Valjean I've seen(admittedly that is not alot). Andy was the perfect Marius and the Grantaire was so good. Will Swenson was amazing as Javert he was so scary and yet so sympathetic. I'm seeing the tour soon and I bet it will be good, but not as good as this! I'm still tearing up.

jhsdjkmasmksjdmlksdm that’s really awesome!! i have yet to see a bootleg of the 2014 cast (i’ve seen bits and pieces, though!), but you are definitely not the first person to tell me it was amazing. thank you so much for telling me about it, aaaaaaaaaaaaa. and, wow! you’re seeing the tour! i bet that will be amazing, and i so hope you enjoy it. you’re very lucky!