this scene is just so so so beautiful dear god

Ok ok but like Voltron Mulan AU??
  • so my original thought was Keith being Mulan and going to war in place of his brother Shiro who was injured in the last war but idk if that will work???
  • ok ok but like just imagine the 2nd movie
  • Allura is Mulan and went to war for her father
  • Coran is fucking Mu-shu like even his mustache works for this omfg
  • Shiro ofc is General Shang bc I mean…hello fucking look at him he’s basically Shang already???
  • Hunk is Chien-Po bc precious cuddly food son
  • Pidge is ??? Yao ??? Super fight and smol but also super precious?? (my first thought was Keith but I had an idea so like stick with me okay)
  • And of fucking c o u r s e Lance is Ling. Like this fucking flirtatious lanky dork™ how can he not be???
  • Keith is fucking Ting Ting who’s trying s o hard to just…get through this mission and accept this life he never signed up for
  • but Lance’s jokes and his smile…he’s so hearteyes y'all like someone save him
  • he tries so hard to ignore Lance but Lance persists
  • and when they go to the festival in that town…everything changes
  • Keith laughs so hard his sides ache and if he could Lance would bottle up that sound and keep it forever
  • just like Keith wishes he could imprint Lance’s smile into his brain forever
  • also just…imagine Lance doing the fucking chopsticks thing and Keith loses his shit and Lance just lights tf u p bc god this boy is beautiful dear g o d
  • And they’re…just…so in love I want to c r y ???
  • Shay is a v tol and lovely Su who just has Hunk wrapped around her fucking finger from the m o m e n t he meets her okay
  • Like she’s so adorable and strong and Hunk talks to her all the damn time on their journey and just wants to know the little things
  • and they just??? so??? pure???
  • Like just imagine Hunk in that one scene going to lift Shay up bc she’s barely unable to reach this apple she’s after 
  • but then she jumps and manages to get a hold of it and Hunk just beams at her
  • Nyma or someone is Mei and Pidge is just super infatuated with this one bot that’s like a cat and her pet or something and at first Lance is jealous bc Keith is ignoring him and he just wants attention but then like Pidge and Nyma become total bros and Pidge finds themselves asking if this is what Nyma really wants
  • Nyma gets super excited talking tech with Pidge but then she gets this look in her eyes and is honestly thinking about how she was hoping to marry Rolo before this arrangement
  • She lies but Pidge totally sees through it
  • So they start talking to plot twist Shiro bc lbr he’s more of a softy when it comes to shit like this than my queen Allura is.
  • Shiro tries to be so hella stubborn at first…but then the festival and he sees them together looking all fucking h a p p y and this damn sappy Space Dad™ can’t separate them.
  • It kills Allura to be the stickler about the mission, but there’s so much more at stake than any of them realize. It’s bigger than them. It’s about the security of an entire nation.
  • She and Shiro fight and it’s the fucking w o r s t like no one touch me there will be so many tears and then the bridge thing happens and Allura thinks she’s lost Shiro forever and she sees what it’s all about. She sees just how lucky she was and how important love and the people her life are
  • And she sets the rest of them up to go off and be happy while she goes to marry one of the princes.
  • but ofc they try and stop her especially once they find Shiro
  • And y’all know how the movie goes ok like she tries to go through with the marriage and they stop her and and she Shiro get married instead and later so do Lance and Keith and Hunk and Shay and Nyma gives Pidge her little robokitty as a friendship token before heading off to find Rolo
  • Zarkon is the dumbass king that is trying to marry off his kids. (only bc the Huns aren’t in the second movie)
  • Sendak is the son that Allura is almost forced to marry
  • Haggar and Haxus are some of his advisors
  • now give me all of the Klance, Shallura, and Hunay kisses and shit bc I’m trash for happy endings okay


So there’s one person I follow who posts about Shadowhunters, and whenever I see gifs of that scene where Alec and Magnus are smiling and kissing and walking backwards and just goofy and so HAPPY it makes my heart soar. It’s just so sweet….their expressions in that scene are just so SWEET and it makes me tear up dear lord. Like I’ve considered watching the entire show just so I could see that scene.

I know very little about it, but apparently the writers were screwing up (again) and things were going downhill for them, so this was like a makeup and redo of the first time sort of thing but this time done right? Given what I saw on my dash I’m fairly sure that’s what happened? Anyway I love the actors for making that so beautiful and perfect and happy and sweet. Like GOD just LOOK at their faces in that scene!!!!


i know that edna can’t hear me. and yet, it brings you comfort. why else do it? well, i suppose, talking to the old girl makes me feel like she’s here in a way. maybe she is. i thought you’d given up on all that? i want to. rubbish! wanting to change your faith is about as pointless as me wanting to have edna back here. there’s no choice. i’m struggling to believe in a god who’s this cruel. who takes, and takes, until there’s nothing left. edna would have said that that is part of god’s plan. no. no, no. she wouldn’t. she’d tell me that life is to blame, not god. edna believed that he helped us by guiding us through life’s struggles. how? by giving comfort and strength. the tools to face what life threw at us. what tools? blessings. to help us cope. i may have dementia, but i have laurel to spend the rest of my life with. and arthur. and gabby. and you. do you hear that my dear, he’s just called me a tool! god helped me get my family back, right when i needed you all most. you think you have to thank god for that? yes. i do. 

3x21/22 Episode Thoughts

There was so much stuff in that episode so I’m sure I won’t cover everything, but anyway:

  • Mission Stop Hive was fantastic and I love my wonderful secret agent children.
  • Not about those flashbacks tho.
  • (I’m definitely here for super confused Hive though, always fun)
  • Freaking Fitz with the monkey noises. Dear God poor Talbot having to deal with this actual child.
  • Mack and Elena are absolutely everything. Elena calling him a turtle and being like “he’s lucky he’s handsome” like i can’t even deal with this.
  • And she freaking took a bullet for him. Like oh my God you’re the greatest.
  • Mack set me on fire.
  • and THE RETURN OF THE SHOTGUN AX, only for real this time! A+.
  • bby Coulson trying to protect the team however he can
  • The freaking hologram - “help me Obi Wan Kenobi” - what an actual dork
  • May was about to tell Daisy that she loves her and I can’t handle that.
  • Freaking Fitzsimmons vacation planning tho. What is this. 
  • I love how Jemma’s all offended that Fitz thinks he’s the romantic one (also I love that they’re comfortable enough together that they can designate a ‘romantic one’ and also that Jemma wants to go on a romantic beach vacation). I’m a little sad we didn’t get an i love you, but it makes sense… with the end…
  • And Radcliffe… I’m really glad he’s gonna be around next year. Dubious moral compass, definite lack of sense, but good entertainment value (and anyone who loves fitzsimmons is a friend of mine)
  • But precious Daisy. I’m so sorry bby. This whole episode was so hard. Like Jemma was being so clinical and just when Mack came in and like pulled her in for that hug and said he forgave her like I can’t freaking do this. Her family loves her so much and I just want them to be back together again.
  • But Lincoln…
  • May trusts him, Coulson trusts him, this was really his formal adoption into the family. He’s not just their daughter’s boyfriend anymore, he’s another kid. I’m just… I can’t.
  • His conversation with Daisy. That was just so beautiful. And the very last thing he said… it’s the first time he said I love…
  • He deserved better. He saved Daisy and the team and the world and I’m just going to miss Lincoln so incredibly much.
  • (also super awkward Hive and Lincoln dying together scene… i guess it’s good they weren’t alone?)
  • I don’t know what’s going on with Daisy but I’m sure Coulson and Mack will figure it out. And I’m just so grateful that Fitz and Jemma must be off somewhere together with Fitz “planning a surprise”. But dear God Radcliffe there’s nothing I’m more sure of than the fact that this is a really bad idea.