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So, as promised, here’s my list of lesbian movies for all of our lovely followers and the people you want to share it with. I hope I haven’t forgotten any good ones, but if you feel like that is the case, feel free to add movies to the list! 

This is my gift for all of you, I hope you’ll like it ♥

/ Mod W

Tipping the Velvet 

  • based on the book by sarah waters (she has written many lesbian books!)
  • it’s a bbc adapatation
  • technically a mini series but i like to see it as three hours of lesbian content heaven
  • it’s about this girl who falls in love with an actress and she goes to see her at the theatre five billion times until the actress notices her (that’s just the first part, other things happen to the main so watch the rest for more lesbian content~)
  • the main character (nan astley/king) is like… my fave. i love her.
  • the book is very good too!!!
  • honestly i have so much love for this movie/book i get all giddy just thinking of it


  • lesbian gangster/mob movie do i need to say more???
  • the main actresses are cute af (one of them is a butch lesbian!)
  • it’s awesome and very cool
  • (gonna trigger warn for use of lesbophobic slurs used by some characters/some lesbophobic violence)

Below Her Mouth

  • meh plot with amazing sex scenes basically?
  • a lot of sex scenes
  • i mean it like half the movie is graphic sex so if ur uncomfortable with that you probably shouldn’t watch it lol
  • all female cast
  • willa from wynonna earp!

The Handmaiden

  • also based on a book by sarah waters (called Fingersmith, there’s a bbc adaptation of it too which you should totally check out as well)
  • good quality movie right there
  • (putting a trigger warning here for sexual and psychological abuse and abuse in general)

Kyss Mig

  • one of few good swedish movies
  • basically about two step-sisters who fall in love (they’re not actually related i promise)

But I’m a Cheerleader

  • baby natasha lyonne is in this one! also i have a crush on clea duvall in this movie lol
  • a very cute love story tbh
  • good aesthetic
  • you’ve probably heard of it before but idc cause it’s great
  • (it’s like a satire of conversion therapy so if that’s something you can’t watch i don’t recommend this movie for you in particular)

If These Walls Could Talk 2 

  • a bunch of famous actresses (like chloë sevigny, michelle williams, natasha lyonne, ellen degeneres, etc. etc.)
  • divided in three segments from three different periods in time
  • one segment is set during the feminist movement in the 70s and features chloë sevigny as a butch lesbian with a motorcycle do i even need to say more??

Anatomy of a Love Seen

  • this is about two actresses who were a couple when they shot a movie together and now they have to go back and re-shoot some love scenes but they’re not a couple anymore and it’s sad af
  • i have basically never seen this movie in any rec lists but it’s actually one of my faves and i cry so much to this movie tbh

Saving Face

  • this is a good one
  • also pretty funny tbh!
  • it’s about a doctor who falls in love with a dancer and the doctor’s relationship with her conservative mom
  • it’s kind of rom-comish

Lost and Delirious

  • warning: very sad like super sad?
  • it’s about a girl who goes to a boarding school and so happens to become roommates with a lesbian couple
  • teen angst squared and multiplied with gay panic

The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls In Love

  • you may have heard of this one but if you haven’t it’s time you watch it
  • that woman who plays tina on the l word is a butch-ish girl in this one
  • VERY CUTE and chill
  • every time i watch this it feels like this movie is the director’s BABY like it seems like she cares about this story so much and it makes the movie feel so genuine and lovely
  • i want every baby lesbian to watch this, please, it’s my gift to you.


  • you may have heard of this one too but if you haven’t seen it yet it’s definitely worth a watch!
  • lesbian spies!
  • the heroine falls in love with the villain (that enemies to lovers trope tho!!)

Desert Hearts

  • old but good!
  • i feel like this movie is on most of these long rec lists but people probably don’t watch it cause it’s old but it is actually pretty good!
  • your classic “oops i thought i was straight but that woman is hot” story

Margarita With a Straw

  • indian girl figures out she’s bi when she goes to uni in new york and meets a lesbian girl
  • cute, funny, sad, it has everything tbh
  • The Hours (actually one of my all-time favorite movies/books!)
  • The Intervention
  • The Kids Are All Right
  • The Children’s Hour
  • Elena Undone
  • Fucking Åmål 

Jensen was never this awkward, never lost for words when it came to flirting, never tripping over himself to think of the words to say. It was just… you did something to him, something that made him feel like a twelve-year-old trying to stumble his way to his first kiss again.

You’d known each other in high school - you’d turned him down when he tried to ask you to prom, yourself being a senior, sophomore Jensen didn’t stand a chance amongst the other senior boys asking for an opportunity to ask you out - but you hadn’t become friends until you started working together on a low-budget, independent movie, four years after he graduated.

You’d just finished shooting a scene when you walked over to where Jensen was stood, leaning against a dresser on set.

“That was, you were great,” he told you, before shaking his head and cursing himself. “Good, good acting, it was- you were… good job.”

Jesus Christ, he needed to pull himself together. Why did he let you affect him like this?

You laughed, “You’re funny.”

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yoi fic rec list, part 5

i’m providing commentaries this time bc damn it, my feels cannot be contained

For Him by justrae2010 / @justrae2010

When Yuuri takes a hard fall on the ice, at first glance he seems to be okay. It’s only when he wakes up and doesn’t recognise the affectionate silver haired stranger at his bedside that he realises just how wrong he is.

This is the story that makes me happy whenever I receive update notification bc it always happen when I wake up from sleep. I remember reading ch 9 and I was crying even before I was actually awake. I reread it again for feels but it could never beat what I felt the first time I read it. It’s been a regular routine, waking up from sleep and finding out that there’s a chapter update!

Chapter 10 turns me into a crying mess again but it’s adorable as well bc of what’s revealed. I won’t tell you why, so please read the story to find out why!

The story updated today with chapter 11 and I screamed in excitement, reading together with friends. Memory loss hurts, honestly, but I’m glad even when Yuuri can’t remember the details of the lost memories, he can create new memories.

But, Yuuri, running away halfway across the country because you think you are hurting Victor, it hurts me too ok.

centripetal force by braveten / @actualyuuri

Victor speaks seven languages.

(Physics isn’t one of them.)

Luckily, though, he ends up rooming with his antithesis: a shy, black-haired boy who just so happens to be a physics major.

I started reading this last night, from 1 am to 5 am. For those wondering why I was awake at such odd hours, 1) I already slept earlier, 2) I forgot to take my medicine, 3) I was hungry so I ate cookies and 4) I can’t sleep.

Honestly, this story is such a relaxing story to read. I have to agree with Victor on physics, though. I just don’t understand physics (I failed the subject in high school and barely passed in national exam), but I am also not good with maths and formulas. My friends who took physics said it’s easy if you understand the formulas and I was like, “You have got to be kidding me.“

I took nursing so thankfully, there’s no physics involved.

Halfway into the story, I was able to guess who Boxers Guy was (and I was like, omg, was it who I think it was?! and my friend was like hmmMNNNNNN) but the revelation hurt me just as it hurt Yuuri, especially when it’s followed up with a misunderstanding. Still, I was glad when everything was resolved!

I cried in relief (and I still don’t understand physics).

 The Selection by Galloping_Monroe / @gallopingmonroe-blog

Returning home on the tail end of an injury that ends his dancing career, Yuri Katsuki is trying to find his future again. As a Five, he knows his options are limited, but when he finds an invitation to Crown Prince Victor Nikiforov’s Selection, he is convinced by a friend to apply.

He never thought he’d be Selected.

When he is, he finds that his world is changed forever, and that the Crown Prince is not exactly what he’d expected.

I have come across this story a lot of times while I browsed AO3. The summary intrigued me but I didn’t read it until a few days ago. There’s 21 chapters and I devoured them within one day. Such a classic move from someone who could read 18 volumes of manga in just 3 days, or finish 24 episodes in just 3 days.

I find it cute that the characters we know are trying to win the heart of Prince Victor but Prince Victor only has eyes on one person and that person is so oblivious to this romantic attraction, thinking they are only friends.


I would have loved for Victor to end the Selection and just get married to Yuuri, but I applaud Yuuri for admitting that he still need time to get ready and Victor understands. Communication is important, folks.

I remember telling my friends I wished these two just kiss and in the chapter I was reading, they actually kissed. Who would have thought two characters kissing makes you feel all warm and fuzzy?!

The unresolved sexual tension, though.

Like a Fairytale by lucycamui / @lucycamui

In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri.

(And Phichit is the fairy godmother who has no idea what he’s doing).

When my favourite fairytale combined with bakery goods, gosh!

My friend told me that I wouldn’t even notice I was at the end of the story until I reached the last chapter. I scoffed, saying NO WAY, but I was a fool, bc I didn’t even realize I was at the last chapter. Curse your speed reading skills, Zue!

I asked my friend, “Does this story has an evil stepmother?“ and it turned out the evil stepmother was Yuuri’s ball of anxiety. I’m so glad Victor never give up in finding his love. The rain scene where they kissed? IT WAS TOO SWEET!

But the true MPV of this story? PHICHIT!

Gosh, I never dreamed of a fairy!Phichit but I demand a fairy!Phichit now! The hamsters are so cute, too.

Kings in Couture by slightlied / @forovnix

a devil wears prada au in which victor is the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, yuuri’s his new secretary, and instead of talking about his feelings, victor just sends him on a bunch of errands

I was so giddy when I read the scene where Victor arrived and everyone was in panic, scurrying around making sure everything was perfect and ready for him while Yuuri just watched in confusion. (It’s such an iconic scene.)

My first thought when I saw the word ‘kic’ was, ‘what the heck is kic and why are ppl talking about kic fic?‘ but I wasn’t too concerned with it at the time so I didn’t bother finding out. Two weeks ago, I finally kicked myself into reading the story. I expected Victor to be mean to Yuuri but I saw cute interactions instead.

Yuuri’s tight jeans, though.

I browsed through 27 pages of the author’s kic tag while I was reading the story and I must say, the experience was glorious.

kaerlighet  asked:

what is the gayest thing noora has done

not in order because imo, noora as a character is an EMOTION and everything she does fuels my lesbian soul with the conviction that the world can be good 😌

1. when that dude sat next to her and she looked everywhere for an escape and then proceeded to seductively walk towards eva, sit next to her and flirt with her. he was there. he was GONE. now, she’s whispering Spanish to a girl’s ear and checking her out… she narratively murdered him with her lesbian powers this LEGEND

2. biting her lips, laughing and generally lighting the HELL up when she’s around sana or eva. it happens a lot like she literally glows around girls

3. when eva was kissing jonas and she interrupted them, looking both bitter and SMUG like it’s some ao3 lesbian slow burn classic and not Julie’s hetero self insert fic. I mean, what’s the narrative purpose in jonas appearing so visibly threatened by her very presence ? I’m asking but we all know why!! she’s so gay even straight guys can sense how her love for all girls put their mediocrity to shame!! they KNOW

4. serenading to eva. TO eva. no straight girl would do it like this, they could NEVER do anything like this. she’s literally inches from her, leaning in, scrunching her face like she’s just dying to touch her, to be near her, to feel her close, rewatching these scenes FEEL SO GOOD like!! that’s a lesbian!!! I know it in my heart of heart, her entire smile screams pure and genuine love, understanding and affection, she’s GIDDY with it, drunk on it, it’s like she can’t get enough!! she looks at girls so hungrily, lovingly, fondly it KILLS ME EVERYTIME

5. her entire relationship with eskild. they both enhance their gay powers around one another, they can finally just relax and be openly gay comfortably in their own home it’s so cute :,)

6. vilde : we’ll meet there
noora : don’t tell me what to do
sana : no she’s right we’ll meet there
noora : Sure thing!! Whatever you say!! 💓💓

7. how she stares at sana in every scene of s4. the RAW attraction feels like being hit by a bus I mean she caressed her face, she’s literally buzzing with how badly she wants to be near her!! she’s so into her!! always has been!!

8. coming in at the party and eva being drunk and how there’s a split second where they consider kissing. literally it’s tangible, she’s really standing there in her butch ass coat, staring at the girl’s lips like it’s cherry candy SECONDS AWAY from her straight scenes with willheeverleave… lesbian noora truly went fighting before julie murdered her!!!

9. the way she dances. there’s something so free and unsexy to it! it’s so divorced from any dude’s hot take about what girls should look like while having fun, it’s so fun and warm and silly!!! like she’s out there!! being gay and swaying her arms awkwardly, missing the beat!! makes me MELT

10. her unique pair of mom jeans she wears all the time cause it’s THE gay girl size and she’s comfortable existing out there looking like a lesbo on her way to steal your girl!!

anonymous asked:

here it is, take this moment to spill all your feels about jikook lately (and how your headcanon is now canon)

Oh lord. Ohlordohlordohlordohlord.

Where do I even start with Autumn Jikook? I mean, Jikook has always been a strong ship, but they seemed to have upgraded to the Ship of Dreams.

So on November 8, 2017, I woke up 3 hours earlier than my alarm because my friend Cherry was screaming in the chat about Jikook. I thought, oh, maybe it’s just a cute selca. Maybe an OT7 BTS Bomb with some shippy moments.

But I was wrong.

Oh, god, the VIDEO. Jungkook films/edits way better than YouTubers I’m subbed to who’ve been doing the video thing for years. And, not disregarding his talent, but there was more to it than that. The obvious, I suppose.

I kept tooting my own horn about my fic, and I’m sorry if I came off narcissistic about it (and I’m sure I’m not the only one who wrote about the emotion of Jungkook’s photography skills in a fic), but an actual headcanon came true. It. Came. True.

Jungkook edited Jimin like a dream, but a very real, concrete one that he gets to live, to adore and hug and kiss and be with. Truly, he made sure we saw that, too. We saw the vulnerability and tenderness of his adoration for Jimin in the filters, the shots, and the music. Like, holy crap, the lyrics.

And that’s another thing. Jungkook is a fan of Troye Sivan; he probably knows the song. Not only that, with the careful way he edited the video, he wouldn’t just choose any old song with a good beat. He’d be picky with his song choice. He did say that every time he does a cover (particularly in languages foreign to him, I assume), he looks up the lyrics. I imagine he wouldn’t be any different when finding a song that fit the video.

Anyway, back to the video. 

Jungkook showed his high regard for Jimin by giving him the focus of the video. Sure, there were some really pretty shots of Tokyo, but only about 10%, honestly. A significant majority of the video was of Jimin, freely laughing and smiling and enjoying himself. It wasn’t so much going to Tokyo and seeing what it had to offer that made Jungkook enjoy the trip, it was being with him.

I’ve seen others (particularly @/satellite-jeon, since I remember her Ask response off the top of my head) mention the contrast of focus between Jimin’s cute, but cheesy little montage and Jungkook’s high-production one: “us” vs. “you.” Jimin’s footage came off as sweet and fun, but something about them seemed shy, too, like Jimin was saying, “yes, I went on a trip with someone I care about,” but got skittish about including the depth of his emotions about it. He let us be outsiders looking in. (I mean, that was how it seemed to me, personally).

But Jungkook. He did a great job of showing us his POV of the world and of Jimin. The teacup ride scene, for example. I wasn’t just watching Jimin have fun and be cute; it felt intimate, like I was Jungkook himself. It sounds weird, but you get what I mean?

So that was the gist of my interpretation/feelings about the video. I hope it made sense and sounded eloquent enough, but honestly, I don’t know how to put into words how it pulled my heartstrings.The video has a way of getting me giddy and ramble-ly and all over the place.

Also, sorry. I wrote an essay. LOL

Klance high school AU

“We’re just friends but everyone thinks we’re dating so we play into it and stage dramatic scenes in our ‘relationship’ for the lolz AU” - @thepeasantthatstooduptothegod

They’d heard it all before.

“Oh, you two are just too cute together!”

They’d deflected the comments with varying degrees of disgust.

“Oh, no we aren’t-”

“Ew, gross, me and Lance? Gag me with a fork.”


So Keith didn’t really know what Lance was up to when he pulled him into the space between buildings.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Keith asked cautiously, brushing Lance’s hand off his arm. Lance looked strangely giddy, and that alone made the voice in the back of Keith’s head go, “oh no”.

“Okay, okay so listen,” Lance began, bouncing on his heels. “You know how everyone always assumes we’re dating?”

“Unfortunately.” Keith replies, his eyebrows raised.

Lance ignored his comment and continued.

“So I was thinking… what if we were?”

Keith choked suddenly, doubling over in a fit of coughs. Holy shit, He thought. Did he really just say that. It’s not that Keith had a had a crush on him… anymore. And it’s not that Lance was unattractive or anything because, well, let’s stop that thought there. It was mostly because of the fact that Lance just blatantly blurred out that… they should date?

“What?!” Keith finally croaked out after a minute of Lance hitting his back to make sure he didn’t asphyxiate.

“Jeez, chill out dude. What if we made people think we were dating? Like, we staged these big dramatic situations within our ‘relationship’ and stuff?”

Keith stared dumbly at Lance, who looked as if he’d just discovered the cure for cancer. After many silent moments, Keith finally spoke.


“I don’t know, for the lolz?” Lance offered.

“Did you really just say that out loud?” Keith glared at Lance. Lance rolled his eyes and his whole body seemed to get into it, dramatically throwing himself against one of the walls.

“Come onnnn, Keith! It’ll be funny! Think about Pidge’s face when they sit at the lunch table and we’re feeding each other and playing footsies.”

“Gross.” Keith said.

“Exactly!” Lance pointed at him. “See? We gotta do it!”

Keith looked at Lance skeptically. He had to admit it would be pretty hilarious to see everybody’s faces when they reveal they were “dating” after being mercilessly teased for years about it. He looked Lance up and down one more time.

“… You promise it won’t be anything weird?” He asked.

“All PDA past hand holding strictly prohibited.” Lance said matter-of-factly.

“Wow, big word,” Keith smirked.

Lance rolled his eyes.

“Shut up,” he put out his hand, “So do we have a deal?”

Keith mulled it over. Pretending to be dating his rival/friend and ex-crush in exchange for the pleasure of seeing his friend’s faces when they shout “Ha! Psych! Gotcha!”

He looked at Lance’s extended hand. What did he have to lose really? He took his hand and shook firmly once.


“Great!” Lance beamed. Suddenly, he shifted his palm and laced his fingers with Keith’s, pulling him out of their little alleyway. “Come on then, babe.”

“Oh my god.” Keith mumbled, already regretting his decision. He couldn’t help but smile just a little, though, at Lance’s enthusiasm, and he told himself that the heat he felt in his cheeks was just the sudden late-afternoon sun on his face.

bettysponytaiil  asked:

Can we talk about the fact you couldn't wipe the grin off Cole's face during that interview. He's so damn smitten with Lili. :)

I know right?!?! I love how giddy he always gets at the mention of her name; he’s just so cute and totally smitten, as you said. And I love that somebody asked him (very cleverly, props to that interviewer) about the love scene. Oh God, the boyish, smug smile he tried to fight back but failed miserably when he said how excited he was about the scene? Golden!!! Of course, he was excited, he is always excited when he gets the chance to be all over Lili! I’m now desperate for a joined interview of the two and that question being asked. Cole is going to make a suggestive joke about it and Lili is going to tell him to ‘shut up’ with that teasing smile of hers. 😂 

Saving Hope (S3-5x12 things I loved (99% Lintz)

-Dr Maggie Lin - her personality is just - who wouldn’t fall in love with her? 

-Dr Sydney Katz - the way she just stands up for her beliefs and values. 

- how Lintz met, how Dr Katz was so intense for Maggie. The contrast between these two characters which come together at the end to be much more similar than we first thought. 

- the progression of both characters in their attitudes both in work and in self. Especially Maggie since we’ve watched her grow since S1 and goodness she was adorable but impulsive and always had a took what she wanted attitude. So, so different from how she is with Sydney. It’s like ripping open a present vs taking off each layer making sure not to rip the wrapping of a Christmas present. 

- Dr Katz’s glasses 

- Maggie’s hair length from S1 - S5. I just can’t deal. It’s gorgeous and well her personality shifts to match it too. Well I guess that’s the point. Maturation. But really she’s beautiful. And she has grown to be such a great doctor

- The friendship between Alex and Maggie. Also between Zach and Maggie. That progressive love for each other that grew so significantly throughout the series. 

- The Leave/Stay theme of Lintz. They are basically built off this theme, (kinda like Julia Taylor Ross said in her interview they’re a ‘will they won’t they’ couple). 

- The  ‘I love you’ from Sydney that probably Maggie was not expecting at all. I wasn’t expecting it and I think that’s what makes it so real so raw. That even when they’re in conflicts, dilemmas, arguing-ish, that Sydney doesn’t ‘want to be with her any less’, that Sydney loves her. And well you know what they say, if you love them, let them go. And that’s what Sydney did. She couldn’t be the reason for Maggie giving up something that she loved and regretting it. She wanted Maggie to be happy. 

- Because the thing is Sydney knows how important their careers are in each of their hearts. They value being a doctor almost over everything and really nothing triumphs the essence their job gives them and what they can give to others. Their whole life, it was building up to this point - this pinnacle of where their endless studying, love for being a doctor brings them to the best. They didn’t really have anything else that they wholeheartedly loved. Maggie even says “I’ve got nothing to live for”. That is until they started really, creeping in into each other’s heart, lodging themselves there and staying there. Because for that period where Sydney was in Israel gone from Hope Zion and Maggie was finding someone to date, they were both in each other’s heart staying there subconsciously and slowing invading, but well, they probably did know it but didn’t acknowledge it, decided that it was impossible. 

- The respect this show has for differences, whether its with religion, culture, sexuality among many other things. 

- Little bit of Dawn: the unfolding of the tender hearted Dawn. That one scene where she attempts to get on everyone’s good side in order to get her chief of surgery role back and Zach told her to be her but kinder and she praised Maggie and the residents. That little proud smile and giddiness after Zach praises her was so cute. Also her scenes with Giselle shows just why she is such a wonderful doctor. Also that she says what she wants to say. Her dignified aura. 

-also Shahir

- From the beginning Maggie felt something for Sydney (‘from the moment I met you I always wondered what it would be like to be with you’) and her cautious walking and patience with Sydney was sorta her defence mechanism. So that it wouldn’t hurt as much if and when she did leave. (That conversation with Zach pretty much sums it up) Then he replies with “I think you’re in love”. Sigh. 

- The fact that during the little amounts of time Sydney spent with Hershel, she spent it talking about Maggie. Which also implies that she is very attentive with Maggie, well she is a doctor, but knowing her nose twitches when she fibs - let’s just say she pays a lot of attention on Maggie. 

- free falling 

- The feeling when Maggie passed her boards. I was so happy. Hard work pays off. 

- That Maggie was probably Sydney’s first. First for a lot of things. 

- Also “ you love her don’t you.” to Sydney and Sydney’s face when it all clicks.

- ‘(thought about you every day.’ ‘ I thought about you too’ Then that kiss, that makes Maggie feel like she was being strangled on the inside. That deep breath she tried to take afterwards was all too telling. She felt it way too much that she was finding it hard to breathe. Isn’t that just….sigh.  

- Sydney’s defence mechanism was leaving and not staying in touch. From what is seen in the series, in order to not hurt others or herself, she always is the one leaving. From leaving Maggie after the first kiss to be engaged to Herself, leaving to Israel, then leaving her girlfriend after finding out that Maggie really was the one, leaving so her family didn’t have to see her, leaving when Maggie got her job. So when she stays - it’s all too heartwarming, because for her that is her way of loving someone. 

- How fast Maggie bounced back into her soul and body after her injury. Like her personality is just so - I dunno I think she just always willing to try, to be better. 

- Maggie with Bree as her kickass guardian angel. Just in general how much Maggie cares for her patients. Like the one time she had the patient with the drinking problem and she did all she could to help her. 

- But also on the other hand how heartwarming and cool Maggie was when she went over to the Shelby after the bomb explosion. She never really looked out for herself, she went straight to helping others, treating others, saving others. 

- ‘ I owed you’ then that longing heavy look as Sydney walks out of Hope Zion. And after that episode, Maggie was kinda all over the place. (Let’s just say which is an implication of her longing for Sydney, but knowing she won’t get to be with her - reinforced by her desperation to find someone - even with Zach.) 

- How Maggie wears her heart on her sleeves sometimes and when Sydney comes back in 410, she literally couldn’t take a proper breath. She looked so…lost. Because that brimming feeling of hope was building back inside her and she knows that she should keep a certain distance because Sydney always leaves. 

- how sad Sydney looked when she saw Maggie and Dey going to the Crab (i can’t remember the name) together. 

- I love watching Maggie and Sydney work in surgery together. Well I love watching everyone in surgery but Maggie especially. Just their dedication to medicine and to their patients. 

- Maggie’s shaking hands after Becca’s surgery tells a story. 

- The silent confirmation that if they find Martha’s ashes, that Lintz has a chance to be something. 

- ‘I don’t want an epic love affair with you Maggie, I just want you.” 

- ‘Stay’ then the eyebrow 

- ‘But seriously, we need a bigger bed’ then the little kiss. And hehehe domestic aren’t they. 

- How basically everyone teased Maggie about the ‘Dr Katz in the house’ and how utterly discombobulated Maggie was about what she was feeling when she had waited three years and ‘now it’s here’ 

- Maggie forgives quite quickly. She’s a very accepting person isn’t she. 

- ‘I chose you’ - and she meant every word

-5x12 Sydney isn’t one to keep in touch. When Maggie told her to call her after she lands in London. She gave a heavy ‘sure’ but she wasn’t going to call. I didn’t think she would. Because it hurts less to stay away completely than to have tidbits of an almost. 

- Just thinking of Sydney berating herself for not staying with Maggie. That this job was everything but so was the job offered to Maggie. Why was it she couldn’t be the one staying, why did Maggie have to be the one leaving with her. Maggie meant everything to her, so she stayed, above everything, above all the times she told herself that she will not find love because she’s gay and she’s an orthodox Jewish, she found something worth, someone worth everything, someone worth staying for. 

- the fact that Maggie never chased after Sydney after finding out that their first kiss that ‘threw her for a loop’ was more than just a kiss for Sydney. It held dire consequences and religion conflict. From there on, she was ever so patient with Sydney. That she never really chased after her. When Sydney was leaving to israel, she tried to do it so subtly but she couldn’t directly utter the words ‘stay’, not again, not after finding out she was leaving for someone else, or in their final episode where Sydney told her to not come with her to London. Those words rung in Maggie and she listened because isn’t that want was for the best. That’s what Sydney wanted. But deep down, well not even deep down, everyone could see it, she wanted to be with her, she wanted Sydney to tell her to leave with her. ‘well she was the one that told me to stay’ - Maggie’s brimming tears when she said that just did it for me. But yet again Sydney was leaving. (But that letter, it was basically a please come after me.)

- especially knowing the contents of the letter. A verse from the Book of Ruth. from the moment Sydney wrote that letter and placed it on the floor, I believed she wasn’t going to leave. That she was hoping, that Maggie would come after her. That Maggie loved her like Sydney loved her. She wasn’t going to go. Not anywhere without Maggie. 

- The kisses. I especially loved the ones in 511, the continuous pecks on Maggie’s cheeks was simply too adorable. 

- That little look back from Sydney when she first kissed Maggie. 

- From S3 upwards to S5 Maggie stays and Sydney leaves. Then in 512 Maggie leaves for Syd and Syd stays for Maggie. They both stayed for each other and leave with each other. 

- Dr Katz’s jokes in S5 

- ‘Syd’ 

- !RomanticMaggie 

- ‘my one is crossing the pond without me’ let me reiterate ‘my one’

- ‘I love you and I would give everything up to be with you.’ my heart. 

- ‘Don’t urge me to leave you. Where you go I will go. Where you lodge I will lodge. Where you die. I will die. And there I will be buried.’ 

- ‘you had me at Shalom’ 

- The airport - Can we breathe and just appreciate everything here. Departure of Lintz but the journey, oh goodness the Lintz journey was - I don’t know it’s etched into my heart like no other couple. (I love Shoot from POI truly) But this couple this couple was so real, so normal, so human and I just, it truly gives me hope. So goodbye and thank you for this wonderful creation, for Lintz, this representation and this emblem of hope. 

Happy endings and beginnings to everyone. 

(I miss them already) 

I donno why but I really, really, like really like Yoann’s Supergroom design. it honestly beats any and all superhero design I’ve ever seen ever. except for like some designs from the black panther movies

its cute how giddy spirou seems about this idea

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Reveling in Richonne

#65: The “We Gonna Win Today?” (7x12)

The only way to really describe this short little scene is; adorable. Like it’s these short exchanges that help make this couple feel so authentic and natural.

This scene of R&M starting their day made me think about 7x5 when Rick wanted Michonne to come with him and Aaron. Like what we’re seeing right now in 7x12 is what Rick wanted in 7x5, and you can’t help but be happy that now he’s finally out doing a run with the one person he most wanted to be out doing runs with.👌🏽

And I love this too cuz it really confirms that, while yes now they’re lovers, they’re still very much best friends. Like Michonne isn’t just Rick’s woman. She really is the one he wants to hang out with, talk to, laugh with, confide in, and just be around. And her for him. If that’s not relationship goals I don’t know what is lol.

They so clearly enjoy each other’s company and have been enjoying this trip. And, as calm and casual as this scene is, there is still a passion and giddiness radiating from them. They are so ridiculously married by this point and I love these quiet moments where that fact is so evident.

So Michonne’s looking over at Rick while he looks at a map I think, and she thanks him for keeping watch, which is so cute. And he tells her it’s nothing and that he likes staying up and keeping watch, which is so cute. And they both share a look and Rick laughs as Michonne looks at him like“You really like not getting sleep?" which is so cute. 😋  

I love that just a knowing look from her can make him laugh. They really can communicate with hardly any words. 

I know Rick will later reveal he’s having trouble sleeping, but I also think Rick genuinely means that he likes keeping watch cuz it means he’s protecting her and looking out for her. You know he feels like that’s what he was made to do lol. 😂

And then Rick says she can keep watch this time because they are beautiful equals. 👏🏽 I just love that we’re getting to see how comfortable they are with one another and how happy they are. Like as subtle as this moment is, their happiness is still so loud and clear.

So then, we get this aerial shot of them and Michonne lightheartedly says, "We gonna win today?” And I adore this line. ☺️

It’s funny, I love so much from this episode but for some reason tho, it’s this line right here that I always think about when I think about 7x12. It just stuck out to me so much. The line and this moment is so small but so very sweet and meaningful.

It makes me think about how Danai described Michonne as being someone who only envisions winning. Like she’s ready for the worst but she chooses to only focus on winning which is a great fierce and positive mentality to have.

And I love knowing that Michonne is sharing that mentality with her man and choosing to see any step forward as progress and a win.

I love that she says it so hopefully and upbeat. It just adds another cute shade to their relationship. Like Michonne is Rick’s cheerleader and source of positivity.

I also love just the sweet casualness of her asking this cuz what they’re doing is serious. Like the reason they are out here is to get guns and take out a whole army of psychos but if anyone can accomplish this, it’s them two.

At this point and time, Negan is still very much their oppressor and they haven’t taken him down yet, but because R&M are working together and being together they’re already winning. And I love that she makes it a question to him. And you already know I love the use of “we” cuz, again, they’re a package deal and they know it lol.

So Rick happily says “Oh yeah” in response to her question. I love it cuz Rick’s not necessarily a “perky” person but even he can’t help but let Michonne’s optimism positively impact him. 😊

And, it’s also kind of funny that Michonne asks if they’re gonna win today cuz I think Rick feels he’s been winning every second they’ve been out here, cuz he’s just glad to be out here with her lol. 😋

I appreciate this line cuz it made me reflect on how Rick and Michonne are winners not because they’re perfect but because they persevere and together they really have overcome so much.

And as deep as that sentiment is, I love that here we have them just chilling and casually talking about winning. Cuz this is the Rick and the Michonne, so of course they’re gonna win today lol. 👌🏽😊

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What if after finding out about Marco being in love with Tom the girls keep trying to set them up in ridiculous situations? After much embarrassment from both parties, they stop and Marco ends up accidently confessing to Tom while they're hanging out at Tom's. Like he said something offhandedly then realized he confessed.

Awwwwwwww! This was such an adorable idea! I hope you like it! I kind of did it a little differently with how you asked about the girls setting them up. But I hope you like it anyway! I tried really hard on this! And I had fun playing with the bromance, and THEN romance. It was fun! Enjoy!

Tom and Marco were laughing hysterically as they talked about their latest meet up. Of course, it was what the girls set them up on. Star Janna, Jackie, Star Fan 13 and Ponyhead all knew of Marco’s HUGE crush on Tom. And they were not resting until the boys got set up on a date. And their little advances were proving confusing to Tom, and utterly embarrassing for Marco. But after, they always laughed them off.

“Why did they make you dress up so fancy?” Tom asked, giggled. Marco blushed at Tom’s cute smile. Tom always thought of his spiked teeth as weird, but Marco melted when he saw it, thinking it was so cute.

“I don’t know.” Marco lied. “I guess they just want us to hang out more.” He tried. Tom laughed again and Marco did as well. But Marco’s laugh was more giddy, like he was happy that Tom was happy.

“I guess so.” Tom agreed. “Maybe we do make good friends.” he smiled warmly and then laughed again. “What was it that Oskar called us? A bromance?” He asked. Marco laughed when he remembered that scene in the car.

“Yeah! You barged in on us, you stalker!” Marco teased, nudging the demon. “What’s your problem?” He smiled. Tom was laughing harder at the playful insult.

“Well maybe you can figure it out, Dr. Marco, PHD?” He tested. Marco blushed at Tom’s mischievous tone. “What IS my problem?” Tom asked. Marco smiled and pushed Tom away playfully.

“You like pushing buttons.” He joked. Tom laughed and shrugged.

‘That could be it. I guess that’s why I hung out with you so much this week.” Tom grinned. “You’re really fun to antagonize.” Tom smirked. Marco blushed a little more. Because even though Tom phrased it in a cold way, what he was really saying was “I like hanging out with you”. The two laughed and joked for a while longer. Marco loved it, he loved spending time with the demon. He felt loved and safe, like he could let his guard down and not pay attention or worry about what he was saying. Which proved to be a bad thing.

“So why is it the girls are trying to get us to hang out now?” Tom asked. Marco laughed and shrugged.

“Oh they’ve been like this ever since they found out I liked you.” Marco assured. Once he realized what he said, Marco stopped cold, in total horror. He looked over and saw Tom staring at him in shock.

“What?” Tom asked. Marco’s eyes widened.

“Nothing.” He gasped. Tom shook his head and got up.

“No, you said you liked me, AND you said that the girls knew.” Tom reminded. He shot up and began tugging on his ears.

“No! Not true!” Marco cried. Tom shook his head frantically.

“Marco! No! You have to be honest with me now!” Tom cried. He tugged down on his ears harder. “When you say you like me you mean you LIKE me?” He asked. “Oh god, oh god, oh god.” Tom was getting a little hysterical. He seemed anxious and like he was running ragged. Marco bit his lip.

“Tom? Are you okay?” Marco asked. Tom’s head shot up.

“It really depends.” Tom admitted. “Do you like me?” He asked again. “Marco please you have to answer me honestly! I need to know.” Tom stressed. Marco shrink away a little and rubbed his arm nervously.

“Yes… I’m in love with with you…” He sighed. Marco looked up and saw how ragged and anxious Tom looked. “Are you okay?” He asked again.

“I’m perfect!” Tom cried, jumping up a bit. Marco fell back and looked confused. Tom stopped tugging on his ears and dashed over to Marco, to scoop him up in a hug. “Oh Marco! I’m amazing! I’m absolutely amazing!” He cried. Marco pulled away and saw Tom’s eyes were growing shiny, like he was fighting not to cry.

“Tom?” He asked. Tom laughed and gave Marco another hug.

“You love me?” He asked. “You really truly do?” Marco blushed deeply and hugged the demon back.

“Yes, I do.” Marco admitted. Tom spun Marco in circles.

“Oh Marco! You don’t know how happy you’ve made me!” Tom cried.

“What? Really?” Marco asked. Tom nodded.

“I love you! I love you! I love you!” He grinned. “I’ve loved you for a long while now and I… I could never tell you.” Tom admitted. “I… I just…” He sort of trailed off and– although he was still laughing– tears began to fill his eyes.

“Tom?” Marco asked concerned. Tom laugh-cried some more.

“I-I-I love you… I do. I did for so long and I… never told you. But you love me! You love me!” Tom laughed. “I… I thought I was just… unlovable. Useless or… unwanted.” Tom looked away. He then looked right back up at Marco. “But you! You love me!” He exclaimed. “You… love me? You promise?” Tom asked. Marco put a hand over his mouth and dashed into the demon’s arms.

“Forever Tom, forever.”

“Giddy up, you volleyball nerd! Onward to the movies!”

This fic by @byesweetheart  was so cute I just couldn’t help myself and had to draw it! I will probably draw more scenes from the series cause it’s really goddamn cute and fluffy 💗💗

Also I’m pretty sure Hinata would be that kind of stupid person who wears ripped jeans during winter and then gets suprised he’s cold (just like me lel).

Critical Role Episode 86 (I think)

Haven’t done one of these in a while. This post is all spoilers so block that stuff.

For the first time in weeks, I’ve tuned into Critical Role actually looking forward to just being happy and calm. Like, we’ve come to expect just week after week of harrowing battles and dire situations, but for the first time, we got an episode where no one had their lives on the line. 

There was no battle, no threat hanging over our heads (I don’t count Hotis. Fuck Hotis), and just in general, our favorite adventurers got to do what they wanted to do. Get drunk, hang out, and talk smack about Taryon. Also they got a ship. Captained by my new wife. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I can’t tell you how goddamned happy I was. I was actually smiling before this episode, rather than summoning demons and selling my soul to make sure everyone got resurrected at the end of the day.

I gotta say, I love Taryon. I’ve got a few friends who were just devastated that Scanlan left and despise this guy (which I can agree with to some degree) but I love this new dynamic.

Percy’s outright reaction to him was…perfect. Sam knows how to push their buttons, and it’s totally believable for this character. To have someone undermine Percy while he silently stews is just…and to have it by this jack-ass no less is just absolutely wonderful.

So we tied up some loose ends, learned that Taryon has got a mobster dad, and Vex did a nice thing for Jarrett (I was hoping they’d follow through on that)

Tary, as expected, got bored immediately. Granted he didn’t understand (because these guys didn’t even tell him their names) but still, you can’t expect to just suddenly go on an adventure. These people are strangers to you. You are not going suddenly hop on this train and expect a spree of heroics.

And thus, we go back to Whitestone and the hazing commences. I love that Taliesin was getting so defensive of his home being called “Quaint.” I was so on board with that. Like “How dare you, this place is magnificent. Stop insulting gun son’s home.” 

Vex talking to Jarrett is always a treat. Those two have a good dynamic and I would love to see them hang out more. Like, permanently. As in, as a baroness, Jarrett becomes one of Vex’ahlia’s personal guards. Please. Jarrett in Whitestone is the best. The fact that he wants to stay there warms my heart.

I love that Grog has found a new chew toy, and Vax has just…I don’t know I think they’ve come to have a better understanding for one another and just…their buds no and I love it. But Grog’s gotta have something to amuse him, so we get the Tary hazing (which I do not promote this was wrong on many levels and these people are assholes. Self aware assholes, but assholes all the same (but then again, Tary was an asshole to them so I guess they see it as fair)). We got to see a bit of Tary’s fighting style, and then we get to see hime cry. Also, the fact that Marisha didn’t have Keyleth do anything to stop this was…quesitonable. I guess we’ve broken Keyleth to the point where she deems hazing to be an appropriate way to get to know someone.

I loved this scene. Sam is one of the best improv actors I’ve ever come across. I mean, come on. I felt all that ridiculous emotion. We now know what Taryon is really all about and I love that he deals with it by keeping up the facade. It’s such a ridiculous and over exaggerated mirror of Vox Machina and I still can’t believe that this is still all improv acting. Goodness. I don’t think Tary is evil, I just think he is going to continue to be an asshole, just (in his mind) on the down low. His ego is still his driving factor and I can’t help but just get giddy at any future interactions.


Still it was a good getting drunk scene. More insight on Taryon, Percy and Tary finally hitting it off, some cute Grog moments, BOULDER PARCHMENT SHEARS, and Scrooge McDucking it (Thank the lord for this ship it’s such a good ship and I’m so happy it’s going strong).

Skipping ahead to the next morning, we go to the Earth Ashari, see what those people are like (I’m so happy we get to see them all. I was really beginning to wonder if we’d ever get the full tour of all the elements.) Taryon’s little comment about Keyleth intrigued me. Was he lying about finding her to appear like a good leader, or was he being sincere? IDK, share your thoughts below.

We get to Emon after that, AND MY NEW WIFE APPEARS OH SWEET LORD SHE FITS MY AESTHETIC SO HARD I THOUGHT I MIGHT EXPLODE! Give me more of her. I need my sexy, wild, totally not a former pirate Captain Adella. (Same Keyleth, same.)

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And thus concludes my episode reaction. I had fun for the first time in a while after watching this episode. I was so happy to finally get this, to get an episode where we could relax and be assholes again. Tying up these loose ends is refreshing and good for the soul. It felt like friends hanging out with friends again. I shall grace my blog with art, hopefully today, but we shall see. Have a good day lovelies!

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Sanvers - the morning after orange tshirt bit (specifically alex's ramble because wow she was already so in love)

alex’s little speech is honest to god probably one of the most endearing things i’ve ever seen on television, not only just as it specifically applies to sanvers but also within the overall media landscape and societal perception of f/f relationships on tv. while she couldn’t lay it out explicitly because of the network and rating content restrictions, alex was absolutely and entirely glowing and happy in that scene and the scene at the deo following it because she’d just spent the night with a woman for the first time in her life. and that is not something we get to see often.

up to that point we’d never seen alex in that light before, we’d never gotten that unrestrained happiness bordering on giddiness, and it, canonically, is the first time alex had felt emotion like that. that it’s a direct result of finally understanding her identity, and embracing it with a woman she cares deeply about.

it was cute and important and as a bonus i love that maggie is so endeared by alex the entire time she’s talking like that

send me a character/ship + one of their moments

Supergirl Summer Recaps: 2x09-2x10

Being Happy

After taking down Cadmus, Supergirl was left with nothing to do and has entered a “funk”. Alex and Maggie have finally started their relationship, but the feeling of being happy is surreal to Alex. 

The Danvers sisters are so not used to being happy or at peace, that they find a way out of it. Alex runs away from her relationship and Kara runs into trouble. 

I love Kara being happy for her sister.

I live for Alex being such a happy lesbian.

Maggie being happy makes me happy.

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Written in the Stars - Tacos & Pancakes

A/N: There’s just something about the Charming and Jones families that I can’t get past. I love them all too much.

Last night’s episode made me so giddy that I could barely contain my excitement! Here’s a cute little moment between the two couples after the “Pancake Scene”.

Title: Tacos & Pancakes
Pairings: Captain Swan & Snowing
Rating: K
Summary: It doesn’t matter whether you’re making tacos or pancakes in the Charming family, someone is always going to interrupt you.

As always, if you enjoy this little extended scene, drop a review for me!

Love always,

“Snow, you could have a least waited for me before you went barging inside,” Charming said pulling the door to Emma and Hook’s house shut behind him as he entered. He was greeted by Snow shushing him as Emma was talking on the phone.

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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Second Half and Full Drama Review

This might be my favorite drama of all time, I swear, it never failed me, NEVER - since Day One. Never did I tried to watch dramas in RAW but with this, I find myself watching raw episodes at 12AM (1AM KST). Boy, I was and still so whipped.

I loved every single episode of this drama and might be the best 16 hours of my life – I swear! The pastel and colorful theme made it so heartwarming, add that up to the actors that gave life and justice to each and every single character. I just cry happy tears from all the cuteness while watching, I also find myself making my friends watch it so that we can spazz in the wee hours of the morning and feel giddy about the cute scenes from our main leads.

This show is so cute that even Chubs and Joon Hyung bickering made me feel giddy. It wasn’t cliché and was so realistic. They couldn’t take their hands off of each other because, whether we like it or not, that’s how young love is. They grew and matured together, and they were upfront about each other’s faults and also what they love about each other. The confession scene from Joon Hyung was sweet but Bok Joo confessing back was so romantic; those four kisses in the snow literally had me weak in the knees and I still get goosebumps whenever I try to rewatch it. My standards for guys went all the way up because of Jeong Joon Hyung, seriously.

Though I was disappointed at times with Bok Joo for being a little too secretive to her squad, it just shows how people are not perfect and has their own flaws. But it was just right that the two of them (Nan Hee and Seon Ok), together with Tae Kwon, confronted Joon Hyung and Bok Joo, made them pay (literally!!!) and repent for what they have done. It was so cute that they supported both of them the moment they knew about their relationship. Never did the show prolonged a problem because everyone was mature to talk about everything, even after the lead’s awkward first kiss, they talked and didn’t waste any time and resolved everything by talking and confronting each other.

Family affairs were also included in the storyline and it showed how family is so important not only in an athlete’s but also in a person’s life. It was great to see them overcome their problems together and also having to see Joon Hyung and Bok Joo supporting each other during the toughest or maybe the lowest moments of their life so far. It was so heartwarming to see Bok Joo rushing to comfort Joon Hyung when he finally knew why his mom went home from Canada. I cry every time one of them cries. I just realized how Bok Joo made Joon Hyung at home - while his family and everyone around him always shower him with compliments, Bok Joo was never afraid to tell him his faults – even when she knows he’s going to be hurt by it. It made Joon Hyung feel normal, that at least one person wasn’t just feeling pity for him but Bok Joo was someone who truly cares for him despite everything.

It also tackled mental illnesses and how Joon Hyung and Shi Ho tried to fight their respective problems, I was glad to see the both of them being brave to fight what they were going through and to finally see them being okay and being able to at least feel normal again. I liked how Joon Hyung tried to help Shi Ho get mental assistance from his own doctor and was genuinely concerned about her well-being. Mental illness is no joke and I loved the show more because they took it seriously – all with the getting help from a doctor and all. It was great to see Shi Ho overcome her own slump and started to be happy for her ex-boyfriend and roommate, and finally moving forward by her own .

With regards to the side love stories, I am so happy to see Uncle Dae Ho finally getting a girlfriend that is not in the person of Coach Choi because she wouldn’t make him happy. My heart broke with him in the fifteenth episode and I’m very glad to see him happy with a new romantic interest. On the other note, it was cute that the two coaches finally had the chance to continue their own almost-unrequited romance. For Seon Ok and Tae Kwon, well I guess the feelings were mutual and it was adorable to see them having their own little love bubble. I’m just a little sad, though, because Nan Hee, our ever adorable Nan Hee who wanted a boyfriend herself, never got one in the drama. But she’s happy, so I’m happy, too. Lastly, Dr. Jae Yi and Dr. Go, I wasn’t a fan of this loveline but honestly speaking, I liked how Dr. Jae Yi tried to woo her again because she was determined to move on. She deserved being treated the way Dr. Jae Yi finally treated her; she loved him for ten years without him realizing it, and he only found his feelings out when she was almost gone. It’s great that Dr. Jae Yi finally put an effort to make her stay in his life this time.

In the final episode, Bok Joo’s dad and Joon Hyung had a heart to heart talk and I teared up at how Joon Hyung told Bok Joo’s father why he likes her, it was adorably honest. It wasn’t even the best description you say to someone’s father, but it was perfectly imperfect. The look on his eyes while telling Abeoji how Bok Joo makes him feel warm: this was so real for their case, as I’ve said before, she was his home. I’m also very happy that Abeoji has finally had a successful kidney transplant – everything has finally paid off for him being a father who sacrificed so much for his baby girl.

The finale gave us what we needed the most – closure. Everyone deserves a happy ending, and everyone got what they deserved. Everyone was happy. It wasn’t a crazy episode, it was rather calm and consistently heartwarming – just like the previous fifteen. The finale was so on point and satisfying, it made me somehow accept that it’s over. A gold medal, a long-haired Bok Joo, a graduation, the meeting of the parents, a proposal, and an open-mouth kiss? Might be the best and the most heartwarming finale ever. This drama never disappointed me and it will surely stay in my heart for a very very long time. I know I’m gonna miss this drama for, like, a hundred years but the show itself left us with the best gift: laughter, butterflies and most importantly, reminding us the different kinds of love.

I’m gonna miss the craziness, Joon Hyung and Chubs!
Props to all the staff of this drama: not anyone can make a drama this consistent and realistic. Thank you breaking all the clichés. Thank you for casting the perfect actors and wonderful acting. Thank you for a beautifully-written drama. Thank you for something I can rewatch when I need some cheering up and heart flutters. Thank you for the sixteen episodes I can hold on to and cherish. I know I’ll have a hard time finding something like this in the future and that’s why it will always have a special place in my heart.

We are all so lucky to have experienced this ride. Sad to say, good things also come to an end. Thank you for being my calm in this crazy world, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo! It was a fun and unforgettable journey.

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