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You’re not dead.

oh my god. just… the ONLY time we see todd and ken interact the entire series, these two characters that have so perfectly fucking mirrored each other at so many different points, and it’s when they both share this look and little shrug like ‘welp guess i should go look after my weird holistic buddy’ and that’s that and it’s like this pure moment of understanding. perf

Dorian and his father's view of homosexuality.
Dragon Age Inquisition.
Dorian and his father's view of homosexuality.

“You tried to change me.”

This scene with Dorian is my favorite scene from this series so far. It completely changed my view of Dorian, showcasing a much more vulnerable, pained side to him. Meanwhile, this scene also reflects our society so well, and that’s what makes it so heartbreaking. Children, having another sexuality or preference, and their parents being so unacceptable to it, still living in their bubble of tradition and culture. How can a parent not want to see their child be happy? How can they try to change their children; forcing them to be something they’re not?

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gif request meme

send me a number and a fandom and i’ll make a gifset!

  1. favorite female character 
  2. favorite male character 
  3. favorite hero 
  4. favorite villain 
  5. favorite minor character 
  6. most attractive male character 
  7.  most attractive female character 
  8. favorite romantic relationship 
  9. favorite brotp 
  10. favorite familial relationship 
  11. favorite episode 
  12. favorite season 
  13. favorite location 
  14. favorite [insert ship] scene 
  15. favorite story arc 
  16. most heartbreaking scene
  17. blank space (just ask me whatever you want)

I have so few things to remember my family by. They took everything from us.


“…I just - don’t understand what’s going on. I’ve tried to see him, talk to him, but everytime I do he runs off.”

I wanted to draw this ever since I saw James Le Lacheur on stage. Because she completely tapped into those insecure Scorpius emotions and feelings asldkjfhsak also how does one even draw staircases and robes

Here’s the Baby. {Request}

Word Count: 2.1k
**Rated MA for mature audiences only! NEGAN’S MOUTH!**
Notes:  Thank you @unchartedghoul for requesting! Writing pregnancy was new to me, so I did the best I could, I hope you enjoy! Tagging @negans-network also for anyone else that has requested a fic like this.~
Pregnant Reader x Over Protective Negan = Father Negan and bonus baby scene! No smut.  

This beautiful (heartbreaking) gif doesn’t belong to me! Just the one I kept looking at to get motivation.~ *v*

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A More Proper Review of GOTG2

Oh, man. What a movie this was.

First up, the music.
I enjoyed the music in this film, it was very fitting, with awesome songs in fight scenes, and mellow songs in calm scenes. It just fit the mood so well. While I admit it’s not as memorable as the first one, because, come on, you can’t top Hooked on a Feeling, it still does have its moments like Mr. Blue Sky, Brandy, Surrender, etc. Overall, 4.8/5.

Next, the characters. Spoilers follow, you’ve been warned.
Okay, I love, love, love Baby Groot. He’s adorable in every way and should be protected forever. And Teen Groot is even better.
Space Dads and Mom are great too. They each get their own character development, and I love that. Rocket learns he’s a bit like Yondu, Drax is teaching Mantis how to adapt to society, using things he learned from his family, Gamora lets go of her rivalry with Nebula, and Peter…
Oh, Peter. You poor guy. Your mom was killed by your blood father who is evil and your surrogate father was protecting you all along. And you lost 2 dads in not even 10 minutes. Dang. That hurts.
And as for Yondu, whoops, I mean Mary Poppins, what a badass. He stole his scenes in the movie, being a great dose of sorrow and laughter. I enjoyed his performance here, and it’s a shame we won’t see him again.
Nebula’s already cool, so not much to say about her. I’m glad she’s not fighting with her sister and out to kill Space God with a Capital G.
As for Ego, he’s an irredeemable jackass who deserved everything he got to him. End of discussion. I liked the build-up to the reveal, though.
Overall, for the characters, 10/5.

Next, my favourite scenes.
Can I not just say the whole movie? I mean, each scene is great in its own way. Action, drama, laughter, it’s just so perfectly executed. I enjoyed the credits, both opening and ending, they were just so fun. But I really enjoyed the Ravager Funeral scene. It’s just so beautiful, and heartbreaking, and UUUUGGGGHHHHH SO GOOOOOOOOOD.
Overall, 20/5.

The movie as a whole? (Ha, a-hole! :P)
James Gunn, you genius. You absolute sheer fucking genius. You’ve done it again. There are so many comic book and movie references, callbacks, continuity nods, it’s literally a perfect Marvel sequel. Stan Lee’s cameo was great, the 5 end credits scenes were great, Howard the Duck deserves a second chance at a movie, and I can’t wait for Volume 3.
Overall, 9999999999999999/5.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. It’s so good the word good can’t describe it anymore. Go watch it!

PS: Show of hands, who cried at Mary Poppins’ death? Because I know I’m not the only one who did.

(And cue Surrender.)


Outlander Season 2 Meme: [5/9] Favourite Visual Moments: You are so like him.

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"If hitting me will cheer you up, hit me!" Oh my god, I literally said those exact same words while in an extremely physically abusive relationship I'm sobbing.

God anon I’m so sorry… I cut out some parts of that scene but the full thing is just….heartbreaking…everything about this is downright terrible

Unfortunately I read through this whole series just to understand in detail every disgusting thing about it so if anyone has any questions on things pro-ks people usually say I can answer (in the link is also the pages of context for the random ableist “Borderline Personality Disorder” thing people mentioned)