this scene is impossible to color so i didn't even try

So earlier today I got rather pissed off when some rude anon who has probably never made a GIF in their lives decided to attack my friend (and one of the best GIFmakers I know) for no reason telling them not to talk about GIFmaking like it’s a big deal since it’s just taking clips from existing video. I was hoping to forget about this, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how many non-GIFmakers really do think that’s all GIFmaking is (including myself before I started making GIFs to some extent). Luckily, most people aren’t that rude about it and know not to insult content creators over a topic they actually don’t know much about…but I still feel the need to discuss some of the often lengthy effort that goes into making medium to high quality GIFs.

As a disclaimer, I’m NOT trying to be elitist and I honestly don’t consider myself one of the top tier GIFmakers. I also don’t think that GIFmakers HAVE to put in a lot of effort to alter GIFs from the original video frames if they don’t want to. It’s just a hobby where we try to capture/highlight cool moments using a severely limited and dying file format lol…so it’s really up to the individual how much they wanna put into it. However, the truth of the matter is that many GIF and graphics makers that contribute greatly to numerous fandoms DO put in a significant amount of effort to make their GIFs look different from and better than the original video.


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anonymous asked:

Do you think Ygritte liked Jon more? It seems like she did to me and it kind of makes me a little mad cause he didn't treat her very well. Like she put all of her trust in him and he betrayed that without too much hesitation(even though it was kind of life or death at that point but still), and I just feel like she would never do that to him. Idk I still love them ofc but I wish he would have shown a little more that he loved her, even though he's not as vocal and stuff as she is!

No, I don’t think she liked Jon more. I understand why people could feel this way though but in my opinion they love each other in an equal way, just not the same way.

We know how commited and stubborn Ygritte is when it comes to the wildlings cause ; she’s ready to do anything for what she believes in and i think it’s the same thing when she truly loves someone. When Jon finally agreed to have sex with her, it was a deal sealed for her ; the proof that he wanted her as much as she wanted him (even though it all started way earlier when Jon took Ygritte captive ; she was considered “stolen” according to the wildling culture and it meant that she was his from this point, basically) (still she was waiting for him to demonstrate his desire for her though, until the cave scene it was like a platonic relationship because of Jon’s vows). Ygritte is the kind of person that you shouldn’t betray because when she gives something to you, whether it’s her heart or her beliefs, it’s like the whole thing - not just a bit, but the whole thing. I’m sure she thought about Jon not being as committed as her because of his statut of (ex-)brother of the Night’s Watch, but i think that she blinded herself because she didn’t want to think about what would happen if Jon betrayed her (how she would feel, what she would have to do) ; she wanted to “stay in the cave” forever, in a bubble of happiness. They’re naked at this moment and even though it’s obviously more practical to have sex, the cave scene is also a moment when they’re free of worries and their past, just free everything, free of being two young people in love laughing, kissing, and pushing each other in cold water.

Now about Jon : his heart belonged to the Night’s Watch until he met Ygritte. From this point, it was divided in two and you see his constant struggle in the book  whereas Ygritte can fully love Jon because there’s no such struggle - she lives for the wildling cause, Jon is a wildling, so there’s no problem. You don’t have the impression that Jon loves Ygritte as much as she loves him because Jon tries his best to not allow himself to do that. But deep down he can’t help loving her and that’s something you have to read between the lines (or just read in the book, actually) because he tries to not act this way to suffer less when he’ll have to leave (because he knows he’ll have to, at some point ; whether he succeed at escaping or whether he dies trying, he knows he can’t stay with her forever because that is not him). It’s the same thing with the other wildlings, actually ; he appreciates a lot of them and try not to care about them (which is quite impossible as Jon is someone who cares about stuff/people).

Ygritte would never betray Jon because there’s no reasons for her to do that. She doesn’t live in a lie like Jon does, she isn’t put in a situation where she has to pretend to be someone else. She’s herself, she’s free, which Jon can’t be, not really. I’ll just end this long message with some quotes which demonstrate Jon’s love for Ygritte :

  • If i could show her Winterfell… giver her a flower from the glass gardens, feast her in the Great Hall, and show her the stone kings on their thrones. We could bathe in the hot pools, and love beneath the heart tree while the old golds watched over us.
  • (in the cave :) “I know I want you,” he heard himself say, all his vows and his honor all forgotten. […] “I love the smell of you,” he said. “I love your red hair. I love your mouth, and the way you kiss me. I love your smile. I love your teats.” He kissed them, one and then the other.”
  • They shared the same sleeping skins every night, and he went to sleep with her head against his chest and her red hair tickling his chin. The smell of her had become a part of him. Her crooked teeth, the feel of her breast when he cupped it in his hand, the taste of her mouth … they were his joy and his despair.
  • When she grinned, the crooked teeth didn’t seem to matter. And maybe her eyes were too far apart, but they were a pretty blue-grey color, and lively as any eyes he knew. Sometimes she sang in a low husky voice that stirred him. And sometimes by the cookfire when she sat hugging her knees with the flames waking echoes in her red hair, and looked at him, just smiling … well, that stirred some things as well.

Also, keep in mind that leaving Ygritte was never an easy thing (I am going home, he told himself. But if that was true, why did he feel so hollow? ; Ygritte I’m sorry, I have to… ; You were wrong to love her, a voice whispered. You were wrong to leave her, a different voice insisted) and that Ygritte’s name appear in Jon’s chapters in A Dance With Dragons (so after her death) almost 30 times. I think that says it all !