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   Completely agree, context is SO important. And while Alec’s behaviour can’t be excused in any way to him there’s a legitimate reason for reacting that way. People jumping to conclusions can be so tiring and as much as I love seeing the promo I hate seeing people starting shit before we even know what really happens.   

Exactly. I mean I am used to people just jumping to conclusions on promos but sometimes it can get to me. Especially when characters I love are called abusive or are being bashed on something we haven’t even seen the full scene of. If you’re going to critique Alec’s actions at least wait until you see the full scene. And there’s a difference between looking at the promo and saying, “I hope Alec’s actions don’t go unexcused” and “Alec’s actions are going to go unexcused because Magnus is always passive to Alec and Alec’s actions are abusive.” We have no way of knowing how that scene will play out. They always splice together the most dramatic parts of an episode to put in the promo.

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The 2x07 review on talknerdywithus nailed the problems with Malec in the episode. I agree with her that the very limited 3-5 minutes time screen they seem to get in nearly every episode leaves us hanging. I always feel they're holding things back, like there's a feeling of unfinished business and it's doesn't feel nice. Especially in 2x07 it's very apparent. The way they cut the balcony scene makes it lose the meaning. We want kisses but the process to get there is more important and satisfying.

I’ve seen that review for 2x07 going around on twitter and … I might not always agree with Sam, the reviewer, on a lot of things, but she totally nailed it. That article is worth a read.

Especially this sentence stood out to me: “No one is asking for Shadowhunters to be The Malec Show (though if it was, it would have a dedicated audience), but is it really so hard to give them a little more space to exist?”

Here is the review.

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when writing a first draft do you think it’s better to hop all over the place and write whatever scene interests me or do you think I should write in order? 

I wouldn’t say that it’s generally better, because that implies that writing linearly is generally inferior, and that’s not the case. I think–with first drafts especially–it’s super important to write the way that works best for you. If jumping around and following the scenes that interest you works best, then definitely do that. Your writing process can be whatever works for you. :)

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That scene when they walk into the gay bar and Wyatt says “he’s looking at me like I’m a piece of meat” and Lucy responds with “Can’t imagine what that feels like” is SO IMPORTANT because here is a strong, brave, intelligent woman who too often has been reduced to nothing more than a pretty face by people who think she isn’t capable of anything greater because she’s a woman, and she puts up with it because she’s on a mission and she needs to protect history even though she’s dying to give these men a piece of her mind, but no she has to focus and although she’s desperate to change at least this thing about history she can’t she has to stay on task.

There was an entire season’s worth of frustration in that one sentence of hers and I’m so happy this show doesn’t shy away from addressing these things.

This show talks about overlooked achievements of people of color and women in history.

One of their three main leads is black and is arguably the most intelligent of the three.

They show a committed relationship between two women who have children like it’s no big deal.

So many important people in this show are educated in the sciences and respected for it, instead of being mocked by non-scientific people for being intelligent (as I have seen in too many other shows/movies/books).

And now they’ve addressed homosexuality in a more serious way too.

I’m proud of this show and can only pray it gets renewed.

DL update

I’ve finally figured out the story for chapter 4!! Took me forever, but I’m so happy I don’t have to stress about it anymore. I think I managed to find a way to solve Noctis+Iris crisis in a way that doesn’t go against either character and with a semi-happy conclusion. (Don’t worry, they won’t end up together.)

There’ll be plenty of noctluna fluff in the first half.

+ Little Luna reveal is sorted, whoop!

I also got the ending sorted out. I get to add all the misery I originally wanted, but I think the reader will still feel satisfied with the ending and won’t charge me for therapy fees.

Libertus gets more scenes and will have an important role in the end. ^^

Alrighty, I’m gonna be negative nelly here for a minute. Let me just get this clarified before I get crapped on by people: I understand that Alex being gay and sanvers is important to gay representation. I understand we need gay characters and their storylines. That being said I can not stand here and say I think sanvers is the greatest love story of all time. At the beginning of season 2 we got Alex and Maggie as friends and saw some great scenes between two gay ladies helping each other out. But then Alex slowly started realizing her feelings for Maggie and started changing who she was for her. We slowly watched Alex go from a strong, independent woman to a girl who needs to be validated by Maggie every 10 seconds. Constantly worried she’s going to do or say something wrong. Alex went from putting her family first, ex Kara and Jeremiah, to putting Maggie first. Yes, it is important to put your gf first, SOMETIMES. But watching Alex completely forget about Jeremiah until Maggie told her the story about her own dad rubbed me the wrong way. Here’s a girl who would’ve done ANYTHING, to get her dad back. She would’ve moved heaven and earth if that’s what it took to get him back a year ago. Now? Now it took her listening to Maggie’s story about how her own dad kicked her out, for Alex to realize that she should be focusing on getting her dad back. This show used to be based off of platonic family love and now it’s all about ships. Hell this entire episode was about how you can’t force love and the writers are still forcing karamel. I’m really hoping that next week we will get back the show that emphasized the importance of family.


As you get older, you might start to find that things get harder. The world isn’t always a kind place. Especially for men like us. Take a look at the people on this mat. We are your community. When things get hard, we are gonna be the ones who hold each other up. As Randall’s father, you are his foundation. Come lie down, as if you’re gonna do a push-up. Randall, climb on your father’s back. 


“I think that… I think that until you’ve fought those battles yourself, until you’ve had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful talking about and putting yourself above Gay Pride.”

It’s just a small detail I notice, but when the ending plays, we know this scene comes out first, following it by them washing each other’s hair. And it made me think, this sequence is actually pretty important.

Because, you see, at first, Victor’s the one reaching out for Yuuri. It’s like he caught him by surprise.  

Meaning Victor’s the first one who started playing with Yuuri′s hair and tried to fool around while on the showers. But what I find endearing is the fact Yuuri follows along, since the next scene we’ve got is this… He reaches out for Victor, too.

Now they are both fooling around, and this has Yuuri smiling like a little kid; Victor acting like a two year old, without caring who sees, trying to make him laugh and enjoy such a simple moment. And I adore how Yuuri wants to make the other laugh too, wants to see him smile, and so he is not staying behind… but decides to play along Victor’s silly games, and I love every part of it.


so i actually really love this scene and i think it’s an important Lance moment that should not be brushed off as him merely being cocky, selfish, pouty, etc..  here’s why:

Lance disagrees with Shiro. and not only is he being vocal about it, he’s firmly standing his ground on the issue. and he’s not just disagreeing with his leader, he’s disagreeing with someone who’s bigger, older, and more experienced; and let’s not forget, he’s also disagreeing with his hero, his inspiration, someone he really looks up to.

but that doesn’t stop Lance. he gets right in Shiro’s face (enough to make Shiro lean back), looks him directly in the eyes, and stands there for a good 10 seconds, not moving until Shiro has to gently push him away. he never breaks eye contact either.

it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your friend and your hero like that.

remember when alec a gay character got to say “you’re confusing me” to another man he was attracted to… and remember how magnus a bisexual  character then got to explain to him (and the audience) what attraction/love is supposed to feel like? can you believe shadowhunters gave us a scene that was so explicitly for lgbt viewers… a scene meant to guide us, to understand us… to accept us… 


This moment right here is easily my favorite scene from the episode. Tsukki was so angry with himself for not “stopping more than one spike” that he completely ignored the fact that HE was the one who ultimately brought Karasuno to victory !!!!!! (blocking, tactics, etc.) Even when Ukai calls him the MVP of the game, it’s clear that Tsukki was still upset. It takes his best friend to finally knock some sense into him, and the way Yams does it is brilliant. Someone on tumblr pointed out that this is probably the first time someone’s called Tsukki stupid (That would definitely explain his reaction). Yamaguchi doesn’t sugar coat anything and calls out the situation as it is: “Are you stupid?!” This is coming from the boy who allows no one to badmouth his friend. But this is also coming from the boy watched his friend go from ‘getting a passing grade’ to actually wanting to get better at volleyball. Something like “What are you talking about, Tsukki?” wouldn’t have done a thing. It’s important that we get to see this irritated side of Yams because that shows how much he really cares about him. He knows Tsukki is an amazing player and demands him to be proud of himself. After all, THEY'RE👏🏼 GOING👏🏼 TO👏🏼  NATIONALS👏🏼. Yamaguchi absolutely refuses to let Tsukki put himself down, and if that isn’t being a great friend, I don’t know what is.