this scene is important to me

HER Majesty did THAT! 

Thank you so much to all those who helped us! This won’t happen without our teamwork and i am so very proud to our family!

To YOU! Yes, you! 
The you who had given so much time to make sure that our angels will be given of what they deserved,

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I'm really glad someone posted the scene where Dean is alone with Cas before the funeral pyre without the music. That's how warner transmitted the episode for all Latin America, and it felt like the USA missed something very important


it made me feel his emptiness so keenly

if anyone says jensen doesnt play it that way, platonically or romantically, dean LOVED cas

end of

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Been saying this a lot. So since Lance is Keith's Stability,then that means Keith Lance's Reassurance, his go to guy when he's feeling down.

I definitely think Lance is Keith’s stability. I am not sure if Keith is Lance’s go to guy when he is feeling down though. I think for the most part Lance puts on a brave face and stuffs his feelings down.  I am not sure he is really sharing them with anyone, which is why the bedroom scene was so interesting to me. The “math” must have really been bothering him, as Keith said.

What I do think Keith provides for Lance is purpose. (I am not sure if that is quite the word I am looking for but close enough) In Season 3 Keith grows to value Lance’s skill-sets and opinions. They work well as a team. Lance maybe the team “goof-ball”, but for the most part, with the exception of The Hunted, Keith takes Lance’s suggestions seriously. His thoughts are important to Keith. You can see this, even as early as S1 when they are not squabbling. 

Though they squabble, they bring out the best in each other. 

I think in S5, we are going to see Shiro continue to dismiss Lance’s suggestions, like he did in S4.6 and Lance is going to grow more and more frustrated. A series of events are going to lead Keith back to the Black Lion and Lance is going to realize how much more valued he feels as Keith’s right hand man as opposed to Shiro’s. 

And as a fellow Leo, there is nothing we like more than to feel adored or valued. 


Donna Emerson: I wanted to thank you guys for coming out tonight…. “You guys.” See what we’re up against? When I graduated from Berkeley in ‘75 with a degree in computer science, nobody batted an eye. That’s probably because back then, coders were like secretaries and engineers, meaning little solder soldiers on the assembly lines, were kind of invisible. And we’re used to that. But somewhere along the line, these jobs became important. And don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to hang out with “you guys” any time and eat good food, but I hope that by the time my daughters are my age that they don’t have to have gatherings like this anymore to remind themselves that they’re actually here.

I’ve been in tech for 18 years. I’ve won. And I’ve lost. I am a woman who voted her female partner out of her own company, the company she founded. I am a woman who lost a marriage to, among other things, this line of work. I can’t sleep at night sometimes worrying if I’m seeing my kids enough or if I’ve been there enough for them or if it’s already too late.

But… I’ve done things. That always comes with a price, but I did them. One of the many things I’ve learned is that no matter what you do, somebody is around the next corner with a better version of it, and if that person is a man, it might not even be better. It just might get more attention. And sometimes, that person is you. The you that’s never satisfied with what you just did because you’re obsessed with whatever is next. The one constant is this.

The only thing AoU did for me was validate my love for FuryTony. Like I already knew Fury cared very deeply about Tony.. I didnt need anyone to tell me that… but it was still nice since I dont think anyone believed me. BUT I KNEW.


…also it gave me a scene where Tony wanted something and got it and went ‘YAY!’. There was that too. That was very important.

But other than that…

And Hulk biting a robots head clean off its body… and a little dark!Bruce…. and Jarvis is my copilot…. and… Rhodey and Tony trying to rule Asgard together… and Tony offering to hold Rhodeys own… and made Helen Cho a character that they cant take away from me because shes cute and sassy and she deserved better….

AoU did nothing for me.

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Thank you. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you- over and over and over- I squealed of joy and cried happy tears and I- You don't understand I have NEVER. EVER read a scene that actually resolves that kind of conflict in an even positive way- it's always just angst angst angst and- but now I have this and everything just feels so HAPPY I'm ugly sobbing- Thank you. Thank you. Hearts. Lots of them. To you <3<3<3<3<3<3

bless you, thank you so much! It was so incredibly important to me that this conflict was resolved positively, and I’m so touched at how moved you were by it! thanks again <3

Existence, Merle, life? Merle? Is horrible. To exist, to live, is horrible

I think John is a fun villain


As you get older, you might start to find that things get harder. The world isn’t always a kind place. Especially for men like us. Take a look at the people on this mat. We are your community. When things get hard, we are gonna be the ones who hold each other up. As Randall’s father, you are his foundation. Come lie down, as if you’re gonna do a push-up. Randall, climb on your father’s back. 


“I think that… I think that until you’ve fought those battles yourself, until you’ve had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful talking about and putting yourself above Gay Pride.”

Ohmygod, Anne reacting to getting her first period is the most #relatable thing to ever happen on a TV show. 

Her reactions, verbatim:

  • “Please plant some pink roses on my grave.”
  • “I’m not ready to be a WOman!!!”
  • “There’s been some kind of mistake. There’s no way God would think it’s time for ME to be a woman!”
  • “This can’t be happening…”
  • “Every MONTH? But WHY?”
  • “This is a waking nightmare. I hate this.”
  • “*groans loudly*”
  • “This is SO inconvenient!”

Like I said. Relatable. 


gif request meme: favorite hero heroic moment + game of thrones (for @thatrobbstark)


“If Jasmine were treated like a white girl, she would’ve been sent to a safe place to eat, sleep, maybe even given the opportunity to go to school. But instead, she’s treated like a criminal by the officers and prosecutor whose duty it was to protect her and save her from the hell that was her childhood. But you turn her back out onto the streets until she had a criminal record that prevented her from getting a job, government housing, assistance. Each violation leading to the next, all stemming from the first arrest, when the system that should’ve been protecting this vulnerable 13-year-old girl, blamed her and doomed her to a life in and out of prison.”


live action star wars triumvirates