this scene is important for so many reasons


This scene is so important for so many reasons.

Why the bathroom scene was important

Regardless of what Pidge’s canon gender is, they have anxiety about the bathroom. Even on an alien planet, where for whatever reason they have gender segregated bathrooms, they have anxiety about which one to use. We see Keith later coming out of a bathroom like eh whatever who cares who this bathroom is for I’m gonna use it, but Pidge is specifically like “Guess I’m gonna hold it” which is so so so relatable to so many non-cis people (and people who have anxiety about public bathrooms for whatever other reason).

There is so much crap going around right now about trans people and bathrooms, and I think it’s great that this show has shown how ridiculous it is, and gives people (especially kids!) someone to look at and think “just let Pidge pee!” in a way that will hopefully carry over to people irl

Why people want bumbleby canon?

I’m gonna talk about this, since a lot of people seem not to undestand the reason why for so many people is important that bumbleby could become canon

During vol1/2 people started shipping bumbleby, a lot of people after the Yang and Blake talk during the burning candle, this scene gave a lot of potential for the ship, but still, at the time it was almost certain that RT would have gone for the easy way of Blake and Sun as a couple (still with a lot of people complaining about the couples of Blake and Weiss, simply because che character of Sun and Neptune are a bit flat and lack on a lot of points)

Vol3 seemed to conferm the intenction of Blake and Sun as couple (the blush scene in ep 2 of vol3) and we weren’t complaying, while an lgbt couple with the girls would have been great there wasn’t that much base to the idea
This though changed after ep 8 “destiny”
In which we see Yang sad and depressed after got framed for “breaking” mercury’s leg
And she doesn’t shed a tear until, she notice that Blake has doubts about her trust in her, and Blake paragons Yang not only at her ex partner(and lover) but even decides to trust Yang

Then all the vol3 dramma happens, and Blake, after the grimm attacking the city calls first Yang to see if she’s ok
And even Yang, decides to go in search of Blake instead of Ruby, something that Sun does not, in fact in vol3 Sun and Blake will never talk and only share one stare

“But why it’s important?” because, in theory a writer knows what he’s doing, knows what he wants from his story, and why not use this time of terror to make Sun and Blake even closer? Why if you plan on making them together you don’t boud them together in the plot?

And than the scene we all know “I’ll destroy everything you love, starting with her”
The choise if wording is very VERY specific, because why make adam say that? Why make him say “everything you love” instead of “everything you care about”
It would have been the same, but the second one, wouldn’t imply anything, sonething that instead RT wanted to

The next scene, and this one tells a lot
Blake and Yang laying on the ground, with Blake holding Yang’s left hand, reaping that she is sorry, with Sun that just stares at them, not even coming close to Blake to console her
Why would RT build a scene like that if they wanted just Blake and Sun to have a simple relationship from the beginning?
Why would you make Sun look at them in that scene almost annoyed/stunned

And then the final, with Yang broken and depressed, so much that she even doesn’t reply to Ruby’s “I love you”
Yang is broken, but not only by the loss of her arm and friends
Yang shows more pain when talking about Blake, because her running broke het heart
She isn’t at the verge of tears talking about Weiss, penny or Pyrrha, but she is when talking about Blake

RT putted the story in a way where bumbleby would make perfect sense, and would even develop the character so much
Guving us an interesting story, with the deal with the white fang, and just the angst of trsusting each othet again

But RT not only made the show in a way that seemes to go towards bumbleby
No they even teased it, with Barbara always amking jokes about it, and rwby chibi, where there were scenes of Blake flurting with Yang or her checking out Yang

And not only this
Even after months of teading and at this point baiting, they still tease about the lgbt characters

And now in vol4 all this build up, teading, baiting, vanisced, like vol3 nevet happened
Like Yang never knew Blake
Like Blake never runned

People want bumbleby not for the ship per se, but because of how the story could have been with them
And if they just ignore cimplitely the bees they woukd have wasted half of the scenes of vol3 with Yang and Blake

There are 2 possibilities about what RT is doing
1) they are just taking their time, since, we are early in the volume and plot in general, and eventualy Blake’s and Yang’s relationship
2) they are Queer baiting
As simple as that

This is objectively is why people think that bunbleby should be canon
Because rwby vol3 was builded like that
Because it would just waste so much potential for a good story

 hello yes, don’t mind me but you know what I would really kinda fucking like

 for Daryl to go toe to toe” (~ Norman’s words) with Morgan for doing this….

                and then for Carol to want to take Negan down for this…

(yes, obviously there are a great many reasons to want Negan dead and I’m not saying she wouldn’t care about all of them nor am I trying to lessen the importance of those other horrible events with other characters but I was just remembering the deleted scene from season 3 and her particular words to Merle…..)

and i definitely don’t think Carol would take kindly to hearing about the way Negan has been treating Daryl in that cell

                                 so yeah, can we have thatt maybe pls

*for the record, I wish either arc hadn’t happened at all because I hate seeing them put through even more painful/traumatic experiences than they already have had to deal with in their lives, but we can’t change that part, unfortunately, so now yeahh I want this

Personal Protective Equipment: aka PPEs, an Investigator’s best friend

Wow, okay, masterpost number 2 lovelies. We suck, sorry. But here we are, the long promised PPE post.

Why are PPEs necessary? Well, first of all, you don’t want your investigators to shed their own DNA all over the place and contaminate the crime scene. Even something as simple as coughing or sneezing can deposit trace DNA (which is why face mask is so important). Crime scene contamination means your evidence is no longer viable in court, and all the work done to process the scene was for naught. 

Another big reason why PPEs are necessary is because it protect investigators from biological hazards. Crime is a cesspool of diseases. Any blood or tissue sample found at the scene is treated as though it is a carrier of infectious diseases (oh boy there are many, think: Hep B, Hep C, HIV, just to name a few common scary ones).

There are a couple of ways an investigator can be exposed to hazards at a crime scene: absorption (through skin or mucus membranes, or eyes), ingestion (in your tummy it goes! There is a reason why labs highly discourage food and water), inhalation (breathing can be dangerous on the job apparently), and injection (beware of needles or sharp objects like glass while handling evidence).

Below are a few types of protection:

Respiratory protection, usually masks or self contained breathing apparatus.

Eye protection, goggles, protect eyes from contaminants or chemicals. Face shields too when necessary, especially when playing around with blood spatter.

Chemical protective clothing, inexpensive, disposable, difficult to tear but easy to get. The material traps heat so the wearer must take breaks to prevent heat stroke.

Hand protection, gloves, needed to be changed regularly, especially after handing individual evidence. Different gloves dependent on situation. Polyvinyl gloves are bad as they don’t provide protection against chemical or acids but are fine for powder and biological fluids. Latex gloves are good for powder and biological fluids, but are thin and must be discarded after single use. Double gloving is probably a good idea, although beware of latex allergies. Nitrile gloves are better than latex, provide more protection and are resistant to some chemicals. Neoprene gloves are chemical resistant and must be worn around chemicals (ie acids, alcohol).

Shoes covers, or booties, prevent investigators from tracking traces of the scene back home with them. This prevent investigators from potentially contaminating their home environment with biological hazards from the scene.

Lastly Sherls’ favourite - the bunny suit (tyvek coveralls). They are made of tyvek, which keeps all of the you in and all of the scene out. These come with and without hoods, and are the the WORST if it is even remotely warm wherever you have to wear them. You will sweat the MOST. But they protect from biologics of all kinds and some chemicals. 

For fun, heres a Sherls in a bunny suit, goggles, facemask and booties during a mock scene investigation from our first year of schooling. 

(Actually, PPEs are not just for investigators, a lot of professional fields will have some kind of PPEs or another) But yeah, thats the basics of it! Hope it helps!

Behind the Scenes at The Princess Collection Photo Shoot: Part One

Now that The Princess Collection has been released, check out these behind the scenes goodies from the photo shoot!!

Primpin’ and posin!’

Ariana DeBose: “I love this (GGG) community for a couple of reasons because we celebrate the strength of these princesses. They overcome a lot of obstacles, they teach lessons of determination and perseverance, and doing the right thing over doing the easy thing, which are all lessons which I think are really important right now. And everyone’s so warm and lovely in an industry that is filled with rejection, it’s a community that really embraces you, embraces other women.”

SO many selfies!! 

Carrie St. Louis: “I really love Mulan. I think that she’s not your typical princess. She has the best songs, she kicks butt, her sidekick is amazing. She’s just my favorite! What do I love about the Gagged line? I mean, everything! It’s so cute, and it’s so fun to see all of these awesome women that I love and admire and respect all working together on something so cool.”

Stay tuned for MORE behind the scenes content NEXT WEEK! 

anonymous asked:

Do you think they will show the actual healing process or will Jorah just appear eventually?

I think they may show a small scene with it ( as the show is apt to do -  They rather rush through many an important scene ) /  I get their reasoning it’s an incredibly huge show - with so many characters and so much verse…..

Mostly I think if they show it will be to establish a relationship between Jorah and said Healer - though I won’t say who I’ve heard that is -  So as to not spoil it for people…

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For @wellyfullofale ’s 10 Day Robron Challenge

Day 6 - Wednesday 15th Feb: Favourite break-up/argument 

“I meant what I said at the court. I hate you.”

I had the toughest time with this one because they argue every five minutes for there’s just so many things to choose from and so many of them are brilliant and important moments but for some reason, I really love this scene.

I love that Robert starts off all flirty and quite happy and is his usual stupid smug self where Aaron is concerned, expecting Aaron to forgive and forget as always. I love that he’s genuinely confused when Aaron is angry and (in my opinion) honest that he’s not actually trying to play games or mess with Aaron’s head or control him. 

And Aaron does not give an inch. He’s not giving in. He’s not softening the blows. And we know that hatred is still mixed up with how much he loves Robert, but he’s determined not to let Robert see it or guess even for a second that he might still have feelings for him because that would give Robert all the power again.

And you can see Robert’s face drop - twice - with how much that hurts, how that wasn’t the way he wanted things to go, how much the thought of Aaron actually hating him devastates him. 

And I think there’s an argument that can be made that this is actually the moment (rather than the shooting itself) that pushes Robert onto the track to becoming a better person - because the person Robert is at the start of this scene and the person he is at the end of the episode are two completely different people.

Jokes aside

I think it’s important to say that whatever happens it going to happen rather any of y'all like it or not. I understand some people are very invested in malec but making assumptions about the cast, putting down the writers, or literally anything negative is uncalled for.

Yes, I understand y'all are disappointed by the “sex” scene, so am I but you have to keep in mind that there could be many reasons for how they decided to do it.

Matt and Harry are both straight men and just because they are actors and are fine with kissing and touching, doesn’t mean that maybe having a full blown scene like Jace’s or Izzy’s from season 1 would be uncomfortable for them. I’m just saying, we won’t know if this is the case until one of them says it but I think if we don’t get a scene like that at all that maybe that is the reason

Stop bashing the writers!! They are great people and y'all being immature jerks isn’t going to help anything.

Besides, y'all don’t know what’s gonna happen in the next episode. Maybe we will get more details or maybe they didn’t even have sex at all yet? Stop assuming and over analyzing ever little detail and just enjoy the damn show

Another reason why Carter is the best

That scene where Jarvis tells Peggy she “underestimates her allure” is so important because how many girls truly and sincerely believe that no one likes them? That the person they have a crush on doesn’t like them? Or that no one will ever really fall for them? I know I feel like that a lot. And even though Peggy “know[s] [her] value”, she really believes that pretty much no one else thinks she’s anything special.

That’s why it’s important. Because if even Peggy Carter, an amazing, beautiful, intelligent woman who everybody with a good heart can’t help but love, if even she doesn’t realise how much people love her, then who’s to say that there isn’t a good person you didn’t realise loves you? That’s the message. If you feel like nothing special, just know, someone out there thinks you’re the most special, and you just can’t see it.


‘‘Hey Karen, there’s been something in your voice, it’s been there for a while now. I thought whatever it was, whatever‘s been.. I thought it would get better once Fisk was put away.. but it hasn’t, has it?’‘/ ‘‘We put him away, yeah. But it won’t bring back Elena, or Ben, or erase what we’ve been through or.. what we’ve had to do to get here.’‘ / ‘‘Yeah, lot of decisions I’d give anything to go back to change. But I can’t. None of us can.‘‘

If You Love Pidge Please Read

Gendering Pidge as a girl is so so important for two reasons and I’m going to explain both. (DON’T JUST KEEP SCROLLING, PLEASE READ)

1. Pidge’s ‘coming out’ scene, be it on accident or purpose, mirrored that of anyone in the LGBT+ community coming out to their family/loved ones, and many people connected with that. When you come out to your family it’s a BIG DEAL, and you would want them to respect your decision and support you. For people who have found a connection with Pidge, who identify with her and her identity/the way she told the team, seeing people then not gender her as a girl, be it they/them or he/him, is hurtful and upsetting. It sends a message, intentionally or unintentionally, of disrespect as to what people identify as because you are gendering Pidge the way you would prefer she is gendered rather than the way she identified, and for people who find a connection with her this can be especially hurtful. The creators of Voltron have specified that this message was intended to be her telling the team she is and identifies as a girl, so she is, in fact, a girl (all ‘proof’ of using pronouns other than she/her have been debunked).

2. Pidge being a girl is such a victory for the feminist movement, and it’s so frustrating that people try and take this away by making her a different gender. 95% of the women seen on TV are all stereotypically feminine, with large breasts, long hair, curves and a small waist. Even Allura, while being an amazing character (and a POC which is so awesome!!!!), follows this pattern. Pidge is none of these things, and for her gender to still be validated as a girl is SO IMPORTANT for all the people (and especially small children, as it is a kid’s show) watching who have been continuously sent the message that if they’re not like Allura they’re not good enough. Finally we have a female character who is strong, determined, a genius, and an important part of the team who isn’t all these things; Pidge is not curvy, she does not have large breasts, she does not have long hair and a tiny waist, but she is still a girl and no less valid for it. In the first link, the creators of Voltron said they chose to have Pidge’s gender identity revealed in such a way because it would show that her being a girl would change nothing about her abilities/role as a member of Voltron, which is an amazing message that should be heard and appreciated and respected. What Tumblr has done, be it intentional or not, is take this non-conformity to gender stereotypes and made it mean she is not a girl, she is a boy or nb or anything else. Doing this is reinforcing the idea that if you are not stereotypically feminine you cannot be a girl, and is so SO frustrating.

Gender neutral pronouns are not respecting her gender as a girl, and certainly neither are male pronouns.

I’m begging you, begging you, to use her proper pronouns, it’s so important you do and so frustrating people aren’t. Please reblog to spread awareness, so people can see and understand this.

No, but that whole scene in the library where Laura was having an identity crisis because she finally crossed the line in the sand that she had drawn out for her moral code, she had actually killed a man (I mean, yes, it was Vordie, but still). That moment was just so tender and raw and important, for so many reasons.

But what gets me the most is when Laura admits “I didn’t care. I just wanted to save you.”

Like when, WHEN has Carmilla EVER been told this in her life? When has anyone just wanted to save HER. Not Ell, certainly not her mother, quite possibly not even Mattie. Carmilla, despite all the murder and such and despite “not being the hero” has been saving as many girls as she could from her mother and has risked her life for her lovers before, but no one has ever really returned the favor. Until Laura Hollis.

Not to mention, Laura Hollis tries to save EVERYONE. But the person she was willing to throw out her number one rule for, the person she was willing to kiill for, is Carmilla.

Laura Hollis and Carmilla Karnstein are so in love with each other and I can’t handle it.

I understand now

So after reading all the news about what has happened behind the scenes of Cheese in the Trap. So there was a reason why there weren’t many scenes of Yoo Jung in the most recent episodes. The PD and writer decided to cut all his important scenes. I’m so disappointed to hear that. I was trying to be optimistic about his lack of scene times but this is unacceptable. This is unfair to Park Hae Jin. He was the first to be cast and waited months for the drama to cast the rest of the characters and he gets this type of treatment. I mean, if he has to speak out about what happened to all the scenes he filmed then that’s going too far. The guy read the webtoon 3-4 times to get the understanding of his character and he hits it to the ballpark in portraying Yoo Jung and this is what he gets. Wow! Just Wow. No actor should deserve this type of humiliation.

This also takes away his character development. And the reason why so many viewers can’t seem to understand him, it’s because all the scenes that explains why Yoo Jung does what did were cut.

What has happen to this drama? It was so good.

And no hates on Seo Kang Joon please. He just did what the director and writer tells him to do. Both actors are my babies so please don’t say mean things about them.

Well, it turns out I had no reason to be worried about the handshake scene because it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.

I just about DIED when Jemma blurted out “I miss you!” And then she brought up the kiss AND SHE TOLD FITZ SHE DOESN’T BLAME HIM FOR KILLING “WILL”!!!! THAT WAS SO IMPORTANT THANK YOU JEMMA!!! (and writers)!!!


Then just when I thought it couldn’t get any better THEY BRING UP THE DAY THEY MET AND I’M JUST ABOUT READY TO CRY

This was such a huge moment for them and I’m just really glad that it happened because it means that they can finally have some happier scenes together like they did in season one (which was absolutely ADORABLE) while at the same time moving forward in their relationship.

Bonus: THAT FIST-BUMP AT THE END DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!? They’re such dorks I love it so much.


Mad Max: Center Framed - Vashi Nedomansky

Film Editor Margaret Sixel was given over 480 hours of footage to create MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. The final edit ran 120 minutes and consisted of 2700 individual shots. One of the many reasons MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is so successful as an action film is the editing style. By using “Eye Trace” and “Crosshair Framing” techniques during the shooting, the editor could keep the important visual information vital in one spot…the Center of the Frame.

Mad Max: Fury Road is a masterclass in editing. Here are some tips for framing and editing fast paced action scenes. Narrated by DP John Seale.

I'm worried about the scenes in Chapters 36-37 being changed in the anime

if we really do get a revised version of the blood scene, I’m going to be really angry. They’re doing this for the homophobic viewers. You know what? screw that! You chose to do an anime for this manga, so follow the damn story ffs…
The author wrote the story for a reason, so stop changing so many things to please those who may not encourage gay shipping. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Yuu//noa, but the anime is forcing it so much when in the manga there is not as much of it. They’re also leaving out very important scenes important to Mika and Yuu’s relationship, and this is really something that bothers me. Is it too much to ask for them to follow what’s actually written in the manga…?

When Carol first began sporting her disguise, the only person who was shown to noticed and react to this change was Daryl.

And TPTB gave us this little scene:

It was short and brief, but it took up screen time all the same, and the fact that it made the final cut, while so many other scenes were discarded, tells us that it was of some importance. That this interaction was significant. And Daryl’s reaction to Carol’s change of wardrobe was the one that mattered.

Now, so far, three sources (Denise Huth, SG, and NR) have told us something along the lines of: “everything happens for a reason, every scene is included for a reason, no screentime is wasted, everything comes back in one form or another”.

Following those words, would it not only make sense for Daryl, the one who has been shown to notice virtually everything about Carol, the only one who really picks up on these changes, minor or prominent - the only one who noticed her change of wardrobe and reacted to it in the first place… wouldn’t it make sense for him to be the one to notice and react when he sees that she has dropped the disguise?

He’s the one who noticed when she changed into her ‘housewife’ clothes, he’s the one who notices when she’s back in her normal clothes.

That would only make sense.

And that would mean an even bigger, more emotional reunion. We already saw Daryl’s reaction to her disguise, so now it’s perfectly plausible that his reaction to seeing her - the real Carol - again, will be explored.

I’m still pissed that we haven’t got to see reactions from anyone about Carol’s big reveal (I mean please, someone acknowledge that she is brilliant), but think about it. The writers have already made a point of conveying to us that Daryl is the one who picks up on these details - because Carol has his full attention. So really, wouldn’t it be pretty realistic for him to be the one to notice?

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delphine theory~ *spoilers*, obvs

I have built up a theory regarding the conclusion of Delphine’s story arc at the end of season three. I firmly believe that she faked her own death. It would make so much sense!! 

Reasons why I think this is plausible:

1) I know everyone is saying this but WHERE SHE WAS SHOT IS SO IMPORTANT 

Delphine was shot in her abdomen-ish area, (I haven’t watched the finale in months) Which means that she was not shot to be killed. She was simply shot in an area that would draw enough blood for it to look like a genuine murder scene. Also I found that many people thought it was unwise that if Delphine “knew she was going to die” she would seek refuge in a parking garage. But NO. She wanted to make sure she died in a place as conspicuous as a parking garage. That would make it all the more believable. If someone were to find the scene, than their first thought would be that she was murdered and somehow disposed of. 

2) It is also quite obvious that Delphine knew she was facing imminent death

The whole basis of my theory is that she was in league with someone who would help her fake her own death if need be. I say this because when she steps out of the car, she looks a bit anxious, she knows what’s coming. I mean, think back on her story in season 3. She was the “new Rachel” and being the “new Rachel” put her in a precarious position. She also was on the inside of Clone Club (as much as she could have been). She did not seem as evil/ ill-intentioned as other major players in the clone experiment such as Dr. Leekie, Olivier, Dr. Coady, Paul (but he’s iffy).

 So yeah, Delphine had very little choice but to usurp Rachel’s position so she could make sure that the clones would, idk, stay alive. We intrinsically trust Delphine more than we could trust anyone else on the inside of the clone project because Cophine is a thing and we have seen that Delphine is slowly starting to see that the clones are more than just an experiment- they have livelihood, and they’e just as human as anyone else. 

A major downfall in Cophine’s story line (or better yet, lack thereof) was that Cosima simply could not separate the lover in Delphine from the employed DYAD scientist that Delphine was. She tried to put Delphine in a box and make her feel guilty for breaking up with her when Delphine did it for professionalism and she just couldn’t afford to maintain a relationship with Cosima for any longer


Delphine probably broke up with Cosima to create enough distance between them so her death would not come as much of a shock. 


Who? You ask, we here’s a list for ya

-Dr. Leekie


-Dr. Nealon 

-Ferdinand’s bodyguard

short list, I know, but that’s besides the point because they were still all major players at one point, their story lines just happened to be very short lived. 

Delphine knew that having her nefarious profession, she wouldn’t have the longest of lives, and she’s an intelligent person so she thought this through. 


When the gun is fired, it makes the most pathetic “pew” sound which could mean many things. Her shooter did want to draw attention to what was happening and wanted Delphine to have enough time to escape before anyone noticed what happened. Escape, you ask? Yes, it matters that Delphine was not shot with a full-fledged handgun or pistol or rifle (I totally know proper gun terminology) so that she wouldn’t be completely incapacitated when it comes to making an escape. 

NO. She is not just going to lie there until she bleeds to death. She’ll probably get back in the car or the person who shot her might help her, and carry on the plan from there, she just needed there to be a murder scene. The only person there would be to help Delphine with all this would be Marion Bowles (Delphine was in her basement to show Sarah the Castor clone) and before, Marion Bowles was in league with Rachel and what’s Delphine’s role in season 3?, being the new Rachel. Even if all this is proven blatantly incorrect I still strongly believe that Marion Bowles had a least a little part in Delphine’s situation at the end of season 3 because she could have easily been getting back at Delphine for having Rachel’s position, a position that she may have wanted all along. 

I say all this because I know much of Clone Club (fandom) is distraught and are either upset that Delphine was shot and ~potentially~ killed, wondering who shot her, or questioning the state of her life. I have by now come to terms with her ~possible~ death but I just can’t easily accept that it’s one and done. ORPHAN BLACK HAS LEGITIMATELY MADE ME QUESTION EVERYTHING and the way all the cards have fallen just doesn’t make the last scene we see of her in season 3 conclude in death.

But then again, none of us know what we’re doing, we’re all just poking at things with sticks. ¯\_(ツ)_/